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Pubmed ID: 17975172
Publication Date: //

Initial sequence and comparative analysis of the cat genome.

The genome sequence (1.9-fold coverage) of an inbred Abyssinian domestic cat was assembled, mapped, and annotated with a comparative approach that involved cross-reference to annotated genome assemblies of six mammals (human, chimpanzee, mouse, rat, dog, and cow). The results resolved chromosomal positions for 663,480 contigs, 20,285 putative feline gene orthologs, and 133,499 conserved sequence blocks (CSBs). Additional annotated features include repetitive elements, endogenous retroviral sequences, nuclear mitochondrial (numt) sequences, micro-RNAs, and evolutionary breakpoints that suggest historic balancing of translocation and inversion incidences in distinct mammalian lineages. Large numbers of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), deletion insertion polymorphisms (DIPs), and short tandem repeats (STRs), suitable for linkage or association studies were characterized in the context of long stretches of chromosome homozygosity. In spite of the light coverage capturing approximately 65% of euchromatin sequence from the cat genome, these comparative insights shed new light on the tempo and mode of gene/genome evolution in mammals, promise several research applications for the cat, and also illustrate that a comparative approach using more deeply covered mammals provides an informative, preliminary annotation of a light (1.9-fold) coverage mammal genome sequence.
Authors: Pontius Joan U , Mullikin James C , Smith Douglas R , , Lindblad-Toh Kerstin , Gnerre Sante , Clamp Michele , Chang Jean , Stephens Robert , Neelam Beena , Volfovsky Natalia , Schäffer Alejandro A , Agarwala Richa , Narfström Kristina , Murphy William J , Giger Urs , Roca Alfred L , Antunes Agostinho , Menotti-Raymond Marilyn , Yuhki Naoya , Pecon-Slattery Jill , Johnson Warren E , Bourque Guillaume , Tesler Glenn , , O'Brien Stephen J ,


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