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MEBE052 100bp DNA Ladder Marker (5μl T) 100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,1500bp
MEBE053 1kb DNA Ladder Marker (5μl T) 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,8000,10000bp
MEBE055 1kb Plus DNA Ladder Marker (5μl T) 300,500,800,1000,1500,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,8000,10000bp
MEBE018 2
MEBE010 2'-F-dATP 100mM solutions 100mM,Purity>98 percent (HPLC)
MEBE011 2'-F-dCTP 100mM solutions 100mM,Purity>98 percent (HPLC)
MEBE012 2'-F-dGTP 100mM solutions 100mM,Purity>98 percent (HPLC)
MEBE013 2'-F-dUTP 100mM solutions 100mM,Purity>98 percent (HPLC)
MEBE050 25bp DNA Ladder marker (5μl T) 25,50,75,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,350,375,400,450 ,2000bp
MEBE022 2X Taq Man qPCR master mix hotstar tech, with Rox or without ROX
MEBE021 2x Ultra Sybr qPCR Mix hotstar tech, with Rox or without ROX
MEBE051 50bp DNA Ladder marker (5μl T) 50,100,150,200,250,300,400,500bp
MEBE016 ATP 100mM solutions 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE027 csm Taq DNA Polymerase Cold sensitive mutant Taq polymerases,5U μl
MEBE015 CTP 100mM solutions 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE005 dATP 100mMsolution 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE006 dCTP 100mMsolution 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE007 dGTP 100mM solution 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE047 DL10000 DNA Marker (5μl T) 250,500,1000,2000,3000,4000,6000,10000bp
MEBE048 DL10000 Plus DNA Marker (5μl T) 250,500,750,1000,1500,2000,2500,3000,3500,4000,5000,6000,8000,10000bp
MEBE049 DL15000 DNA Marker (5μl T) 250,1000,2500,5000,7500,10000,15000bp or 500,1000,1500,3000,5000,7500,10000,15000bp
MEBE042 DL2000 DNA Marker (5μl T) 100,250,500,750,1000,2000bp
MEBE046 DL5000 DNA Marker (5μl T) 100,250,500,750,1000,2000,3000,5000bp
MEBE045 DNA Marker III (5μl T) 200,400,600,800,1000,1500bp
MEBE043 DNA Marker Ⅰ (5μl T) 100,200,300,400,500,600,700bp
MEBE044 DNA Marker Ⅱ (5μl T) 100,300,500,700,900,1200bp
MEBE040 Dnase I( Deoxyribonuclease I) Activity≥2000KU mg protein, Lyophilized Powder
MEBE004 dNTP dUTP Mixture 10mM each solution 10mM each, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE002 dNTP Mixture each 10mM solution 10mM each, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE001 dNTP Mixture each 2.5mM solution 2.5mM each, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE003 dNTP Mixture each 25mM solution 25mM each,Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE008 dTTP 100mM solution 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE009 dUTP 100mM solution 100mM, Purity>100 percent (HPLC)
MEBE029 Fast Taq DNA Polymerase 2-9KB min 5U μl
MEBE024 Gold view GoldView DNA SafeView DNA Stain
MEBE031 Golden Star(Hot Star) Taq DNA Polymerase Hot Star, 5U μl
MEBE017 GTP 100mM solutions 100mM, Purity>100 percent (HPLC)
MEBE030 LA Taq DNA Polymerase Long PCR Taq,5U μl
MEBE028 m Taq DNA Polymerase anti inhibitor,direct PCR for blood,tissue ect 5U μl
MEBE035 M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase(RNase H+) 200U μl
MEBE034 M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase(RNase H-) 200U μl
MEBE033 Pfu DNA Polymerase 5U μl
MEBE039 Proteinase K Activity≥30 U mg protein,Lyophilized Powder
MEBE058 pUC19 DNA BspHⅠ+BglⅠ+TaqⅠMarker (5μl T) 30,105,184,287,292,447,476,620,721,824,1118,1281,1568bp
MEBE038 Ribonuclease Inhibitor Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Human Placenta recombinant. 40U ul
MEBE041 RNase I (Ribonuclease A) Activity≥ 50 KU mg peotein, Lyophilized Powder
MEBE037 Super High Fidelity DNA Polymerase 2U ul, amplify to 20 KB,2U ul, amplify to 20 KB super highfidelity(50 times than Taq, 6 times than pfu).
MEBE023 Sybr Green I 20X
MEBE025 Taq DNA Polymerase 5U μl
MEBE026 Taq DNA Polymerase(DNA clean up) 5U μl
MEBE032 Taq Plus DNA Polymerase 5U μl, high fidelity
MEBE036 Thermal Stable M-MLV reverse(RNase H-) 200U μl,Thermal Stable
MEBE014 UTP 100mM solutions 100mM, Purity>99 percent (HPLC)
MEBE056 λDNA EcokⅠ Marker (5μl T) 3530,4878,5643,5804,7421,21226bp
MEBE054 λDNA Hind Ⅲ Marker (5μl T) 125,564,2027,2322,4361,6557,9416,23130bp
MEBE057 λDNA Hind Ⅲ+EcoR Ⅰ Marker (5μl T) 564,831,947,1375,1584,1904,2027,3530,4268,4973,5148,21226bp