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Index / BBridge / Anti CEL Monoclonal Antibody (KNH-30) /Product Detail : 300-09971 Anti CEL Monoclonal Antibody (KNH-30)
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Anti CEL Monoclonal Antibody (KNH-30)

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Product name : Anti CEL Monoclonal Antibody (KNH-30)

Catalog number : 300-09971

Quantity: 50UG

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : BBridge

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Anti CEL Monoclonal Antibody (KNH-30)
To keep the quality and the affinity of the antibodies cycles of freezing and thawing should be avoided. For antibodies in a liquid form or reconstituted lyophilized antibodies small amounts of the soultion could be captured on the cap or the walls of the container. Right before use you could briefly centrifuge the vial to collect all of the solution on the bottom.

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Reaction of protein amino groups with glucose leads, through the early products such as a Schiff base and Amadori rearrangement products, to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Recent immunological studies using anti-AGEs antibody (6D12) demonstrated the presence of AGEs-modified proteins in several human tissues:  human lens (nondiabetic and noncataractous),  renal proximal tubules in patients with diabetic nephropathy and chronic renal failure,  diabetic retina,  peripheral nerves of diabetic neuropathy,  atherosclerotic lesions of arterial walls, 2-microglobulin forming amyloid fibrils in patients with hemodialysis-related amyloidosis,  senile plaques of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the peritoneum of CAPD patients,  skin elastin in actinic elastosis, and  ceriod/lipofuscin deposits. These results suggest a potential role of AGEs-modification in normal aging as well as age-enhanced disease processes.
This antibody named as 6D12 has been used to demonstrate AGEs-modified proteins in these human tissues, indicating potential usefulness of this antibody for histochemical identification and biochemical quantification of AGEs-modified proteins.
CEL is known to generate from protein modification by methylglyoxal . Mclellan et al. demonstrated that
plasma methylglyoxal, which is believed to be generate from Embden-Meyerhof and polyol pathways,
concentrations in insulin-dependent diabetic patients were about 7-times higher than those of normal individuals.
For examples, CEL was identified in human lens proteins at a concentration similar to that of CML and its accumulation increased with age like CML, indicating that CEL may play an important marker for aging and age-dependent disease such as diabetic complications.

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