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Index / Biotix / BARRIER TIP 10UL XL RACKED _ FILTERED _ STERILE _ STANDARD 10 trays of 96 _ pack /Product Detail : BT10XL BARRIER TIP 10UL XL RACKED _ FILTERED _ STERILE _ STANDARD 10 trays of 96 _ pack
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 Price: 329   EUR
374   USD
255   GBP

Product name : BARRIER TIP 10UL XL RACKED _ FILTERED _ STERILE _ STANDARD 10 trays of 96 _ pack

Catalog number : BT10XL

Quantity: 5 packs / case

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Biotix

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Barrier Tips to Give You Complete Peace of Mind

Protect your work from contamination with one of the industry’s most efficient aerosol filter assemblies. Our proven range of barrier tips reliably prevent aerosol transfer to give you complete peace of mind when performing your most sensitive assays.

BT10XL Series - 10 ┬Ál Extended Length Barrier Tip

BT10XL Series - 10 µl Extended Length Barrier Tip


GENTAUR offers a complete selection of high quality pipet tips for your entire laboratory's needs.


* GLP Compliance Certified 
* S³ Low retention Polymer Technology
* No detectable nucleic acid
* No detectable endotoxin
* No detectable endonucleases
* No detectable PCR inhibitors
* Pre-sterilized
* NEPTUNE S³ Tip without any residue
* Non S³ Tip with sample residue

S3 Low Retention Polymer Technology for Total Sample Recovery.

Exclusively form CLP!

The trend in research toward ever smaller reaction volumes has many benefits, including improved reaction kinetics, more consistent results and lower overall costs. However, low volume techniques require dispensing very small volumes of reagents with high degree of accuracy and consistency

Pipet tips produced from standard polymers will variably retain biological solutions, preventing accurate and repeatable results. Diamond polishing of the mold reduces the number of imperfections producing a smoother surface. Silicone treatment of tips further reduces retention, but can leach out and interfere with reactions, or degrade at autoclaving temperatures.

CLP was the first company to address this challenge and develop a novel polymer technology that produces a Super Slick Surface S3 on plastics. Traditionally, small occlusions and cavities within the molded plastic resulted in significant sample loss. Our third generation S3 polymer system results in a microscopically uniform surface, which virtually eliminates sample hold-up providing the most accurate sample delivery possible. CLP’s S3 polymer combined with our advanced production process produces the most consistent low retention plastics in the industry.

neptune barrier tips


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