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Beta_2_Microglobulin (ELISA Kit)

 Price: 688   EUR
780   USD
533   GBP

Product name : Beta_2_Microglobulin (ELISA Kit)

Catalog number : 20

Quantity: 96 Tests

Availability: Yes

Supplier name : ACR

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About this Product :

Beta_2_Microglobulin (ELISA Kit)
opis kitu
## PRODUCT_NAME ## Warunki przechowywania: Zalecamy aby przechowywyanie odbywało się w temperaturze od 2 do 8 stopni Celsjusza. Zdecydowanie należy unikać zamrażania i rozmrażania produktu aby kit zachował swoją czułośc detekcji.

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When a fluorophore absorbs a photon of light, an energetically excited state is formed. The fate of this species is varied, depending upon the exact nature of the fluorophore and its surroundings, but the end result is deactivation (loss of energy) and return to the ground state. The main deactivation processes which occur are fluorescence (loss of energy by emission of a photon), internal conversion and vibrational relaxation (non-radiative loss of energy as heat to the surroundings), and intersystem crossing to the triplet manifold and subsequent non-radiative deactivation. The fluorescence quantum yield is the ratio of photons absorbed to photons emitted through fluorescence. In other words the quantum yield gives the probability of the excited state being deactivated by fluorescence rather than by another, non-radiative mechanism. The kit provides all the essential components for fluorescence quantum yield determination for biological conjugates. It is optimized for determining the fluorescence quantum yields of fluorescent protein conjugates, peptides, nucleotides and nucleic acids.

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