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Pubmed ID :9535769
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Glycogen storage disease type II: identification of four novel missense mutations (D645N, G648S, R672W, R672Q) and two insertions/deletions in the acid alpha-glucosidase locus of patients of differing phenotype.

Glycogen storage disease type II (GSDII), an autosomal recessive myopathic disorder, results from deficiency of lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase. We searched for mutations in an evolutionarily conserved region in 54 patients of differing phenotype. Four novel mutations (D645N, G448S, R672W, and R672Q) and a previously described mutation (C647W) were identified in five patients and their deleterious effect on enzyme expression demonstrated in vitro. Two novel frame-shifting insertions/deletions (delta nt766-785/insC and [email protected]) were identified in two patients with exon 14 mutations. The remaining three patients were either homozygous for their mutations (D645N/D645 and C647W/C647W) or carried a previously described leaky splice site mutation (IVS1-13T-->G). For all patients "in vivo" enzyme activity was consistent with clinical phenotype. Agreement of genotype with phenotype and in vitro versus in vivo enzyme was seen in three patients (two infantile patients carrying C647W/C647W and D645N/[email protected] and an adult patient heteroallelic for G648S/IVS1-13T-->G). Relative discordance was found in a juvenile patient homozygous for the non-expressing R672Q and an adult patient heterozygous for the minimally expressing R672W and delta nt766-785/+insC. Possible explanations include differences in in vitro assays vs in vivo enzyme activity, tissue specific expression with diminished enzyme expression/stability in fibroblasts vs muscle, somatic mosaicism, and modifying genes.

Authors : Huie M L , Tsujino S , Sklower Brooks S , Engel A , Elias E , Bonthron D T , Bessley C , Shanske S , DiMauro S , Goto Y I , Hirschhorn R ,

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