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orb80712 Exenatide protein Exenatide is a single, non-glycosylated, peptide containing 39 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 4186.6 Dalton. Exenatide has the empirical formula C184H282N50O60S. For rese 1 mg 334-Eur Biorb
H-8730.0500 Exenatide Salt Acetate Binding _ Synonym Exenatide, Exendin_4 SumFormula C184H282N50O60S 0.5 mg 524-Eur Bach
H-8730.1000 Exenatide Salt Acetate Binding _ Synonym Exenatide, Exendin_4 SumFormula C184H282N50O60S 1.0 mg 898-Eur Bach
orb60035 Exenatide Exenatide(Byetta,Exendin-4) is an incretin mimic that acts as an agonist at the glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor. (ED50=74 25 mg 362-Eur Biorb recombinant
141732-76-5 Exenatide acetate Exenatide acetate 1g ----Eur chemotra
hor-246 Exenatide Exenatide 1mg 277-Eur Prospecbio
HOR-246 Exenatide 1mg 264-Eur Prospecbio
hor-246 Exenatide Exenatide 10mg 1040-Eur Prospecbio
hor-246 Exenatide Exenatide 50mg 2565-Eur Prospecbio
HOR-246 Exenatide 50mg 2898-Eur Prospecbio
HOR-246 Exenatide 10mg 990-Eur Prospecbio
hor-246 Exenatide 50mg 2443-Eur Prospecbio
7-02173 Exenatide 1mg 536-Eur CHI
228-10418-3 Exenatide 50 mg 3650-Eur Ray Biotech
OETHOR246 Exenatide 1mg 252-Eur OET
OETHOR246 Exenatide 10mg 950-Eur OET
hor-246 Exenatide HORMONES 1mg 264-Eur Prospecbio
hor-246 Exenatide HORMONES 10mg 990-Eur Prospecbio
hor-246 Exenatide HORMONES 50mg 2443-Eur Prospecbio
7-02174 Exenatide 10mg 2216-Eur CHI
7-02175 Exenatide 50mg 5575-Eur CHI
228-10418-2 Exenatide 10 mg 1646-Eur Ray Biotech
228-10418-1 Exenatide 1 mg 481-Eur Ray Biotech
RP17824660050 Exenatide 50 mg 2836-Eur Biovend
RP17824660010 Exenatide 10 mg 1320-Eur Biovend
RP-1481 Exenatide 1 mg 419-Eur Alpha Dia
RP17824660001 Exenatide 1 mg 367-Eur Biovend
228-10418-1 Exenatide Proteins 1mg 167-Eur Ray Biotech Proteins
228-10418-2 Exenatide Proteins 10mg 1096-Eur Ray Biotech Proteins
228-10418-3 Exenatide Proteins 50mg 2408-Eur Ray Biotech Proteins
45939 Peptide,Exenatide 10 mg 2061-Eur GenWay elisa
RHO-246 Exenatide recombinant hormone 1mg 426-Eur Lunginov
PP-1250 Exenatide Acetate 100mg 1042-Eur Alpha Dia
45939 Peptide,Exenatide 1 mg 510-Eur GenWay elisa
ATP0030 Exenatide Acetate 1G x5 193-Eur ATP Chemicals Group
RHOR-246B Exenatide 10 mg 1481-Eur LeeBio
141758-74-9 Exenatide Acetate 1 g 4009-Eur ATP Chemicals Group
RHOR-246A Exenatide 1 mg 371-Eur LeeBio
RHOR-246C Exenatide 50 mg 3700-Eur LeeBio
RHOR-246C Exenatide 50mg 3634-Eur SeraLab
RHOR-246B Exenatide 10mg 1463-Eur SeraLab
RHOR-246A Exenatide 1mg 377-Eur SeraLab
141758-74-9 Exenatide Acetate 1g 72-Eur ATP Chemicals Group
45939 Peptide,Exenatide 50 mg 5163-Eur GenWay elisa
141758-74-9 Exenatide Acetate 1g 3819-Eur ATP Chemicals Group
orb80712 Exenatide protein Proteins 1 mg 347-Eur Biorb Proteins
PP-1250 Exenatide Acetate (Exendin-4) 100mg 939-Eur ADI
RP-1481 Exenatide Species Reactivity: 1 mg Product tipe: Chemicals/Drugs 420-Eur ADI
E-0902 Exendin-4 Exenatide 98 percent C184H282N50O60S CAS: 141758-74-9 5mg 671-Eur Other suppliers
E957300 Exenatide Acetate C184H282N50O60S•C2H4O2 CAS: 141732-76-5 10 mg 1835-Eur TRC
PP-1250 Exenatide Acetate (Exendin-4) Species Reactivity: 100mg Product tipe: Chemicals/Drugs 938-Eur ADI
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