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Pubmed ID: 35773589
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Expression and Purification of the Human Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Receptor.

The thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor (TSHR) is a Class A G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) that mediates signalling through the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis. Inappropriate activation of TSHR by autoantibodies or mutations, results in human disease such as Grave's disease and Hashimito's thyroiditis. Therefore, there is a need to develop novel therapeutics targeting the TSHR. Understanding the structure and mechanism of activation of this receptor would help elucidate the pathogenesis of disease and aid drug development. Here, we describe a method for the expression of the human TSHR in a mammalian cell line generated through a lentiviral expression system. The receptor is then purified by affinity chromatography in the ligand-free state and is suitable for structure determination by single-particle electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM).
Authors: Helfinger Lukas , Tate Christopher G ,


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