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Pubmed ID :12068096
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Two-component signal transduction pathways in Arabidopsis.

The two-component system, consisting of a histidine (His) protein kinase that senses a signal input and a response regulator that mediates the output, is an ancient and evolutionarily conserved signaling mechanism in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The identification of 54 His protein kinases, His-containing phosphotransfer proteins, response regulators, and related proteins in Arabidopsis suggests an important role of two-component phosphorelay in plant signal transduction. Recent studies indicate that two-component elements are involved in plant hormone, stress, and light signaling. In this review, we present a genome analysis of the Arabidopsis two-component elements and summarize the major advances in our understanding of Arabidopsis two-component signaling.

Authors : Hwang Ildoo , Chen Huei-Chi , Sheen Jen ,

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Catalog number Product name Quantity
28-628 Sitpec functions as an essential component in two important signal transduction pathways and establishes a novel role for Ecsit as a cofactor for Smad proteins in the bone morphogenetic protein signal 0.1 mg
28-558 TPTE encodes a putative transmembrane tyrosine phosphatase that may be involved in signal transduction pathways of the endocrine or spermatogenetic function of the testis. 0.1 mg
28-559 TPTE encodes a putative transmembrane tyrosine phosphatase that may be involved in signal transduction pathways of the endocrine or spermatogenetic function of the testis. 0.1 mg
27-045 GCET2 is a protein which may function in signal transduction pathways and whose expression is elevated in germinal cell lymphomas. It contains a putative PDZ-interacting domain, an immunoreceptor tyro 0.05 mg
28-522 ANXA2 encodes a member of the annexin family. Members of this calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding protein family play a role in the regulation of cellular growth and in signal transduction pathways 0.1 mg
AA0009 Signal transduction antibody array includes 165 highly specific and well-characterized antibodies in the signal transduction pathway. 2 Pieces/Box
27-223 CAV2 is a major component of the inner surface of caveolae, small invaginations of the plasma membrane, and is involved in essential cellular functions, including signal transduction, lipid metabolism 0.05 mg
28-190 CREM is a bZIP transcription factor that binds to the cAMP responsive element found in many viral and cellular promoters. It is an important component of cAMP-mediated signal transduction during the s 0.1 mg
AS12 2105 Antibody: SRP43 | Signal recognition peptide 43, Immunogen: KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide derived from Arabidopsis thalianaSRP43, Host: rabbit, polyclonal, Confirmed reactivity: Arabidopsis thalian 200
PY-10201 Signal transduction related antibodies: Anti- Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1(ERK1),Chicken-Poly 100μg
PY-10188 Signal transduction related antibodies: Anti- Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 3(ERK3),Chicken-Poly 100μg
25-651 Electron transport pathways are generally associated with mitochondrial membranes, but non-mitochondrial pathways are also biologically significant. Plasma membrane electron transport pathways are inv 0.05 mg
28-219 When expressed in the bladder epithelium, the protein encoded by the SCNN1B gene might be implicated in the mechanosensory transduction in the bladder afferent pathways, thereby inducing detrusor inst 0.05 mg
26-803 Cytokine-mediated signal transduction in the JAK-STAT cascade requires the involvement of adaptor molecules. One such signal-transducing adaptor molecule contains an SH3 domain that is required for in 0.05 mg
P0435 Antibodies For Signal Transduction 100ug
P0436 Antibodies For Signal Transduction 100ug
523-A Signal Transduction Antibodies, , Clone ICO-44 100ug/vial
P6031 Antibodies For Signal Transduction 100ug
29-002 NR2E3 is part of a large family of nuclear receptor transcription factors involved in signaling pathways. Nuclear receptors have been shown to regulate pathways involved in embryonic development, as w 0.1 mg
KN0168Ra Rat signal transduction-Smad1 Elisa Kit 96 WELLS
519-A Signal Transduction Antibodies, anti-HLA-DR, Clone ICO-160 100ug/vial
P6030 Antibodies For Signal Transduction Anti-JNK 100ug
P6031 Anti-JNK, HRP, antibody for signal transduction 100 ug
520-A Signal Transduction Antibodies: anti-HLA-DR, Clone: ICO-1 1mg
520-A Signal Transduction Antibodies: anti-HLA-DR, Clone: ICO-1 100 ug/vial

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