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Index / Nanocs / 8 Arm PEG Maleimide, 40000 Da /Product Detail : PG8A-ML-40k 8 Arm PEG Maleimide, 40000 Da
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#PG8A-ML-40k 8 Arm PEG Maleimide, 40000 Da

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Product name : 8 Arm PEG Maleimide, 40000 Da

Catalog number : PG8A-ML-40k

Quantity: 100 mg

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Nanocs

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Pathways :
WP1001: Peptide GPCRs
WP1003: Ovarian Infertility Genes
WP1019: FAS pathway and Stress induction of HSP regulation
WP1025: B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1037: p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway
WP104: Alanine and aspartate metabolism
WP1045: TGF-beta Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1056: Complement and Coagulation Cascades
WP1059: Diurnally regulated genes with circadian orthologs
WP106: Alanine and aspartate metabolism
WP1094: IL-6 Signaling Pathway
WP1098: Wnt Signaling Pathway
WP111: Electron Transport Chain
WP1114: MAPK signaling pathway
WP1117: Peptide GPCRs
WP112: Principle Pathways of Carbon Metabolism
WP1120: Ovarian Infertility Genes
WP1138: FAS pathway and Stress induction of HSP regulation
WP1144: B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1154: p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway
WP1161: TGF-beta Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP1172: Complement and Coagulation Cascades
WP1175: Diurnally regulated genes with circadian orthologs
WP1268: Diurnally regulated genes with circadian orthologs
WP1306: Diurnally regulated genes with circadian orthologs

Related Genes :
[lon lon_1 lon_2 A6581_06540 A8C65_09155 A8G17_09470 A8M42_12205 A9819_02150 A9R57_08730 AC067_13940 AC789_1c04390 ACN77_08400 ACN81_24745 ACU57_11790 ACU90_20700 AJ318_07395 AM270_02090 AM446_21265 AM464_19190 AM465_24425 AMK83_09080 AML07_05605 AML35_17195 APT94_11405 APU18_24755 APZ14_19130 AUQ13_18305 AUS26_08525 AW059_13755 AW106_10030 AWP75_24635 AZZ83_000203 B1K96_09680 B7C53_07945 B9M99_03985 B9N33_08900 B9T59_05700 BB545_15795 BE963_16350 BER14_14325 BET08_18215 BH694_02335 BHF46_21220 BHS81_02650 BIQ87_02425 BIU72_03070 BIZ41_19875 BJJ90_20055 BK248_01840 BK292_14395 BK334_05695 BK373_01080 BK375_01675 BK383_14710 BK400_22925 BMR23_09445 BMT49_03495 BMT53_08160 BMT91_05050 BN17_02431 BTQ06_01040 BUE81_06550 BVL39_00620 BW690_06825 BXT93_14065 BZL31_10455 BZL69_16545 C1I57_02830 C2M16_02950 C4J69_09250 C4M78_17970 C5715_07650 C5N07_12995 C5P01_16055 C5P43_02540 C6669_02490 C6986_02640 C6B13_10210 C7235_18620 C7B06_13115 C7B07_14925 C7B08_06455 C9E25_04330 CA593_00935 CCZ14_02195 CCZ17_03875 CDL37_08925 CG692_04795 CG705_03025 CG706_02860 CIJ94_10835 COD30_15795 COD46_04600 CR538_19245 CR539_06435 CRD98_01930 CSB64_03555 CT143_00390 CT146_15985 CWM24_20160 CWS33_13550 CXB56_21765 D0X26_07675 D1900_17610 D2183_00880 D2F89_19370 D3I61_03100 DD762_17560 DIV22_26545 DIV25_28050 DL545_18880 DL800_04145 DNQ41_06120 DNQ45_04780 DQE83_14690 DS732_07170 DS966_18225 DTL43_07145 DTL84_16480 DTM10_06325 DTM25_22445 DTM45_11225 EC1094V2_3409 EC3234A_4c01080 EC95NR1_04662 ECONIH1_02385 ERS085365_02395 ERS085374_02327 ERS085379_01165 ERS085383_00971 ERS085406_02176 ERS085416_01921 ERS139211_01924 ERS150876_00617 FORC28_4645 GJ11_02625 HMPREF3040_03444 HW43_05825 MJ49_04235 MS6198_04430 MS8345_00443 NCTC10082_01029 NCTC10090_01830 NCTC10418_05598 NCTC10764_05303 NCTC10766_05771 NCTC11022_05186 NCTC11181_01095 NCTC13462_01885 NCTC13846_03631 NCTC7152_03832 NCTC7922_06176 NCTC7927_04214 NCTC7928_04997 NCTC8179_01705 NCTC8959_05066 NCTC8960_01264 NCTC9007_00214 NCTC9010_03874 NCTC9036_03791 NCTC9037_03909 NCTC9050_01704 NCTC9055_00655 NCTC9058_03169 NCTC9062_04515 NCTC9111_03927 NCTC9117_04741 NCTC9434_02860 NCTC9703_03170 NCTC9706_01065 NCTC9777_00122 NCTC9969_03979 PU06_02695 RG28_02630 RK56_026450 RX35_02110 SAMEA3472033_03457 SAMEA3472044_00416 SAMEA3472047_02150 SAMEA3472055_02113 SAMEA3472067_03237 SAMEA3472070_02234 SAMEA3472080_01763 SAMEA3472090_01765 SAMEA3472108_01909 SAMEA3472110_00680 SAMEA3472112_02916 SAMEA3484427_03496 SAMEA3484429_01936 SAMEA3484433_02327 SAMEA3485113_01252 SAMEA3752372_02700 SAMEA3752557_00263 SAMEA3752559_02850 SAMEA3752620_00833 SAMEA3753097_00463 SAMEA3753106_00484 SAMEA3753164_00266 SAMEA3753300_00505 SAMEA3753391_04072 SAMEA3753397_02130 SK85_00464 SY51_02300 UC41_11885 UN86_09160 UN91_18465 WM48_02515 WR15_04115 YDC107_3709] Lon protease (EC (ATP-dependent protease La)
[peg1 SPAC3G9.12] Protein peg1
[CRY2 PHH1 SEL20 At1g04400 F19P19.14] Cryptochrome-2 (Atcry2) (Blue light photoreceptor) (Protein PHR homolog 1) (AtPHH1) (Protein SUPPRESSOR OF elf3 20)
[ESP ESR TASTY At1g54040 F15I1.12] Epithiospecifier protein (AtESP) (Protein EPITHIOSPECIFYING SENESCENCE REGULATOR) (AtESR)
[PEG10 EDR KIAA1051 MAR2 MART2 MEF3L1 RGAG3] Retrotransposon-derived protein PEG10 (Embryonal carcinoma differentiation-regulated protein) (Mammalian retrotransposon-derived protein 2) (Myelin expression factor 3-like protein 1) (MEF3-like protein 1) (Paternally expressed gene 10 protein) (Retrotransposon gag domain-containing protein 3) (Retrotransposon-derived gag-like polyprotein) (Ty3/Gypsy-like protein)
[HD5 DTH8 GHD8 HAP3H NFYB11 Os08g0174500 LOC_Os08g07740] Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-11 (OsNF-YB11) (Protein DAYS TO HEADING 8) (Protein HEADING DATE 5) (Transcriptional activator HAP3H) (OsHAP3H)
[Tapbp AA926063 B3galt4 Cdk2ap1-ps1 Col11a2 Daxx Hsd17b8 Kifc1 LOC224733l-1 LOC224733l-2 Phf1 Rps25-ps1 RT1-A1 RT1-A2 RT1-A3 RT1-DOa RT1-Hb RT1-Ke4 Rxrb Sacm2l-ps1 Sacm2l-ps2 Sec61-ps Syngap1 tapasin] TAP-binding protein (Tap-binding protein (Tapasin)) (Tapasin)
[RT1-Da Arrb2-ps DA1 H2-Ea Hla-dma Hla-dmb Psmb9 RT1-Ba RT1-Bb RT1-Db1 RT1-Db2 RT1-DOb Tap1 Tap2 Tesb rCG_60548] Histocompatibility 2, class II antigen E alpha (RCG60548) (RT1 class II, D alpha) (RT1 class II, locus Da) (RT1-Da)
[arm CG11579] Armadillo segment polarity protein
[CTNND2 NPRAP] Catenin delta-2 (Delta-catenin) (GT24) (Neural plakophilin-related ARM-repeat protein) (NPRAP) (Neurojungin)
[SD18 ARK3 At4g21380 T6K22.110] Receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase SD1-8 (EC (Arabidopsis thaliana receptor kinase 3) (S-domain-1 (SD1) receptor kinase 8) (SD1-8)
[DA2 At1g78420 F3F9.7] E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DA2 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase DA2)
[fadB ASJ36_15255] Fatty acid oxidation complex subunit alpha [Includes: 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase (EC; Enoyl-CoA hydratase/Delta(3)-cis-Delta(2)-trans-enoyl-CoA isomerase/3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA epimerase (EC (EC (EC]
[Peg10 Edr Mar2 Mart2 Mef3l1 Rgag3] Retrotransposon-derived protein PEG10 (Embryonal carcinoma differentiation regulated protein) (Mammalian retrotransposon-derived protein 2) (Myelin expression factor 3) (MyEF-3) (Myelin expression factor 3-like protein 1) (MEF3-like protein 1) (Paternally expressed gene 10 protein) (Retrotransposon gag domain-containing protein 3) (Retrotransposon-derived gag-like polyprotein) (Ty3/Gypsy-like protein)
[Ppp1r15a Gadd34 Myd116 Peg3] Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 15A (Growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible protein GADD34) (Myeloid differentiation primary response protein MyD116 homolog) (Progression elevated gene 3 protein) (PEG-3)
[pbpA mrdA spoVD A6592_16660 A8C65_06565 A8M42_10590 A9R57_11170 AC067_14880 AC789_1c06740 ACN002_0653 ACN77_23585 ACN81_02930 ACU57_00610 ACU90_10770 AJ318_06450 AKG99_04525 AM270_15810 AM446_20255 AM464_20455 AM465_23465 AMK83_07555 AML07_08650 AML35_19555 APT94_14220 APU18_23835 APZ14_07410 ARC77_22795 AU473_23385 AUQ13_21670 AUS26_05760 AW059_00695 AW106_14350 AWP75_25635 AZZ83_000363 B1K96_20450 B7C53_00300 B9M99_01525 B9N33_00625 B9T59_04810 BB545_12550 BE963_17325 BEN53_05660 BER14_10865 BET08_12525 BH694_01420 BHF46_03940 BHS81_03740 BHS87_03335 BIQ87_03335 BIZ41_17225 BJJ90_19165 BK248_03025 BK292_19580 BK334_18885 BK373_00230 BK375_15170 BK383_17965 BK400_15025 BMT49_04785 BMT53_06960 BMT91_14235 BN17_04221 BTQ04_10820 BTQ06_00335 BUE81_17355 BVL39_25385 BW690_14670 BWP17_18725 BZL31_25035 BZL69_08445 C1I57_06625 C2M16_19440 C2U48_06935 C3K24_22680 C4J69_08220 C4K41_14410 C4M78_22550 C5N07_14350 C5P01_19745 C5P43_08785 C5P44_03045 C6986_03975 C6B13_12560 C7235_17670 C7B02_17260 C7B06_19000 C7B07_18935 C7B08_21460 C9E25_08650 CA593_25980 CCZ14_01240 CCZ17_02920 CDL37_27210 CG691_11060 CG692_16230 CG705_09240 CG706_04510 CIJ94_18705 COD30_11105 COD46_08690 CR538_18290 CR539_07560 CRE06_14845 CRM83_12555 CSB64_10285 CT143_01265 CT146_03895 CV83915_00949 CVH05_21975 CWM24_04065 CWS33_17420 CXB56_20825 D0X26_17840 D1900_02005 D2183_01785 D2F89_07155 DD762_15365 DIV22_17770 DIV25_21165 DL800_05220 DNQ41_07145 DNR41_22365 DS732_08115 DS966_04940 DTL84_14260 DTL90_04365 DTM10_16065 DTM25_00625 DTM27_07450 DTM45_07030 EC1094V2_3238 EC3234A_6c00550 EC95NR1_04870 ECONIH1_03625 ECs0673 EL75_3147 EL79_3241 EL80_3197 ERS085365_02573 ERS085366_01316 ERS085374_02570 ERS085379_01963 ERS085383_02824 ERS085386_01788 ERS085404_03469 ERS085406_01653 ERS085416_02426 ERS139211_01321 ERS150873_01937 ERS150876_03438 FORC28_4337 GJ11_03475 HMPREF3040_04679 HW43_06895 JD73_10635 MJ49_03385 MS6198_06880 MS8345_00609 NCTC10090_01659 NCTC10429_05981 NCTC11022_00779 NCTC11126_06406 NCTC11181_00871 NCTC11341_04184 NCTC12950_03929 NCTC13125_01620 NCTC13127_04877 NCTC13148_06400 NCTC13462_01686 NCTC13846_03400 NCTC7152_03655 NCTC7927_03988 NCTC7928_05270 NCTC8621_03768 NCTC8622_06772 NCTC8959_05235 NCTC8960_01027 NCTC9007_02424 NCTC9010_03702 NCTC9036_03621 NCTC9037_03737 NCTC9045_04113 NCTC9050_01457 NCTC9055_00431 NCTC9058_03342 NCTC9062_04702 NCTC9075_04779 NCTC9111_03696 NCTC9119_03681 NCTC9434_03087 NCTC9701_03830 NCTC9703_02928 NCTC9706_00883 NCTC9775_01851 NCTC9962_02964 NCTC9969_03735 PU06_18425 RG28_01365 RK56_025460 RX35_02332 SAMEA3472033_02599 SAMEA3472047_02026 SAMEA3472055_01986 SAMEA3472056_00057 SAMEA3472067_00638 SAMEA3472070_02069 SAMEA3472080_00328 SAMEA3472090_01597 SAMEA3472108_03613 SAMEA3472110_01684 SAMEA3472112_01798 SAMEA3472114_04104 SAMEA3472147_02983 SAMEA3484427_03137 SAMEA3484429_03245 SAMEA3484433_03944 SAMEA3484434_00066 SAMEA3485101_01223 SAMEA3752372_02097 SAMEA3752557_04399 SAMEA3752559_00988 SAMEA3752620_01001 SAMEA3753064_04097 SAMEA3753106_01728 SAMEA3753164_00434 SAMEA3753290_04320 SAMEA3753300_04087 SAMEA3753397_01555 SK85_00636 SY51_03215 UC41_17510 UN86_16800 UN91_17590 WM48_03340 WQ89_00310 WR15_22320 YDC107_3897] Peptidoglycan D,D-transpeptidase MrdA (EC (Penicillin-binding protein 2) (PBP-2)
[TTHA1582] 8-amino-7-oxononanoate synthase/2-amino-3-ketobutyrate coenzyme A ligase (AONS/AKB ligase) (EC (EC (7-keto-8-amino-pelargonic acid synthase) (7-KAP synthase) (KAPA synthase) (8-amino-7-ketopelargonate synthase) (Alpha-oxoamine synthase) (Glycine acetyltransferase)
[Ctnnd2 Catnd2 Nprap] Catenin delta-2 (Neural plakophilin-related ARM-repeat protein) (NPRAP) (Neurojungin)
[aroK A6581_04960 A6592_17950 A8C65_03280 A8G17_03810 A8M42_00640 A9819_19265 A9R57_01655 AC067_11885 ACN002_3470 ACN77_15570 ACN81_28140 ACU57_16580 ACU90_15955 AJ318_12950 AKG99_01505 AM270_08115 AM446_03380 AM464_09620 AM465_06610 AMK83_08240 AML07_01325 AML35_23575 APT94_00555 APU18_01645 APZ14_13365 ARC77_13290 AU473_04850 AUQ13_09300 AUS26_07545 AW059_21750 AW106_06895 AWP75_19285 B1K96_23550 B7C53_02830 B9M99_05100 B9N33_11950 B9T59_15280 BB545_11870 BE963_07790 BEN53_20680 BER14_21810 BET08_20705 BH694_16955 BHF46_10890 BHS81_20250 BHS87_19015 BIQ87_19025 BIU72_15295 BIZ41_07360 BJJ90_01750 BK248_05995 BK292_07700 BK334_22890 BK373_20725 BK383_21165 BK400_00630 BMT49_24640 BMT53_17250 BMT91_03585 BTQ04_09265 BTQ06_11005 BUE81_05680 BVL39_09160 BW690_17855 BWP17_00245 BXT93_04890 BZL31_04705 BZL69_06050 C1I57_07120 C2M16_11210 C2U48_16505 C3K24_12715 C4J69_02905 C4K41_12015 C4M78_15175 C5715_11575 C5N07_12125 C5P01_16735 C5P43_01475 C5P44_10465 C6669_11050 C6986_21665 C6B13_13910 C7235_02260 C7B02_12810 C7B06_17460 C7B07_17820 C7B08_15320 C9E25_11695 CA593_09270 CCZ14_09605 CCZ17_12265 CDL37_28130 CG691_08355 CG692_04015 CG705_06670 CG706_10450 CIJ94_13760 COD30_09085 COD46_15765 CR538_02030 CR539_22195 CRD98_08110 CRE06_04415 CRM83_22530 CSB64_14520 CT143_17030 CT146_14790 CVH05_26505 CWM24_10310 CWS33_11045 CXB56_05380 D0X26_11015 D1900_14545 D2183_13910 D2F89_07695 D3I61_20035 DD762_12035 DIV22_04345 DIV25_02045 DL545_02630 DL800_24290 DNQ41_22840 DNQ45_07755 DNR41_15225 DQE83_21330 DS732_24730 DTL43_14025 DTL84_15265 DTL90_06695 DTM10_13230 DTM25_09100 DTM27_11600 DTM45_15835 EC95NR1_02770 ECONIH1_19790 ERS085365_00933 ERS085366_00146 ERS085374_01476 ERS085379_03702 ERS085383_01657 ERS085386_02282 ERS085404_01578 ERS085406_01872 ERS085416_02838 ERS139211_00083 ERS150873_03014 GJ11_21835 HW43_21790 JD73_02815 MJ49_13385 MS6198_38900 MS8345_03734 NCTC10082_02755 NCTC7152_00360 NCTC8450_04867 NCTC8621_00438 NCTC8959_03330 NCTC8960_02996 NCTC9007_04604 NCTC9010_00409 NCTC9036_00465 NCTC9037_00575 NCTC9050_03541 NCTC9055_02294 NCTC9058_01466 NCTC9062_02779 NCTC9111_00793 NCTC9119_00459 NCTC9434_00347 NCTC9701_00512 NCTC9775_03932 PU06_13970 RG28_21970 RK56_020940 SAMEA3472033_02773 SAMEA3472047_01971 SAMEA3472056_01987 SAMEA3472067_03441 SAMEA3472070_03615 SAMEA3472080_02914 SAMEA3472090_03992 SAMEA3472108_04459 SAMEA3472114_02299 SAMEA3472147_01041 SAMEA3484427_00051 SAMEA3484429_02822 SAMEA3484433_03540 SAMEA3484434_02632 SAMEA3485101_02456 SAMEA3485113_02217 SAMEA3752559_00435 SAMEA3752620_02624 SAMEA3753064_01834 SAMEA3753097_01481 SAMEA3753106_01890 SAMEA3753164_01960 SAMEA3753290_02424 SAMEA3753300_02316 SAMEA3753391_02868 SAMEA3753397_02334 SK85_03705 SY51_19385 UC41_08655 UN86_22695 UN91_22475 WM48_18740 WQ89_11930 WR15_02890 YDC107_2039] Shikimate kinase 1 (SK 1) (EC
[DHC1 IDA1 PF9] Dynein-1-alpha heavy chain, flagellar inner arm I1 complex (1-alpha DHC) (Dynein-1, subspecies f)
[cobA cysG ASJ36_21380] Siroheme synthase [Includes: Precorrin-2 dehydrogenase (EC; Sirohydrochlorin ferrochelatase (EC; Uroporphyrinogen-III C-methyltransferase (Urogen III methylase) (EC (SUMT) (Uroporphyrinogen III methylase) (UROM)]
[HSPRO2 At2g40000 T28M21.16] Nematode resistance protein-like HSPRO2 (AKINbetagamma-interacting protein 2) (Ortholog of sugar beet HS1 PRO-1 protein 2) (Protein Hs1pro-2)
[thrS A6592_07385 A8C65_00725 A8M42_02870 A9819_10335 AC067_17920 ACU57_21945 AKG99_11470 AM446_15820 AM464_26510 AML35_09970 APT94_06505 APU18_09570 AUQ13_11820 AW059_04100 AWP75_00770 AZZ83_004425 B9M99_02580 B9T59_00625 BB545_08070 BE963_24005 BEN53_09695 BET08_24905 BIU72_01125 BK248_10000 BK334_14030 BK375_03740 BK383_05670 BMT91_02170 BUE81_01885 BW690_14135 BXT93_24065 BZL69_29890 C2M16_14695 C2U48_26230 C3K24_02440 C4J69_24020 C4K41_01350 C4M78_11645 C5715_15075 C5N07_01035 C5P44_05645 C6B13_06900 CA593_19355 CDL37_02080 CG691_13440 CG705_12310 CG706_01030 CIJ94_04195 CSB64_00775 CT143_06905 CT146_07330 CWM24_15015 D0X26_02890 D1900_10875 D2183_11895 D2F89_06820 DD762_27020 DNQ41_12930 DNR41_01675 DS966_09215 DTL43_16725 DTL90_19880 DTM25_08295 DTM45_01055 EC1094V2_2032 EC3234A_33c02210 ECONIH1_09940 EL75_1935 EL79_1975 EL80_2004 ERS085386_01319 ERS085406_02839 JD73_23345 MS6198_19440 MS8345_01775 NCTC10082_04807 NCTC10090_01312 NCTC10429_03461 NCTC10764_01821 NCTC10766_03508 NCTC10767_05616 NCTC12950_02524 NCTC13462_00444 NCTC13846_02600 NCTC7152_02282 NCTC8500_02567 NCTC8621_02466 NCTC8959_01574 NCTC9007_02710 NCTC9010_02376 NCTC9036_02407 NCTC9037_02447 NCTC9045_02728 NCTC9050_00331 NCTC9058_04581 NCTC9062_00279 NCTC9073_05707 NCTC9081_04446 NCTC9119_02421 NCTC9434_04293 NCTC9706_03982 NCTC9775_00955 RK56_008630 SAMEA3472033_02206 SAMEA3472047_03676 SAMEA3472056_01515 SAMEA3472067_01639 SAMEA3472080_01310 SAMEA3472108_02992 SAMEA3472110_04873 SAMEA3472112_04967 SAMEA3472147_02647 SAMEA3484427_00882 SAMEA3484429_00993 SAMEA3484433_00346 SAMEA3484434_02679 SAMEA3485101_03749 SAMEA3752372_04793 SAMEA3752557_04259 SAMEA3752559_04982 SAMEA3753300_02416 SAMEA3753397_04650 SK85_01942 UC41_06035 WM48_08790 YDC107_233] Threonine--tRNA ligase (EC (Threonyl-tRNA synthetase) (ThrRS)
[SWEETIE At1g67140 F5A8.5] Protein SWEETIE
[ubiE A6581_15570 A6592_21380 A8C65_10890 A8G17_16560 A8M42_20320 A9R57_05695 AC789_1c42180 ACN002_3924 ACN77_18050 ACN81_23985 ACU57_13460 ACU90_13850 AKG99_19890 AM270_17855 AM446_27135 AM464_12455 AMK83_06860 AML07_08190 AML35_14525 APT94_08455 APZ14_07845 ARC77_16125 AU473_01730 AUQ13_19915 AUS26_26190 AW059_21065 AW106_22460 AWP75_05320 B1K96_26190 B7C53_09635 B9M99_16495 B9T59_12440 BB545_26335 BE963_10460 BEN53_23815 BET08_10925 BHF46_22435 BHS81_22955 BHS87_21520 BIU72_20475 BIZ41_08905 BJJ90_25915 BK248_13960 BK292_00400 BK334_25325 BK375_20850 BK383_22435 BK400_20875 BMR23_12290 BMT53_14485 BMT91_13210 BN17_37831 BTQ04_26015 BTQ06_26995 BUE81_20245 BVL39_06270 BW690_08595 BWP17_23020 BXT93_06405 BZL31_09340 BZL69_15780 C2M16_20820 C2U48_13760 C5715_17100 C5N07_17835 C5P01_22210 C5P43_15315 C5P44_20275 C6669_08445 C6986_24945 C6B13_18935 C7235_24550 C7B02_20760 C7B06_19920 C7B07_20285 C7B08_21005 C9E25_10525 CA593_06825 CDL37_15940 CG691_19310 CG692_18015 CG705_18620 CG706_18265 CIJ94_11075 COD30_16570 COD46_12990 CR538_25055 CR539_00855 CRD98_24635 CRE06_19725 CRM83_19480 CSB64_23960 CV83915_02233 CVH05_04155 CWM24_07185 CWS33_20805 CXB56_27360 D0X26_19240 D2183_21310 D2F89_05355 D3I61_22720 DD762_10780 DIV22_24005 DIV25_26230 DL545_24525 DL800_26830 DNQ41_00475 DNQ45_13375 DQE83_19555 DS732_00725 DTL43_17190 DTL84_21020 DTL90_18045 DTM25_16190 DTM27_15425 DTM45_20395 EC1094V2_4476 EC3234A_71c00340 EC95NR1_03281 ECONIH1_22590 ECs4763 EL75_4351 EL79_4601 EL80_4508 ERS085365_02041 ERS085366_03104 ERS085374_03130 ERS085379_03151 ERS085383_03377 ERS085386_03444 ERS085404_04440 ERS085411_03162 ERS085416_02783 ERS139211_01560 ERS150873_02296 ERS150876_04199 FORC28_5952 GJ11_24390 HMPREF3040_00241 HW43_00695 JD73_05415 MS6198_44240 NCTC10082_02249 NCTC10090_02951 NCTC10418_07388 NCTC10429_00330 NCTC10764_03227 NCTC10766_02781 NCTC11022_04092 NCTC11126_02010 NCTC11341_02584 NCTC12950_05397 NCTC13125_03038 NCTC13127_06357 NCTC13462_03675 NCTC13846_04675 NCTC7152_04931 NCTC7927_05424 NCTC8179_05287 NCTC8450_00180 NCTC8500_05522 NCTC8960_02513 NCTC8985_04248 NCTC9007_05182 NCTC9010_05065 NCTC9036_04809 NCTC9050_02998 NCTC9055_01835 NCTC9058_01981 NCTC9077_06130 NCTC9111_05126 NCTC9117_06173 NCTC9119_05223 NCTC9701_05169 NCTC9703_04390 NCTC9706_02171 NCTC9775_03332 NCTC9777_01293 NCTC9969_05139 PU06_16980 RG28_24490 RX35_05168 SAMEA3472033_04060 SAMEA3472044_03806 SAMEA3472047_03234 SAMEA3472055_03939 SAMEA3472056_04331 SAMEA3472067_04804 SAMEA3472070_04698 SAMEA3472080_03801 SAMEA3472108_04633 SAMEA3472110_02086 SAMEA3472112_03188 SAMEA3472114_04287 SAMEA3472147_02024 SAMEA3484433_04757 SAMEA3484434_04662 SAMEA3485101_04344 SAMEA3485113_02087 SAMEA3752372_02788 SAMEA3752557_03874 SAMEA3752559_04141 SAMEA3753064_04446 SAMEA3753097_03628 SAMEA3753106_02156 SAMEA3753290_04563 SAMEA3753300_03777 SAMEA3753391_04299 SAMEA3753397_04261 SK85_04161 UC41_14105 UN86_04720 UN91_09195 WQ89_13405 WR15_15130 YDC107_2529] Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis C-methyltransferase UbiE (EC (EC (2-methoxy-6-polyprenyl-1,4-benzoquinol methylase) (Demethylmenaquinone methyltransferase)
[DHC10 IDA2] Dynein-1-beta heavy chain, flagellar inner arm I1 complex (1-beta DHC) (Dynein-1, subspecies f)
[mutT b0099 JW0097] 8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase (8-oxo-dGTPase) (EC (7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine-triphosphatase) (Mutator protein MutT) (dGTP pyrophosphohydrolase)
[MELK KIAA0175] Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (hMELK) (EC (Protein kinase Eg3) (pEg3 kinase) (Protein kinase PK38) (hPK38) (Tyrosine-protein kinase MELK) (EC

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