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Index / Ray Biotech / Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays /Product Detail : QAH-ADI-3-1 Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays
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Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays

 Price: 1697   EUR
1926   USD
1316   GBP

Product name : Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays

Catalog number : QAH-ADI-3-1

Quantity: 1-8 Sample Kit

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Ray Biotech

Data sheet Data sheet : Ask more or other datasheet now !

About this Product :

Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays antibody storage Gentaur recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays.

Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays Human samples 80 % of the research is conducted on human samples. Gentaur suppliers human normal cells, cell lines, RNA extracts and lots of antibodies and elisa kit to Human proteins as well as Human Obesity Array Q3 Antibody Arrays Obesity Arrays.

More Details about

Product Feature

  • More cost-effective than traditional ELISA
  • High specificity and system reproducibility
  • Suitable for diverse sample types
  • Low sample volume requirement: 50 µL or less
  • Get results same day (6-hour processing time)
  • Well-suited for high throughput assays
  • Q Analyzer software provides one-step computation

Target Name

Adiponectin, Adipsin, AgRP, ANGPTL4, BDNF, Chemerin, CRP, GH, IFNg, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, IGF-I, IL-10, IL-12p40, IL-12p70, IL-1b, IL-1ra, IL-6, IL-8, Insulin, Leptin, Lipocalin-2, MSPa, OPG, PAI-1, PDGF-BB, Pepsinogen 1, Pepsinogen 2, Procalcitonin, Prolactin, RANTES, RBP4, Resistin, SAA, TGFb1, TSP-1, TNF RI, TNF RII, TNFa, VEGF

Target Species


Species Detected


Application Notes

Suggested Application
Multiplexed Protein Detection; Biomarker Screening; Identifying Key Factors; Confirming Biological Process; Biomarker Validation; Validation of Antibody Array Results; Quantitative Protein Detection; Establishing Normal Range; Isotyping
Kit Components
  • Human Obesity Array Q3 Slide(s)
  • Blocking Buffer
  • Wash Buffer 1
  • Wash Buffer 2
  • Lyophilized Standard Mix
  • Biotinylated Detection Antibody Cocktail
  • Streptavidin-Conjugated Fluor
  • 30 ml Centrifuge Tube
  • Adhesive Plastic Strips
  • Manual
Other Materials Required
  • Distilled or deionized water
  • Small plastic boxes or containers
  • Pipettors, pipette tips and other common lab consumables
  • Orbital shaker or oscillating rocker
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gene microarray scanner or similar laser fluorescence scanner
Protocol Outline
  1. Dry the glass slide
  2. Prepare Standards
  3. Block array surface
  4. Incubate with Samples and Standards
  5. Incubate with Biotinylated Detection Antibody Cocktail
  6. Incubate with Streptavidin-Conjugated Fluor
  7. Disassemble the glass slide
  8. Scan with a gene microarray laser scanner
  9. Perform densitometry and analysis


For best results, store the entire kit frozen at -20°C upon arrival. Stored frozen, the kit will be stable for at least 6 months which is the duration of the product warranty period. Once thawed, store array slide(s), standard mix, detection antibody cocktail, and Cy3-Conjugated Streptavidin at -20°C and all other reagents undiluted at 4°C for no more than 3 months.

Number of Targets Detected



This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.


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