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Alpha Dia

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About this Supplier: elisa kit, rapid tests, food safety tests, primary antibodies, custom peptides & antibodies, blots, tissue slides/arrays, proteins, enzymes, cDNAs.

SP-101942-1 [Tyr63] PTH (63_84), human
SP-88259-5 234 CM
SP-88260-5 234 CW
SP-88343-1 26Rfa, Hypothalamic Peptide, frog
SP-67811-1 26Rfa, Hypothalamic Peptide, human
SP-88344-1 26Rfa, Hypothalamic Peptide, rat
HCLS-17010 293 Cell Slide (Human (embryonal) kidney transformed by sheared human adenovirus 5 (Ad 5) DNA) (5 slides_pk)
SP-100796-1 2A_2B Dengue Protease Substrate
SP-55157-1 2B_(A)
SP-101375-1 2B_(pS)
SP-55158-1 2B_(S)
SP-100797-1 2B_3, Dengue Protease Substrate
SP-100800-1 3_4A, Dengue Protease Substrate
HNE51-1 4 hydroxynonenal (HNE), >98 percent pure
HNE51-10 4 hydroxynonenal (HNE), >98 percent pure
HNE51-5 4 hydroxynonenal (HNE), >98 percent pure
SP-88150-5 4A_4B, 5A_5B Peptide
SP-88149-5 4A_4B, Peptide (1)
SP-88151-5 4B_5A, Peptdie
HNE15-R 4_Hydroxynonenal (HNE)_BSA protein conjugate for ELISA (in PBS)
HNE12-C 4_Hydroxynonenal (HNE)_BSA protein conjugate for Western blots (in sample buffer)
HNE52-1 4_hydroxyperoxy 2_nonenal, >98 percent pure
SP-101346-5 5A_5B, Peptide (1)
SP-101347-1 5A_5B, Peptide (3)
8OHG15-N-1 8_hydroxy Guanosine, compound
8OHG15-N-5 8_hydroxy Guanosine, compound
8OH2G16-N-1 8_hydroxy_2_deoxy Guanosine, compound
8OH2G16-N-5 8_hydroxy_2_deoxy Guanosine, compound
110300-AF A kit containing all affinity purification buffers for 10_20 antibody purifications
HCLS-17003 A549 Cell Slide (Human (58 yrs, Male) lung carcinoma) (5 slides_pk)
900-180-83WR A83) Ig’s WB kit, 12 tests
PP-1000 Abarelix
SP-86868-5 abII probe
SP-86867-1 abIII probe
SP-53571-1 Abl Cytosolic Substrate
SP-86721-5 Abltide
SP-88152-5 Ac _ 5A_5B Peptide
SP-86609-5 Acetalin 1, Opioid Receptor Antagonist 1
SP-86610-5 Acetalin 3, Opioid Receptor Antagonist 3
SP-55161-1 Acetyl, a_Endorphin
SP-101850-5 Achatin_1
SP-80991-5 ACTH
SP-62197-5 ACTH (11_24) (AA Lys_Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro) (MW 1652.08)
SP-87342-1 ACTH (12_39), rat (AA Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro_Asn_Val_Ala_Glu_Asn_Glu_Ser_Ala_Glu_Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu_Phe) (MW 3172.66)
SP-103048-1 ACTH (18_39) (human) (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) (Biotin) (AA Biotin_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro_Asn_Gly_Ala_Glu_Asp_Glu_Ser_Ala_Glu_Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu_Phe) (MW 2692.02)
SP-55135-1 ACTH (1_14)
SP-55156-1 ACTH (1_16), Human
SP-55159-1 ACTH (1_17), Human
SP-86497-1 ACTH (1_39) (guinea pig) (AA Ser_Tyr_Ser_Met_Glu_His_Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly_Lys_Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Ala_Asn_Gly_Ala_Glu_Glu_Glu_Ser_Ala_Glu_Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu_Phe) (MW 4529.16)
SP-55173-1 ACTH (1_4) peptide
SP-86548-1 ACTH (22_39) (AA Val_Tyr_Pro_Asn_Gly_Ala_Glu_Asp_Glu_Ser_Ala_Glu_Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu_Phe) (MW 1985.11)
SP-62198-5 ACTH (34_39) (AA Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu_Phe) (MW 722.85)
SP-86498-1 ACTH (3_24), human (AA Ser_Met_Glu_His_Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly_Lys_Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro) (MW 2683.25)
SP-86545-5 ACTH (4_11) (AA Met_Glu_His_Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly_Lys) (MW 1090.28)
SP-86499-5 ACTH (4_9) (AA Met_Glu_His_Phe_Arg_Trp) (MW 905.05)
SP-62195-1 ACTH (6_24), human (AA His_Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly_Lys_Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro) (MW 2335.9)
SP-86547-1 ACTH (7_ 38), human (AA Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly_Lys_Pro_Val_Gly_Lys_Lys_Arg_Arg_Pro_Val_Lys_Val_Tyr_Pro_Asn_Gly_Ala_Glu_Asp_Glu_Ser_Ala_Glu_Ala_Phe_Pro_Leu_Glu) (MW 3659.20)
SP-55215-1 ACTH(18_39), Human
SP-55359-1 ACTH(1_10), Human
SP-55399-1 ACTH(1_13), Human
SP-55222-1 ACTH(1_24), Human
SP-52315-1 ACTH(1_39), Human
SP-55405-1 ACTH(1_39), Rat
SP-51725-1 ACTH(4_10), Human
SP-86544-5 ACTH(4_9), Tyr (AA Tyr_Met_Glu_His_Phe_Arg_Trp_Gly) (MW 1125.28)
ACTB22-P Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma) Control_blocking peptide
SP-86551-1 Activated Protein C (390_404) (human)
SP-87943-5 Activity _ Dependent Neurotrophic Factor, ADNF
SP-86552-5 Activity_Dependent Neurotrophic Factor_14
SP-86553-5 Acyl Carrier Protein (65_74) (acid)
SP-86554-5 Acyl Carrier Protein (65_74) (amide) (AA Val_Gln_Ala_Ala_Ile_Asp_Tyr_Ile_Asn_Gly_NH2) (MW 1062.20)
AC-01 Acylase (1000 U_mg material), Porcine kidney
AC-02 Acylase (2000 U_mg material), Porcine kidney
SP-100526-1 Ac_
SP-89895-1 Ac_
SP-88490-1 Ac_ [Nle4,DPhe7] a_MSH (4_10), amide
SP-86491-1 Ac_ACTH (1_14), 10_1_12A
SP-86493-1 Ac_ACTH (1_17)
SP-86487-1 Ac_Adhesin (1025_1044) amide
SP-89378-1 Ac_Amylin (8_37), human
SP-87931-1 Ac_Amylin (8_37), rat
SP-89301-5 Ac_Amyloid
SP-101677-1 Ac_Angiotensinogen (1_14), human
SP-101680-1 Ac_Angiotensinogen (1_14), porcine
SP-89400-1 Ac_a_CGRP (19_37) (human)
SP-89408-1 Ac_Calpastatin (184_210) (human)
SP-86488-1 Ac_Choline Receptor
SP-55348-5 Ac_D_E peptide
SP-89899-1 Ac_d_Endorphin (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine)
SP-88402-5 Ac_Endothelin_1 (16_21), human
SP-86674-5 Ac_Glutamine
SP-52003-25 Ac_GPK(Ac)_pNA
SP-52004-25 Ac_GPK_pNA
SP-100263-5 Ac_GRP (20_26) (human, porcine, canine)
SP-87429-1 Ac_g_Endorphin
SP-89129-1 Ac_Hirudin (55_65) (desulfated)
SP-51614-25 Ac_IEAR_pNA
SP-52001-25 Ac_IETD_pNA
SP-51999-1 Ac_LEHD*
SP-102039-5 Ac_MBP (4_14) Peptide
SP-86489-1 Ac_Neurotrophin Receptor (368_381) amide (human)
SP-100455-1 Ac_PACAP_38 (human, mouse, ovine, porcine, rat)
SP-86490-10 Ac_Pepstatin
SP-88496-5 Ac_Phe_Gly_pNA
SP-70164-5 Ac_P_G_A
SP-89054-5 Ac_RYYRIK_NH2
SP-51961-1 Ac_S_D_K_P*
SP-52000-25 Ac_VEID_pNA*
SP-51978-25 Ac_YVAD_pNA*
SP-89396-1 Ac_[Asn30,Tyr32]_Calcitonin (8_32) (salmon I)
SP-100294-5 Ac_[Cys(Acm)33,42]_EGF (33_42) amide (mouse)
SP-88426-5 Ac_[DTrp16] Endothelin_1 (16_21), human
SP-89894-5 Ac_[D_Lys2,Sar3]_Melanotropin_Potentiating Factor
SP-100076-5 Ac_[Leu28,31]_Neuropeptide Y (24_36)
SP-88486-5 Ac_[Lys0,Nle3]_g2_MSH amide
SP-87940-5 Ac_[Pro18, Asp21]
SP-89083-1 Ac_[Tyr1,D_Arg2]_GRF (1_29) amide (human)
SP-89084-1 Ac_[Tyr1,D_Phe2]_GRF (1_29) amide (human)
SP-52218-1 Adipokentic Hormone from Schistocera Gregaria
SP-55334-1 Adipokinetic Hormone
SP-100043-5 Adipokinetic Hormone (Apis mellifera ligustica, Bombyx mori, Heliothis zea, Manduca sexta) (AA Glp_Leu_Thr_Phe_Thr_Ser_Ser_Trp_Gly_NH2) (MW 921)
SP-55372-1 Adipokinetic Hormone, AKH, locust
SP-86555-5 Adipokinetic Hormone, G (AKH_G) (AA Pyr_Val_Asn_Phe_Ser_Thr_Gly_Trp_NH2) (MW 920.02)
SP-86563-1 Adipokintetic, Hormone from Locusta Migratoria
SP-60862-5 Adipophilin (AA Ser_Val_Ala_Ser_Thr_Ile_Thr_Gly_Val) (MW 833.94)
SP-86608-5 ADP _ Ribosylation Factor 6, ARF6 (2 _ 13) (AA Gly_Lys_Val_Leu_Ser_Lys_Ile_Phe_Gly_Asn_Lys_Glu) (MW 1319.58)
SP-100821-1 ADP_Ribosylation Factor 1, ARF1 (2 _ 17) (AA Gly_Asn_Ile_Phe_Ala_Asn_Leu_Phe_Lys_Gly_Leu_Phe_Gly_Lys_Lys_Glu) (MW 1783.12)
SP-54351-5 ADR1 _ derived peptide (AA Leu_Lys_Lys_Leu_Thr_Arg_Arg_Ala_Ser_Phe_Ser_Gly_Gln) (MW 1491.77)
SP-55426-1 Adrenmedullin(1_52), Human
PP-1010 Adrenocorticotropic (Hormone human) (1_24)
RP-1503 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
SP-100047-1 Adrenomedullin (11_50) (rat) (AA see antigen, sequence too long)
SP-100048-1 Adrenomedullin (16_31) (human, pig) (AA Cys_Arg_Phe_Gly_Thr_Cys_Thr_Val_Gln_Lys_Leu_Ala_His_Gln_Ile_Tyr_NH2 (Disulfide bridge Cys1_Cys6) (MW 1865.21)
SP-100825-1 Adrenomedullin (1_ 52), porcine (AA see antigen, sequence too long)
SP-100824-5 Adrenomedullin (1_12), human (AA Tyr_Arg_Gln_Ser_Met_Asn_Asn_Phe_Gln_Gly_Leu_Arg) (MW 1513.7)
SP-100046-1 Adrenomedullin (1_50), rat (AA see antigen, sequence too long)
SP-100049-1 Adrenomedullin (26_52) (human) (AA Leu_Ala_His_Gln_Ile_Tyr_Gln_Phe_Thr_Asp_Lys_Asp_Lys_Asp_Asn_Val_Ala_Pro_Arg_Ser_Lys_Ile_Ser_Pro_Gln_Gly_Tyr_NH2) (MW 3119.49)
SP-55425-1 Adrenomedullin(13_52), Human
SP-55286-1 Adrenomedullin(22_52), Human
SP-55322-1 Adrenorphin
SP-88439-5 Adrenorphin, Free Acid (AA Tyr_Gly_Gly_Phe_Met_Arg_Arg_Val) (MW 985.18)
HTWB-10 Adult Human Tissues (11 ) ReadyBlot tissue Protein Explorer, 1 blot
HTWB-C1 Adult Human Tissues (customized tissues) ReadyBlot tissue Protein Explorer, 1 blot
MDWB-41 Adult Mouse Digestive Tract ReadyBlot Protein Explorer, 1 blot
MKWB-61 Adult Mouse ReadyBlot Kidney Protein Explorer, 1 blot
MTWB-71 Adult Mouse Tissues (10 ) ReadyBlot tissue Protein Explorer, 1 blot
RDWB-51 Adult Rat Digestive Tract ReadyBlot Protein Explorer, 1 blot
RKWB-81 Adult Rat ReadyBlot Kidney Protein Explorer, 1 blot
RTWB-91 Adult Rat Tissues (10 ) ReadyBlot tissue Protein Explorer, 1 blot
SP-101854-5 AF_1 (AA Lys_Asn_Glu_Phe_Ile_Arg_Phe_ NH2) (MW 3576.06)
SP-88345-5 AF_2, nematode (AA Lys_His_Glu_Tyr_Leu_Arg_Phe_ NH2) (MW 991.17)
SP-100829-1 AGRP (25_51) (AA Leu_Ala_Pro_Met_Glu_Gly_Ile_Arg_Arg_Pro_Asp_Gln_Ala_Leu_Leu_Pro_Glu_Leu_Pro_Gly_Leu_Gly_Leu_Arg_Ala_Pro_Leu) (MW 2894.5)
SP-100830-1 AGRP (54_82) (AA Thr_Thr_Ala_Glu_Gln_Ala_Glu_Glu_Asp_Leu_Leu_Gln_Glu_Ala_Gln_Ala_Leu_Ala_Glu_Val_Leu_Asp_Leu_Gln_Asp_Arg_Glu_Pro_Arg) (MW 3282.5)
SP-100831-1 AGRP (87_132), human (AA Ac_Cys_Val_Arg_Leu_His_Glu_Ser_Cys_Leu_Gly_Gln_Gln_Val_Pro_Cys_Cys_Asp_Pro_Cys_Ala_Thr_Cys_Tyr_Cys_Arg_Phe_Phe_Asn_Ala_Phe_Cys_Tyr_Cys_Arg_Lys_Leu_Gly_Thr_Ala_Met_Asn_Pro_Cys
SP-81168-5 Akt Specific Substrate Peptide, Akt_PKB (AA Arg_Pro_Arg_Ala_Ala_Thr_Phe) (MW 817.95)
SP-86880-5 AKT_PKB_Rac _ Protein Kinase Substrate (AA Ala_Arg_Lys_Arg_Glu_Arg_Thr_Tyr_Ser_Phe_Gly_His_His_Ala) (MW 1715.91)
PP-1020 Alarelin Acetate
800-200-BSA Albumin (Human, Mouse, rat, bovine and others) removal kit (synthetic dye based matrix; sufficient to remove 20_40 mg BSA from Bioprocessed material), 2 ml aff column
800-225-BSA Albumin (Human, Mouse, rat, bovine and others) removal kit (synthetic dye based matrix; sufficient to remove 250_500 mg BSA from Bioprocessed material), 25 ml aff column
800-205-BSA Albumin (Human, Mouse, rat, bovine and others) removal kit (synthetic dye based matrix; sufficient to remove 50_100 mg BSA from Bioprocessed material), 5 ml aff column
700-300-10 Albumin_X, Albumin (multiple species) removal kit (sufficient to remove 2_3 mg albumin or process ~50_100 ul serum; 10 mini_columns ~250 ul resin)
700-1250-10 Albumin_X, Albumin (multiple species) removal kit (sufficient to remove 6_10 mg albumin or process ~200_300 ul serum; 10 mini_columns ~1.25 ml resin)
LT-700MS-300ULX-10XC Albumin_X, Albumin (multiple species) removal kit (sufficient to remove 6_10 mg albumin or process ~200_300 ul serum; 10 mini_columns ~1.25 ml resin)
SP-100519-1 Aldosterone Secretion Inhibiting Factor (1_35) (bovine) (AA Ala_Leu_Arg_Gly_Pro_Lys_Met_Met_Arg_Asp_Ser_Gly_Cys_Phe_Gly_Arg_Arg_Leu_Asp_Arg_Ile_Gly_Ser_Leu_Ser_Gly_Leu_Gly_Cys_Asn_Val_Leu_Arg_Arg_Tyr
RP-1468 Alkaline Phosphatase
ALP-04 Alkaline Phosphatase (1000 Glycine U_mg protein), Calf Intestine
ALP-10 Alkaline Phosphatase (2600 DEA U_mg protein), Calf Intestine
ALP-03 Alkaline Phosphatase (700 Glycine U_mg protein), Calf Intestine
ALP15-N-1 Alkaline phosphatase (AP), calf intestine, Conjugation grade (3000_6000 u_mg)
ALP15-N-10 Alkaline phosphatase (AP), calf intestine, Conjugation grade (3000_6000 u_mg)
ALP16-N-1 Alkaline phosphatase (AP), calf intestine, Mol Biol grade (3000_6000 u_mg) (free Free of endonuclease, exonuclease and RNase activities)
ALP16-N-10 Alkaline phosphatase (AP), calf intestine, Mol Biol grade (3000_6000 u_mg) (free Free of endonuclease, exonuclease and RNase activities)
ALP15-N-5 Alkaline Phosphatase (Calf, AP) Enzyme, purified EIA grade
SP-55137-1 Allatostatin
SP-100832-5 Allatostatin I (free acid) (AA Ala_Pro_Ser_Gly_Ala_Gln_Arg_Leu_Tyr_Gly_Phe_Gly_Leu) (MW 1335.5)
SP-100500-5 Allatostatin II (AA Gly_Asp_Gly_Arg_Leu_Tyr_Ala_Phe_Gly_Leu_NH2) (MW 1067.2)
SP-100501-5 Allatostatin III (AA Gly_Gly_Ser_Leu_Tyr_Ser_Phe_Gly_Leu_NH2) (MW 899.02)
SP-100502-5 Allatostatin IV (AA Asp_Arg_Leu_Tyr_Ser_Phe_Gly_Leu_NH2) (MW 969.1)
SP-100833-5 Allatostatin VI (AA Tyr_Pro_Gln_Glu_His_Arg_Phe_Ser_Phe_Gly_Leu_NH2) (MW 1379.5)
SP-100834-5 Allatostatin VII (AA Asp_Gly_Arg_Met_Tyr_Ser_Phe_Gly_Leu_NH2) (MW 1044.2)
SP-100835-1 Allatotropin, Mas – AT (AA Gly_Phe_Lys_Asn_Val_Glu_Met_Met_Thr_Ala_Arg_Gly_Phe_NH2 (Disulfide bridge Cys2_Cys7) (MW 1486.8)
SP-77584-5 Alloferon 1 (AA His_Gly_Val_Ser_Gly_His_Gly_Gln_His_Gly_Val_His_Gly) (MW 1265.3)
SP-100504-5 Alloferon 2 (AA Gly_Val_Ser_Gly_His_Gly_Gln_His_Gly_Val_His_Gly) (MW 1128.2)
A1AG15-N Alpha 1 Acid Glycoprotein (A1_AGP), Human Plasma
A1CT15-N-100 Alpha 1_Antichymotrypsin, Human Plasma
A1AT15-N Alpha 1_Antitrypsin, Human Plasma
A1AT11-C Alpha 1_Antitrypsin, Human protein control for WB
A2AP15-100 Alpha 2_Antiplasmin, Human Plasma
A2HG15-N Alpha 2_HS Glycoprotein, Human Plasma
A2MG15-N Alpha 2_Macroglobulin, Human Plasma
A2MG11-C Alpha 2_Macroglobulin, Human protein control for WB
A1AG17-N-25 Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Dog, purified
A1AG19-N-25 Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Rat, purified
A1AG19-C Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Rat, purified control for western
A1AG16-N-25 Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Cat, purified
A1AG17-C Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Dog, control for western
A1AG18-C Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Mouse, control for western
A1AG18-N-25 Alpha_1_Acid Glycoprotein Protein, Mouse, Purified
TACE-SW Alpha_Secretase peptide substrate Human APP605_619, >95 percent pure
TACE-SW-1 Alpha_Secretase peptide substrate Human APP605_619, >95 percent pure
TACE-SW-10 Alpha_Secretase peptide substrate Human APP605_619, >95 percent pure
TACE-SW-20 Alpha_Secretase peptide substrate Human APP605_619, >95 percent pure
SP-86720-1 Alternate Syntide (AA Pro_Leu_Ser_Arg_Thr_Leu_Ser_Val_Ser_Ser_Leu_Pro_Gly_Leu_ NH2) (MW 1425.70)
SP-55151-1 Alytesin
SP-87929-1 Amino Terminal Fragment (AA Met_Lys_Asp_Asn_Phe_Ser_Phe_Ala_Ala_Thr_Ser_Arg_Asn_Ile_Thr_Ser_Ser) (MW 1877.08)
DE-100140 Ampicillin ELISA kit, 96 tests (For Pork_Liver, Chicken, Duck, Shrimp, Fish, Honey, Milk)
SP-89376-1 Amylin (1_13) (human) (AA Lys_Cys_Asn_Thr_Ala_Thr_Cys_Ala_Thr_Gln_Arg_Leu_Ala (Disulfide bridge Cys2_Cys7)) (MW 1378.60)
SP-89379-5 Amylin (20_29) (human) (AA Ser_Asn_Asn_Phe_Gly_Ala_Ile_Leu_Ser_Ser) (MW 1009.09)
SP-55237-1 Amylin (8_37), human (AA Ala_Thr_Gln_Arg_Leu_Ala_Asn_Phe_Leu_Val_His_Ser_Ser_ Asn_Asn_Phe_Gly_Ala_Ile_Leu_Ser_Ser_Thr_Asn_Val_Gly_Ser_ Asn_Thr_Tyr) (MW 3184.5)
SP-55284-1 Amylin(8_37), Rat
SP-55201-1 Amylin(IAPP)(Feline)
SP-55204-1 Amylin, Human
SP-52219-1 Amylin,human (AA Lys_Cys_Asn_Thr_Ala_Thr_Cys_Ala_Thr_Gln_Arg_Leu_Ala_Asn_Phe_Leu_Val_His_Ser_Ser_Asn_Asn_Phe_Gly_Ala_Ile_Leu_Ser_Ser_Thr_Asn_Val_Gly_Ser_Asn_Thr_Tyr_NH2 (Disulfide bridge Cys2_Cys7) (
SP-53819-1 Amyloid
SP-62497-1 Amyloid
SP-71897-1 Amyloid
SP-72257-1 Amyloid
SP-80702-5 Amyloid
SP-89298-1 Amyloid
SP-89304-5 Amyloid
SP-89305-5 Amyloid
SP-89314-5 Amyloid
SP-53770-1 Amyloid (1_40), Rat
SP-52487-1 Amyloid (1_42), Human
SP-51106-1 Amyloid (25_35) peptide
SP-83872-05 Amyloid Bri Protein (1_23) (AA Glu_Ala_Ser_Asn_Cys_Phe_Ala_Ile_Arg_His_Phe_Glu_Asn_Lys_Phe_Ala_Val_Glu_Thr_Leu_Ile_Cys_Ser (Disulfide bridge Cys5_Cys22)) (MW 2628.00)
SP-89286-05 Amyloid Bri Protein (1_34) (AA Pyr_Ala_Ser_Asn_Cys_Phe_Ala_Ile_Arg_His_Phe_Glu_Asn_Lys_Phe_Ala_Val_Glu_Thr_Leu_Ile_Cys_Ser_Arg_Thr_Val_Lys_Lys_Asn_Ile_Ile_Glu_Glu_Asn (Disulfide bridge Cys5_Cys22))
SP-89285-05 Amyloid Bri Protein (1_34) (reduced) (AA Pyr_Ala_Ser_Asn_Cys_Phe_Ala_Ile_Arg_His_Phe_Glu_Asn_Lys_Phe_Ala_Val_Glu_Thr_Leu_Ile_Cys_Ser_Arg_Thr_Val_Lys_Lys_Asn_Ile_Ile_Glu_Glu_Asn) (MW 3937.55)
SP-89287-1 Amyloid Bri Protein Precursor277 (89_106) (AA Cys_Gly_Ile_Lys_Tyr_Ile_Lys_Asp_Asp_Val_Ile_Leu_Asn_Glu_Pro_Ser_Ala_Asp) (MW 1993.27)
SP-89288-1 Amyloid Dan Protein (1_34) (AA Pyr_Ala_Ser_Asn_Cys_Phe_Ala_Ile_Arg_His_Phe_Glu_Asn_Lys_Phe_Ala_Val_Glu_Thr_Leu_Ile_Cys_Phe_Asn_Leu_Phe_Leu_Asn_Ser_Gln_Glu_Lys_His_Tyr (Disulfide bridge Cys5_Cys21))
SP-89290-1 Amyloid Dan Protein (1_34) (reduced) (AA Pyr_Ala_Ser_Asn_Cys_Phe_Ala_Ile_Arg_His_Phe_Glu_Asn_Lys_Phe_Ala_Val_Glu_Thr_Leu_Ile_Cys_Phe_Asn_Leu_Phe_Leu_Asn_Ser_Gln_Glu_Lys_His_Tyr) (MW 4046.63)
SP-89284-5 Amyloid P Component (33_38) amide (AA Phe_Thr_Leu_Cys_Phe_Arg_NH2) (MW 784.98)
SP-53771-1 Amyloid Peptide(1_42), Rat
SP-51516 Amyloid(1_40), UltraPure, TFA
SP-102059-1 Anantin (linear sequence) (AA Gly_Phe_Ile_Gly_Trp_Gly_Asn_Asp_Ile_Phe_Gly_His_Tyr_Ser_Gly_Asp_Phe (Peptide beta bond between Gly1_Asp8 ) (MW 1871)
SP-89318-1 Angiogenin (108_122) (AA Glu_Asn_Gly_Leu_Pro_Val_His_Leu_Asp_Gln_Ser_Ile_Phe_Arg_Arg) (MW 1781.02)
SP-89319-1 Angiogenin (108_123) (AA Glu_Asn_Gly_Leu_Pro_Val_His_Leu_Asp_Gln_Ser_Ile_Phe_Arg_Arg_Pro) (MW 1878.14)
SP-52222-5 Angiontensin III, Human
RP-1465 Angiotensin
SP-87930-5 Angiotensin (1_5) (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile) (MW 664.77)
SP-76166-5 Angiotensin (1_9) (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro_Phe_His) (MW 1183.35)
SP-100365-5 Angiotensin A (AA Ala_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro_Phe) (MW 1183.34)
PP-1030 Angiotensin Acetate
SP-55333-5 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor
SP-55331-5 Angiotensin I [Des_Asp1_](Human)
SP-52220-5 Angiotensin I, Human
SP-55177-5 Angiotensin II (1_4), Human
SP-55193-5 Angiotensin II (4_8), Human
PP-1040 Angiotensin II Acetate
SP-88315-5 Angiotensin II Antipeptide (AA Glu_Gly_Val_Tyr_Val_His_Pro_Val) (MW 899.02)
SP-88314-5 Angiotensin II Substrate (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr(PO3H2)_Ile_His_Pro_Phe) (MW 1126.20)
SP-88313-5 Angiotensin II type 1 receptor (181 _ 187), AT1, ATE. (AA Ala_Phe_His_Tyr_Glu_Ser_Gln) (MW 880.92)
SP-51480-5 Angiotensin II [Des_Asp1_](Human)
SP-55200-5 Angiotensin II(3_8), Human
SP-55317-5 Angiotensin II[Sar1 Ile8]
SP-89341-5 Angiotensin I_Converting Enzyme Substrate (AA Bz_Phe_Ala_Pro) (MW 437.49)
SP-89330-5 Angiotensin I_II (1_6) (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His) (MW 801.91)
SP-65061-5 Angiotensin I_II (3_7) (AA Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro) (MW 627.75)
SP-88316-5 Angiotensin I_II (5_8) (AA Ile_His_Pro_Phe) (MW 512.61)
SP-55246-5 Angiotensin, Canine, Rat
SP-101676-5 Angiotensinogen (1_ 13) (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro_Phe_His_Leu_Val_Ile_His) (MW 1645.9)
SP-55138-1 Angiotensinogen (1_14)
SP-101679-5 Angiotensinogen (1_14) ,Rat (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro_Phe_His_Leu_Leu_Tyr_Tyr_Ser) (MW 1823.1)
SP-101678-5 Angiotensinogen (1_14), Porcine (AA Asp_Arg_Val_Tyr_Ile_His_Pro_Phe_His_Leu_Leu_Val_Tyr_Ser) (MW 1759.1)
ATN15-N-100 Angiotensinogen, Human Plasma
SP-88317-5 Annexin 1 (ANXA _ 1; Ac 2 _ 12) (AA Ac_Ala_Met_Val_Ser_Glu_Phe_Leu_Lys_Gln_Ala_Trp) (MW 1351.60)
ANV-F-100 Annexin V_FITC apoptosis kit
SP-55353-1 Anorexigenic Peptide
SP-55370-1 ANP (1_11), Rat
SP-55423-1 ANP(1_30), Frog peptide
SP-55256-1 Antagonist G
SP-88346-5 Antho_Rfamide (AA Pyr_Gly_Arg_Phe_NH2) (MW 488.57)
SP-88347-5 Antho_Rwamide I (AA Pyr _Ser_Leu_Arg_Trp_NH2) (MW 670.79)
SP-88348-5 Antho_Rwamide II (AA Pyr _Gly_Leu_Arg_Trp_NH2) (MW 640.79)
800-100-P83 Anthrax Protective Antigen 83 (PA83) Protein ELISA Kit
BGAL12-S Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) antiserum
BGAL12-A Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) IgG
BGAL15-AS Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) IgG_Agarose (aff matrix)
BGAL12-BTN Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) IgG_Biotin conjugate
BGAL12-FITC Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) IgG_FITC conjugate
BGAL12-HRP Anti Beta_Galactosidase (E. Coli) IgG_HRP conjugate
PHDC12-A Anti HIF_prolyl Hydroxylases 1_3 (Pan) IgG, aff pure
PRTA11-A Anti Protein A IgG, aff pure
80070 Antibody and Conjugate Diluent for ELISA concentrate (10X)
80230 Antibody_Protein conjugation to FITC (sufficient for 2 reactions)
HRPS-100 Antibody_Protein_Peroxidase_Conjugate stabilizer solution
RP-1478 Antide
PP-1050 Antide Acetate
SP-55391-1 Antiestrogen
SP-88497-0 Antifreeze Polypeptide (AFP) (HPLC_6), Winter Flounder (AA Asp_Thr_Ala_Ser_Asp_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Leu_Thr_Ala_Ala_Asn_Ala_Lys_Ala_Ala_Ala_Glu_Leu_Thr_Ala_Ala_Asn_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Ala_Thr_
PEN-B9 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Biotin_tagged antibodies (all species)
PEN-C5 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Chicken Primary antibodies
PEN-P6 Antigen_Antibody Pen For G. Pig Primary antibodies
PEN-G3 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Goat Primary antibodies
PEN-T8 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Hamster Primary antibodies
PEN-H7 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Human Primary antibodies
PEN-M2 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Mouse Primary antibodies
PEN-R1 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Rabbit Primary antibodies
PEN-S4 Antigen_Antibody Pen For Sheep Primary antibodies
PEN13-SET Antigen_Antibody Pens, a set of any 3 pens
SP-88336-5 Antioxidant peptide A (AA Pro_His_Cys_Lys_Arg_Met) (MW 770.97)
SP-88337-5 Antioxidant peptide B (AA Thr_Arg_Asn_Tyr_Tyr_Val_Arg_Ala_Val_Leu) (MW 1254.47)
ATH35-N-100 Antithrombin III, Human Plasma
BMP72-A Anti_ Human Bone Morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) IgG 2, aff pure
HIF2A11-A Anti_ Mouse Hypoxia Inducible Factor_2 alpha (HIF2a) IgG 1, aff pure
TUBBY11-S Anti_ Mouse Tubby antiserum 1
CAT11-S Anti_ Rat Calcium transporter 1 (Cat_1_ECAC2 ) Antiserum 1
HNE11-S Anti_4 hydroxynonenal (HNE) antiserum
HNE12-S Anti_4 hydroxynonenal (HNE) antiserum 2
8OHG12-S Anti_8_Hydroxyguanosine (8OHG) antiserum 2
ACTB22-A Anti_Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma) IgG, aff pure
ACTB24-M Anti_Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma) IgG, aff pure
ACTB24-Cy3 Anti_Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma) IgG_Cy3 conjugate
ACTB24-FITC Anti_Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma) IgG_FITC conjugate
ACTB24-BTN Anti_Actin (Pan, alpha, beta, gamma)_biotinylated
SA11-A Anti_Anthrax Spore extract antigen (90 kda), aff pure IgG 1
AQP16-PAN-S Anti_AQP1_AQP6 Antiserum (25 ul each of AQP1_6) neat serum
AQP16-PAN-A Anti_AQP1_AQP6 IgG (25 ug each of AQP1_6) aff pure
AQP0-9-AP-S Anti_AQP1_AQP9 and AQPAP Antiserum (25 ul each of AQP1_9)
AQP0-9-AP-A Anti_AQP1_AQP9 and AQPAP, aff. pure (25 ug each of AQP1_9)
AQP19-PAN-S Anti_AQP1_AQP9 Antiserum (25 ul each of AQP1_9)
AQP19-PAN-A Anti_AQP1_AQP9 IgG, aff pure (25 ug each of AQP1_9)
ASP51-A Anti_Aspartate IgG, aff pure
PA17-A Anti_B. Anthracis Anthrax protective antigen 83 (PA83) (C_terminal peptide) IgG
PA18-S Anti_B. Anthracis Anthrax protective antigen 83 (PA83) recomb. Protein antiserum
EF12-A Anti_B. Anthracis Edema factor (EF) (C_terminal peptide) IgG2
LF13-A Anti_B. Anthracis Lethal factor (LF) (C_terminal peptide) IgG3
LF14-A Anti_B. Anthracis Lethal factor (LF) recombinant protein antiserum
ODC12-S Anti_Bacterial Ornithine Decarboxylase (ODC) antiserum
20362 Anti_Biotin_AP (Alk Phosphatase) conjugate
20361 Anti_Biotin_HRP (Peroxidase) conjugate
90519 Anti_Bird IgG (H+L), unlabeled
90540 Anti_Bird IgG (H+L)_Biotin conjugate
90530 Anti_Bird IgG (H+L)_FITC conjugate
90520 Anti_Bird IgG (H+L)_HRP conjugate
BMP12-A Anti_Bone Morphogenetic protein 1 (BMP1) peptide (NT) IgG 2, aff pure
ADA11-S Anti_bovine Adenosine deaminase antiserum (IgG)
ADA11-BTN Anti_bovine Adenosine deaminase IgG_biotin conjugate
ADA11-HRP Anti_bovine Adenosine deaminase IgG_HRP conjugate
ACTB15-S Anti_Bovine Beta Actin (muscle) protein antiserum
CALN11-A Anti_bovine Calcineurin (A+B subunits) protein, IgG, aff pure
CYTC12-S Anti_bovine Cytochrome_C (Cyt_c) protein antiserum 2
DNASE11-A Anti_Bovine DNAse 1 IgG (replaces cat DNASE11_G)
eNOS32-A Anti_Bovine Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS_NOS_III) IgG 2
FETB11-S Anti_Bovine Fetuin (Alpha_2 HS_Glycoprotein, AHSG, A2HS) antiserum
GELB11-S Anti_Bovine gelatin antiserum
HGLB14-A Anti_Bovine Haptoglobin IgG, aff pure
80619 Anti_Bovine IgG (Fc), unlabeled
80640 Anti_Bovine IgG (Fc)_Biotin conjugate
80630 Anti_Bovine IgG (Fc)_FITC conjugate
80620 Anti_Bovine IgG (Fc)_HRP conjugate
80519 Anti_Bovine IgG (H+L), unlabeled
80540 Anti_Bovine IgG (H+L)_Biotin conjugate
80530 Anti_Bovine IgG (H+L)_FITC conjugate
80520 Anti_Bovine IgG (H+L)_HRP conjugate
80719 Anti_Bovine IgM, unlabeled
80740 Anti_Bovine IgM_Biotin conjugate
80730 Anti_Bovine IgM_FITC conjugate
80720 Anti_Bovine IgM_HRP conjugate
IGFBP21-S Anti_bovine Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein_2 (IGFBP_2) antiserum
RNP11-S Anti_Bovine nRNP antiserum
S1001-A Anti_Bovine S100 IgG 1, aff pure
ALBB14-A Anti_Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) protein IgG
ALBB14-BTN Anti_Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) protein IgG_Biotinylated
ALBB14-FITC Anti_Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) protein IgG_FITC Conjugate
ALBB14-HRP Anti_Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) protein IgG_HRP Conjugate
BSA11-AS Anti_Bovine Serum albumin (BSA)_agarose (aff matrix)
SMA11-S Anti_Bovine Smith antigen (Sm) antiserum
TUBL15-S Anti_Bovine tubulin antiserum
UBQ11-S Anti_Bovine Ubiquitin antiserum
MYC13-AS Anti_C myc (fusion tag) IgG_Agarose (aff matrix)
TEXO11-A Anti_C. tetani exotoxin IgG
TSST11-A Anti_C. tetani purified toxin IgG (tetanus shock toxin)
TTOX11-A Anti_C. tetani Toxoid protein IgG
A2aR21-S Anti_Canine Adenosine receptor 2a (A2aR) antiserum
A2aR21-A Anti_Canine Adenosine receptor 2a (A2aR) IgG 1, Aff. Pure
CP16-A Anti_Ceruloplasmin Mouse IgG, aff pure
CP17-A Anti_Ceruloplasmin Rat, IgG, aff pure
CP18-A Anti_Ceruloplasmin, Dog IgG, aff pure
CECA15-S Anti_Chicken Egg Conalbumin (ovotransferrin) protein
OVA11-AS Anti_chicken egg ovalbumin IgG_agarose (aff matrix)
CEGT11-S Anti_Chicken Egg protein total (whole egg) antiserum
CELY14-S Anti_Chicken Egg white lysozyme (muramidase) protein antiserum
CEGW12-S Anti_Chicken Egg white proteins total
60219 Anti_Chicken IgA (alpha chain), aff pure, unconjugated
60240 Anti_Chicken IgA (alpha chain)_biotin conjugate
60230 Anti_Chicken IgA (alpha chain)_FITC Conjugate
60220 Anti_Chicken IgA (alpha chain)_HRP conjugate
60419 Anti_Chicken IgG (Fc), aff pure, unconjugated
60440 Anti_Chicken IgG (Fc)_Biotin conjugate
60430 Anti_Chicken IgG (Fc)_FITC conjugate
60420 Anti_Chicken IgG (Fc)_HRP conjugate
60319 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L) aff pure, unconjugated
60325 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L) aff pure, unconjugated
60326-AM Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Agarose
60350 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Alk. Phosphatase conjugate
60322 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_AP conjugate
60321 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Biotin conjugate
60340 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_biotin conjugate
60334 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Cy3 conjugate (adsorbed with other species)
60335 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Cy5 conjugate (adsorbed with other species)
60323 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_FITC conjugate
60360 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_FITC conjugate
60320 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_HRP conjugate
60324 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_HRP conjugate
60331 Anti_Chicken IgG (H+L)_Rhodamine (TRITC) conjugate (adsorbed with other species)
60519 Anti_Chicken IgM (mu chain), aff pure, unconjugated
60540 Anti_Chicken IgM (mu chain)_Biotin conjugate
60530 Anti_Chicken IgM (mu chain)_FITC conjugate
60520 Anti_Chicken IgM (mu chain)_HRP conjugate
COVM13-S Anti_Chicken Ovomucoid (trypsin inhibitor) protein antiserum
ALBC15-S Anti_Chicken Serum Albumin protein antiserum
CLM13-A Anti_Chlamydia IgG, aff pure
CYTC11-S Anti_Cytochrome_C (Cyt_c) protein antiserum 1
MYC13-A Anti_c_Myc epitope (fusion tag) IgG 3, aff pure
MYC13-HRP Anti_c_Myc epitope (fusion tag) IgG_HRP conjugate
DNP14-M Anti_Dinitrophenyl (DNP IgE, aff pure
DNP15-M Anti_Dinitrophenyl (DNP IgG1, aff pure
DNP13-A Anti_Dinitrophenyl (DNP) aff pure
DNP11-S Anti_Dinitrophenyl (DNP) antiserum
A1AG17-A Anti_Dog Alpha_1_acid Glycoprotein IgG, aff pure
C313-S Anti_Dog C3 antiserum
C313-A Anti_Dog C3 IgG, aff pure
C313-BTN Anti_Dog C3 IgG_biotin conjugate
HGLB15-A Anti_Dog Haptoglobin IgG, aff pure
30370 Anti_Dog IgG (Fc) IgG, aff pure, unlabeled
30374 Anti_Dog IgG (Fc) IgG_Biotin Conjugate, aff pure
30373 Anti_Dog IgG (Fc) IgG_FITC conjugate, aff pure
30371 Anti_Dog IgG (Fc) IgG_HRP Conjugate, aff pure
30372 Anti_Dog IgG (Fc)_IgG, Alk. Phosphatase conjugate, aff pure
30360 Anti_Dog IgG (H+L) IgG, aff pure, unlabeled
30364 Anti_Dog IgG (H+L) IgG_Biotin Conjugate, aff pure
30363 Anti_Dog IgG (H+L) IgG_FITC conjugate, aff pure
30361 Anti_Dog IgG (H+L) IgG_HRP Conjugate, aff pure
30362 Anti_Dog IgG (H+L)_IgG, Alk. Phosphatase conjugate, aff pure
DOP11-S Anti_Dopamine antiserum 1
BMALD11-S Anti_Drosophila BMAL Antiserum 1
BMALD11-A Anti_Drosophila BMAL IgG 1, aff pure
CLO13-S Anti_Drosophila Clock Antiserum 1
CLO13-A Anti_Drosophila Clock IgG 1, aff pure
CRYD13-S Anti_Drosophila Cryptochrome (dCRY) antiserum 1
CRYD13-A Anti_Drosophila Cryptochrome (dCRY) IgG 1, aff pure
PER14-S Anti_Drosophila Per1 Antiserum 1
PER15-S Anti_Drosophila Per1 Antiserum 2
PER14-A Anti_Drosophila Per1 IgG 1, aff pure
SERT13-A Anti_Drosophila Serotonin Transporter (SERT) IgG, aff pure
EAT45-S Anti_EAT_4 (C. elegans) antiserum 1
EAT45-A Anti_EAT_4 (C. elegans) IgG 1, aff pure
EF11-A Anti_Edema factor (B Anthracis) IgG
EF11-AB Anti_Edema factor (B Anthracis) IgG_Biotinylated
OVA11-A Anti_Egg Ovalbumin (OVA) IgG, aff pure
OVA11-S Anti_Egg Ovalbumin IgG
ECO11-A Anti_E_coli IgG, aff pure
70519 Anti_Ferret IgA (alpha), unlabeled
70520 Anti_Ferret IgA (alpha)_HRP conjugate
70529 Anti_Ferret IgG (gamma), unlabeled
70530 Anti_Ferret IgG (gamma)_HRP conjugate
70510 Anti_Ferret IgG (H+L), unlabeled
70511 Anti_Ferret IgG (H+L)_HRP conjugate
70539 Anti_Ferret IgM (mu), unlabeled
70540 Anti_Ferret IgM (mu)_HRP conjugate
GELF14-S Anti_Fish gelatin antiserum
SP-88261-5 Anti_Flt1 Peptide (AA Gly_Asn_Gln_Trp_Phe_Ile) (MW 763.86)
50355 Anti_G. Pig IgG (H+L)_Alk. Phosphatase conjugate
50324 Anti_G. Pig (H+L) IgG, aff pure
50329 Anti_G. Pig (H+L) IgG_Biotin conjugate
50325 Anti_G. Pig (H+L)_HRP conjugate
50219 Anti_G. Pig IgG (Fc), unlabeled, aff pure
50240 Anti_G. Pig IgG (Fc)_Biotin conjugate
50230 Anti_G. Pig IgG (Fc)_FITC conjugate
50220 Anti_G. Pig IgG (Fc)_HRP conjugate
50330 Anti_G. Pig IgG (H+L)_FITC conjugate
50231 Anti_G. Pig IgG (H+L)_Rhodamine (TRITC) conjugate (adsorbed with other species)
50233 Anti_G. Pig IgG (H+L)_Texas Red conjugate (adsorbed with other species)
ALBGP18-S Anti_G. pig Serum Albumin protein antiserum
GABA11-A Anti_Gamma Amino butyric acid (GABA) IgG, aff pure
GLM23-A Anti_Glutamate IgG, aff pure
GAD6567-A Anti_Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65_67) IgG 3
GLN55-A Anti_Glutamine IgG, aff pure
GSH11-A Anti_Glutathione IgG
GSH12-M Anti_Glutathione IgG
GST11-A Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, E. coli) IgG 1, aff pure
GST11-AP Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, E. coli) IgG_AP conjugate
GST13-A Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, S. japonicum) IgG 3
GST13-AS Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, S. japonicum) IgG_Agarose (Aff matrix)
GST13-BTN Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, S. japonicum) IgG_Biotin Conjugate
GST13-FITC Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, S. japonicum) IgG_FITC Conjugate
GST13-HRP Anti_Glutathione Transferase (GST, S. japonicum) IgG_HRP Conjugate
GST11-S Anti_Glutathione Transferase, GST (E. coli) antiserum 1
GSH15-N-100 Anti_Glutathione_Ovalbumin conjugate for ELISA
GLYC52-A Anti_Glycine IgG, aff pure
30119 Anti_Goat IgA (alpha chain) unconjugated, aff pure
30130 Anti_Goat IgA (alpha chain)_FITC conjugate
30120 Anti_Goat IgA (alpha chain)_HRP conjugate
30319 Anti_Goat IgG (Fc) unconjugated, aff pure
30340 Anti_Goat IgG (Fc)_Biotin conjugate
30339 Anti_Goat IgG (Fc)_FITC conjugate
30320 Anti_Goat IgG (Fc)_HRP conjugate
30338 Anti_Goat IgG (Fc)_Rhodamine conjugated, aff pure
30219 Anti_Goat IgG (H+L) unconjugated, aff pure