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Pubmed ID :29636371
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Repeat-mediated deletions can be induced by a chromosomal break far from a repeat, but multiple pathways suppress such rearrangements.

Chromosomal deletion rearrangements mediated by repetitive elements often involve repeats separated by several kilobases and sequences that are divergent. While such rearrangements are likely induced by DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), it has been unclear how the proximity of DSBs relative to repeat sequences affects the frequency of such events. We generated a reporter assay in mouse cells for a deletion rearrangement involving repeats separated by 0.4 Mb. We induced this repeat-mediated deletion (RMD) rearrangement with two DSBs: the 5' DSB that is just downstream from the first repeat and the 3' DSB that is varying distances upstream of the second repeat. Strikingly, we found that increasing the 3' DSB/repeat distance from 3.3 kb to 28.4 kb causes only a modest decrease in rearrangement frequency. We also found that RMDs are suppressed by KU70 and RAD51 and promoted by RAD52, CtIP, and BRCA1. In addition, we found that 1%-3% sequence divergence substantially suppresses these rearrangements in a manner dependent on the mismatch repair factor MSH2, which is dominant over the suppressive role of KU70. We suggest that a DSB far from a repeat can stimulate repeat-mediated rearrangements, but multiple pathways suppress these events.

Authors : Mendez-Dorantes Carlos , Bhargava Ragini , Stark Jeremy M ,

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