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Index / Kemaj / Ear Diagnostic Simulator /Product Detail : KMMS142 Ear Diagnostic Simulator
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#KMMS142 Ear Diagnostic Simulator

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  Price : 1765   EUR
2003   USD
1369   GBP
7415   Zloty
236180   JPY
13612   NOK
14586   SEK
1996   CHF

Product name : Ear Diagnostic Simulator

Catalog number : KMMS142


Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Kemaj

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Pathways :
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Related Genes :
[Nr2f6 Ear-2 Ear2 Erbal2] Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 6 (COUP transcription factor 3) (COUP-TF3) (V-erbA-related protein 2) (EAR-2)
[SPEAR3 TIE1 At4g28840 F16A16.50] Protein SPEAR3 (SPL-like, EAR-containing protein 3) (TCP interactor containing EAR motif protein 1)
[NR2F6 EAR2 ERBAL2] Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 6 (V-erbA-related protein 2) (EAR-2)
[GGA2 KIAA1080] ADP-ribosylation factor-binding protein GGA2 (Gamma-adaptin-related protein 2) (Golgi-localized, gamma ear-containing, ARF-binding protein 2) (VHS domain and ear domain of gamma-adaptin) (Vear)
[NR2F1 EAR3 ERBAL3 TFCOUP1] COUP transcription factor 1 (COUP-TF1) (COUP transcription factor I) (COUP-TF I) (Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 1) (V-erbA-related protein 3) (EAR-3)
[NR1D1 EAR1 HREV THRAL] Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group D member 1 (Rev-erbA-alpha) (V-erbA-related protein 1) (EAR-1)
[Necap1] Adaptin ear-binding coat-associated protein 1 (NECAP endocytosis-associated protein 1) (NECAP-1)
[GGA1] ADP-ribosylation factor-binding protein GGA1 (Gamma-adaptin-related protein 1) (Golgi-localized, gamma ear-containing, ARF-binding protein 1)
[TSPEAR C21orf29] Thrombospondin-type laminin G domain and EAR repeat-containing protein (TSP-EAR)
[Tspear Tnep1] Thrombospondin-type laminin G domain and EAR repeat-containing protein (TSP-EAR)
[GGA3 KIAA0154] ADP-ribosylation factor-binding protein GGA3 (Golgi-localized, gamma ear-containing, ARF-binding protein 3)
[Nr1d1 Ear1] Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group D member 1 (Rev-erbA-alpha) (V-erbA-related protein 1) (EAR-1)
[THRA EAR7 ERBA1 NR1A1 THRA1 THRA2] Thyroid hormone receptor alpha (Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group A member 1) (V-erbA-related protein 7) (EAR-7) (c-erbA-1) (c-erbA-alpha)
[Nr2f6 Ear2 Erbal2] Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 6 (COUPg) (Ovalbumin upstream promoter gamma nuclear receptor) (V-erbA-related protein 2) (EAR-2)
[Hps4 Le] Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome 4 protein homolog (Light-ear protein) (Le protein)
[HPS4 KIAA1667] Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome 4 protein (Light-ear protein homolog)
[FEA2 ZEAMMB73_546581] Leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein FASCIATED EAR2 (CLAVATA2-like protein)
[SPEAR4 TIE3 At1g29010 F1K23.3] Protein SPEAR4 (SPL-like, EAR-containing protein 4) (TCP interactor containing EAR motif protein 3)
[SPEAR2 TIE4 At2g34010 T14G11.13] Protein SPEAR2 (SPL-like, EAR-containing protein 2) (TCP interactor containing EAR motif protein 4)
[GGA2 YHR108W] ADP-ribosylation factor-binding protein GGA2 (Golgi-localized, gamma ear-containing, ARF-binding protein 2)
[TPL WSIP1 At1g15750 F7H2.9] Protein TOPLESS (WUS-interacting protein 1)
[ASR3 At2g33550 F4P9.32] Trihelix transcription factor ASR3 (Protein ARABIDOPSIS SH4-RELATED3)
[SPL NZZ At4g27330 F27G19.11] Protein SPOROCYTELESS (Protein NOZZLE) (Transcription factor SPL)
[TIFY5A JAZ8 At1g30135 T2H7] Protein TIFY 5A (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 8)
[EAR1 YMR171C YM8010.01C YM8520.20C] Protein EAR1 (Endosomal adapter of RSP5)
[IAA10 At1g04100 F20D22.13] Auxin-responsive protein IAA10 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 10)
[IAA1 At4g14560 dl3320w FCAALL.409] Auxin-responsive protein IAA1 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 1)
[IAA13 At2g33310 F4P9.8] Auxin-responsive protein IAA13 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 13)
[IAA6 SHY1 At1g52830 F14G24.10] Auxin-responsive protein IAA6 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 6)
[IAA7 AXR2 At3g23050 MXC7.8] Auxin-responsive protein IAA7 (Auxin resistant 2) (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 7)

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