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Pubmed ID :20075618
Publication Date : //

Purification of caudal-related homeodomain transcription factor and its binding characterization.

Human CDX2 is known as a caudal-related homeodomain transcription factor that is expressed in the intestinal epithelium and is important in differentiation and maintenance of the intestinal epithelial cells. The caudal-related homeobox proteins bind DNA according to a helix-turn-helix structure, thereby increasing the structural stability of DNA. A cancer-tumor suppressor role for Cdx2 has been shown by a decrease in the level of the expression of Cdx2 in colorectal cancer but the mechanism of transcriptional regulation has not been examined at the molecular level. We developed a large-scale system for expression of the recombinant, novel CDX2, in the Escherichia coli. A highly purified and soluble CDX2 protein was obtained in E. coli strain BL21(DE3)RIL and a hexahistidine fusion system using Ni-NTA affinity column, anion exchange, and gel filtration chromatography. The identity and secondary structure of the purified CDX2 protein were confirmed by MALDI-TOF MS, Western blot, and a circular dichroism analyses. In addition, we studied the DNA binding activity of recombinant CDX2 by ELISA experiment and isolated human CDX2 binding proteins derived from rat cells by an immobilized GST-fusion method. Three CDX2-binding proteins were found in the gastric tissue, and those proteins were identified to the homeobox protein Hox-D8, LIM homeobox protein 6, and SMC1L1 protein.

Authors : Jeong Mi Suk , Hwang Eun Young , Kim Hyun Tae , Yoo Mi-Ae , Jang Se Bok ,

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EIAAB31740 Homo sapiens,Human,Oct-11,Octamer-binding protein 11,Octamer-binding transcription factor 11,OTF11,OTF-11,PLA1,POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 3,POU2F3,Transcription factor PLA-1,Transcripti
18-001-30002 Krueppel-like factor 13 - Transcription factor BTEB3; Basic transcription element-binding protein 3; BTE-binding protein 3; RANTES factor of late activated T-lymphocytes 1; RFLAT-1; Transcription fact 0.1 mg
EIAAB27823 Alpha-1-fetoprotein transcription factor,B1-binding factor,B1F,CPF,CYP7A promoter-binding factor,FTF,hB1F,Hepatocytic transcription factor,Homo sapiens,Human,Liver receptor homolog 1,LRH-1,NR5A2,Nucle
EIAAB31741 Oct-11,Octamer-binding protein 11,Octamer-binding transcription factor 11,Otf11,OTF-11,POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 3,Pou2f3,Rat,Rattus norvegicus,Skn1,Skn-1,Transcription factor Skn-1
EIAAB42103 Immunoglobulin enhancer-binding factor E12_E47,Pan,Pancreas specific transcription factor 1c,Ptf1c,Rat,Rattus norvegicus,Tcf3,TCF-3,Tcfe2a,Transcription factor 3,Transcription factor E2-alpha,Transcri
EIAAB42104 Alf2,Immunoglobulin enhancer-binding factor E12_E47,Me2,Mouse,Mus musculus,Tcf3,TCF-3,Tcfe2a,Transcription factor 3,Transcription factor A1,Transcription factor E2-alpha
28-674 Transcription factors containing a homeodomain play an important role in the organogenesis of vertebrates. Otx3_Dmbx1 is a member of paired class homeodomain transcription factors. Otx3_Dmbx1 represse 0.05 mg
31-248 Transcription initiation factor IIA . and . chains (GTranscription Factor Antibodies2A1, Transcription Factor AntibodiesIIA p35 and p19 subunits, Transcription Factor AntibodiesIIAL) binding ability o 0.05 mg
E02C0584 Rat Caudal Type Homeobox Transcription Factor 2 ELISA 96T/kit
18-003-42055 Caudal type homeo box transcription factor 2 - N_A Polyclonal 0.05 mg Aff Pur
E11686h Human Caudal Type Homeobox Transcription Factor 4 96T
E1602h ELISA Homo sapiens,Human,OCT6,Oct-6,Octamer-binding protein 6,Octamer-binding transcription factor 6,OTF6,OTF-6,POU domain transcription factor SCIP,POU domain, class 3, transcription factor 1,POU3F1 96T
U1602h CLIA Homo sapiens,Human,OCT6,Oct-6,Octamer-binding protein 6,Octamer-binding transcription factor 6,OTF6,OTF-6,POU domain transcription factor SCIP,POU domain, class 3, transcription factor 1,POU3F1 96T

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