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siAP-0007-SetB 3 pairs of specific siRNAs, HPLC purified, with extra 3 control siRNAs, including beta-actin
siAP-0007-SetC 3 pairs of specific siRNAs, HPLC purified, with extra 3 control siRNAs, including GAPDH
siAP-0007-SetA 3 pairs of specific siRNAs, HPLC purified, with extra 3 control siRNAs, including GFP
rAP-0267-10 Angiopoietin-1 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0267-2 Angiopoietin-1 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0268-10 Angiopoietin-2 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0268-2 Angiopoietin-2 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0269-10 ANGPTL-3 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0269-2 ANGPTL-3 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0270-10 ANGPTL-4 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
rAP-0270-2 ANGPTL-4 (rHuman) recombinant proteins
tAP-0001 AU1-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
rAP-0052-10 BMP-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0052-2 BMP-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0053-10 BMP-2 (pro-BMP-2, Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0053-2 BMP-2 (pro-BMP-2, Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0054-10 BMP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0054-2 BMP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0055-10 BMP-6 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0055-2 BMP-6 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0057-10 BMP-7 (Human) CHO recombinant proteins
rAP-0057-2 BMP-7 (Human) CHO recombinant proteins
rAP-0056-10 BMP-7 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0056-2 BMP-7 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0058-10 BMPRIA (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0058-2 BMPRIA (Human) recombinant proteins
cAP-18 Bovine Type I Collagen based Hydrogel
cAP-17 Bovine Type I Collagen Solution
tAP-0002 c-Myc-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
cAP-11 Custom GFP Labeling of Cells
cAP-10 Custom RFP Labeling of Cells
tAP-0003 DYKDDDDK-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
tAP-0004 E-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
rAP-0001-20 EG-VEGF recombinant proteins
rAP-0001-5 EG-VEGF recombinant proteins
cAP-03 ENDO-Basal Medium
cAP-05 ENDO-Growth kit
cAP-02 ENDO-Growth Medium
cAP-04 ENDO-Growth Supplement
mT1001m-h Endoglin (Human, monoclonal, antagonistic) Function antibodies
siAP-0004-10 FAM-Labeled Negative Control siRNA, HPLC purified, 10 nmol in size
siAP-0004-25 FAM-Labeled Negative Control siRNA, HPLC purified, 25 nmol in size
siAP-0004-5 FAM-Labeled Negative Control siRNA, HPLC purified, 5 nmol in size
rAP-0017-10 FGF-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0017-50 FGF-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0018-10 FGF-1 (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0018-2 FGF-1 (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0019-10 FGF-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0019-50 FGF-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0029-25 FGF-19 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0029-5 FGF-19 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0024-10 FGF-2 (Bovine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0024-50 FGF-2 (Bovine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0025-2 FGF-2 (Bovine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0025-5 FGF-2 (Bovine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0022-10 FGF-2 (Human) 147aa recombinant proteins
rAP-0022-50 FGF-2 (Human) 147aa recombinant proteins
rAP-0020-10 FGF-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0020-50 FGF-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0021-10 FGF-2 (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0021-2 FGF-2 (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0023-10 FGF-2 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0023-50 FGF-2 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0031-10 FGF-21 (Human) His-Tag recombinant proteins
rAP-0031-2 FGF-21 (Human) His-Tag recombinant proteins
rAP-0030-20 FGF-21 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0030-5 FGF-21 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0033-10 FGF-21 (Mouse) His-tag recombinant proteins
rAP-0033-2 FGF-21 (Mouse) His-tag recombinant proteins
rAP-0032-10 FGF-21 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0032-2 FGF-21 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0034-10 FGF-22 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0034-2 FGF-22 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0035-10 FGF-23 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0035-2 FGF-23 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0026-20 FGF-9 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0026-5 FGF-9 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0027-10 FGF-9 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0027-2 FGF-9 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0028-10 FGF-9 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0028-2 FGF-9 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0066-10 G-CSF (Human) CHO recombinant proteins
rAP-0066-2 G-CSF (Human) CHO recombinant proteins
rAP-0064-10 G-CSF (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0064-2 G-CSF (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0067-10 G-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0067-2 G-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0065-10 G-CSF His-Tag (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0065-2 G-CSF His-Tag (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0059-10 GDF-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0059-50 GDF-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
cAP-0006GFP GFP Expressing Human Aortic Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0002GFP GFP Expressing Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0007GFP GFP Expressing Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0003GFP GFP Expressing Human Dermal Lymphatic Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0004GFP GFP Expressing Human Glomerular Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0018GFP GFP Expressing Human Internal Mammary Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0012GFP GFP Expressing Human Liver Sinusoidal Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0008GFP GFP Expressing Human Neonatal Dermal Fibroblasts
cAP-0010GFP GFP Expressing Human Retinal Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0025GFP GFP Expressing Human Retinal Microvascular Pericytes
cAP-0019GFP GFP Expressing Human Saphenous Vein Endothelial Cells
cAP-0001GFP GFP Expressing Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
cAP-m0002GFP GFP Expressing Mouse Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
rAP-0069-10 GM-CSF (Human) Pichia recombinant proteins
rAP-0069-2 GM-CSF (Human) Pichia recombinant proteins
rAP-0068-10 GM-CSF (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0068-2 GM-CSF (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0071-10 GM-CSF (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0071-2 GM-CSF (Human) Sf9 recombinant proteins
rAP-0072-10 GM-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0072-2 GM-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0074-10 GM-CSF (Porcine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0074-2 GM-CSF (Porcine) recombinant proteins
rAP-0073-10 GM-CSF (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0073-2 GM-CSF (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0070-20 GM-CSF His (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0070-5 GM-CSF His (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0083-20 GRO-1_KC (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0083-5 GRO-1_KC (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0082-25 GRO-a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0082-5 GRO-a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0084-10 GRO-b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0084-2 GRO-b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0085-20 GRO-b (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0085-5 GRO-b (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0086-25 GRO-b (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0086-5 GRO-b (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0087-10 GRO-g (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0087-2 GRO-g (Human) recombinant proteins
tAP-0005 GST-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
tAP-0011 HA-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
gAP-0007 Hamster anti mouse CD11c
mAP-0047 Hamster anti mouse CD11c Anti-Mouse antibodies
gAP-0028 Hamster anti mouse CD152 (CTLA-4)
gAP-0013 Hamster anti mouse CD154 (CD40L)
gAP-0032 Hamster anti mouse CD279 (PD-1)
gAP-0011 Hamster anti mouse CD28
mAP-0039 Hamster anti mouse CD28 Anti-Mouse antibodies
gAP-0033 Hamster anti mouse CD314 (NKG2D)
gAP-0002 Hamster anti mouse CD3e
mAP-0040 Hamster anti mouse CD40 Ligand Anti-Mouse antibodies
gAP-0019 Hamster anti mouse CD80 (B7-1)
mAP-0041 Hamster anti mouse CD80 Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0099 Hamster anti mouse Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0252 Hamster anti mouse Interferon gamma R2 Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0101 Hamster anti mouse Interleukin 10 Receptor alpha Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0253 Hamster anti mouse Interleukin 1alpha Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0062 Hamster anti mouse Podoplanin Anti-Mouse antibodies
gAP-0057 Hamster anti mouse TCR (delta_gamma)
mAP-0011 Hamster anti mouse TNFR-I Anti-Mouse antibodies
mAP-0012 Hamster anti mouse TNFR-II Anti-Mouse antibodies
103-M40 Hamster anti Podoplanin (mouse)
103-MBi40 Hamster anti Podoplanin-Biotin (mouse)
tAP-0006 HIS-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
tAP-0007 HSV-Tag (HRP) anti-Tag antibodies
cAP-0006 Human Aortic Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0022 Human Bladder Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0002 Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0021 Human Cardiac Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0024 Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells Derived Endothelial Cells
cAP-0007 Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells
vAP-0008 Human CTGF Premade Adenoviral particles
cAP-0003 Human Dermal Lymphatic Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0005 Human Dermal Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0004 Human Glomerular Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0020 Human Iliac Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0018 Human Internal Mammary Artery Endothelial Cells
cAP-0017 Human Large Intestine Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0012 Human Liver Sinusoidal Microvascular Endothelial Cells
vAP-0005 Human Neuregulin-1 Premade Adenoviral particles
cAP-0015 Human Ovarian Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0009 Human Pancreatic Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-13 Human Pancreatic Microvascular Endothelial In vitro Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
vAP-0004 Human PDGF-B Premade Adenoviral particles
sAP-0001-PECAM1 Human PECAM1 shRNA Stable Trannsfected HUVECs
cAP-0014 Human Prostate Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0010 Human Retinal Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0025 Human Retinal Microvascular Pericytes
cAP-0019 Human Saphenous Vein Endothelial Cells
cAP-0016 Human Small Intestine Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0011 Human Synovial Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0013 Human Tonsil Microvascular Endothelial Cells
cAP-0001 Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
cAP-0023 Human Uterine Microvascular Endothelial Cells
vAP-0010 Human VEGF (165) Premade Adenoviral particles
vAP-0002 Human VEGF-B Premade Adenoviral particles
vAP-0009 Human VEGF-C Premade Adenoviral particles
vAP-0003 Human VEGF-D Premade Adenoviral particles
sAP-0001-VEGFR1 Human VEGFR1 shRNA Stable Trannsfected HUVECs
sAP-0001-VEGFR2GFP Human VEGFR2 shRNA Stable Trannsfected GFP-HUVECs
sAP-0001-VEGFR2 Human VEGFR2 shRNA Stable Trannsfected HUVECs
rAP-0043-100 IGF-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0043-20 IGF-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0045-10 IGF-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0045-50 IGF-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0046-10 IGF-1 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0046-50 IGF-1 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0044-100 IGF-1 Des1-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0044-20 IGF-1 Des1-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0047-10 IGF-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0047-50 IGF-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0048-20 IGFBP-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0048-5 IGFBP-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0049-25 IGFBP-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0049-5 IGFBP-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0050-25 IGFBP-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0050-5 IGFBP-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0051-20 IGFBP-6 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0051-5 IGFBP-6 (Human) recombinant proteins
cAP-12 In vitro Human Brain Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
cAP-14 In vitro Human Glomerular Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
cAP-15 In vitro Human Lymphangiogenesis Tracing Kit
cAP-16 In vitro Human Retina Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
cAP-08 In vitro HUVECs Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
rAP-0076-10 M-CSF (human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0076-2 M-CSF (human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0077-10 M-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0077-2 M-CSF (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0097-20 MCP-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0097-5 MCP-1 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0098-10 MCP-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0098-2 MCP-1 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0099-10 MCP-1 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0099-2 MCP-1 (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0100-10 MCP-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0100-2 MCP-2 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0101-10 MCP-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0101-2 MCP-3 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0102-10 MCP-3 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0102-2 MCP-3 (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0103-10 MCP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0103-2 MCP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0090-10 MIP-1a (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0090-2 MIP-1a (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0091-20 MIP-1a (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0091-5 MIP-1a (Rat) recombinant proteins
rAP-0088-20 MIP-1a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0088-5 MIP-1a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0089-10 MIP-1a His-Tag (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0089-2 MIP-1a His-Tag (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0092-10 MIP-1b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0092-2 MIP-1b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0093a-20 MIP-3a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0093a-5 MIP-3a (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0094a-20 MIP-3a (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0094a-5 MIP-3a (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0093b-20 MIP-3b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0093b-5 MIP-3b (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0094b-20 MIP-3b (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0094b-5 MIP-3b (Mouse) recombinant proteins
rAP-0095-10 MIP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0095-2 MIP-4 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0096-10 MIP-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
rAP-0096-2 MIP-5 (Human) recombinant proteins
cAP-0001GFP-Mitochon Mitochondria GFP Tag Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
vAP-0007 Mouse Angiopoietin-2 Premade Adenoviral particles
iAP-0002 Mouse anti beta actin (HRP) Loading control antibodies
iAP-0001 Mouse anti beta tubulin (HRP) Loading control antibodies
iAP-0003 Mouse anti GAPDH (HRP) Loading control antibodies
hAP-0358 Mouse anti human IL-10 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0359 Mouse anti human IL-10 R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0360 Mouse anti human IL-10 R beta Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0365 Mouse anti human IL-13 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0366 Mouse anti human IL-13 R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0404 Mouse anti human IL-4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0625 Mouse anti human Legumain Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0633 Mouse anti human RBP-4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0615 Mouse anti human beta IG-H3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0616 Mouse anti human BMP-9 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0333 Mouse anti human CD102 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0334 Mouse anti human CD50 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0626 Mouse anti human CEACAM-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0629 Mouse anti human Clusterin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0632 Mouse anti human FABP-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0624 Mouse anti human GASP-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0627 Mouse anti human IGF-II R Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0340 Mouse anti human IGFBP-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0341 Mouse anti human IGFBP-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0342 Mouse anti human IGFBP-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0343 Mouse anti human IGFBP-4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0344 Mouse anti human IGFBP-5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0345 Mouse anti human IGFBP-6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0346 Mouse anti human IGFBP-7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0361 Mouse anti human IL-11 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0362 Mouse anti human IL-12 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0363 Mouse anti human IL-12 R beta1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0367 Mouse anti human IL-13 R alpha 2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0393 Mouse anti human IL-20 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0394 Mouse anti human IL-20 R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0395 Mouse anti human IL-21 R Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0396 Mouse anti human IL-22 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0397 Mouse anti human IL-22BP Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0398 Mouse anti human IL-24 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0399 Mouse anti human IL-26 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0400 Mouse anti human IL-28a Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0401 Mouse anti human IL-29 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0391 Mouse anti human IL-2R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0392 Mouse anti human IL-2R beta Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0402 Mouse anti human IL-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0403 Mouse anti human IL-3R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0405 Mouse anti human IL-4R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0406 Mouse anti human IL-5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0407 Mouse anti human IL-5R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0408 Mouse anti human IL-6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0409 Mouse anti human IL-6R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0410 Mouse anti human IL-7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0335 Mouse anti human INF alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0337 Mouse anti human INF beta Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0338 Mouse anti human INF gamma Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0609 Mouse anti human LDL R Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0612 Mouse anti human Nidogen-1_Entacin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0623 Mouse anti human proinsulin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0535 Mouse anti human Semaphorin 6B Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0540 Mouse anti human Serpin-A4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0541 Mouse anti human Serpin-A5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0542 Mouse anti human Serpin-E1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0543 Mouse anti human Serpin-F1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0544 Mouse anti human Serpin-F2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0545 Mouse anti human Serpin-I2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0546 Mouse anti human sFRP-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0548 Mouse anti human Siglec-3 (CD33) Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0549 Mouse anti human Siglec-5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0619 Mouse anti human Thrombomodulin_BDCA-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0168 Mouse anti human TNFSF8 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0047 Mouse anti human ABCG2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0072 Mouse anti human ACE Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0073 Mouse anti human ACE-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0074 Mouse anti human Activin A Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0075 Mouse anti human Activin B Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0076 Mouse anti human Activin C Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0058 Mouse anti human Activin RIIA Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0059 Mouse anti human Activin RIIB Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0077 Mouse anti human ADAM10 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0078 Mouse anti human ADAM15 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0561 Mouse anti human ADAM17 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0079 Mouse anti human ADAM8 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0080 Mouse anti human ADAM9 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0081 Mouse anti human ADAMTS4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0082 Mouse anti human ADAMTSL-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0083 Mouse anti human Adiponectin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0084 Mouse anti human Aggrecan Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0085 Mouse anti human AgRP Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0052 Mouse anti human ALK2 (Activin RIA) Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0053 Mouse anti human ALK3 (BMPR IA) Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0054 Mouse anti human ALK4 (Activin RIB) Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0055 Mouse anti human ALK6 (BMPR IB) Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0087 Mouse anti human alpha 2 Macroglobulin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0617 Mouse anti human alpha FAP Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0088 Mouse anti human alpha Fetoprotein Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0089 Mouse anti human Amphiregulin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0044 Mouse anti human Angiogenin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0090 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin 4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0093 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin like protein 7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0091 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin like-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0092 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin like-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0019 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0020 Mouse anti human Angiopoietin-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0094 Mouse anti human Angiostatin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0095 Mouse anti human APJ Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0098 Mouse anti human Axl Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0099 Mouse anti human Azurozicidin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0102 Mouse anti human B7-H1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0103 Mouse anti human B7-H2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0104 Mouse anti human B7-H3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0105 Mouse anti human BACE-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0107 Mouse anti human BCAM Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0109 Mouse anti human BDNF Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0111 Mouse anti human beta-NGF Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0110 Mouse anti human Betacellulin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0113 Mouse anti human BMP-10 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0114 Mouse anti human BMP-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0115 Mouse anti human BMP-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0116 Mouse anti human BMP-4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0117 Mouse anti human BMP-5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0118 Mouse anti human BMP-6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0119 Mouse anti human BMP-7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0120 Mouse anti human BMP-8 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0060 Mouse anti human BMPR II Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0121 Mouse anti human Cadherin-17 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0610 Mouse anti human Carbonic Anhydrase IX Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0122 Mouse anti human Carboxypeptidase A2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0123 Mouse anti human Cardiotrophin-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0124 Mouse anti human CART Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0125 Mouse anti human Cathepsin A Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0126 Mouse anti human Cathepsin B Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0127 Mouse anti human Cathepsin D Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0128 Mouse anti human Cathepsin E Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0129 Mouse anti human Cathepsin F Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0131 Mouse anti human Cathepsin O Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0133 Mouse anti human Cathepsin V Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0134 Mouse anti human Cathepsin X-Z-P Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0135 Mouse anti human CCL-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0136 Mouse anti human CCL-11 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0137 Mouse anti human CCL-13 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0139 Mouse anti human CCL-15 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0140 Mouse anti human CCL-16 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0141 Mouse anti human CCL-17 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0142 Mouse anti human CCL-18 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0143 Mouse anti human CCL-19 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0144 Mouse anti human CCL-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0145 Mouse anti human CCL-20 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0146 Mouse anti human CCL-21 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0147 Mouse anti human CCL-22 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0148 Mouse anti human CCL-23 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0149 Mouse anti human CCL-24 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0150 Mouse anti human CCL-25 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0151 Mouse anti human CCL-26 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0152 Mouse anti human CCL-27 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0153 Mouse anti human CCL-28 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0154 Mouse anti human CCL-3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0155 Mouse anti human CCL-5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0156 Mouse anti human CCL-7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0157 Mouse anti human CCL-8 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0251 Mouse anti human CCL4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0061 Mouse anti human CCR1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0062 Mouse anti human CCR2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0064 Mouse anti human CCR4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0065 Mouse anti human CCR5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0066 Mouse anti human CCR6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0067 Mouse anti human CCR7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0069 Mouse anti human CCR9 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0158 Mouse anti human CCRL-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0159 Mouse anti human CD14 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0257 Mouse anti human CD147 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0160 Mouse anti human CD151 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0271 Mouse anti human CD16 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0161 Mouse anti human CD163 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0086 Mouse anti human CD166 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0272 Mouse anti human CD16b Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0162 Mouse anti human CD200 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0239 Mouse anti human CD209 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0163 Mouse anti human CD229 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0164 Mouse anti human CD23 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0070 Mouse anti human CD244 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0166 Mouse anti human CD28 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0241 Mouse anti human CD299 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0167 Mouse anti human CD3 epsilon Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0270 Mouse anti human CD32 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0481 Mouse anti human CD32 b_c Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0171 Mouse anti human CD38 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0172 Mouse anti human CD4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0050 Mouse anti human CD40 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0174 Mouse anti human CD5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0175 Mouse anti human CD55 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0176 Mouse anti human CD58 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0177 Mouse anti human CD6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0269 Mouse anti human CD64 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0178 Mouse anti human CD8 alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0100 Mouse anti human CD80 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0179 Mouse anti human CD83 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0101 Mouse anti human CD86 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0180 Mouse anti human CD9 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0181 Mouse anti human CD94 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0182 Mouse anti human CD97 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0183 Mouse anti human Cerberus-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0184 Mouse anti human Chem R23 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0185 Mouse anti human Chemerin Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0186 Mouse anti human CLC Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0621 Mouse anti human CLEC 9a Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0187 Mouse anti human CLEC-1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0188 Mouse anti human CLEC-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0584 Mouse anti human CLN-2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0189 Mouse anti human CNTF Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0190 Mouse anti human CNTF R alpha Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0191 Mouse anti human Coagulation Factor II Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0192 Mouse anti human Coagulation Factor X Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0193 Mouse anti human Coagulation Factor XI Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0631 Mouse anti human COCO Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0194 Mouse anti human Common beta chain Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0195 Mouse anti human Common gamma chain Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0608 Mouse anti human Complement Component C5_C5a Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0196 Mouse anti human Complement factor D Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0197 Mouse anti human Complement MASP3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0200 Mouse anti human CRACC Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0202 Mouse anti human CRIM1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0203 Mouse anti human Cripto Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0201 Mouse anti human CRP Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0204 Mouse anti human CRTAM Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0205 Mouse anti human Cryptic Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0038 Mouse anti human CTGF Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0206 Mouse anti human CTLA-4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0207 Mouse anti human CX3CL1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0208 Mouse anti human CXCL1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0209 Mouse anti human CXCL10 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0210 Mouse anti human CXCL11 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0211 Mouse anti human CXCL12 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0212 Mouse anti human CXCL13 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0213 Mouse anti human CXCL14 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0214 Mouse anti human CXCL2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0215 Mouse anti human CXCL4 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0216 Mouse anti human CXCL5 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0217 Mouse anti human CXCL6 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0218 Mouse anti human CXCL7 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0219 Mouse anti human CXCL8 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0220 Mouse anti human CXCL9 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0221 Mouse anti human CXCR1 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0222 Mouse anti human CXCR2 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0223 Mouse anti human CXCR3 Anti-Human antibodies
hAP-0224 Mouse anti human CXCR4 Anti-Human antibodies