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Pubmed ID: 32235494
Publication Date: 2020/03/30

Proteomic Analysis of Renal Biomarkers of Kidney Allograft Fibrosis-A Study in Renal Transplant Patients.

Renal transplantation is the preferred treatment of end stage renal disease, but allograft survival is limited by the development of interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy in response to various stimuli. Much effort has been put into identifying new protein markers of fibrosis to support the diagnosis. In the present work, we performed an in-depth quantitative proteomics analysis of allograft biopsies from 31 prevalent renal transplant patients and correlated the quantified proteins with the volume fraction of fibrosis as determined by a morphometric method. Linear regression analysis identified four proteins that were highly associated with the degree of interstitial fibrosis, namely Coagulation Factor XIII A chain (estimate 18.7, adjusted < 0.03), Uridine Phosphorylase 1 (estimate 19.4, adjusted < 0.001), Actin-related protein 2/3 subunit 2 (estimate 34.2, adjusted < 0.05) and Cytochrome C Oxidase Assembly Factor 6 homolog (estimate -44.9, adjusted < 0.002), even after multiple testing. Proteins that were negatively associated with fibrosis ( < 0.005) were primarily related to normal metabolic processes and respiration, whereas proteins that were positively associated with fibrosis ( < 0.005) were involved in catabolic processes, cytoskeleton organization and the immune response. The identified proteins may be candidates for further validation with regards to renal fibrosis. The results support the notion that cytoskeleton organization and immune responses are prevalent processes in renal allograft fibrosis.
Authors: Mortensen Line Aas , Svane Anne Marie , Burton Mark , Bistrup Claus , Thiesson Helle Charlotte , Marcussen Niels , Beck Hans Christian ,


  1. [Last access 2020/03/30].

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