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Pubmed ID: 36113845
Publication Date: 2022/09/14

Transcriptomic sequencing reveals the potential molecular mechanism by which Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2-hydroxyethyl ether) exposure exerts developmental neurotoxicity in developing zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2-hydroxyethyl ether) (TBBPA-DHEE) is a derivative of Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) used as an intermediate flame retardant in engineering polymers. The mechanism of neurodevelopmental toxicity of TBBPA-DHEE remains unclear due to limited toxicological data. We performed behavioral and transcriptomic analyses to assess the neurodevelopmental effects of TBBPA-DHEE on developing zebrafish and potential toxicity mechanisms. Our result shows that exposure to TBBPA-DHEE significantly increased mortality, deformity rate, and reduction in hatch rate, hatchability, and body length relative to the DMSO control. The behavior analysis indicates that TBBPA-DHEE significantly reduced the spontaneous movement of larva compared to the control. The TSH and GH levels were significantly reduced in all the exposure groups in a concentration-dependent manner relative to the DMSO control. TBBPA-DHEE exhibited a significant reduction in locomotor activity across all the exposure groups in the light/dark locomotion test. The transcriptomic analysis result shows that 579 genes were differentially expressed. KEGG analysis shows the enrichment of complement cascade, JAK-STAT signaling pathway, cytokine-cytokine interaction, and phototransduction pathway resulting in a change in mRNA expression of their genes. These observed changes in developmental endpoints, hormonal level, and alteration in mRNA expression of component genes involved in neurodevelopmental pathways could be part of the possible mechanism of the observed toxic effects of TBBPA-DHEE exposure on zebrafish. This study could reveal the possible neurodevelopmental toxicity of TBBPA-DHEE to aquatic species, which could help uncover the health implications of emerging environmental contaminants.
Authors: Okeke Emmanuel Sunday , Qian Xian , Che Junhao , Mao Guanghua , Chen Yao , Xu Hai , Ding Yangyang , Zeng Zhengjia , Wu Xiangyang , Feng Weiwei ,


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