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201-12-0057 ,IL-28A_IFN-λ2 ELISA Kit
201-15-0134 Canine alkaline phosphatase(ALP)ELISA Kit
201-15-0023 Canine Alpha-Fetoprotein(aFP)ELISA Kit
201-15-0066 Canine Alpha-Hemoglobin Stabilizing Protein(aHSP)ELISA Kit
201-15-0068 Canine Aminoacylase 2(ACY2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0069 Canine Aminomethyltransferase(AMT)ELISA Kit
201-15-0070 Canine Aminopeptidase O(APO)ELISA Kit
201-15-0111 Canine Amnionless(AMN)ELISA Kit
201-15-0093 Canine Amphiphysin(AMPH)ELISA Kit
201-15-0107 Canine Amphiregulin B(AREGB)ELISA Kit
201-15-0028 Canine Apolipoprotein C1(APOC1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0031 Canine Apolipoprotein H(APOH)ELISA Kit
201-15-0117 Canine Apolipoprotein M(APOM)ELISA Kit
201-15-0118 Canine Apolipoprotein O(APOO)ELISA Kit
201-15-0077 Canine Apoptogenic 1(APOPT1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0080 Canine Apoptosis Inhibitor 5(API5)ELISA Kit
201-15-0061 Canine Aprataxin(APTX)ELISA Kit
201-15-0108 Canine Aquaporin 10(AQP10)ELISA Kit
201-15-0109 Canine Aquaporin 11(AQP11)ELISA Kit
201-15-0133 Canine Bone gla protein_Osteocalcin (BGP_OCN) ELISAKit
201-15-0039 Canine Bone Morphogenetic Protein 1(BMP1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0002 Canine Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4(BMP4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0001 Canine Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor(BDNF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0029 Canine Cathepsin K(CTSK)ELISA Kit
201-15-0025 Canine Caveolin 1(CAV1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0062 Canine CD163 antigen(CD163 LISA kit
201-15-0054 Canine Cholecystokinin A Receptor(CCKAR)ELISA Kit
201-15-0091 Canine Clara cell protein 16(CC16)ELISA Kit
201-15-0055 Canine Cluster Of Differentiation 6(CD6)ELISA Kit
201-15-0064 Canine cluster of differentiation 8(CD8)ELISA Kit
201-15-0063 Canine cluster Of differentiation(CD44)ELISA Kit
201-15-0046 Canine Clusterin(CLU)ELISA Kit
201-15-0049 Canine Coagulation Factor VIII(F8)ELISA Kit
201-15-0003 Canine Colony Stimulating Factor 2, Granulocyte Macrophage(GMCSF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0051 Canine Complement Factor B(CFB)ELISA Kit
201-15-0030 Canine Connexin 43(CX43)ELISA Kit
201-15-0032 Canine Desmin(Des)ELISA Kit
201-15-0057 Canine Dopamine Receptor D2(DRD2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0056 Canine Dopamine Receptor D4(DRD4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0065 Canine E-Cadherin(H-Cad_CDH13)ELISA Kit
201-15-0024 Canine Elastase 2, Neutrophil(ELA2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0044 Canine Endoglin(ENG)ELISA Kit
201-15-0098 Canine Endothelin 1(ET-1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0132 Canine Factor-related Apoptosis ligand(FASL)ELISA Kit
201-15-0104 Canine Gliomedin(GLDN)ELISA Kit
201-15-0052 Canine Glucose Transporter 4(GLUT4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0092 Canine granulocyte chemotactic protein-2(GCP-2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0102 Canine Heat Shock 70kDa Protein 1 Like Protein(HSPA1L)ELISA Kit
201-15-0101 Canine Heat Shock 70kDa Protein 1B(HSPA1B)ELISA Kit
201-15-0103 Canine Heat Shock 70kDa Protein 5(HSPA5)ELISA Kit
201-15-0100 Canine Heat Shock Protein 90kDa Alpha A1(HSP90aA1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0004 Canine Hepatocyte Growth Factor(HGF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0053 Canine High Mobility Group AT Hook Protein 1(HMGA1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0016 Canine High Mobility Group Protein 1(HMG1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0096 Canine Immunoglobulin A(IgA)ELISA Kit
201-15-0097 Canine Immunoglobulin D(IgD)ELISA Kit
201-15-0036 Canine Immunoglobulin G(IgG)ELISA Kit
201-15-0005 Canine Insulin Like Growth Factor 1(IGF1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0067 Canine integrin β2(ITG β2_CD11+CD18)ELISA Kit
201-15-0137 Canine intercellular adhesion molecule 1(ICAM-1_CD54)ELISA Kit
201-15-0033 Canine Interferon Gamma Induced Protein 10kDa(IP10)ELISA Kit
201-15-0058 Canine Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist(IL1RA)ELISA Kit
201-15-0124 Canine Interleukin 1(IL-1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0125 Canine Interleukin 10(IL-10)ELISA Kit
201-15-0126 Canine Interleukin 12(IL-12)ELISA Kit
201-15-0071 Canine Interleukin 23(IL-23)ELISA Kit
201-15-0072 Canine Interleukin 27(IL-27)ELISA Kit
201-15-0127 Canine Interleukin 4(IL-4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0128 Canine Interleukin 6(IL-6)ELISA Kit
201-15-0129 Canine Interleukin 8(IL-8)ELISA Kit
201-15-0040 Canine Lactoferrin(LTF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0106 Canine Leptin Receptor(LEPR)ELISA Kit
201-15-0006 Canine Leukemia Inhibitory Factor(LIF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0074 Canine leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily B member 4(LILRB4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0094 Canine lymphotoxinβ(LTB)ELISA Kit
201-15-0087 Canine macrophage chemotatic factor(MCF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0086 Canine Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor Receptor(M-CSFR_CD115)ELISA Kit
201-15-0009 Canine Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Alpha(MIP1a)ELISA Kit
201-15-0010 Canine Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Beta(MIP1b)ELISA Kit
201-15-0011 Canine Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3 Alpha(MIP3a)ELISA Kit
201-15-0012 Canine Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3 Beta(MIP3b)ELISA Kit
201-15-0088 Canine Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1α(MIP-1α)ELISA Kit
201-15-0013 Canine Matrix Metalloproteinase 13(MMP13)ELISA Kit
201-15-0014 Canine Matrix Metalloproteinase 3(MMP3)ELISA Kit
201-15-0038 Canine Matrix Metalloproteinase 9(MMP9)ELISA Kit
201-15-0007 Canine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1(MCP1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0008 Canine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 2(MCP2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0078 Canine monocyte chemotactic protein 4(MCP-4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0026 Canine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 4(MCP4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0034 Canine Myoglobin(MYO)ELISA Kit
201-15-0099 Canine norepinephrine(NE)ELISA Kit
201-15-0135 Canine occludin(OCCLUDIN1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0119 Canine oncostatin M receptor(OSMR)ELISA Kit
201-15-0105 Canine Orexin receptor(OXR)ELISA Kit
201-15-0083 Canine Osteoglycin(OGN)ELISA Kit
201-15-0084 Canine osteonectin(ON)ELISA Kit
201-15-0076 Canine Perforin_Pore-forming protein(PF_PFP)ELISA Kit
201-15-0131 Canine phospho Protein Kinase C(PKC)ELISA Kit
201-15-0042 Canine Phospholipase A2, Lipoprotein Associated(LpPLA2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0110 Canine placenta growth factor(PLGF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0115 Canine Platelet-Derived Growth Factor AB(PDGF-AB)ELISA Kit
201-15-0114 Canine Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-BB(PDGF-BB)ELISA Kit
201-15-0116 Canine protocadherin 1(PCDH1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0081 Canine pulmonary activation regulated chemokine(PARC)ELISA Kit
201-15-0015 Canine Regulated On Activation In Normal T-Cell Expressed And Secreted(RANTES)ELISA Kit
201-15-0123 Canine Rho-associatedcoiled-coilcontainingproteinkinase1(ROCK1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0047 Canine Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 4(STAT4)ELISA Kit
201-15-0089 Canine soluble cluster of differentiation 44 variant 9(sCD44-v9)ELISA Kit
201-15-0136 Canine soluble Factor-related Apoptosis(sFAS_Apo-1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0073 Canine soluble Interleukin 2 recepter(IL-2sR)ELISA Kit
201-15-0090 Canine soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor 1(sTNF-R1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0075 Canine Stathmin 2(STMN2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0082 Canine Stem cell factor_mast cell growth factor(SCF_MGF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0095 Canine Stress Induced Phosphoprotein 1(STIP1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0043 Canine Surfactant Associated Protein A(SPA)ELISA Kit
201-15-0035 Canine Thrombomodulin(TM)ELISA Kit
201-15-0138 Canine thrombus precursor protein(TPP)ELISA Kit
201-15-0112 Canine thymus expressed chemokine(TECK)ELISA Kit
201-15-0059 Canine Tissue factor (TF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0060 Canine Tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) ELISA Kit
201-15-0037 Canine Tissue Inhibitors Of Metalloproteinase 1(TIMP1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0018 Canine Tissue Inhibitors Of Metalloproteinase 2(TIMP2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0085 Canine Transcobalamin II, Macrocytic Anemia(TCN2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0017 Canine Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1(TGFb1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0027 Canine Transforming Growth Factor Beta 2(TGFb2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0050 Canine Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3(TGFb3)ELISA Kit
201-15-0120 Canine transforming growth factor α(TGF-α)ELISA Kit
201-15-0121 Canine Transforming Growth factor β1(TGF-β1)ELISA Kit
201-15-0122 Canine transforming growth factors β2(TGFβ2)ELISA Kit
201-15-0048 Canine Troponin T(TNT)ELISA Kit
201-15-0045 Canine Tryptase(TPS)ELISA Kit
201-15-0019 Canine Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha(TNFa)ELISA Kit
201-15-0020 Canine Tumor Necrosis Factor Beta(TNFb)ELISA Kit
201-15-0021 Canine Tumor Necrosis Factor Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand(TRAIL)ELISA Kit
201-15-0079 Canine underglycosylated IgA1 ELISA Kit
201-15-0113 Canine Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor B(VEGF-B)ELISA Kit
201-15-0022 Canine Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A(VEGFA)ELISA Kit
201-15-0041 Canine Von Willebrand Factor(vWF)ELISA Kit
201-15-0130 Canine zonula occludens-1(ZO-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0085 Chicken 1,3-βD glucosidase(1,3-βD-Glu)ELISA Kit
201-16-0081 Chicken 17-ketosteroids(17-KS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0079 Chicken 5-Nucleotidase(5-NT)ELISA Kit
201-16-0001 Chicken 8-Hydroxy-desoxyguanosine(8-OHdG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0050 Chicken Acetoacetic acid(ACAC)ELISA Kit
201-16-0058 Chicken Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule(ALCAM)ELISA Kit
201-16-0088 Chicken Adiponectin Receptor 1(ADIPOR1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0068 Chicken adrenomedullin(ADM)ELISA Kit
201-16-0089 Chicken Alpha-Fetoprotein(aFP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0090 Chicken Alpha-Fodrin(SPTAN1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0069 Chicken Alternative macrophage activation-associated CC chemokine 1(AmAC-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0091 Chicken Amphiregulin(AREG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0092 Chicken Annexin A5(ANXA5)ELISA Kit
201-16-0093 Chicken Anti Mullerian Hormone(AMH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0022 Chicken anti-Endomysial Antibody IgA(EMA IgA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0060 Chicken Anti-Thrombin Ⅲ(AT-Ⅲ)ELISA Kit
201-16-0055 Chicken Avian Leukosis Virus AG(ALV-AG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0094 Chicken B-Cell Activation Factor Receptor(BAFFR)ELISA Kit
201-16-0044 Chicken basic fibroblast growth factor(bFGF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0095 Chicken Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2(BMP2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0096 Chicken Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4(BMP4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0097 Chicken Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor(BDNF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0098 Chicken C Reactive Protein(CRP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0042 Chicken C-Reactive Protein(CRP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0099 Chicken Cadherin( Epithelial(CDHE)ELISA Kit
201-16-0059 Chicken carbonic anhydrase(CA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0007 Chicken cardiac troponin I (cTNI)ELISA Kit
201-16-0100 Chicken Cathepsin K(CTSK)ELISA Kit
201-16-0101 Chicken Caveolin 1(CAV1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0102 Chicken Cholecystokinin A Receptor(CCKAR)ELISA Kit
201-16-0103 Chicken Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor(CNTF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0067 Chicken Complement 3 split product(C3SP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0104 Chicken Complement Factor B(CFB)ELISA Kit
201-16-0105 Chicken Connective Tissue Growth Factor(CTGF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0106 Chicken Connexin 43(CX43)ELISA Kit
201-16-0016 Chicken Corticosterone(CS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0047 Chicken Epidermal growth factor(EGF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0078 Chicken factor B(BF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0107 Chicken Fibroblast Growth Factor 1, Acidic(FGF1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0108 Chicken Fibroblast Growth Factor 2, Basic(FGF2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0109 Chicken Fibroblast Growth Factor 4(FGF4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0110 Chicken Fibroblast Growth Factor 9(FGF9)ELISA Kit
201-16-0056 Chicken follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0141 Chicken Fowlpox virus antibody(FPV-Ab)ELISA Kit
201-16-0083 Chicken glial fibrillary acidic protein(GFAP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0019 Chicken Glucagon(GC)ELISA Kit
201-16-0049 Chicken growth hormone(GH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0111 Chicken Heat Shock 60kD Protein 1, Chaperonin(HSPD1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0061 Chicken Heat Shock Protein 20(HSP-20)ELISA Kit
201-16-0062 Chicken Heat Shock Protein 60(HSP-60)ELISA Kit
201-16-0033 Chicken Heat Shock Protein 70(Hsp-70)ELISA Kit
201-16-0112 Chicken Heat Shock Protein Beta 2(HSPb2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0053 Chicken heparan sulfate(HS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0113 Chicken Heparin Cofactor II(HCII)ELISA Kit
201-16-0066 Chicken Herpes simplexvirus Ⅱ antibody(HSVⅡ-Ab)ELISA Kit
201-16-0114 Chicken Histone H2A(H2A)ELISA Kit
201-16-0115 Chicken Histone H3(H3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0052 Chicken Hyaluronic acid(HA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0070 Chicken Immune RNA(Irna)ELISA Kit
201-16-0116 Chicken Immunoglobulin A(IgA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0029 Chicken Immunoglobulin E(IgE)ELISA Kit
201-16-0117 Chicken Immunoglobulin G(IgG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0142 Chicken Immunoglobulin G1(IgG1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0143 Chicken Immunoglobulin G2a(IgG2a)ELISA Kit
201-16-0005 Chicken Immunoglobulin M(IgM)ELISA Kit
201-16-0051 Chicken infectious coryza(ic)ELISA Kit
201-16-0015 Chicken inhibitor of apoptosis(IAP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0118 Chicken Insulin Like Growth Factor 2(IGF-2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0119 Chicken Insulin Like Growth Factor 2, Antisense(IGF2AS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0120 Chicken Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 1(IGFBP1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0121 Chicken Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3(IGFBP3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0122 Chicken Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 4(IGFBP4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0048 Chicken Insulin-like growth factors 1(IGF-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0012 Chicken intercellular adhesion molecule 1(ICAM-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0017 Chicken Interferon α(IFN-α)ELISA Kit
201-16-0002 Chicken Interferon β(IFN-β_IFNB)ELISA Kit
201-16-0003 Chicken Interferon γ (IFN-γ)ELISA Kit
201-16-0008 Chicken Interleukin 1(IL-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0011 Chicken Interleukin 10(IL-10)ELISA Kit
201-16-0009 Chicken Interleukin 12(IL-12)ELISA Kit
201-16-0084 Chicken Interleukin 17(IL-17)ELISA Kit
201-16-0035 Chicken Interleukin 18(IL-18)ELISA Kit
201-16-0031 Chicken Interleukin 1β(IL-1β)ELISA Kit
201-16-0014 Chicken Interleukin 2(IL-2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0039 Chicken Interleukin 3(IL-3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0064 Chicken Interleukin 4(IL-4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0013 Chicken Interleukin 6(IL-6)ELISA Kit
201-16-0038 Chicken Interleukin 9(IL-9)ELISA Kit
201-16-0004 Chicken Interleukin5(IL-5)ELISA Kit
201-16-0072 Chicken Japanese Encephalitis IgG(JE IgG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0140 Chicken keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0076 Chicken L-Phenylalanine ammonla-lyase(PAL)ELISA Kit
201-16-0123 Chicken Laminin Beta 1(LAMb1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0080 Chicken Laminin(LN)ELISA Kit
201-16-0040 Chicken Leukemia inhibitory factor(LIF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0028 Chicken Lipopolysaccharides(LPS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0057 Chicken Luteinizing Hormone(LH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0124 Chicken Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Beta(MIP1b)ELISA Kit
201-16-0032 Chicken major histocompatibility complex(MHC_B)ELISA Kit
201-16-0125 Chicken Matrix Metalloproteinase 13(MMP13)ELISA Kit
201-16-0126 Chicken Metallothionein 1(MT1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0037 Chicken Myoglobin(MYO_MB)ELISA Kit
201-16-0082 Chicken N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase(NAG)ELISA Kit
201-16-0127 Chicken Nerve Growth Factor(NGF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0128 Chicken Neurotrophin 3(NT3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0077 Chicken nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate(NADPH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0065 Chicken nitric oxide(NO)ELISA Kit
201-16-0023 Chicken Nuclear factor-kappa B(NF-κB)ELISA Kit
201-16-0025 Chicken Parathyroid hormone(PTH)ELISA Kit
201-16-0129 Chicken Pepsinogen C(PGC)ELISA Kit
201-16-0130 Chicken Plasminogen Activator, Urokinase(uPA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0074 Chicken Platelet Factor 4(PF-4_CXCL4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0054 Chicken prolactin(PRL)ELISA Kit
201-16-0131 Chicken Protein C Receptor, Endothelial(PROCR)ELISA Kit
201-16-0132 Chicken Receptor Activator Of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Ligand(RANkL)ELISA Kit
201-16-0006 Chicken secretory immunoglobulin A(SIgA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0046 Chicken soluble E-selectin(sE-selectin)ELISA Kit
201-16-0086 Chicken soluble endothelial protein C receptor(sEPCR)ELISA Kit
201-16-0045 Chicken Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1(sICAM-1)ELISA Kit
201-16-0133 Chicken Stem Cell Factor(SCF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0134 Chicken Talin(TLN)ELISA Kit
201-16-0020 Chicken Thyroxine(T4)ELISA Kit
201-16-0135 Chicken Tissue Inhibitors Of Metalloproteinase 2(TIMP2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0136 Chicken Tissue Inhibitors Of Metalloproteinase 3(TIMP3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0024 Chicken toxoplasma circulating antigen(TCA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0137 Chicken Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3(TGF-b3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0041 Chicken Transforming Growth factor β1(TGF-β1)ELISA kit
201-16-0018 Chicken Transforming Growth factor β2(TGF-β2)ELISA Kit
201-16-0021 Chicken Tri-iodothyronine(T3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0030 Chicken Tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNF-α)ELISA Kit
201-16-0138 Chicken Tumor Necrosis Factor Beta(TNF-β)ELISA Kit
201-16-0075 Chicken tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand 3(TRAIL-R3)ELISA Kit
201-16-0043 Chicken Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor(VEGF)ELISA Kit
201-16-0139 Chicken Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A(VEGFA)ELISA Kit
201-16-0010 Chicken Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide(VIP)ELISA Kit
201-16-0087 Chicken Very Low Density Lipoprotein(VLDL)ELISA Kit
201-16-0036 Chicken virus enteritis(DEV)ELISA Kit
201-16-0073 Chicken α-Glucosidase(a-Glu)ELISA Kit
201-16-0071 Chicken β-lactamase ELISA Kit
201-16-0063 Chiken Hydroxycorticosteroids(17-OHCS)ELISA Kit
201-16-0034 Chiken Pullorum Diseaes(PD)ELISA Kit
201-01-1010 Guinea pig (CD4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1002 Guinea Pig 50 percent complement hemolysis(CH50)ELISA Kit
201-01-1003 Guinea Pig advanced glycation end products(AGEs)ELISA Kit
201-01-1004 Guinea pig Aldolase A,Fructose Bisphosphate (ALDOA)ELISA Kit
201-01-1005 Guinea pig Antithrombin (AT)ELISA Kit
201-01-1006 Guinea pig Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM)ELISA Kit
201-01-1007 Guinea pig Bruton'S Tyrosine Kinase (Btk)ELISA Kit
201-01-1008 Guinea Pig calcitonin gene related peptide(CGRP)ELISA Kit
201-01-1009 Guinea pig Catalase (CAT)ELISA Kit
201-01-1011 Guinea pig Cluster Of Differentiation 83 (CD83)ELISA Kit
201-01-1012 Guinea pig Creatine Kinase, Mitochondrial 1A (CKMT1A)ELISA Kit
201-01-1013 Guinea pig Creatine Kinase, Mitochondrial 1B (CKMT1B)ELISA Kit
201-01-1014 Guinea pig D-Dimer(D2D)ELISA Kit
201-01-1015 Guinea Pig Endothelial nitric oxide synthase(eNOS)ELISA Kit
201-01-1016 Guinea pig Endothelin 1(ET-1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1017 Guinea pig Epidermal growth factor(EGF)ELISA Kit
201-01-1018 Guinea pig follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH)ELISA Kit
201-01-1019 Guinea pig Growth hormone(GH)ELISA Kit
201-01-1020 Guinea pig Hemoglobin Beta (HBb)ELISA Kit
201-01-1021 Guinea pig Heparin Binding Epidermal Growth Factor Like Growth Factor (HBEGF)ELISA Kit
201-01-1022 Guinea pig hepatocyte growth factor(HGF)ELISA Kit
201-01-1023 Guinea pig Histamine(HIS)ELISA Kit
201-01-1024 Guinea pig Immunoglobulin A(IgA)ELISA Kit
201-01-1025 Guinea pig Immunoglobulin E(IgE)ELISA Kit
201-01-1026 Guinea pig Immunoglobulin G(IgG)ELISA Kit
201-01-1027 Guinea pig Immunoglobulin G1(IgG1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1028 Guinea pig Immunoglobulin G2(IgG2)ELISA Kit
201-01-1029 Guinea pig Interferon γ (IFN-γ)ELISA Kit
201-01-1030 Guinea Pig Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist(IL-1ra)ELISA Kit
201-01-1031 Guinea pig interleukin 4(IL-4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1032 Guinea pig Interleukin 6(IL-6)ELISA Kit
201-01-1034 Guinea pig Interleukin-12(IL-12_P70)ELISA Kit
201-01-1033 Guinea pig interleukin10(IL-10))ELISA Kit
201-01-1035 Guinea pig interleukin5(IL-5)ELISA Kit
201-01-1036 Guinea pig intestinal fatty acid binding protein(iFABP)ELISA Kit
201-01-1037 Guinea pig Lebtospira IgG ELISA Kit
201-01-1038 Guinea pig leukotriene (LT)ELISA Kit
201-01-1039 Guinea pig Leukotriene B4(LT-B4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1040 Guinea pig leukotriene D4(LT-D4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1041 Guinea Pig lipid peroxlde(LPO)ELISA Kit
201-01-1042 Guinea pig lysozyme (LYS)ELISA Kit
201-01-1043 Guinea pig major histocompatibility complex(MHC_GPLA)ELISA Kit
201-01-1044 Guinea pig Malondialdehyde (MDA)ELISA Kit
201-01-1045 Guinea pig Mannose Associated Serine Protease 1(MASP1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1046 Guinea pig matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP-13)ELISA Kit
201-01-1047 Guinea pig matrix metalloproteinase 9(MMP-9)ELISA Kit
201-01-1048 Guinea Pig monocyte chemotactic protein 4(MCP-4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1049 Guinea pig Neurokinins A(NKA)ELISA Kit
201-01-1050 Guinea pig Neurokinins B(NKB)ELISA Kit
201-01-1051 Guinea pig Neutrophil peptide(NP)ELISA Kit
201-01-1052 Guinea pig Nibrin (NBN)ELISA Kit
201-01-1053 Guinea pig Nitric Oxide Synthase 3, Endothelial (NOS3)ELISA Kit
201-01-1054 Guinea pig nitric oxide(NO)ELISA Kit
201-01-1055 Guinea pig ovalbumin specific IgE(OVA sIgE)ELISA Kit
201-01-1056 Guinea pig ovalbumin specific IgG(OVA sIgG)ELISA Kit
201-01-1060 Guinea pig P-Selectin (PS)ELISA Kit
201-01-1057 Guinea pig phosphorylated epidermal growth factor receptor(p-EGFR)ELISA Kit
201-01-1058 Guinea Pig plasmin-antiplasmin complex(PAP)ELISA Kit
201-01-1059 Guinea pig Protein Disulfide Isomerase (PDI)ELISA Kit
201-01-1061 Guinea pig Specific Immunoglobulin E(SlgE)ELISA Kit
201-01-1001 Guinea Pig Substance P(SP)ELISA Kit
201-01-1062 Guinea Pig Super Oxidase Dimutase(SOD)ELISA Kit
201-01-1063 Guinea pig Superoxide Dismutase 2, Mitochondrial (SOD2)ELISA Kit
201-01-1064 Guinea pig Superoxide Dismutase,Copper Chaperone (SOD4)ELISA Kit
201-01-1065 Guinea pig telomerase(TE)ELISA Kit
201-01-1066 Guinea pig tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase 1(TIMP-1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1067 Guinea pig transforming growth factor β1(TGF-β1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1068 Guinea pig transforming growth factor β3(TGF-β3)ELISA Kit
201-01-1069 Guinea pig Tumor necrosis factor α(TNF-α)ELISA Kit
201-01-1078 Hamster 3-Nitrotyrosine(3-NT)ELISA Kit
201-01-1072 Hamster 5-Hydroxytryptamine(5HT)ELISA Kit
201-01-1075 Hamster apoprotein(apo-A1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1073 Hamster Cortisol ELISA Kit
201-01-1079 Hamster High mobility group protein B1(HMGB-1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1071 Hamster Immunoglobulin G1(IgG1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1077 Hamster inducible nitric oxide synthase(iNOS)ELISA Kit
201-01-1070 Hamster Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 (ICAM1)ELISA Kit
201-01-1076 Hamster Interferon α(IFN-α)ELISA Kit
201-01-1074 Hamster Interferon γ (IFN-γ)ELISA KitKit
201-01-1080 Hamster Interleukin 6(IL-6)ELISA Kit
201-16-0026 Hen egg Immunoglobulin of Yolk(IgY)ELISA Kit
201-16-0027 Hen egg phosvitin phosphopeptides(PPP)ELISA Kit
201-12-1141 Human von Willebrand Factor antigen,vWF:Ag ELISA Kit
201-12-1141 Human von Willebrand Factor antigen,vWF:Ag ELISA Kit
201-02-0220 Mouse 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3(1,25-(OH)2D3_DVD_DHVD3)ELISA Kit
201-02-0327 Mouse 1,3-βD glucosidase(1,3-βD-Glu)ELISA Kit
201-02-0718 Mouse 1,5-Anhydroglucitol(1,5-AG)ELISA kit
201-02-0749 Mouse 12-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acid(12-HETE)ELISA kit
201-02-0413 Mouse 12-lipoxygenase(LOX-12)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0370 Mouse 15-lipoxygenase(15-LO_LOX)ELISA Kit
201-02-0393 Mouse 16-αHydroxyestrogen 1(16-α OHE-1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0044 Mouse 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids(17-OHCS)ELISA Kit
201-02-0060 Mouse 17-Hydroxyprogesterone(17-OHP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0564 Mouse 17-ketosteroids(17-KS)ELISA Ki    
201-02-0565 Mouse 25-Dihydroxy vitamin D3(HVD3)ELISA Kit
201-02-0359 Mouse 5-Hydroxytryptamine(5HT)ELISA Kit
201-02-0084 Mouse 5-Nucleotidase(5-NT)ELISA Kit
201-02-0293 Mouse 50 percent complement hemolysis(CH50)ELISA Kit
201-02-0496 Mouse 6-keto-prostaglandin F1a(6-K-PGF1a)ELISA Kit
201-02-0534 Mouse 6-keto-prostaglandin(6-K-PG)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0188 Mouse 8-Hydroxy-desoxyguanosine(8-OHdG)ELISA Kit
201-02-0623 Mouse 8-iso prostaglandin(8-iso-PG)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0716 Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 17(ADAM17)ELISA Kit
201-02-0717 Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 19(ADAM19)ELISA Kit
201-02-0631 Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 8(ADAM8)ELISA Kit
201-02-0234 Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 9(ADAM9)ELISA Kit
201-02-0362 Mouse acetylcholine receptor antibody(AChRab)ELISA Kit
201-02-0699 Mouse acetylcholine(ACH)ELISA Kit      
201-02-1296 Mouse Acid Phosphatase 5, Tartrate Resistant(ACP5)ELISA Kit
201-02-0226 Mouse Acid Phosphatase(ACP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0164 Mouse acidic fibroblast growth factor 1(aFGF-1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0842 Mouse Actin Alpha 1, Skeletal Muscle(ACTa1))ELISA Kit
201-02-1342 Mouse Actin Alpha 2, Smooth Muscle(ACTa2)ELISA Kit
201-02-1265 Mouse Actin Related Protein 2_3 Complex Subunit 4(ARPC4)ELISA Kit
201-02-1228 Mouse Actinin Alpha 2(ACTN2)ELISA Kit
201-02-0238 Mouse Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule(ALCAM)ELISA Kit
201-02-0792 Mouse Activated Protein C(APC)ELISA kit
201-02-1516 Mouse Activating Transcription Factor 3(ATF3)ELISA Kit
201-02-1517 Mouse Activating Transcription Factor 5(ATF5)ELISA Kit
201-02-0793 Mouse Activin A(ACVA)ELISA kit
201-02-1432 Mouse Activity Regulated Cytoskeleton Associated Protein(ARC)ELISA Kit
201-02-0823 Mouse Adenomatosis Polyposis Coli Protein(APC)ELISA kit
201-02-0851 Mouse Adiponectin Receptor 1(ADIPOR1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0247 Mouse adiponectin(ADP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0266 mouse adrencocorticotropic hormone(ACTH)ELISA Kit
201-02-0245 Mouse adrenergic alpha-1A receptor(ADRA1A)ELISA Kit  
201-02-1377 Mouse Adrenergic Receptor Beta 1(ADRb1)ELISA Kit
201-02-1378 Mouse Adrenergic Receptor Beta 2(ADRb2)ELISA Kit
201-02-1379 Mouse Adrenergic Receptor Beta 3(ADRb3)ELISA Kit
201-02-0175 Mouse adrenomedullin(ADM)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0590 Mouse advanced glycation end products(AGEs)ELISA Kit
201-02-1417 Mouse Advanced Glycosylation End Product Specific Receptor(AGER)ELISA Kit
201-02-0925 Mouse advanced oxidation protein products(AOPP)ELISA Kit
201-02-1126 Mouse Afamin(AFM)ELISA Kit
201-02-0926 Mouse aggrecan(Agc)ELISA Kit
201-02-0927 Mouse Agouti Related Protein(AGRP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0928 Mouse Agrin ELISA Kit
201-02-0495 Mouse Alanine Aminotransferase(ALT_GPT)ELISA Kit
201-02-1135 Mouse Albumin(ALB)ELISA Kit
201-02-0929 Mouse alcohol dehydrogenase(ADH)ELISA Kit
201-02-0930 Mouse aldehyde dehydrogenase 2(ALDH2)ELISA Kit
201-02-0931 Mouse aldehyde dehydrogenase(ALDH)ELISA Kit
201-02-0932 Mouse Aldolase(ALD)ELISA Kit
201-02-0562 Mouse aldosterone(ALD)ELISA Kit      
201-02-0200 Mouse alkaline phosphatase(ALP)ELISA Kit    
201-02-1406 Mouse Allograft Inflammatory Factor 1(AIF1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0374 Mouse allopregnanolone_3α,5α-tetrahydroprogesterone(AP_3α-5α-THP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0751 Mouse Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein(a1AGP)ELISA kit
201-02-0934 Mouse alpha-1-microglobulin bikunin precursor(AMBP)ELISA Kit
201-02-1446 Mouse Alpha-2-Glycoprotein 1, Zinc Binding(aZGP1)ELISA Kit
201-02-1125 Mouse Alpha-2-Macroglobulin(a2M)ELISA Kit
201-02-0935 Mouse Alpha-Actin(α Actin)ELISA Kit
201-02-0094 Mouse alpha-fetoprotein Lens culinaris agglutiin 1(AFP-L1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0095 Mouse alpha-fetoprotein Lens culinaris agglutiin 2(AFP-L2)ELISA Kit
201-02-0096 Mouse alpha-fetoprotein Lens culinaris agglutiin 3(AFP-L3)ELISA Kit
201-02-0550 Mouse Alpha-fetoprotein(AFP)ELISA Kit  
201-02-1127 Mouse Alpha-Fodrin(SPTAN1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0872 Mouse Alpha-Hemoglobin Stabilizing Protein(aHSP)ELISA kit
201-02-0392 Mouse alpha-L-fucosidase(AFU)ELISA Kit
201-02-1128 Mouse Alpha-Lactalbumin(aLA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0933 Mouse Alpha1 Antichymotrypsin(AACT)ELISA Kit
201-02-0470 Mouse Alternative macrophage activation-associated CC chemokine 1(AmAC-1)ELISA Kit
201-02-1133 Mouse Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase Complex Interacting Multifunctional Protein 1(AIMP1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0715 Mouse Amphiregulin B(AREGB)ELISA Kit
201-02-1390 Mouse Amphiregulin(AREG)ELISA Kit
201-02-0296 Mouse Amylin ELISA Kit
201-02-0306 Mouse amyloid beta peptide 1-40(Aβ1-40)ELISA Kit
201-02-0169 Mouse amyloid beta peptide 1-42(Aβ1-42)ELISA Kit
201-02-0283 Mouse androgen ELISA Kit      
201-02-1452 Mouse Androgen Receptor(AR)ELISA Kit
201-02-0240 Mouse Androstenedione(ASD)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0165 Mouse Angiogenin(ANG)ELISA Kit      
201-02-0336 Mouse Angiopoietin 1(ANG-1)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0337 Mouse Angiopoietin 2(ANG-2)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0202 Mouse Angiopoietin 4(ANG-4)ELISA Kit    
201-02-1456 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 1(ANGPTL1)ELISA Kit
201-02-1457 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 2(ANGPTL2)ELISA Kit
201-02-1458 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 3(ANGPTL3)ELISA Kit
201-02-1459 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 4(ANGPTL4)ELISA Kit
201-02-0827 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 6(ANGPTL6)ELISA kit
201-02-1460 Mouse Angiopoietin Like Protein 7(ANGPTL7)ELISA Kit
201-02-0017 Mouse Angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE)ELISA Kit
201-02-0637 Mouse angiotensinogen(aGT)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0501 Mouse angiotension Ⅰ(Ang-Ⅰ)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0016 Mouse angiotension Ⅱ(ANG-Ⅱ)ELISA Kit    
201-02-1324 Mouse Annexin A1(ANXA1)ELISA Kit
201-02-0365 Mouse Annexin A2(Anxa2)ELISA Kit
201-02-0847 Mouse Annexin A5(ANXA5)ELISA Kit
201-02-0503 Mouse annexin Ⅴ(ANX-Ⅴ)ELISA Kit    
201-02-1297 Mouse Anti Mullerian Hormone(AMH)ELISA Kit
201-02-0271 Mouse anti-alpha-Fodrin IgG_IgA(α-Fodrin IgG_IgA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0435 Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgA(ACA-IgA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0443 Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgG(ACA-IgG)ELISA Kit
201-02-0441 Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgM(ACA-IgM)ELISA Kit
201-02-0573 Mouse anti-centrol and centrosome antibody(ACA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0485 Mouse anti-diuretic hormone_vasopressin_arginine vasopressin(ADH_VP_AVP)ELISA Kit
201-02-0140 Mouse anti-double stranded DNA(dsDNA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0507 Mouse anti-Endomysial Antibody IgA(EMA IgA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0504 Mouse anti-endothelial cell antibody(AECA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0128 Mouse Anti-glucoprotein 210(GP210)ELISA Ki  
201-02-0405 Mouse anti-Glucose transporter 4 antibody(anti-GLUT4)ELISA Kit
201-02-0407 Mouse anti-IgE receptor antibody ELISA Kit
201-02-0408 Mouse anti-IVIgG antibody ELISA Kit
201-02-0619 Mouse anti-Monocyte antibody(AMA)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0409 Mouse Anti-myocardial antibody(AMA)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0254 Mouse Anti-nuclear Antibody(ANA)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0331 Mouse anti-nucleolus antibody(ANA)ELISA Kit
201-02-0412 Mouse anti-nucleosome antibody IgG(AnuA-IgG)ELISA Kit
201-02-0181 Mouse anti-oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein antibody(OMgp-Ab)ELISA Kit
201-02-0835 Mouse Anti-Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein Antibody(OLAb)ELISA kit
201-02-0100 Mouse anti-red cell antibody ELISA Kit    
201-02-0620 Mouse Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody(ASMA)ELISA Kit  
201-02-0690 Mouse anti-sperm antibody(AsAb)ELISA Kit    
201-02-0289 Mouse anti-thrombin receptor(ATR)ELISA Kit
201-02-0704 Mouse Anti-Thrombin Ⅲ(AT-Ⅲ)ELISA Kit
201-02-1298 Mouse Anti-thrombin(AT)ELISA Kit
201-02-0494 Mouse anti-thyroid-globulin antibody(TGAB)ELISA Kit
201-02-0139 Mouse anti-Thyroid-Peroxidase antibody(TPO-Ab)ELISA Kit
201-02-0532 Mouse Anti-trypsin(AT)ELISA Kit      
201-02-0235 Mouse anti-zona pellucida antibody(aZP)ELISA Kit