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STD#1091 0.5μg ml Aflatoxin M1 in Acetonitrile
STD#1101 0.5μg ml Aflatoxin M2 in Acetonitrile
STD#3104 100ug ml 15-Acetyl Deoxynivalenol in Acetonitrile
STD#3103 100ug ml 3-Acetyl Deoxynivalenol in Acetonitrile
STD#3121 100ug ml HT-2 toxin in Acetonitrile
STD#3141 100 μg mL Fusarenon X in Aacetonitrile
STD#3131 100 μg mL Nivalenol in Aacetonitrile
STD#1052 100μg ml Aflatoxin B2 in Acetonitrile
STD#1062 100μg ml Aflatoxin G1 in Acetonitrile
STD#1072 100μg ml Aflatoxin G2 in Acetonitrile
STD#9042 100μg ml Citrinin in Methanol
STD#8022 100μg ml Cyclopiazonic Acid in Acetonitrile
STD#8022 100μg ml Cyclopiazonic Acid in ACN
STD#3102 100μg ml Deoxynivalenol in Methanol
STD#5012 100μg ml Ochratoxin A in Methanol
STD#6012 100μg ml Patulin in Acetonitrile
STD#3071 100μg ml Type A & B Trichothecenes (Fusarenon X, Neosolaniol, 3ACDON,15ACDON,Nivalenol, HT2 Toxin,Diacetoxyscirpenol, T2 Toxin in Acetonitrile)
STD#1042 100μg mlAflatoxin B1 in Acetonitrile
STD#8021 10μg ml Cyclopiazonic Acid in Acetonitrile
STD#8021 10μg ml Cyclopiazonic Acid in ACN
STD#5011 10μg ml Ochratoxin A in Methanol
STD#5021 10μg ml Ochratoxin B in ACN
STD#3081 10μg ml Type A Trichothecenes (Neosolaniol, Diacetoxyscirpenol, HT2 Toxin, T2 Toxin in 97 3 Toluene Acetonitrile)
STD#3091 10μg ml Type B Trichothecenes (FusarenonX, Deoxynivalenol, 3Acetyl DON, 15Acetyl DON, Nivalenol in 2 1 Acetone Methanol)
STD#3151 25 μg mL Deepoxy-deoxynivalenol in ACN
STD#1041 25μg ml Aflatoxin B1 in Acetonitrile
STD#1051 25μg ml Aflatoxin B2 in Acetonitrile
STD#1061 25μg ml Aflatoxin G1 in Acetonitrile
STD#1071 25μg ml Aflatoxin G2 in Acetonitrile
STD#6011 25μg ml Patulin in Acetonitrile
STD#3111 25μg ml Zearalenone in Acetonitrile
STD#1081 2μg ml Aflatoxins B1and G1 and 0.5μg ml B2, G2 (4 1 4 1) in Acetonitrile
STD#3101 50μg ml Deoxynivalenol in Methanol
STD#2011 50μg ml Fumonisin B1 and 50μg ml Fumonisin B2 in Acetonitriler
STD#2031 50μg ml Fumonisin B1 in Acetonitrile
STD#2041 50μg ml Fumonisin B2 in Acetonitrile
STD#2051 50μg ml Fumonisin B3 in Acetonitrile
STD#9041 5μg ml Citrinin in Methanol
MSS1003 Aflatoxin B1 Standard
MSS1004 Aflatoxin B2 Standard
MSS1005 Aflatoxin G1 Standard
MSS1006 Aflatoxin G2 Standard
MSS1007 Aflatoxin M1 Standard
MSS1008 Aflatoxin M2 Standard
MSS1009 Citrinin Standard
MSS1010 Cyclopiazonic acid
MSS1011 Deoxynivalenol Standard
MSS1012 Diacetoxyscirpenol Standard
MSS1013 Fumonisin B1 Standard
MSS1014 Fumonisin B2 Standard
MSS1015 Fusarenon X Standard
MSS1017 Moniliformin Standard
MSS1018 Neosolaniol Standard
MSS1019 Nivalenol Standard
MSS1020 Ochratoxin A Standard
MSS1021 Patulin Standard
226 PriboFast Afla+Zon
PS-101 PriboFast Aflatoxin B-1 25
PS-102 PriboFast Aflatoxin B-2 25
PS-103 PriboFast Aflatoxin G-1 25
PS-104 PriboFast Aflatoxin G-2 25
PS-106 PriboFast Aflatoxin M-1 1.0
PS-105 PriboFast Aflatoxins B-1, B-2, G-1, G-2 (4:1:4:1) 2.0 0.5
PS-109 PriboFast Deoxynivalenol (DON) 100
PS-108 PriboFast Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS) 100
PS-110 PriboFast Neosolaniol 100
PS-107 PriboFast T-2 Toxin 100
IAC-140-3 PriboFastAfla+Ochra IAC
IAC-124-3 PriboFastAfla+Ochra+Zen IAC
228 PriboFastAfla+Patulin
M160 PriboFastAfla+Zon
EKT-011 PriboFastAflatoxin B1 ELISA kit
EKT-018 PriboFastAflatoxin M1 ELISA kit
IAC-012-3 PriboFastAflatoxin M1 IAC
EKT-012 PriboFastAflatoxin total ELISA kit
IAC-011-3 PriboFastAflatoxin total IAC
IAC-010-3 PriboFastAflatoxinB1 IAC
230 PriboFastCPA
EKT-016 PriboFastDeoxynivalenol ELISA kit
IAC-030-3 PriboFastDeoxynivalenol IAC
200 PriboFastDon+Nival
M200 PriboFastDon+Nival
IAC-230-3 PriboFastDON+ZEN IAC
IAC-205-3 PriboFastEstradiol IAC
210 PriboFastFum B1+B2
EKT-015 PriboFastFumonisin ELISA kit
IAC-050-3 PriboFastFumonisin IAC
EKT-080 PriboFastMelamine ELISA kit
EKT-017 PriboFastOchratoxin A ELISA kit
M290 PriboFastOchratoxin A&B
IAC-040-3 PriboFastOchratoxin IAC
SP0801-8 PriboFastpump flow operation frame
EKT-014 PriboFastT-2 ELISA kit
IAC-060-3 PriboFastT-2 toxin IAC
M270 PriboFastTrichothecenes A&B
227 PriboFastTrichothecenes A&B
IAC-101-3 PriboFastVitamin B12 IAC
IAC-102-3 PriboFastVitamin B7 IAC
IAC-103-3 PriboFastVitamin B9 IAC
EKT-013 PriboFastZearalenone ELISA kit
IAC-020-3 PriboFastZearalenone IAC
IAC-201-3 PriboFastZON IAC
M-EVAP-24 PribolabMycotoxin Evaporator System
MSS1022 Sterigmatocystin Standard
MSS1023 T-2 Toxin Standard
MSS1024 Zearalenone Standard