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Supplier : Allshen

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About this Supplier: Liquid handling & robotics, nucleic acid purification system, molecular biology instruments (micro spectrophotometer, FISH system, test strip reader), medical equipment (gel card & ELISA readers), laboratory equipment: homogenizer, dry bath, thermal shaker, minicentrifuge. website

(AS-02031-01) 0.2 ml PCR Tube Hold, MIX-A, 96x0.2ml
(AS-02030-01) 0.2 ml PCR Tube HoldMIX_A
(AS-02031-01) 0.2 ml PCR Tube HoldMIX-A, 96x0.2ml
(AS-02031-02) 0.5 ml Tube Hold, MIX-B, 24x0.5ml
(AS-02031-02) 0.5 ml Tube HoldMIX-B, 24x0.5ml
(AS-02030-02) 0.5 ml Tube HoldMIX_B
(AS-02031-03) 1.5_2.0 ml Tube Hold , MIX-C, 24x1.5_2.0ml
(AS-02031-03) 1.5_2.0 ml Tube Hold MIX-C, 24x1.5_2.0ml
(AS-02030-03) 1.5_2.0 ml Tube Hold MIX_C
(AS-08061-02) 1.5_2.0ml Rotor
(AS-02031-04) 15ml Tube Hold, MIX-D, 8x15ml
(AS-02031-04) 15ml Tube HoldMIX-D, 8x15ml
(AS-02031-05) 50ml Tube Hold, MIX-E, 3x50ml
(AS-02031-05) 50ml Tube HoldMIX-E, 3x50ml
(AS-01051-01) A Block, 96
(AS-01051-01) A BlockA
(AS-01131-01) A BlockA
(AS-02051-01) A-200 Block, 96
(AS-01031-01) A-30 Block, A-3096
(AS-01251-01) A-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-01) A-MiniT Block, 40
(AS-09021-01) A-MiniT-1 Block, 15xΦ10mm
(AS-08061-06) Adapter for 0.2ml tube
(AS-08041-02) Adapter for 0.2ml tube
(AS-08061-05) Adapter for 0.5-0.6ml tube
(AS-08041-01) Adapter for 0.5-0.6ml tube
(AS-08061-01) Allen Wrench
(AS-01031-01) A_30 BlockA_30
(AS-01051-02) B Block, 54
(AS-01051-02) B BlockB
(AS-01131-02) B BlockB
(AS-02051-02) B-200 Block, 54
(AS-01031-02) B-30 Block, B-3029
(AS-01251-02) B-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-02) B-MiniT Block, 24
(AS-09021-02) B-MiniT-1 Block, 12xΦ12mm
(AS-07010-00) Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer, HM-3000, 825±50℃
(AS-07020-00) Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer, HM-3000A, 825±50℃
(AS-07050-00) Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer, HM-3000C, 850℃±50℃
(AS-07010-00) Bacti_Cinerator SterilizerHM_3000
(AS-07020-00) Bacti_Cinerator SterilizerHM_3000A
(AS-07050-00) Bacti_Cinerator SterilizerHM_3000C
(AS-06091-01) BD01 Block, 12xΦ10mm
(AS-06091-01) BD01 BlockBD01
(AS-06091-02) BD02 Block, 12xΦ12mm
(AS-06091-02) BD02 BlockBD02
(AS-06091-03) BD03 Block, 12xΦ13mm
(AS-06091-03) BD03 BlockBD03
(AS-06091-04) BD04 Block, 12xΦ15mm
(AS-06091-04) BD04 BlockBD04
(AS-06091-05) BD05 Block, 12xΦ16mm
(AS-06091-05) BD05 BlockBD05
(AS-06091-06) BD06 Block, 12xΦ19mm
(AS-06091-06) BD06 BlockBD06
(AS-06091-07) BD07 Block, 12xΦ20mm
(AS-06091-07) BD07 BlockBD07
(AS-01181-01) BH01 block, BH01, 96
(AS-01181-02) BH02 block, BH02, 45x0.5ml tubes
(AS-01181-03) BH03 block, BH03, 35x1.5ml tubes
(AS-01181-04) BH04 block, BH04, 35x2.0ml tubes
(AS-01181-05) BH05 block, BH05, 15x0.5ml+20x1.5ml tubes
(AS-01181-06) BH06 block, BH06, 20x1.5ml+15x2.0ml tubes
(AS-01181-07) BH07 block, BH07, 32x0.2ml+22x0.5ml+ 9x1.5ml tubes
(AS-01181-08) BH08 block, BH08, 20x5ml tubes
(AS-01181-09) BH09 block, BH09, 20x10ml tubes
(AS-01181-10) BH10 block--tall, BH10, 12x15ml tubes
(AS-01181-11) BH11 block--tall, BH11, 6x50ml tubes
(AS-01181-12) BH12 block, BH12, 96x0.2ml Elisa-Microplate or 4 slides
(AS-01181-13) BH13 block, BH13, Solid block for machining (no holes)
(AS-01181-14) BH14 block, BH14, 384 well PCR Plate
(AS-01181-15) BH15 block, BH15, 40xΦ6mm tubes
(AS-01181-16) BH16 block, BH16, 28xΦ10mm tubes
(AS-01181-17) BH17 block, BH17, 24xΦ12mm tubes
(AS-01181-18) BH18 block, BH18, 24xΦ13mm tubes
(AS-01181-19) BH19 block, BH19, 14xΦ15mm tubes
(AS-01181-20) BH20 block, BH20, 14xΦ16mm tubes
(AS-01181-21) BH21 block, BH21, 12xΦ19mm tubes
(AS-01181-22) BH22 block, BH22, 11xΦ20mm tubes
(AS-01181-23) BH23 block, BH23, 6xΦ26mm tubes
(AS-01181-24) BH24 block, BH24, 6xΦ28mm tubes
(AS-01181-25) BH25 block, BH25, 2xΦ40mm tubes
(AS-01181-26) BH26 block, BH26, 2x7-12.5x12.5 (Cuvette)
(AS-09020-00) Biological Indicator Incubator, MiniT-1, ambient+5
(AS-09030-00) Biological Indicator Incubator, MiniT-3, ambient+5
(AS-01081-01) BK01 Block, 49xΦ6mm
(AS-01081-01) BK01 BlockBK01
(AS-01081-02) BK02 Block, 49xΦ7mm
(AS-01081-02) BK02 BlockBK02
(AS-01081-03) BK03 Block, 25xΦ10mm
(AS-01081-03) BK03 BlockBK03
(AS-01081-04) BK04 Block, 25xΦ12mm
(AS-01081-04) BK04 BlockBK04
(AS-01081-05) BK05 Block, 25xΦ13mm
(AS-01081-05) BK05 BlockBK05
(AS-01081-06) BK06 Block, 12xΦ15mm
(AS-01081-06) BK06 BlockBK06
(AS-01081-07) BK07 Block, 16xΦ15mm
(AS-01081-07) BK07 BlockBK07
(AS-01081-08) BK08 Block, 12xΦ16mm
(AS-01081-08) BK08 BlockBK08
(AS-01081-09) BK09 Block, 16xΦ16mm
(AS-01081-09) BK09 BlockBK09
(AS-01081-10) BK10 Block, 12xΦ19mm
(AS-01081-10) BK10 BlockBK10
(AS-01081-11) BK11 Block, 16xΦ19mm
(AS-01081-11) BK11 BlockBK11
(AS-01081-12) BK12 Block, 9xΦ20mm
(AS-01081-12) BK12 BlockBK12
(AS-01081-13) BK13 Block, 9xΦ26mm
(AS-01081-13) BK13 BlockBK13
(AS-01081-14) BK14 Block, 4xΦ28mm
(AS-01081-14) BK14 BlockBK14
(AS-01081-15) BK15 Block, 4xΦ40mm
(AS-01081-15) BK15 BlockBK15
(AS-01081-16) BK16 Block, 49x0.5 ml tubes
(AS-01081-16) BK16 BlockBK16
(AS-01081-17) BK17 Block, 25x1.5 ml tubes
(AS-01081-17) BK17 BlockBK17
(AS-01081-18) BK18 Block, 25x2.0 ml tubes
(AS-01081-18) BK18 BlockBK18
(AS-01091-01) BK19 Block, 96 x 0.2 ml
(AS-01091-01) BK19 BlockBK19
(AS-01091-02) BK20 Block, Microplate
(AS-01091-02) BK20 BlockBK20
(AS-01031-02) B_30 BlockB_30
(AS-01051-03) C Block, 35
(AS-01051-03) C BlockC
(AS-01131-03) C BlockC
(AS-02051-03) C-200 Block, 35
(AS-01031-03) C-30 Block, C-3061
(AS-01251-03) C-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-03) C-MiniT Block, 15
(AS-09021-03) C-MiniT-1 Block, 6xΦ15mm
(AS-01031-03) C_30 BlockC_30
(AS-01051-04) D Block, 35
(AS-01051-04) D BlockD
(AS-01131-04) D BlockD
(AS-02051-04) D-200 Block, 35
(AS-01031-04) D-30 Block, D-3041
(AS-01251-04) D-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-04) D-MiniT Block, 15
(AS-09021-04) D-MiniT-1 Block, 6xΦ16mm
(AS-05010-00) Denaturation_Hybridization System TDH-500
(AS-01210-00) Dry Bath Incubator , MK2000-2HL
(AS-01250-00) Dry Bath Incubator, ambient+5
(AS-01030-00) Dry Bath Incubator, K30ambient+5℃ to 100℃
(AS-01130-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT, ambient+5
(AS-01150-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-100, ambient+5
(AS-01160-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-100H, ambient+5
(AS-01170-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-C, 0℃ to 100℃
(AS-01220-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-H3, ambient+5
(AS-01230-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-H3C1, 0℃ to 100℃
(AS-01240-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MiniT-H3C2, 0℃ to 100℃
(AS-01040-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK-10, ambient+5℃ to 100℃
(AS-01050-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK-20, -10℃ to 100℃
(AS-01140-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK100-2A
(AS-01060-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK100-4A
(AS-01080-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK200-1, ambient+5
(AS-01090-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK200-1A, ambient+5
(AS-01100-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK200-2, ambient+5
(AS-01110-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK200-4, ambient+5
(AS-01180-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK2000-1, ambient+5℃ to 105℃
(AS-01190-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK2000-2, ambient+5℃ to 105℃
(AS-01200-00) Dry Bath Incubator, MK2000-2E
(AS-01030-00) Dry Bath IncubatorK30
(AS-01060-00) Dry Bath IncubatorK37
(AS-01130-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMINI_T
(AS-01140-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK100_2A
(AS-01070-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK100_4P
(AS-01080-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK200_1
(AS-01090-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK200_1A
(AS-01100-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK200_2
(AS-01110-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK200_4
(AS-01040-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK_10
(AS-01050-00) Dry Bath IncubatorMK_20
(AS-01031-04) D_30 BlockD_30
(AS-01051-05) E Block, 15
(AS-01051-05) E BlockE
(AS-01131-05) E BlockE
(AS-02051-05) E-200 Block, 15
(AS-01031-05) E-30 Block, E-3041
(AS-01251-05) E-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-05) E-MiniT Block, 8--12.5x12.5x32mm
(AS-09021-05) E-MiniT-1 Block, 24xΦ8.8mm
(AS-01181-27) External Sensor, PT1000,
(AS-01031-05) E_30 BlockE_30
(AS-01051-06) F Block, 24×Dia.≤φ12mm tube
(AS-01051-06) F BlockF
(AS-02051-06) F-200 Block, 24×Dia.≤φ12mm tube
(AS-01031-06) F-30 Block, F-3061xΦ6mm
(AS-01251-06) F-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-06) F-MiniT Block, 4x15ml
(AS-09021-06) F-MiniT-1 Block, 18xΦ9mm
(AS-04051-01) Flask Clamp, SH100
(AS-04051-04) Flask Clamp, SH1000
(AS-04051-02) Flask Clamp, SH250
(AS-04051-03) Flask Clamp, SH500
(AS-04021-01) Flat Platform
(AS-06051-02) Flow Control Valve
(AS-06051-02) Flow Control Valve
(AS-06051-02) Flow Control Valve
(AS-01031-06) F_30 BlockF_30
(AS-01051-07) G Block, 12
(AS-01051-07) G BlockG
(AS-02051-07) G-200 Block, 32
(AS-01251-07) G-MiniS Block
(AS-01131-07) G-MiniT Block, 2x50ml
(AS-07060-00) Glass Bead Sterilizer, GBS-3000A, 250±10℃
(AS-07070-00) Glass Bead Sterilizer, GBS-3000B, 250±10℃
(AS-13011-15) Grind tube with 0.15mm Carbide beads
(AS-13011-17) Grind tube with 0.1mm Glass beads
(AS-13011-16) Grind tube with 0.25mm Carbide beads
(AS-13011-18) Grind tube with 0.5mm Glass beads
(AS-13011-14) Grind tube with 0.7mm Garnet beads
(AS-13011-11) Grind tube with 1.4mm Silica beads
(AS-13011-12) Grind tube with 2.8mm Silica beads
(AS-13011-13) Grind tube with 3mm Metal beads
(AS-01051-08) H Block, 6
(AS-01051-08) H BlockH
(AS-02051-08) H-200 Block, 32
(AS-01031-07) H-30 Block, H-3028xΦ12mm
(AS-01251-08) H-MiniS Block
(AS-07021-02) Heater, 110V
(AS-07021-01) Heater, 220V
(AS-07051-01) Heater, 220V
(AS-07011-02) Heater110V
(AS-07021-02) Heater110V
(AS-07051-02) Heater110V
(AS-07011-01) Heater220V
(AS-07021-01) Heater220V
(AS-07051-01) Heater220V
(AS-13010-00) Homogenizer Bioprep-24, 1-24 samples
(AS-13020-00) Homogenizer Bioprep-8, 1-8 samples
(AS-01031-07) H_30 BlockH_30
(AS-01051-09) I Block, 103
(AS-01051-09) I BlockI
(AS-02051-09) I-200 Block, 103
(AS-01031-08) I-30 Block, I-3028xΦ13mm
(AS-10010-00) ID-Centrifuge for Gel Card, TD2-24, 24 Gel cards
(AS-10020-00) ID-Incubator for Gel Card, K37-24, 37
(AS-01061-01) ID_Cards Rack
(AS-03040-00) Incubator Shaking, ambient+5
(AS-03040-00) Incubator ShakingSI_45
(AS-03050-00) Incubator ShakingSI_60
(AS-01031-08) I_30 BlockI_30
(AS-01051-10) J Block, 96 wells microplate
(AS-01051-10) J BlockJ
(AS-02051-10) J-200 Block, 96 wells microplate
(AS-01031-09) J-30 Block, J-3021xΦ15mm
(AS-01031-09) J_30 BlockJ_30
(AS-01051-11) K Block, 24
(AS-01031-10) K-30 Block, K-3021xΦ16mm
(AS-01031-10) K_30 BlockK_30
(AS-01051-12) L Block, 96-Deep well microplate
(AS-01031-11) L-30 Block, L-3017xΦ18mm
(AS-01181-28) Lifter, T4
(AS-01031-11) L_30 BlockL_30
(AS-01031-12) M-30 Block, M-3014xΦ20mm
(AS-09010-00) Manual Head Space Sampler, HS600
(AS-09010-00) Manual Head Space SamplerHS600
(AS-11010-00) Micro-Spectrophotometer NANO-100, 200nm~800nm
(AS-11030-00) Micro-Spectrophotometer NANO-200, 230nm, 260nm, 280nm
(AS-01061-02) Microplates’s Rack
(AS-08080-00) Mini Centrifuge, Mini-10K, 10,000RPM
(AS-08040-00) Mini Centrifuge, Mini-13K, 13,400RPM
(AS-08050-00) Mini Centrifuge, Mini-14K, 14,500RPM
(AS-08060-00) Mini Centrifuge, Mini-6K, 6,000RPM
(AS-08070-00) Mini Centrifuge, Mini-7K, 7,200RPM
(AS-08050-00) Mini CentrifugeMinispan Plus
(AS-08040-00) Mini CentrifugeMinistar Plus
(AS-08080-00) Mini CentrifugeMini_10K
(AS-08060-00) Mini CentrifugeMini_6K
(AS-08070-00) Mini CentrifugeMini_7K
(AS-08010-00) Mini-Plate Centrifuge, Mini-P25, 2,500RPM
(AS-08010-00) Mini_Plate CentrifugeMini_P25
(AS-02030-00) Mix Smart, MIX-100, 300~3000rpm
(AS-02030-00) Mix SmartMIX_100
(AS-02040-00) Multi-Tube Vortexer , MTV-100, 500~2500rpm
(AS-01031-12) M_30 BlockM_30
(AS-01031-13) N-30 Block, N-309xΦ25mm
(AS-06051-01) Needles 150mm
(AS-06081-01) Needles, 150mm
(AS-06061-01) Needles, 80mm
(AS-06051-01) Needles150mm
(AS-06081-01) Needles150mm
(AS-06061-01) Needles80mm
(AS-01031-14) O-30 Block, O-304xΦ32mm
(AS-04030-00) Orbital Shaker , 50~300rpm
(AS-04050-00) Orbital Shaker , OS-300, 20~250rpm
(AS-04030-00) Orbital Shaker OS_100
(AS-04020-00) Orbital Shaker OS_200
(AS-04020-00) Orbital Shaker, 50~250rpm
(AS-02041-00) Pallet Pad, MTV-B00, Tray pad set
(AS-04051-05) Platform, S-PP-1
(AS-04051-06) Platform, S-PP-2
(AS-04051-07) Platform, S-UP-1
(AS-04051-08) Platform, S-UP-2
(AS-04021-02) Platform--100ml
(AS-04021-03) Platform--250ml
(AS-04021-01) PlatformsPP_1
(AS-04021-01) PlatformsPP_1
(AS-04021-04) PlatformsUP_1
(AS-04021-04) PlatformsUP_1
(AS-04021-02) Platforms__100mlPP12_100
(AS-04021-02) Platforms__100mlPP12_100
(AS-04021-03) Platforms__250mlPP06_250
(AS-04021-03) Platforms__250mlPP06_250
(AS-13011-02) Rotor for 12x5.0ml, 1~12 samples
(AS-13011-01) Rotor for 24x2.0ml, 1~24 samples
(AS-06090-00) Sample Concentration, KD200, ambient+5
(AS-06050-00) Sample Concentration, MD200-1, ambient+5
(AS-06060-00) Sample Concentration, MD200-1A, ambient+5
(AS-06070-00) Sample Concentration, MD200-2, ambient+5
(AS-06080-00) Sample Concentration, WD-12, ambient+5
(AS-06090-00) Sample ConcertrationKD200
(AS-06050-00) Sample ConcertrationMD200_1
(AS-06060-00) Sample ConcertrationMD200_1A
(AS-06070-00) Sample ConcertrationMD200_2
(AS-06080-00) Sample ConcertrationWD_12
(AS-04040-00) Shaker, MX100-4A, 300~1400rpm
(AS-04040-00) ShakerMX100_4A
(AS-08061-04) Slide rotor
(AS-08061-03) Strip Tube Rotor
(AS-02010-00) Thermo Shaker Incubator, MS-100, ambient+5
(AS-02020-00) Thermo Shaker Incubator, MSC-100, 0
(AS-03030-00) Thermo_Shaker for MicroplatesMB100_2A
(AS-03010-00) Thermo_Shaker for MicroplatesMB100_4P
(AS-02020-00) Thermo_Shaker for MicrotubesMSC_100
(AS-02010-00) Thermo_Shaker for MicrotubesMS_100
(AS-03030-00) Thermo_Shaker Incubator, MB100-2A, ambient+5
(AS-03020-00) Thermo_Shaker Incubator, MB100-4A, ambient+5
(AS-02050-00) Turbo-Thermo Shaker , TMS-200, ambient+5
(AS-02060-00) Turbo-Thermo Shaker , TMS-300, ambient+5
(AS-04021-04) Universal Platform
(AS-01131-99) Z-MiniT Block, 5-8x0.2ml microplate
(AS-02041-01) Φ10mm Tube Rack , MTV-B01, 50xΦ10mm
(AS-02041-02) Φ12mm Tube Rack, MTV-B02, 50xΦ12mm
(AS-02041-03) Φ13mm Tube Rack, MTV-B03, 50xΦ13mm
(AS-02041-04) Φ16mm Tube Rack for 15ml tube, MTV-B04, 50xΦ16mm_15ml
(AS-02041-05) Φ25mm Tube Rack, MTV-B05, 15xΦ25mm
(AS-02041-06) Φ29mm Tube Rack for 50ml tube, MTV-B06, 15xΦ29mm_50ml

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