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BWR1046 0.5M DTT , Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1047 0.5M DTT , Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1052 1.5M Tris-HCl, pH8.8 , Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1049 10 percent SDS, Protein Electrophoresis
BMA1001 14-3-3 beta _ alpha, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1001 14-3-3 beta _ alpha, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1051 1M Tris-HCl, pH6.8, Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1040 30 percent Acr-Bis (29:1) , Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1041 40 percent Acr-Bis (39:1), Protein Electrophoresis
BAD1010 7-AAD Viability Staining Solution
BTL1024 Actin mAb (plant), Loading Control Antibodies
BTL1025 Actin mAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BWR1066 AEC Horseradish Peroxidase Chromogenic Kit (Red)
BNP1003 AFP, Native protein
BMA1003 Albumin Bovine, BSA, Monoclonal antibody
BWR1028 Albumin Standard Ampules (5mg_ml BSA)
BPA1006 Albumin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1004 Alkaline Phosphatase (placental & placental-like), PLAP, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1007 Alkaline phosphatase (placental type), ALPP_ALAP, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1003 alpha 1-antitrypsin, A1AT, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1002 Alpha-Actin (cardiac muscle), Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1004 Alpha-fetoprotein, AFP, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1042 Ammonium persulfate (APS), Protein Electrophoresis
BMA1005 Amyloid Beta A4 Precursor, APP, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1009 Amyloid Beta A4 Precursor, APP, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1028 Annexin A1 pAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BAD1012-25 Annexin V Binding Buffer
BAD1012-100 Annexin V Binding Buffer
BAD1008-25 Annexin V-APC Reagent
BAD1008-100 Annexin V-APC Reagent
BAD1004-25 Annexin V-APC _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1004-100 Annexin V-APC _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1003-25 Annexin V-APC _ PI Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1003-100 Annexin V-APC _ PI Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1006-25 Annexin V-FITC Reagent
BAD1006-100 Annexin V-FITC Reagent
BAD1002-25 Annexin V-FITC _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1002-100 Annexin V-FITC _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1001-25 Annexin V-FITC _ PI Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1001-100 Annexin V-FITC _ PI Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1007-25 Annexin V-PE Reagent
BAD1007-100 Annexin V-PE Reagent
BAD1005-25 Annexin V-PE _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BAD1005-100 Annexin V-PE _ 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
BNP1001 Apolipoprotein A, Apo A, Native protein
BMA1006 Apolipoprotein A1, APOA1, Monoclonal antibody
BNP1002 Apolipoprotein B, Apo B, Native protein
BPA1008 Apolipoprotein E, ApoE, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1005 Autoimmune regulator, Aire, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1007 B-cell lymphoma 2, Bcl-2, Monoclonal antibody
BWR1012 Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Reagent
BPA1010 Basigin _ CD147 , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1023 BCA Protein Assay Kit
BWR1024 BCA Protein Assay Kit
BWR1025 BCA Protein Assay Kit (Enhanced)
BWR1026 BCA Protein Assay Kit (Enhanced)
BWR1067 BCIP_NBT Alkaline Phosphatase Chromogenic Kit (Bluish Violet)
BPA1011 Bcl-2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1012 Beta-Actin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1013 Bone morphogenetic protein 2, BMP2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1014 Bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II, BMPR2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1027 Bradford Protein Assay Kit
BPA1037 C-Kit, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1002 c-Myc Tag antibody
BRP1003 C-Peptide recombinant protein
BPA1035 Cadherin EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 2, CELSR2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1015 Caldesmon, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1008 Cancerous inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A, Protein CIP2A, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1034 Carcinoembryonic antigen, CEA, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1016 Catenin β, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1009 Caveolin-1, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1017 Caveolin-1, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1001 CBP Tag antibody
BPA1023 CD10 (Neprilysin), Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1030 CD105 _ Endoglin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1031 CD133, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1024 CD14, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1032 CD146, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1025 CD19, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1033 CD271 _ Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 16 , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1018 CD3 epsilon, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1019 CD3 zeta, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1026 CD34, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1020 CD4, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1010 CD44, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1027 CD73, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1028 CD79α, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1021 CD8, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1011 CD80 _ B7-1, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1029 CD80 _ B7-1, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1022 CD9, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1001 Cell Lysis Buffer for WB & IP
BWR1010 Cell Mitochondria Isolation Kit
BWR1075 Chemiluminescent Protein Molecular Weight Marker (10-250 kDa)
BPA1036 Chromogranin A, CgA , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1012 Chromogranin-A, CgA, Monoclonal antibody
BRP1001 CNTF recombinant protein
BRP1002 CNTF recombinant protein
BSA1037 Cock IgY, unonjugated antibody
BNP1004 Complement C3, Native protein
BNP1005 Complement C3, Native protein
BMA1013 Complement C3-β chain, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1038 Complement C3-β chain, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BNP1006 Complement C4, Native protein
BNP1007 Complement C4, Native protein
BPA1039 Complement C4-β chain, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1038 Coomassie Brilliant Blue Fast Staining Solution, Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1043 Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250, Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1039 Coomassie Brilliant Blue Gel Staining Kit, Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1044 Coomassie Brilliant Blue R250, Protein Electrophoresis
BRP1004 CRP recombinant protein
BNP1011 CRP, Native protein
BPA1041 Cyclin D1, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1014 Cyclin E2, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1040 Cyclooxygenase-1, COX1, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BNP1008 Cystatin C, Native protein
BNP1009 Cystatin C, Native protein
BPA1042 Cystatin C, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1015 Cytokeratin 17, CK17, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1043 Cytokeratin 17, CK17, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1006 Cytokeratin 18, CK18 recombinant protein
BMA1016 Cytokeratin 18, CK18, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1044 Cytokeratin 18, CK18, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1007 Cytokeratin 19, CK19 recombinant protein
BNP1010 Cytokeratin 19, CK19 _ CYFRA211, Native protein
BRP1008 Cytokeratin 20, CK20 recombinant protein
BRP1005 Cytokeratin 8, CK8 recombinant protein
BDA1001 D-dimer mAb (Mouse anti-human, clone # C6)-Capture Ab, Antibody pairs (Raw material for IVD production)
BDA1002 D-dimer mAb (Mouse anti-human, clone # C9)-Capture Ab, Antibody pairs (Raw material for IVD production)
BDA1003 D-dimer mAb (Mouse anti-human, clone # D10)-Detection Ab, Antibody pairs (Raw material for IVD production)
BNP1012 D-dimer, Native protein
BNP1013 D-dimer, Native protein
BWR1068 DAB Horseradish Peroxidase Chromogenic Kit (Brown)
BWR1069 DAB Horseradish Peroxidase Chromogenic Kit (Brown)
BMA1018 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 2, DPPA2, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1046 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 2, DPPA2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1045 Di-methyl-Histone H3 _ Lys4, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1009 DKK1 recombinant protein
BMA1017 DNA-dependent protein kinase, catalytic subunit, DNA-PKcs _ PRKDC, Monoclonal antibody
BWR1045 DTT, Protein Electrophoresis
BWR1037 Dual Color SDS-PAGE Sample Loading Buffer (2
BPA1047 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 5, DUSP5, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1003 DYKDDDDK Tag antibody
BPA1048 E-Cadherin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1050 E-Selectin, CD62E, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1004 E2b Tag antibody
BPA1049 EGF Receptor, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1010 EGF recombinant protein
BRP1011 EGF recombinant protein
BEZ1001 Endonuclease (Non-restriction)
BEZ1002 Enterokinase (Bovine)
BEZ1003 Enterokinase (Bovine)
BMA1019 Epithelial cell adhesion molecule, EP-CAM, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1051 Estrogen receptor 1, ESR1 _ ERα, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1013 FABP heart, FABP3 recombinant protein
BNP1014 FABP heart, FABP3, Native protein
BPA1052 Fas-Associated protein with Death Domain, FADD, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1053 FAT tumor suppressor homolog 4 _ Protocadherin Fat 4, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1015 Ferritin (H chain) recombinant protein
BRP1014 Ferritin (H+L chain) recombinant protein
BRP1016 Ferritin (L chain) recombinant protein
BNP1015 Ferritin, Native protein
BRP1018 FGF acidic, FGF1 recombinant protein
BRP1019 FGF basic, FGF2 recombinant protein
BTL1005 Flag Tag antibody
BPA1054 Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3, Flt-3, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1055 Forkhead box D3, FOXD3, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BNP1026 Free PSA, Native protein
BRP1017 Free β-HCG recombinant protein
BNP1019 Free β-HCG, Native protein
BPA1056 Frizzled 5, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1022 G-CSF recombinant protein
BRP1023 G-CSF recombinant protein
BTL1029 GAPDH mAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BTL1030 GAPDH mAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BTL1031 GAPDH pAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BPA1057 GATA4, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1058 Geminin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1006 GFP pAb antibody
BTL1007 GFP Tag antibody
BMA1022 Glutathione S-transferase, GST, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1060 Glutathione S-transferases, GST, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1059 Glycophorin A, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1021 Glypican-3, GPC3 recombinant protein
BRP1024 GM-CSF recombinant protein
BRP1025 GM-CSF recombinant protein
BSA1025 Goat anti-human IgA, unonjugated antibody
BSA1001 Goat anti-human IgG, Biotin Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1017 Goat anti-human IgG, HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1023 Goat anti-human IgG, unonjugated antibody
BSA1024 Goat anti-human IgM, unonjugated antibody
BSA1010 Goat Anti-mouse IgG (H+L), FITC Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1007 Goat Anti-mouse IgG , Cy3 Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1012 Goat Anti-mouse IgG , HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1028 Goat anti-mouse IgG , unonjugated antibody
BSA1004 Goat anti-mouse IgG, Biotin Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1019 Goat anti-mouse IgG, HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1022 Goat anti-mouse IgG, TRITC _ Rhodamine Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1011 Goat Anti-rabbit IgG (H+L), FITC Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1008 Goat Anti-rabbit IgG , Cy3 Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1013 Goat Anti-rabbit IgG , HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1021 Goat anti-rabbit IgG, TRITC _ Rhodamine Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1031 Goat anti-rabbit IgG, unonjugated antibody
BSA1014 Goat Anti-rat IgG , HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BRP1026 Golgi membrane protein GP73 recombinant protein
BMA1021 Golgin subfamily A member 5, GOLGA5, Monoclonal antibody
BMA1020 Green fluorescent protein, GFP, Monoclonal antibody
BRP1027 Growth Hormone recombinant protein
BRP1028 Growth Hormone recombinant protein
BTL1008 GST Tag antibody
BTL1009 HA Tag antibody
BRP1029 HBcAg recombinant protein
BRP1030 HBeAg recombinant protein
BRP1031 HBsAg recombinant protein
BNP1016 HBsAg, Native protein
BDA1005 HBV-preS1 mAb (Mouse anti-human, clone # D8)-Capture Ab, Antibody pairs (Raw material for IVD production)
BDA1004 HBV-preS1 mAb (Mouse anti-human, clone # E6)-Capture Ab, Antibody pairs (Raw material for IVD production)
BNP1017 HCG, Native protein
BMA1023 Heat shock protein 60, HSP60, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1062 Heat shock protein 60, HSP60, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1011 His Tag (HRP Conjugated) antibody
BTL1010 His Tag antibody
BPA1061 Histone H3, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1033 Histone H3.1 mAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BTL1032 Histone H3.1 pAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BTL1012 HPC4 antibody
BTL1013 HSV Tag antibody
BEK1001 Human ACE ELISA kit
BEK1002 Human Activin A ELISA kit
BEK1005 Human Adiponectin _ Acrp 30 ELISA kit
BNP1020 Human albumin, Native protein
BEK1007 Human Angiogenin _ ANG ELISA kit
BEK1008 Human Angiopoietin-2 ELISA kit
BEK1009 Human BAFF ELISA kit
BEK1011 Human BDNF ELISA kit
BEK1014 Human BMP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1017 Human BMP-4 ELISA kit
BEK1018 Human BMP-5 ELISA kit
BEK1019 Human BMP-7 ELISA kit
BEK1020 Human Cardiotrophin-1 _ CT-1 ELISA kit
BEK1021 Human Cathepsin B ELISA kit
BEK1023 Human Cathepsin D ELISA kit
BEK1024 Human CCL17 ELISA kit
BEK1026 Human CD31 _ PECAM-1 ELISA kit
BEK1028 Human CD40 _ TNFRSF5 ELISA kit
BEK1032 Human CXCL1 _ GROα ELISA kit
BEK1036 Human CXCL10 _ IP-10 ELISA kit
BEK1035 Human CXCL9 _ MIG ELISA kit
BEK1039 Human Cystatin C ELISA kit
BEK1235 Human Desmin ELISA kit
BEK1041 Human E-Cadherin ELISA kit
BEK1053 Human E-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1046 Human EG-VEGF ELISA kit
BEK1043 Human EGF ELISA kit
BEK1045 Human EGFR ELISA kit
BEK1047 Human Emmprin _ CD147 ELISA kit
BEK1048 Human Endoglin _ CD105 ELISA kit
BEK1050 Human Eotaxin ELISA kit
BRP1012 Human Epididymis protein 4, HE4 recombinant protein
BEK1052 Human ErbB2 ELISA kit
BEK1049 Human Estrogen Receptor ELISA kit
BEK1057 Human FAS Ligand ELISA kit
BEK1055 Human FAS _ APO-1 _ CD95 ELISA kit
BEK1058 Human Fetuin A ELISA kit
BEK1059 Human FGF-9 ELISA kit
BEK1060 Human Fibronectin _ FN ELISA kit
BEK1063 Human Fractalkine _ CX3CL1 ELISA kit
BEK1066 Human G-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1068 Human GDNF ELISA kit
BEK1071 Human GM-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1074 Human Growth Hormone _ GH ELISA kit
BEK1075 Human HGF ELISA kit
BEK1076 Human HSP27 _ HSPB1 ELISA kit
BEK1077 Human ICAM-1 _ CD54 ELISA kit
BEK1080 Human IFNr ELISA kit
BSA1034 Human IgA, unonjugated antibody
BEK1082 Human IGF-1 ELISA kit
BEK1085 Human IGF-2 ELISA kit
BEK1088 Human IGFBP-1 ELISA kit
BEK1090 Human IGFBP-3 ELISA kit
BSA1033 Human IgG, unonjugated antibody
BEK1097 Human IL-1 R α ELISA kit
BEK1114 Human IL-10 ELISA kit
BEK1117 Human IL-12 P40 ELISA kit
BEK1118 Human IL-12 P70 ELISA kit
BEK1122 Human IL-15 ELISA kit
BEK1123 Human IL-17 ELISA kit
BEK1125 Human IL-18 ELISA kit
BEK1091 Human IL-1α ELISA kit
BEK1094 Human IL-1β ELISA kit
BEK1098 Human IL-2 ELISA kit
BEK1101 Human IL-3 ELISA kit
BEK1103 Human IL-4 ELISA kit
BEK1106 Human IL-5 ELISA kit
BEK1108 Human IL-6 ELISA kit
BEK1111 Human IL-7 ELISA kit
BEK1113 Human IL-8 ELISA kit
BEK1242 Human Insulin ELISA kit
BEK1128 Human Insulin ELISA kit
BEK1129 Human Kallikrein 3 _ PSA ELISA kit
BEK1130 Human Kim-1 ELISA kit
BEK1140 Human L-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1133 Human Laminin ELISA kit
BEK1136 Human Leptin ELISA kit
BEK1138 Human Leptin Receptor ELISA kit
BEK1146 Human M-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1142 Human MCP-1 _ CCL2 ELISA kit
BEK1144 Human MCP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1145 Human MCP-3 ELISA kit
BEK1148 Human MDC _ CCL22 ELISA kit
BEK1150 Human MICA ELISA kit
BEK1151 Human MIF ELISA kit
BEK1152 Human MIP-1α _ CCL3 ELISA kit
BEK1154 Human MIP-3α ELISA kit
BEK1155 Human MMP-1 ELISA kit
BEK1164 Human MMP-13 ELISA kit
BEK1156 Human MMP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1159 Human MMP-3 ELISA kit
BEK1160 Human MMP-7 ELISA kit
BEK1161 Human MMP-8 ELISA kit
BEK1162 Human MMP-9 ELISA kit
BEK1165 Human Myeloperoxidase _ MPO ELISA kit
BEK1166 Human NGAL _ Lipocalin ELISA kit
BEK1169 Human NGF ELISA kit
BEK1172 Human NT-3 ELISA kit
BEK1175 Human NT-4 ELISA kit
BEK1178 Human NT-proBNP ELISA kit
BEK1179 Human OPG ELISA kit
BEK1181 Human OPN ELISA kit
BEK1185 Human P-Cadherin ELISA kit
BEK1189 Human P-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1183 Human P53 ELISA kit
BEK1184 Human PAI-1 _ Serpin E ELISA kit
BEK1186 Human PDGF-AB ELISA kit
BEK1188 Human PLGF ELISA kit
BEK1236 Human Progesterone Receptor ELISA kit
BEK1191 Human RAGE ELISA kit
BEK1193 Human RANTES ELISA kit
BEK1194 Human RBP-4 ELISA kit
BEK1196 Human Resistin ELISA kit
BEK1030 Human sCD40L ELISA kit
BMA1024 Human Serum Albumin, Monoclonal antibody
BEK1216 Human sTNFR1 ELISA kit
BEK1217 Human sTNFR2 ELISA kit
BEK1199 Human Survivin ELISA kit
BEK1200 Human TGFα ELISA kit
BEK1201 Human TGFβ1 ELISA kit
BEK1204 Human TGFβ2 ELISA kit
BEK1207 Human Tie-2 ELISA kit
BEK1208 Human TIMP-1 ELISA kit
BEK1210 Human TIMP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1211 Human TIMP-3 ELISA kit
BEK1212 Human TNFα ELISA kit
BEK1215 Human TNFβ ELISA kit
BEK1218 Human TRAIL ELISA kit
BEK1221 Human TSP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1222 Human uPA ELISA kit
BEK1223 Human uPA-R ELISA kit
BEK1224 Human VCAM-1 ELISA kit
BEK1226 Human VEGF ELISA kit
BEK1229 Human VEGF-B ELISA kit
BEK1230 Human VEGF-C ELISA kit
BEK1231 Human VEGF-D ELISA kit
BEK1232 Human VEGF-R1 ELISA kit
BEK1233 Human VEGF-R2 ELISA kit
BEK1234 Human VEGF-R3 ELISA kit
BEK1237 Human Vimentin ELISA kit
BEK1238 Human Vitamin D3 ELISA kit
BWR1065 Hypersensitive ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate (Concentrated)
BWR1064 Hypersensitive ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate (RTU)
BRP1032 IFN alpha 1b recombinant protein
BRP1033 IFN alpha 1b recombinant protein
BRP1034 IFN alpha 2b recombinant protein
BRP1035 IFN alpha 2b recombinant protein
BRP1036 IFN beta 1b recombinant protein
BRP1037 IFN beta 1b recombinant protein
BRP1054 IL-10 recombinant protein
BRP1055 IL-10 recombinant protein
BRP1056 IL-11 recombinant protein
BRP1057 IL-11 recombinant protein
BRP1058 IL-12 recombinant protein
BRP1059 IL-12 recombinant protein
BRP1060 IL-13 recombinant protein
BRP1061 IL-13 recombinant protein
BRP1038 IL-1R antagonist recombinant protein
BRP1039 IL-1R antagonist recombinant protein
BRP1040 IL-2 recombinant protein
BRP1041 IL-2 recombinant protein
BRP1042 IL-3 recombinant protein
BRP1043 IL-3 recombinant protein
BRP1044 IL-4 recombinant protein
BRP1045 IL-4 recombinant protein
BRP1046 IL-5 recombinant protein
BRP1047 IL-5 recombinant protein
BRP1048 IL-6 recombinant protein
BRP1049 IL-6 recombinant protein
BRP1050 IL-7 recombinant protein
BRP1051 IL-7 recombinant protein
BRP1052 IL-9 recombinant protein
BRP1053 IL-9 recombinant protein
BRP1064 Insulin recombinant protein
BPA1067 Insulin (B chain), Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1025 Insulin B chain, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1063 Interleukin 1 receptor-like 1, IL1RL1 , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1066 Interleukin 13 receptor, alpha 1, IL13Rα1, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1064 Interleukin 6, IL-6, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1065 Interleukin-7 receptor α, IL-7Rα _ CD127, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1026 Junctophilin-2, JPH-2, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1068 Junctophilin-2, JPH-2, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BRP1065 KGF, FGF7 recombinant protein
BRP1066 KGF, FGF7 recombinant protein
BRP1067 KGF2, FGF10 recombinant protein
BMA1027 Kinase D-interacting substrate 220, Kidins 220, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1069 Lactate dehydrogenase A, LDH-A , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1029 Lactate dehydrogenase A, LDH-A, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1070 Lactate dehydrogenase B chain, LDH-B, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1028 LAG1 longevity assurance homolog 2, LASS2, Monoclonal antibody
BTL1034 Lamin B pAb, Loading Control Antibodies
BPA1071 Leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein coupled receptor 5, LGR5, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1073 Ly-6G, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BPA1074 Lymphotoxin-alpha _ TNFβ, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BMA1030 Lymphotoxin-alpha, LTα _ TNFβ, Monoclonal antibody
BPA1072 Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1, LPAR1 _ EDG2 , Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BTL1014 MBP Tag antibody
BTL1015 Mcherry Tag antibody
BPA1075 Meckelin, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BWR1007 Membrane and Cytosol Protein Extraction Kit
BPA1076 Mono-methyl-Histone H3 _ Lys4, Polyclonal primary Antibodies
BEK1003 Mouse Activin A ELISA kit
BEK1006 Mouse Adiponectin _ Acrp 30 ELISA kit
BSA1003 Mouse anti-human IgG, Biotin Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1018 Mouse anti-human IgG, HRP Conjugated secondary antibody
BSA1027 Mouse anti-human IgG, unonjugated antibody
BEK1010 Mouse BAFF ELISA kit
BEK1012 Mouse BDNF ELISA kit
BEK1015 Mouse BMP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1022 Mouse Cathepsin B ELISA kit
BEK1025 Mouse CD30L ELISA kit
BEK1027 Mouse CD31 _ PECAM-1 ELISA kit
BEK1029 Mouse CD40 _ TNFRSF5 ELISA kit
BEK1031 Mouse CD80 _ B7-1 ELISA kit
BEK1033 Mouse CXCL1 _ GROα ELISA kit
BEK1037 Mouse CXCL10 _ IP-10 ELISA kit
BEK1038 Mouse CXCL16 ELISA kit
BEK1040 Mouse Cystatin C ELISA kit
BEK1042 Mouse E-Cadherin ELISA kit
BEK1054 Mouse E-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1044 Mouse EGF ELISA kit
BEK1051 Mouse Eotaxin ELISA kit
BEK1056 Mouse FAS _ APO-1 _ CD95 ELISA kit
BEK1061 Mouse Fibronectin _ FN ELISA kit
BEK1064 Mouse Fractalkine _ CX3CL1 ELISA kit
BEK1067 Mouse G-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1065 Mouse Galectin-1 ELISA kit
BEK1069 Mouse GDNF ELISA kit
BEK1072 Mouse GM-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1078 Mouse ICAM-1 _ CD54 ELISA kit
BEK1081 Mouse IFNr ELISA kit
BEK1083 Mouse IGF-1 ELISA kit
BEK1086 Mouse IGF-2 ELISA kit
BEK1089 Mouse IGFBP-1 ELISA kit
BSA1032 Mouse IgG, unonjugated antibody
BEK1115 Mouse IL-10 ELISA kit
BEK1119 Mouse IL-12 P70 ELISA kit
BEK1120 Mouse IL-13 ELISA kit
BEK1124 Mouse IL-17 ELISA kit
BEK1092 Mouse IL-1α ELISA kit
BEK1095 Mouse IL-1β ELISA kit
BEK1099 Mouse IL-2 ELISA kit
BEK1127 Mouse IL-23 ELISA kit
BEK1102 Mouse IL-3 ELISA kit
BEK1104 Mouse IL-4 ELISA kit
BEK1107 Mouse IL-5 ELISA kit
BEK1109 Mouse IL-6 ELISA kit
BEK1112 Mouse IL-7 ELISA kit
BEK1244 Mouse Insulin ELISA kit
BEK1131 Mouse Kim-1 ELISA kit
BEK1141 Mouse L-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1134 Mouse Laminin ELISA kit
BEK1137 Mouse Leptin ELISA kit
BEK1139 Mouse LOX1 ELISA kit
BEK1147 Mouse M-CSF ELISA kit
BEK1143 Mouse MCP-1 _ CCL2 ELISA kit
BEK1149 Mouse MDC _ CCL22 ELISA kit
BEK1153 Mouse MIP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1157 Mouse MMP-2 ELISA kit
BEK1163 Mouse MMP-9 ELISA kit
BEK1167 Mouse NGAL _ Lipocalin ELISA kit
BEK1170 Mouse NGF ELISA kit
BEK1173 Mouse NT-3 ELISA kit
BEK1177 Mouse NT-4 ELISA kit
BEK1180 Mouse OPG ELISA kit
BEK1182 Mouse OPN ELISA kit
BEK1190 Mouse P-Selectin ELISA kit
BEK1195 Mouse RBP-4 ELISA kit
BEK1197 Mouse Resistin ELISA kit
BEK1198 Mouse SDF-1 ELISA kit
BEK1202 Mouse TGFβ1 ELISA kit
BEK1205 Mouse TGFβ2 ELISA kit