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T-1022 (+) Control probe (DNA), biotinylated
T-1018 (+) Control probe (RNA), biotinylated
T-1023 (-) Control probe (DNA), biotinylated
T-1019 (-) Control probe (RNA), biotinylated
Z-2059 20x SSC
Z-2030 20x Wash Buffer B
Z-2029 25x Wash Buffer A
T-1006 AP Biotin Detection Kit
M-5012 Ballpen, ZytoVision
M-5006 Booklet, EGFR-Compendium, bonded
M-5005 Catalogue, bonded, ZytoVisions product data sheets
M-5014 CD_DVD ZytoDot SPEC HER2 Probe Kit Movie
Z-2005 CEN 11 Probe (Alpha Sat. D11Z1)
Z-2050 CEN 12 Probe (Alpha Sat. D12Z3)
Z-2006 CEN 17 Probe (Alpha Sat. D17Z1)
Z-2007 CEN 18 Probe (Alpha Sat. D18Z1)
Z-2001 CEN 3 Probe (Alpha Sat. D3Z1)
Z-2002 CEN 6 Probe (Alpha Sat. D6Z1)
Z-2003 CEN 7 Probe (Alpha Sat. D7Z1)
Z-2004 CEN 8 Probe (Alpha Sat. D8Z2)
Z-2067 CEN 9 Probe (Classical Sat. D9Z3)
Z-2008 CEN X Probe (Alpha Sat. DXZ1)
Z-2016 CEN X_Y Dual Color Probe
Z-2010 CEN Y Probe (Classical Sat. III DYZ1)
Z-2079 CEN10 Probe
T-1013 CMV Probe
T-1001 Cytomegalovirus Kit
E-4003 DAPI Singlebandpass filter set (blue counterstain)
Z-2031 DAPI_Antifade-Solution
Z-2064 DAPI_Antifade-Solution II (ultra-strong)
Z-2065 DAPI_Antifade-Solution III (weak)
E-4010 DAPI_ZyGreen_ZyOrange Triple Bandpass Filter Set
M-5013 Demo slide
T-1008 DNA-ISH Proteolysis Kit
T-1014 EBV Probe
E-4009 EGFR Control Slide
T-1002 Epstein-Barr Virus Kit
Z-2028sa FISH Implementation TESTKIT
Z-2058 FISH Pretreatment Solution Citric I
Z-2028 FISH-Tissue Implementation Kit
E-4004 Fixogum
E-4005 Fixogum
M-5003 Flyer, Method Desciption, ZytoFast,- Light, or Dot
M-5004 Flyer, Short Protocol, ZytoFast,- Light, or Dot
E-4007 HER2 Control Slide
T-1031 HPV 11 Probe, biotinylated
T-1033 HPV 16 Probe, biotinylated
T-1035 HPV 16_18 Probe, biotinylated
T-1034 HPV 18 Probe, biotinylated
T-1036 HPV 31 Probe, biotinylated
T-1038 HPV 31_33 Probe, biotinylated
T-1039 HPV 35 Probe, biotinylated
T-1030 HPV 6 Probe, biotinylated
T-1032 HPV 6_11 Probe, biotinylated
T-1040 HPV HR Probe (16_18_ 31_33_35), biotinylated
T-1044 HPV Screening Probe (Type 6,11,16,18,31,33,35)
E-4006 HPV Slide Control
T-1050 HPV-LR_HR ISH single color kit
T-1050sa HPV-LR_HR ISH single color TESTKIT
T-1043 HPV-Screening Kit
T-1043sa HPV-Screening TESTKIT
T-1028 HPV-Typing Kit
T-1028-AEC HPV-Typing Kit (AEC)
T-1028sa HPV-Typing TESTKIT
T-1037 HPV33 Probe, biotinylated
T-1003 Human Ig Kappa Kit
T-1005 Human IG Kappa_Lambda Kit
T-1005sa Human IG Kappa_Lambda TESTKIT
T-1004 Human Ig Lambda Kit
T-1015 human Ig-k probe, biotinylated
T-1016 human Ig-l probe, biotinylated
T-1017 Ig-k_l-ISH Probe, human
Z-2014 MEC I Probe
T-1051 Pepsin Solution, 8 ml
M-5008 Poster DIN A1, ZytoFast,- Light, or Dot
Z-2018 RMS I Probe
Z-2019 RMS II Probe
T-1007 RNA-ISH Proteolysis Kit
M-5010 Roll-Up-Poster, ZytoFast,- Light, and Dot
Z-2076 SPEC 19q13_19p13 Dual Color Probe
Z-2075 SPEC 1p36_1q25 Dual Color Probe
Z-2049 SPEC 2q11 Dual Color Probe
Z-2071 SPEC CCND1_CEN 11 Dual Color Probe
Z-2054 SPEC EGFR Probe
Z-2033 SPEC EGFR_CEN 7 Dual Color Probe
Z-2053 SPEC EGFR_CEN 7 Dual Color Probe Kit
Z-2053sa SPEC EGFR_CEN 7 Dual Color Probe TESTKIT
Z-2069 SPEC ESR1_CEN 6 Dual Color Probe
Z-2070 SPEC ESR1_CEN 6 Dual Color Probe Kit
Z-2070sa SPEC ESR1_CEN 6 Dual Color Probe TESTKIT
Z-2072 SPEC FGFR1_CEN 8 Dual Color Probe
Z-2062 SPEC FHIT_CEN 3 Dual Color Probe
Z-2011 SPEC HER2 Probe
Z-2015 SPEC HER2_CEN 17 Dual Color Probe
Z-2020 SPEC HER2_CEN 17 Dual Color Probe Kit
Z-2020sa SPEC HER2_CEN 17 Dual Color Probe TESTKIT
Z-2073 SPEC HER2_TOP2A_CEN 17 Triple Color Probe
Z-2073sa SPEC HER2_TOP2A_CEN 17 Triple Color TESTPROBE
Z-2056 SPEC HER3_CEN 12 Dual Color Probe
Z-2057 SPEC HER4_2q11 Dual Color Probe
Z-2013 SPEC MDM2_CEN 12 Dual Color Probe
Z-2025 SPEC MDM2_CEN 12 Dual Color Probe Kit
Z-2025sa SPEC MDM2_CEN 12 Dual Color Probe TESTKIT
Z-2074 SPEC NMYC_2q11 Dual Color Probe
Z-2012 SPEC p16 Probe
Z-2078 SPEC PTEN_CEN10 Dual Color Probe
Z-2063 SPECp16_CEN 9 Dual Color Probe
T-1001sa Test Cytomegalovirus TESTKIT
T-1002sa Test Epstein-Barr Virus TESTKIT
T-1026 Wash Buffer, 20x
T-1026-6 Wash Buffer, 20x
T-1026-9 Wash Buffer, 20x
M-5011 Writing pad, ZytoVision
E-4015 ZyGold Singlebandpass filter set
E-4002 ZyGreen Singlebandpass filter set
E-4012 ZyGreen Singlebandpass filter set II
E-4008 ZyGreen_ZyOrange Doublebandpass filter set
E-4016 ZyGreen_ZyOrange Doublebandpass filter set II
E-4001 ZyOrange Singlebandpass filter set
E-4013 ZyOrange Singlebandpass filter set II
E-4014 ZyRed Singlebandpass filter set
E-4017 ZyRed Singlebandpass filter set II
C-3030 ZytoDot 20x Wash Buffer PBS
C-3028 ZytoDot 2C CISH Polymer Detection Kit
C-3031 ZytoDot 2C SPEC EGFR_CEN 7 Probe Kit
C-3022 ZytoDot 2C SPEC HER2_CEN 17 Probe Kit
C-3022sa ZytoDot 2C SPEC HER2_CEN 17 Probe TESTKIT
C-3014 ZytoDot CEN 12 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3006 ZytoDot CEN 17 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3002 ZytoDot CEN 6 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3008 ZytoDot CEN 7 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3016 ZytoDot CEN 8 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3025 ZytoDot CEN X Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3020 ZytoDot CEN Y Probe, (Class.Sat.III DYZ1), digoxig
C-3018 ZytoDot CISH Implementation Kit
C-3018sa ZytoDot CISH Implementation TESTKIT
C-3005 ZytoDot CISH Polymer Detection Kit
C-3005sa ZytoDot CISH Polymer Detection TESTKIT
C-3015 ZytoDot DAB Solution A and B
C-3004 ZytoDot Pretreatment Kit
C-3026 ZytoDot SPEC 21q22.1 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3013 ZytoDot SPEC CMYC Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3019 ZytoDot SPEC EGFR Probe Kit
C-3019sa ZytoDot SPEC EGFR Probe TESTKIT
C-3007 ZytoDot SPEC EGFR Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3024 ZytoDot SPEC ESR1 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3024sa ZytoDot SPEC ESR1 TESTPROBE, digoxigenylated
C-3023 ZytoDot SPEC FGFR1 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3003 ZytoDot SPEC HER2 Probe Kit
C-3003sa ZytoDot SPEC HER2 Probe TESTKIT
C-3001 ZytoDot SPEC HER2 Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3029 ZytoDot SPEC NMYC Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3021 ZytoDot SPEC TOP2A Probe, digoxigenylated
C-3011 ZytoDot Wash Buffer Set
C-3017 ZytoDot Wash Buffer SSC

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