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Index / Prospecbio / Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS /Product Detail : pro-057 Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS
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#pro-057 Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS

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Product name : Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS

Catalog number : pro-057

Quantity: 1mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Prospecbio

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About this Product :

Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS Human samples 80 % of the research is conducted on human samples. Gentaur suppliers human normal cells, cell lines, RNA extracts and lots of antibodies and ELISA kits to Human proteins as well as Recombinant Human Ras Homolog Gene Family Member A RECOMBINANT & NATURAL PROTEINS.

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Pathways :
WP1780: ABC-family proteins mediated transport
WP1834: Interactions of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) member proteins
WP1963: The effect of Glucocorticoids on target gene expression
WP1012: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1025: B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1031: IL-3 Signaling Pathway
WP1032: NLR proteins
WP1052: Id Signaling Pathway
WP1055: IL-4 signaling Pathway
WP1071: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1131: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1144: B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1150: IL-3 Signaling Pathway
WP1168: Id Signaling Pathway
WP1171: IL-4 signaling Pathway
WP118: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1187: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1239: Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins
WP1256: NLR proteins
WP1263: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP1294: NLR proteins
WP1301: Mitochondrial Gene Expression
WP1346: IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP1359: IL-3 Signaling Pathway
WP1360: NLR proteins

Related Genes :
[DNAJA1 DNAJ2 HDJ2 HSJ2 HSPF4] DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 1 (DnaJ protein homolog 2) (HSDJ) (Heat shock 40 kDa protein 4) (Heat shock protein J2) (HSJ-2) (Human DnaJ protein 2) (hDj-2)
[RAC1 TC25 MIG5] Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Cell migration-inducing gene 5 protein) (Ras-like protein TC25) (p21-Rac1)
[DNAJB11 EDJ ERJ3 HDJ9 PSEC0121 UNQ537/PRO1080] DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 11 (APOBEC1-binding protein 2) (ABBP-2) (DnaJ protein homolog 9) (ER-associated DNAJ) (ER-associated Hsp40 co-chaperone) (Endoplasmic reticulum DNA J domain-containing protein 3) (ER-resident protein ERdj3) (ERdj3) (ERj3p) (HEDJ) (Human DnaJ protein 9) (hDj-9) (PWP1-interacting protein 4)
[Hivep3 KBP1 Kiaa1555 Krc Rc shn3 Zas3] Transcription factor HIVEP3 (Human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer-binding protein 3 homolog) (KB-binding and recognition component) (Kappa-B and V(D)J recombination signal sequences-binding protein) (Kappa-binding protein 1) (KBP-1) (Recombinant component) (Schnurri-3) (Zinc finger protein ZAS3)
[Rhoa mCG_13026] Ras family member A (Ras homolog gene family, member A) (Ras homolog gene family, member A, isoform CRA_a)
[RHOT2 ARHT2 C16orf39] Mitochondrial Rho GTPase 2 (MIRO-2) (hMiro-2) (EC 3.6.5.-) (Ras homolog gene family member T2)
[RHOT1 ARHT1] Mitochondrial Rho GTPase 1 (MIRO-1) (hMiro-1) (EC 3.6.5.-) (Rac-GTP-binding protein-like protein) (Ras homolog gene family member T1)
[FERMT2 KIND2 MIG2 PLEKHC1] Fermitin family homolog 2 (Kindlin-2) (Mitogen-inducible gene 2 protein) (MIG-2) (Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family C member 1) (PH domain-containing family C member 1)
[DNAJB1 DNAJ1 HDJ1 HSPF1] DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 1 (DnaJ protein homolog 1) (Heat shock 40 kDa protein 1) (HSP40) (Heat shock protein 40) (Human DnaJ protein 1) (hDj-1)
[RHEBL1] GTPase RhebL1 (Ras homolog enriched in brain like-1 c) (RhebL1c) (Ras homolog enriched in brain-like protein 1) (Rheb-like protein 1) (Rheb2)
[DNAJB4 DNAJW HLJ1] DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 4 (Heat shock 40 kDa protein 1 homolog) (HSP40 homolog) (Heat shock protein 40 homolog) (Human liver DnaJ-like protein)
[] Genome polyprotein [Cleaved into: Protein VP0 (VP4-VP2); Protein VP4 (P1A) (Virion protein 4); Capsid protein VP2 (P1B) (Virion protein 2); Capsid protein VP3 (P1C) (Virion protein 3); Protein VP1-2A (VP1-pX); Capsid protein VP1 (P1D) (Virion protein 1); Assembly signal 2A (pX); Protein 2BC; Protein 2B (P2B); Protein 2C (P2C) (EC; Protein 3ABCD (P3); Protein 3ABC; Protein 3AB; Protein 3A (P3A); Viral protein genome-linked (VPg) (Protein 3B) (P3B); Protein 3CD; Protease 3C (P3C) (EC (Picornain 3C); RNA-directed RNA polymerase 3D-POL (P3D-POL) (EC]
[DNAJB13 TSARG3 TSARG6] DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 13 (Testis and spermatogenesis cell-related protein 6) (Testis spermatocyte apoptosis-related gene 6 protein) (Testis spermatogenesis apoptosis-related gene 3 protein) (Testis spermatogenesis apoptosis-related gene 6 protein)
[HIGD1A HIG1 HSPC010] HIG1 domain family member 1A, mitochondrial (Hypoxia-inducible gene 1 protein) (RCF1 homolog A) (RCF1a)
[LLGL1 DLG4 HUGL HUGL1] Lethal(2) giant larvae protein homolog 1 (LLGL) (DLG4) (Hugl-1) (Human homolog to the D-lgl gene protein)
[SLC22A18 BWR1A BWSCR1A HET IMPT1 ITM ORCTL2 SLC22A1L TSSC5] Solute carrier family 22 member 18 (Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome chromosomal region 1 candidate gene A protein) (Efflux transporter-like protein) (Imprinted multi-membrane-spanning polyspecific transporter-related protein 1) (Organic cation transporter-like protein 2) (ORCTL-2) (Solute carrier family 22 member 1-like) (Tumor-suppressing STF cDNA 5 protein) (Tumor-suppressing subchromosomal transferable fragment candidate gene 5 protein) (p45-Beckwith-Wiedemann region 1 A) (p45-BWR1A)
[SMAD4 DPC4 MADH4] Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 4 (MAD homolog 4) (Mothers against DPP homolog 4) (Deletion target in pancreatic carcinoma 4) (SMAD family member 4) (SMAD 4) (Smad4) (hSMAD4)
[KCNH2 ERG ERG1 HERG] Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 2 (Eag homolog) (Ether-a-go-go-related gene potassium channel 1) (ERG-1) (Eag-related protein 1) (Ether-a-go-go-related protein 1) (H-ERG) (hERG-1) (hERG1) (Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv11.1)
[DNAJB9 MDG1 UNQ743/PRO1471] DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 9 (Endoplasmic reticulum DNA J domain-containing protein 4) (ER-resident protein ERdj4) (ERdj4) (Microvascular endothelial differentiation gene 1 protein) (Mdg-1)
[SMAD9 MADH6 MADH9 SMAD8] Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 9 (MAD homolog 9) (Mothers against DPP homolog 9) (Madh6) (SMAD family member 9) (SMAD 9) (Smad9)
[DNAJA3 HCA57 TID1] DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 3, mitochondrial (DnaJ protein Tid-1) (hTid-1) (Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 57) (Tumorous imaginal discs protein Tid56 homolog)
[SMAD2 MADH2 MADR2] Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2 (MAD homolog 2) (Mothers against DPP homolog 2) (JV18-1) (Mad-related protein 2) (hMAD-2) (SMAD family member 2) (SMAD 2) (Smad2) (hSMAD2)
[HRAS HRAS1] GTPase HRas (H-Ras-1) (Ha-Ras) (Transforming protein p21) (c-H-ras) (p21ras) [Cleaved into: GTPase HRas, N-terminally processed]
[AKR1C3 DDH1 HSD17B5 KIAA0119 PGFS] Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C3 (EC 1.-.-.-) (17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 5) (17-beta-HSD 5) (3-alpha-HSD type II, brain) (3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2) (3-alpha-HSD type 2) (EC (Chlordecone reductase homolog HAKRb) (Dihydrodiol dehydrogenase 3) (DD-3) (DD3) (Dihydrodiol dehydrogenase type I) (HA1753) (Indanol dehydrogenase) (EC (Prostaglandin F synthase) (PGFS) (EC (Testosterone 17-beta-dehydrogenase 5) (EC (EC (Trans-1,2-dihydrobenzene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase) (EC
[SMAD3 MADH3] Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3 (MAD homolog 3) (Mad3) (Mothers against DPP homolog 3) (hMAD-3) (JV15-2) (SMAD family member 3) (SMAD 3) (Smad3) (hSMAD3)
[DNAJA2 CPR3 HIRIP4] DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 2 (Cell cycle progression restoration gene 3 protein) (Dnj3) (Dj3) (HIRA-interacting protein 4) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-14)
[KLRB1 CLEC5B NKRP1A] Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B member 1 (C-type lectin domain family 5 member B) (HNKR-P1a) (NKR-P1A) (Natural killer cell surface protein P1A) (CD antigen CD161)
[CCN3 IGFBP9 NOV NOVH] CCN family member 3 (Cellular communication network factor 3) (Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 9) (IBP-9) (IGF-binding protein 9) (IGFBP-9) (Nephro blastoma-overexpressed gene protein homolog) (Protein NOV homolog) (NovH)
[SMAD1 BSP1 MADH1 MADR1] Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 1 (MAD homolog 1) (Mothers against DPP homolog 1) (JV4-1) (Mad-related protein 1) (SMAD family member 1) (SMAD 1) (Smad1) (hSMAD1) (Transforming growth factor-beta-signaling protein 1) (BSP-1)
[DNAJC2 MPHOSPH11 MPP11 ZRF1] DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 2 (M-phase phosphoprotein 11) (Zuotin-related factor 1) [Cleaved into: DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 2, N-terminally processed]

Bibliography :
[26874360] Elevated phosphatase of regenerating liver 3 (PRL-3) promotes cytoskeleton reorganization, cell migration and invasion in endometrial stromal cells from endometrioma.
[26041879] Sp1-driven up-regulation of miR-19a decreases RHOB and promotes pancreatic cancer.
[24337369] Suppression of collagen synthesis by Dicer gene silencing in hepatic stellate cells.
[23807227] Inhibition of Rac1 promotes BMP-2-induced osteoblastic differentiation.
[23350987] Decorin induces rapid secretion of thrombospondin-1 in basal breast carcinoma cells via inhibition of Ras homolog gene family, memberĀ A/Rho-associated coiled-coil containing protein kinaseĀ 1.
[23269839] Mfge8 suppresses airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma by regulating smooth muscle contraction.
[22608565] rhAPC reduces the endothelial cell permeability via a decrease of contractile tensions induced by endothelial cells.
[22456196] RhoA as a mediator of clinically relevant androgen action in prostate cancer cells.
[22331897] Structural basis for mutual relief of the Rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor DOCK2 and its partner ELMO1 from their autoinhibited forms.
[17980029] Identification of the functional role of peroxiredoxin 6 in the progression of breast cancer.