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Index / Assaypro / Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human /Product Detail : 10921-05015 Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human
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#10921-05015 Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human

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Product name : Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human

Catalog number : 10921-05015

Quantity: 400 ug

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : Assaypro

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About this Product :

Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human antibody storage Gentaur recommends for long therm storage to freeze at -24 C. For short time storage up to 30 days we suggest fridge storage at 1 to 10 C. Prevent multiple freeze taw cycles of Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human.

Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human Human samples 80 % of the research is conducted on human samples. Gentaur suppliers human normal cells, cell lines, RNA extracts and lots of antibodies and ELISA kits to Human proteins as well as Gastrin Releasing Peptide, anti_human.

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Pathways :
WP1001: Peptide GPCRs
WP1117: Peptide GPCRs
WP131: Peptide GPCRs
WP1338: Peptide GPCRs
WP234: Peptide GPCRs
WP2355: Corticotropin-releasing hormone
WP24: Peptide GPCRs
WP771: Peptide GPCRs
WP883: Peptide GPCRs

Related Genes :
[GRP] Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) [Cleaved into: Neuromedin-C (GRP-10)]
[GRPR] Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R) (GRP-preferring bombesin receptor)
[GAST GAS] Gastrin [Cleaved into: Gastrin-71 (Gastrin component I); Gastrin-52 (G52); Big gastrin (Gastrin component II) (Gastrin-34) (G34); Gastrin (Gastrin component III) (Gastrin-17) (G17); Gastrin-14 (G14); Gastrin-6 (G6)]
[Grpr] Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R) (GRP-preferring bombesin receptor)
[Grpr] Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R) (GRP-preferring bombesin receptor)
[GNRH1 GNRH GRH LHRH] Progonadoliberin-1 (Progonadoliberin I) [Cleaved into: Gonadoliberin-1 (Gonadoliberin I) (Gonadorelin) (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone I) (GnRH-I) (Luliberin I) (Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone I) (LH-RH I); GnRH-associated peptide 1 (GnRH-associated peptide I)]
[CCKBR CCKRB] Gastrin/cholecystokinin type B receptor (CCK-B receptor) (CCK-BR) (Cholecystokinin-2 receptor) (CCK2-R)
[Grp] Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) [Cleaved into: Neuromedin-C (GRP-10)]
[GHRL MTLRP UNQ524/PRO1066] Appetite-regulating hormone (Growth hormone secretagogue) (Growth hormone-releasing peptide) (Motilin-related peptide) (Protein M46) [Cleaved into: Ghrelin-27; Ghrelin-28 (Ghrelin); Obestatin]
[PRLHR GPR10 GR3] Prolactin-releasing peptide receptor (PrRP receptor) (PrRPR) (G-protein coupled receptor 10) (hGR3)
[TRH] Pro-thyrotropin-releasing hormone (Pro-TRH) (Prothyroliberin) [Cleaved into: Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) (Protirelin) (TSH-releasing factor) (Thyroliberin) (Thyrotropin-releasing factor) (TRF)]
[Prlh Prh] Prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) (Prolactin-releasing hormone) [Cleaved into: Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP31; Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP20]
[GHSR] Growth hormone secretagogue receptor type 1 (GHS-R) (GH-releasing peptide receptor) (GHRP) (Ghrelin receptor)
[PRLH PRH] Prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) (Prolactin-releasing hormone) [Cleaved into: Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP31; Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP20]
[HADHA HADH] Trifunctional enzyme subunit alpha, mitochondrial (78 kDa gastrin-binding protein) (TP-alpha) [Includes: Long-chain enoyl-CoA hydratase (EC; Long chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase (EC]
[APEH D3F15S2 D3S48E DNF15S2] Acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme (AARE) (EC (Acyl-peptide hydrolase) (APH) (Acylaminoacyl-peptidase) (Oxidized protein hydrolase) (OPH)
[CRHR1 CRFR CRFR1 CRHR] Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1 (CRF-R-1) (CRF-R1) (CRFR-1) (Corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1) (CRH-R-1) (CRH-R1)
[GHRHR] Growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor (GHRH receptor) (Growth hormone-releasing factor receptor) (GRF receptor) (GRFR)
[CRHR2 CRF2R CRH2R] Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 2 (CRF-R-2) (CRF-R2) (CRFR-2) (Corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 2) (CRH-R-2) (CRH-R2)
[CRH] Corticoliberin (Corticotropin-releasing factor) (CRF) (Corticotropin-releasing hormone)
[GHRH GHRF] Somatoliberin (Growth hormone-releasing factor) (GRF) (Growth hormone-releasing hormone) (GHRH) (Somatocrinin) (Somatorelin) (Sermorelin)
[CRHBP CRFBP] Corticotropin-releasing factor-binding protein (CRF-BP) (CRF-binding protein) (Corticotropin-releasing hormone-binding protein) (CRH-BP)
[GNRH2] Progonadoliberin-2 (Progonadoliberin II) [Cleaved into: Gonadoliberin-2 (Gonadoliberin II) (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone II) (GnRH II) (Luliberin II) (Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone II) (LH-RH II); GnRH-associated peptide 2 (GnRH-associated peptide II)]
[AMHR2 AMHR MISR2] Anti-Muellerian hormone type-2 receptor (EC (Anti-Muellerian hormone type II receptor) (AMH type II receptor) (MIS type II receptor) (MISRII) (MRII)
[HTN3 HIS2] Histatin-3 (Basic histidine-rich protein) (Hst) (Histidine-rich protein 3) (PB) [Cleaved into: Histatin-3; His3-(20-44)-peptide (His3 20/44) (His3-(1-25)-peptide) (His3 1/25) (Histatin-3 1/25) (Histatin-6); His3-(20-43)-peptide (His3 20/43) (His3-(1-24)-peptide) (His3 1/24) (Histatin-3 1/24) (Histatin-5); His3-(20-32)-peptide (His3 20/32) (His3-(1-13)-peptide) (His3 1/13) (Histatin-3 1/13); His3-(20-31)-peptide (His3 20/31) (His3-(1-12)-peptide) (His3 1/12) (Histatin-3 1/12); His3-(20-30)-peptide (His3 20/30) (His3-(1-11)-peptide) (His3 1/11) (Histatin-3 1/11); His3-(24-32)-peptide (His3 24/32) (His3-(5-13)-peptide) (His3 5/13) (Histatin-3 5/13); His3-(24-31)-peptide (His3 24/31) (His3-(5-12)-peptide) (His3 5/12) (Histatin-11) (Histatin-3 5/12); His3-(24-30)-peptide (His3 24/30) (His3-(5-11)-peptide) (His3 5/11) (Histatin-12) (Histatin-3 5/11); His3-(25-32)-peptide (His3 25/32) (His3-(6-13)-peptide) (His3 6/13) (Histatin-3 6/13); His3-(25-30)-peptide (His3 25/30) (His3-(6-11)-peptide) (His3 6/11) (Histatin-3 6/11); His3-(26-32)-peptide (His3 26/32) (His3-(7-13)-peptide) (His3 7/13) (Histatin-3 7/13); His3-(26-31)-peptide (His3 26/31) (His3-(7-12)-peptide) (His3 7/12) (Histatin-3 7/12); His3-(26-30)-peptide (His3 26/30) (His3-(7-11)-peptide) (His3 7/11) (Histatin-3 7/11); His3-(31-51)-peptide (His3 31/51) (His3-(12-32)-peptide) (His3 12/32) (Histatin-3 12/32) (Histatin-4); His3-(31-44)-peptide (His3 31/44) (His3-(12-25)-peptide) (His3 12/25) (Histatin-3 12/25) (Histatin-9); His3-(31-43)-peptide (His3 31/43) (His3-(12-24)-peptide) (His3 12/24) (Histatin-3 12/24) (Histatin-7); His3-(32-44)-peptide (His3 32/44) (His3-(13-25)-peptide) (His3 13/25) (Histatin-10) (Histatin-3 13/25); His3-(32-43)-peptide (His3 32-43) (His3-(13-24)-peptide) (His3 13/24) (Histatin-3 13/24) (Histatin-8); His3-(33-44)-peptide (His3 33/44) (His3-(14-25)-peptide) (His3 14/25) (Histatin-3 14/25); His3-(33-43)-peptide (His3 33/43) (His3-(14-24)-peptide) (His3 14/24) (Histatin-3 14/24); His3-(34-44)-peptide (His3 34/44) (His3-(15-25)-peptide) (His3 15/25) (Histatin-3 15/25); His3-(34-43)-peptide (His3 34/43) (His3-(15-24)-peptide) (His3 15/24) (Histatin-3 15/24); His3-(45-51)-peptide (His3 45/51) (His3-(26-32)-peptide) (His3 26/32) (Histatin-3 26/32); His3-(47-51)-peptide (His3 47/51) (His3-(28-32)-peptide) (His3 28/32) (Histatin-3 28/32); His3-(48-51)-peptide (His3 48/51) (His3-(29-32)-peptide) (His3 29/32) (Histatin-3 29/32)]
[REG3A HIP PAP PAP1] Regenerating islet-derived protein 3-alpha (REG-3-alpha) (Hepatointestinal pancreatic protein) (HIP/PAP) (Human proislet peptide) (Pancreatitis-associated protein 1) (Regenerating islet-derived protein III-alpha) (Reg III-alpha) [Cleaved into: Regenerating islet-derived protein 3-alpha 16.5 kDa form; Regenerating islet-derived protein 3-alpha 15 kDa form]
[GNRH1] Progonadoliberin-1 (Progonadoliberin I) [Cleaved into: Gonadoliberin-1 (Gonadoliberin I) (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone I) (GnRH-I) (Luliberin I) (Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone I) (LH-RH I); GnRH-associated peptide 1 (GnRH-associated peptide I)]
[MEP1B] Meprin A subunit beta (EC (Endopeptidase-2) (Meprin B) (N-benzoyl-L-tyrosyl-P-amino-benzoic acid hydrolase subunit beta) (PABA peptide hydrolase) (PPH beta)
[Spink1] Serine protease inhibitor Kazal-type 1 (Cholecystokinin-releasing peptide) (Monitor peptide) (Pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor) (PSTI-I)
[GRP] Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) [Cleaved into: Neuromedin-C (GRP-(18-27)) (GRP-10)]

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