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Pubmed ID: 17344846
Publication Date: //

Patterns of somatic mutation in human cancer genomes.

Cancers arise owing to mutations in a subset of genes that confer growth advantage. The availability of the human genome sequence led us to propose that systematic resequencing of cancer genomes for mutations would lead to the discovery of many additional cancer genes. Here we report more than 1,000 somatic mutations found in 274 megabases (Mb) of DNA corresponding to the coding exons of 518 protein kinase genes in 210 diverse human cancers. There was substantial variation in the number and pattern of mutations in individual cancers reflecting different exposures, DNA repair defects and cellular origins. Most somatic mutations are likely to be 'passengers' that do not contribute to oncogenesis. However, there was evidence for 'driver' mutations contributing to the development of the cancers studied in approximately 120 genes. Systematic sequencing of cancer genomes therefore reveals the evolutionary diversity of cancers and implicates a larger repertoire of cancer genes than previously anticipated.
Authors: Greenman Christopher , Stephens Philip , Smith Raffaella , Dalgliesh Gillian L , Hunter Christopher , Bignell Graham , Davies Helen , Teague Jon , Butler Adam , Stevens Claire , Edkins Sarah , O'Meara Sarah , Vastrik Imre , Schmidt Esther E , Avis Tim , Barthorpe Syd , Bhamra Gurpreet , Buck Gemma , Choudhury Bhudipa , Clements Jody , Cole Jennifer , Dicks Ed , Forbes Simon , Gray Kris , Halliday Kelly , Harrison Rachel , Hills Katy , Hinton Jon , Jenkinson Andy , Jones David , Menzies Andy , Mironenko Tatiana , Perry Janet , Raine Keiran , Richardson Dave , Shepherd Rebecca , Small Alexandra , Tofts Calli , Varian Jennifer , Webb Tony , West Sofie , Widaa Sara , Yates Andy , Cahill Daniel P , Louis David N , Goldstraw Peter , Nicholson Andrew G , Brasseur Francis , Looijenga Leendert , Weber Barbara L , Chiew Yoke-Eng , DeFazio Anna , Greaves Mel F , Green Anthony R , Campbell Peter , Birney Ewan , Easton Douglas F , Chenevix-Trench Georgia , Tan Min-Han , Khoo Sok Kean , Teh Bin Tean , Yuen Siu Tsan , Leung Suet Yi , Wooster Richard , Futreal P Andrew , Stratton Michael R ,


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