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Pubmed ID :24441035
Publication Date : //

A cluster of olfactory receptor genes linked to frugivory in bats.

Diversity of the mammalian olfactory receptor (OR) repertoire has been globally reshaped by niche specialization. However, little is known about the variability of the OR repertoire at a shallower evolutionary timeframe. The vast bat radiation exhibits an extraordinary variety of trophic and sensory specializations. Unlike other mammals, bats possess a unique and diverse OR gene repertoire. We elucidated whether the evolution of the OR gene repertoire can be linked to ecological niche specializations, such as sensory modalities and diet. The OR gene repertoires of 27 bat species spanning the chiropteran radiation were amplified and sequenced. For each species, intact and nonfunctional genes were assessed, and the OR gene abundances in each gene family were analyzed and compared. We identified a unique OR pattern linked to the frugivorous diet of New World fruit-eating bats and a similar convergent pattern in the Old World fruit-eating bats. Our results show a strong association between niche specialization and OR repertoire diversity even at a shallow evolutionary timeframe.

Authors : Hayden Sara , Bekaert Michaël , Goodbla Alisha , Murphy William J , Dávalos Liliana M , Teeling Emma C ,

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26-433 A cluster of genes, BAT1-BAT5, has been localized in the vicinity of the genes for TNF alpha and TNF beta. These genes are all within the human major histocompatibility complex class III region. BAT5 0.05 mg
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EIAAB28977 Homo sapiens,Human,OLF3,Olfactory receptor 2F1,Olfactory receptor 2F3,Olfactory receptor 2F4,Olfactory receptor 2F5,Olfactory receptor-like protein OLF3,OR2F1,OR2F3,OR2F3P,OR2F4,OR2F5
EIAAB28789 Olfactory receptor 1,Olfactory receptor 1469,Olfactory receptor HGL-SP1,Olfactory receptor OR5,Olfactory receptor-like protein I54,Olfr1,Olr1469,Rat,Rattus norvegicus
EIAAB28409 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 10P1,Olfactory receptor 10P2,Olfactory receptor 10P3,Olfactory receptor OR12-7,OR10P1,OR10P1P,OR10P2P,OR10P3P
EIAAB28483 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 4F11,Olfactory receptor 4F17,Olfactory receptor 4F18,Olfactory receptor 4F19,OR4F11P,OR4F17,OR4F18,OR4F19
EIAAB28381 Homo sapiens,HP3,Human,Olfactory receptor 10A1,Olfactory receptor 10A5,Olfactory receptor 11-403,Olfactory receptor-like protein JCG6,OR10A1,OR10A5,OR11-403
EIAAB29146 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 8D1,Olfactory receptor 8D3,Olfactory receptor OR11-301,Olfactory receptor-like protein JCG9,OR8D1,OR8D3,OST004
EIAAB28948 Homo sapiens,HSA5,HTPCRX15,Human,Olfactory receptor 1J2,Olfactory receptor 1J3,Olfactory receptor 1J5,Olfactory receptor OR9-19,OR1J2,OR1J3,OR1J5,OST044
EIAAB29150 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 8G2,Olfactory receptor 8G4,Olfactory receptor OR11-297,Olfactory receptor TPCR120,OR8G2,OR8G2P,OR8G4
EIAAB28966 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 2A26,Olfactory receptor 2A5,Olfactory receptor 2A8,Olfactory receptor 7-138_7-141,OR2A26,OR2A5,OR2A8,OR7-138,OR7-141
EIAAB29105 Homo sapiens,hP2 olfactory receptor,Human,Olfactory receptor 11-55,Olfactory receptor 6A1,Olfactory receptor 6A2,Olfactory receptor OR11-83,OR11-55,OR6A1,OR6A2,OR6A2P
29-390 This gene is located in the surfeit gene cluster, a group of very tightly linked genes that do not share sequence similarity. The gene demonstrates features of a housekeeping gene, being ubiquitously 0.1 mg
29-391 This gene is located in the surfeit gene cluster, a group of very tightly linked genes that do not share sequence similarity. The gene demonstrates features of a housekeeping gene, being ubiquitously 0.1 mg
EIAAB29133 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 7C1,Olfactory receptor 7C4,Olfactory receptor OR19-16,Olfactory receptor TPCR86,OR7C1,OR7C4
EIAAB28974 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 2C3,Olfactory receptor 2C4,Olfactory receptor 2C5,Olfactory receptor OR1-30,OR2C3,OR2C4,OR2C5P
EIAAB28953 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 1L4,Olfactory receptor 1L5,Olfactory receptor 9-E,Olfactory receptor OR9-29,OR1L4,OR1L5,OR9-E,OST046
EIAAB28957 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 1-26,Olfactory receptor 1N1,Olfactory receptor 1N3,Olfactory receptor OR9-22,OR1-26,OR1N1,OR1N3
EIAAB28951 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 1L1,Olfactory receptor 1L2,Olfactory receptor 9-C,Olfactory receptor OR9-27,OR1L1,OR1L2,OR9-C
EIAAB28936 Homo sapiens,Human,Olfactory receptor 17-4,Olfactory receptor 1D2,Olfactory receptor OR17-6,Olfactory receptor-like protein HGMP07E,OLFR1,OR17-4,OR1D2

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