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Pubmed ID: 34572916
Publication Date: 2021/09/18

Circulating Tumour Cell Numbers Correlate with Platelet Count and Circulating Lymphocyte Subsets in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer: Data from the ExPeCT Clinical Trial (CTRIAL-IE 15-21).

Interactions between circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and platelets are thought to inhibit natural killer(NK)-cell-induced lysis. We attempted to correlate CTC numbers in men with advanced prostate cancer with platelet counts and circulating lymphocyte numbers. Sixty-one ExPeCT trial participants, divided into overweight/obese and normal weight groups on the basis of a BMI ≥ 25 or <25, were randomized to participate or not in a six-month exercise programme. Blood samples at randomization, and at three and six months, were subjected to ScreenCell filtration, circulating platelet counts were obtained, and flow cytometry was performed on a subset of samples ( = 29). CTC count positively correlated with absolute total lymphocyte count (r = 0.1709, = 0.0258) and NK-cell count (r = 0.49, < 0.0001). There was also a positive correlation between platelet count and CTC count (r = 0.094, = 0.0001). Correlation was also demonstrated within the overweight/obese group ( = 123, < 0.0001), the non-exercise group ( = 79, = 0.001) and blood draw samples lacking platelet cloaking ( = 128, < 0.0001). By flow cytometry, blood samples from the exercise group ( = 15) had a higher proportion of CD3+ T-lymphocytes ( = 0.0003) and lower proportions of B-lymphocytes ( = 0.0264) and NK-cells ( = 0.015) than the non-exercise group ( = 14). These findings suggest that CTCs engage in complex interactions with the coagulation cascade and innate immune system during intravascular transit, and they present an attractive target for directed therapy at a vulnerable stage in metastasis.
Authors: Hayes Brian , Brady Lauren , Sheill Gráinne , Baird Anne-Marie , Guinan Emer , Stanfill Bryan , Dunne Jean , Holden Dean , Vlajnic Tatjana , Casey Orla , Murphy Verena , Greene John , Allott Emma H , Hussey Juliette , Cahill Fidelma , Van Hemelrijck Mieke , Peat Nicola , Mucci Lorelei A , Cunningham Moya , Grogan Liam , Lynch Thomas , Manecksha Rustom P , McCaffrey John , O'Donnell Dearbhaile M , Sheils Orla , O'Leary John J , Rudman Sarah , McDermott Ray , Finn Stephen ,


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