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E0444Mo ELISA Kit      
A022496 GOat Anti-Complement C3 Ab
A020011 Goat Anti-human Fibrinogen Ab
E3292Hu Human Glutamate Decarboxylase 2 (GAD2) ELISA Kit
A021631 Mouse Anti- Amyloid Precursor Protein Ab
A020181 Mouse Anti-AD7C-NTP Ab
A020182 Mouse Anti-AD7C-NTP(Human) Ab
A020559 Mouse Anti-AFP(A2) Ab
A020558 Mouse Anti-AFP(A4) Ab
A021172 Mouse Anti-AIF Ab
A025617 Mouse Anti-AKT1 per PKB Ab
A026159 Mouse Anti-Alpha-Synuclein Ab
A024861 Mouse Anti-Amphetamine(2A3F) Ab
A024262 Mouse Anti-Aromatase Ab
A022352 Mouse Anti-Bax Ab
A022386 Mouse Anti-BCHE(1E8) Ab
A021810 Mouse Anti-beta-Amyloid (1-42) Ab
A021753 Mouse Anti-beta-Amyloid 1-16 Ab
A022431 Mouse Anti-BNP(H1G3) Ab
A022467 Mouse Anti-BrdU (A7) Ab
A022549 Mouse Anti-Caspase-6 (NT) Ab
A022748 Mouse Anti-Cecropin monoclonal Ab
A023159 Mouse Anti-CREB-1 Ab
A023178 Mouse Anti-Cripto 1 monoclonal Ab
A023156 Mouse Anti-CRP(C11F2) Ab
A023391 Mouse Anti-Digoxin(2E2) Ab
A023546 Mouse Anti-EGF Ab
A023625 Mouse Anti-ERAB per HSD17B10 Ab
A023687 Mouse Anti-ET-1(2C4) Ab
A023914 Mouse Anti-Galanin Ab
A020003 Mouse Anti-GAPDH(3E12)-Loading Control Ab
A024156 Mouse Anti-HA tag(12CA5) Ab
A024162 Mouse Anti-HBcAg(1H8) Ab
A024163 Mouse Anti-HBeAg (2E9) Ab
A024164 Mouse Anti-HBeAg(2E6) Ab
A024161 Mouse Anti-HBsAg(H2F4) Ab
A024174 Mouse Anti-HCG alpha(4A8) Ab
A024170 Mouse Anti-HCG Beta(4H7) Ab
A024173 Mouse Anti-Hepatocyte(2H5) Ab
A024199 Mouse Anti-HER2 receptor(1A4) Ab
A024160 Mouse Anti-hHb(H5A3) Ab
A024264 Mouse Anti-His tag(2D5) Ab
A024312 Mouse Anti-HPV18 E6 protein Ab
A023816 Mouse Anti-human Fibrinogen Monoclonal Ab
A020561 Mouse Anti-IL-6 Ab
A024536 Mouse Anti-Insulin (1G11) Ab
A022976 Mouse Anti-Metronidazole(1C2) Ab
A024851 Mouse Anti-Morphine (C1F3) Ab
A024798 Mouse Anti-PKM2 Ab
A025683 Mouse Anti-PP2A alpha Ab
A025751 Mouse Anti-presenilin 1 per PS-1 (CT) Ab
A025752 Mouse Anti-presenilin 1 per PS-1 Ab
A025756 Mouse Anti-PSA (PA5) Ab
A024321 Mouse Anti-Serum albumin (3F4) Ab
A026474 Mouse Anti-VEGF-A Ab
A025400 Mouse Anti-WIG-1 per PAG608 (3E4) Ab
E0082Mo n 3β,MIP-3β
A024377 Rabbit Anti-API5 Ab
A025240 Rabbit Anti-Cystatin A per CSTA Ab
A026359 Rabbit Anti-Ferritin Ab
A024338 Rabbit Anti-HSD11B2 Ab
A024355 Rabbit Anti-HSP70 per HSPA1A Ab
A024397 Rabbit Anti-IFN-β Ab
A024506 Rabbit Anti-IL-3 Ab
A024525 Rabbit Anti-ILTV glycoprotein E Ab
A024655 Rabbit Anti-KLK7 Ab
A025172 Rabbit Anti-NFKB p52 Ab
A024526 Rabbit Anti-p33ING1b per ING1 per p33 Ab
A025436 Rabbit Anti-PAF Ab
A024331 Rabbit Anti-Phospho-HSL (Ser865) Ab
A024427 Rabbit Anti-Phospho-IKK alpha (Thr23) Ab
A024448 Rabbit Anti-phospho-IKKi per IKKe (Ser172) Ab
A025194 Rabbit Anti-Phospho-NFKB1(Ser337) Ab
A024437 Rabbit Anti-Phospho-NFKBIA (Tyr42) Ab
A025681 Rabbit Anti-phospho-PP1A per PP2CA (Thr320) Ab
A026197 Rabbit Anti-Phospho-TAK1(Ser412) Ab
A025987 Rabbit Anti-SHIP1 Ab
A026057 Rabbit Anti-SMC1 Ab
A026130 Rabbit Anti-Somatostatin Receptor 1 Ab
A026388 Rabbit Anti-TRH Ab
A026399 Rabbit Anti-Tubulin-alpha 1 Ab
A024835 Rabbit Anti-14-3-3 epsilon per YWHAE Ab
A020006 Rabbit Anti-14-3-3(Alpha per Beta per Gamma per Delta per Epsilon) Ab
A020012 Rabbit Anti-2,4-D Ab
A020013 Rabbit Anti-2,4-D(24D1) Ab
A020021 Rabbit Anti-4EBP2 Ab
A020032 Rabbit Anti-5 lipoxygenase per ALOX5 Ab
A020022 Rabbit Anti-5-HT Ab
A020024 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR1A per HTR1A Ab
A020026 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR1B Ab
A020028 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR2A per HTR2A Ab
A020027 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR2B per HTR2B Ab
A020030 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR3 per HTR3A Ab
A020031 Rabbit Anti-5-HTR4 Ab
A020029 Rabbit Anti-5-HTT per SLC6A4 Ab
A020259 Rabbit Anti-5HT3C per 5HT3E Ab
A020098 Rabbit Anti-5HTR2C Ab
A020185 Rabbit Anti-5HTR3B per 5HT3B receptor Ab
A020036 Rabbit Anti-8-OHdG Ab
A020041 Rabbit Anti-A2AR per Adenosine A2a receptor Ab
A020043 Rabbit Anti-AACT-Alpha1 per A1ACT Ab
A020044 Rabbit Anti-AAK1 Ab
A020046 Rabbit Anti-AANAT Ab
A023995 Rabbit Anti-AARE Ab
A020048 Rabbit Anti-AARS2 Ab
A020050 Rabbit Anti-AAT per Tryptase Ab
A020052 Rabbit Anti-AATF Ab
A020051 Rabbit Anti-AATK Ab
A020053 Rabbit Anti-ABCA1 per ABC1 Ab
A020055 Rabbit Anti-ABCB5 Ab
A020056 Rabbit Anti-ABCB6 Ab
A020054 Rabbit Anti-ABCD1 per CCL22 Ab
A020058 Rabbit Anti-ABCF1 Ab
A020059 Rabbit Anti-ABCG1 Ab
A020060 Rabbit Anti-ABCG2 per CD338 Ab
A020062 Rabbit Anti-ABCG4 Ab
A020063 Rabbit Anti-ABCG5 Ab
A020064 Rabbit Anti-ABCG8 Ab
A020126 Rabbit Anti-ABI1 Ab
A023997 Rabbit Anti-ABI2 Ab
A024001 Rabbit Anti-ABI3 Ab
A020125 Rabbit Anti-ABL2 Ab
A020128 Rabbit Anti-ABP per SHBG Ab
A020148 Rabbit Anti-ACA11 Ab
A020130 Rabbit Anti-ACADL Ab
A020129 Rabbit Anti-ACADM per MCAD Ab
A020127 Rabbit Anti-ACADS Ab
A020131 Rabbit Anti-ACADVL Ab
A020132 Rabbit Anti-ACAT1 Ab
A020299 Rabbit Anti-ACBD6 Ab
A020156 Rabbit Anti-ACD Ab
A020147 Rabbit Anti-ACE1 per CD143 Ab
A020152 Rabbit Anti-ACE2 Ab
A020153 Rabbit Anti-ACEI Ab
A024232 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl and phospho-Histone H3 (Ac-K9 per p-Ser10) Ab
A020154 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl CoA Carboxylase Ab
A024239 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H1.4 (K53) Ab
A024134 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H2A(K5) Ab
A024140 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H2B(K20) Ab
A024139 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H2B(K5) Ab
A024230 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H3(K18) Ab
A024229 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H3(K23) Ab
A024231 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H3(K9) Ab
A024235 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H4(K12) Ab
A024236 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-Histone H4(K8) Ab
A026324 Rabbit Anti-Acetyl-p53(K382) Ab
A020157 Rabbit Anti-ACHE per Acetylcholinesterase Ab
A020158 Rabbit Anti-Acinus Ab
A020160 Rabbit Anti-Ack1 Ab
A020134 Rabbit Anti-Aconitase 2 per ACO2 Ab
A020172 Rabbit Anti-ACOT8 Ab
A020135 Rabbit Anti-ACOX1 Ab
A020136 Rabbit Anti-ACOX2 Ab
A020164 Rabbit Anti-ACSL1 Ab
A020165 Rabbit Anti-ACTH (1-39) Ab
A020166 Rabbit Anti-ACTH (18-39) Ab
A020167 Rabbit Anti-ACTH (7-23) Ab
A020168 Rabbit Anti-Actin α per alpha-SMA Ab
A020300 Rabbit Anti-ACVR1B per ALK4 Ab
A020302 Rabbit Anti-ACVRL1 per ALK1 Ab
A024183 Rabbit Anti-ACY 3 per HCV-HCBP1 Ab
A020301 Rabbit Anti-ACY1 per Aminoacylase 1 Ab
A020184 Rabbit Anti-AD7c-NTP Ab
A020240 Rabbit Anti-ADAM10 per MADM per CD156c Ab
A020241 Rabbit Anti-ADAM11 Ab
A023418 Rabbit Anti-ADAM12 per MLTN Ab
A023432 Rabbit Anti-ADAM15 Ab
A020238 Rabbit Anti-ADAM17 per CD156b Ab
A023433 Rabbit Anti-ADAM18 Ab
A023437 Rabbit Anti-ADAM19 Ab
A020237 Rabbit Anti-ADAM2 Ab
A023441 Rabbit Anti-ADAM20 Ab
A023456 Rabbit Anti-ADAM20 Ab
A023450 Rabbit Anti-ADAM23 Ab
A023466 Rabbit Anti-ADAM23 Ab
A023451 Rabbit Anti-ADAM28 Ab
A023467 Rabbit Anti-ADAM28 Ab
A023454 Rabbit Anti-ADAM32 Ab
A023470 Rabbit Anti-ADAM32 Ab
A020244 Rabbit Anti-ADAM8 Ab
A020245 Rabbit Anti-ADAM9 Ab
A020187 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS1 Ab
A020242 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS12 Ab
A023473 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS13 Ab
A023478 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS15 Ab
A020183 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS2 Ab
A020188 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS4 Ab
A020193 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS7 Ab
A020194 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS7(NT) Ab
A020195 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS8 Ab
A023488 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTS9 Ab
A023489 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTSL1 Ab
A023494 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTSL3 Ab
A023501 Rabbit Anti-ADAMTSL4 Ab
A020201 Rabbit Anti-ADAR1 (C-terminus) Ab
A020199 Rabbit Anti-ADAR1 (N-terminus) Ab
A020137 Rabbit Anti-ADCY1 Ab
A020146 Rabbit Anti-ADCY10 Ab
A020138 Rabbit Anti-ADCY2 Ab
A020139 Rabbit Anti-ADCY3 Ab
A020140 Rabbit Anti-ADCY4 Ab
A020141 Rabbit Anti-ADCY5 Ab
A020142 Rabbit Anti-ADCY6 Ab
A020143 Rabbit Anti-ADCY7 Ab
A020144 Rabbit Anti-ADCY8 Ab
A020145 Rabbit Anti-ADCY9 Ab
A024906 Rabbit Anti-Adenovirus 5 E1A Ab
A020236 Rabbit Anti-ADFP Ab
A020243 Rabbit Anti-ADH per AVP per ARVP Ab
A020252 Rabbit Anti-Adiponectin Ab
A020247 Rabbit Anti-Adiponectin Receptor 1 Ab
A020251 Rabbit Anti-Adiponectin receptor 2 Ab
A020229 Rabbit Anti-ADK per AK Ab
A020256 Rabbit Anti-ADM per Adrenomedullin (ProAM-N20) Ab
A020255 Rabbit Anti-ADM per AM per Adrenomedullin Ab
A020257 Rabbit Anti-ADM R Ab
A020121 Rabbit Anti-ADM2 per IMD Ab
A020261 Rabbit Anti-ADNP per NAP Ab
A020264 Rabbit Anti-ADO Ab
A020039 Rabbit Anti-ADORA1 Ab
A023469 Rabbit Anti-ADORA2B Ab
A023671 Rabbit Anti-ADORA2B Ab
A020263 Rabbit Anti-ADORA3 per Adenosine A3 Receptor Ab
A020268 Rabbit Anti-ADRA2 Ab
A020270 Rabbit Anti-ADRB1 Ab
A020272 Rabbit Anti-ADRB2 Ab
A020285 Rabbit Anti-ADRB3 per beta 3 Adrenergic Receptor Ab
A020454 Rabbit Anti-AEBP1 per AE binding protein 1 Ab
A020231 Rabbit Anti-AEG-1 per LYRIC Ab
A020239 Rabbit Anti-AEV polyprotein Ab
A023915 Rabbit Anti-AF 4 protein Ab
A020477 Rabbit Anti-AF10 per MLLT10 Ab
A020470 Rabbit Anti-Afadin Ab
A020173 Rabbit Anti-Agpat2 Ab
A020174 Rabbit Anti-AGPAT4 Ab
A020149 Rabbit Anti-AHA3 Ab
A024379 Rabbit Anti-AIF1 per IBa-1 Ab
A024003 Rabbit Anti-AIM2 Ab
A026128 Rabbit Anti-AKAP12 per Gravin Ab
A025153 Rabbit Anti-AKAP95 per AKAP8 Ab
A025714 Rabbit Anti-AKT2 Ab
A025715 Rabbit Anti-AKT3 Ab
A025814 Rabbit Anti-ALDH1 Ab
A025817 Rabbit Anti-ALDH1L1 Ab
A025815 Rabbit Anti-ALDH2 per ALDHI Ab
A020035 Rabbit Anti-ALOX12 per 12 Lipoxygenase Ab
A020170 Rabbit Anti-alpha Actinin 4-Loading Control Ab
A020204 Rabbit Anti-alpha Adducin Ab
A023515 Rabbit Anti-Alpha B Crystallin Ab
A025184 Rabbit Anti-alpha Internexin Ab
A025034 Rabbit Anti-alpha MSH Ab
A020096 Rabbit Anti-Alpha-ENaC Ab
A020473 Rabbit Anti-alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase Ab
A026183 Rabbit Anti-Alpha-Synuclein Ab
A026178 Rabbit Anti-Alpha-Synuclein per Syn per SNCA Ab
A026177 Rabbit Anti-alpha-Synuclein(NT) Ab
A020230 Rabbit Anti-AMH per MIS Ab
A020040 Rabbit Anti-AMP deaminase 1 Ab
A020150 Rabbit Anti-Angiomotin Ab
A023748 Rabbit Anti-ANP32C Ab
A024152 Rabbit Anti-Anterior Gradient 2 Ab
A026244 Rabbit Anti-ANTXR1 per TEM8 Ab
A020269 Rabbit Anti-APE per Girdin Ab
A020253 Rabbit Anti-APH1a Ab
A023747 Rabbit Anti-Apo-1 Ab
A023751 Rabbit Anti-APOA1 Ab
A023753 Rabbit Anti-APOA2 Ab
A023754 Rabbit Anti-APOA4 Ab
A023758 Rabbit Anti-APOA4 Ab
A023759 Rabbit Anti-APOA5 Ab
A023756 Rabbit Anti-APOC2 Ab
A023757 Rabbit Anti-APOC3 Ab
A025698 Rabbit Anti-APOC3 Ab
A023453 Rabbit Anti-ARHGAP17 Ab
A020504 Rabbit Anti-ARK5 Ab
A024006 Rabbit Anti-ARL11 Ab
A020418 Rabbit Anti-ARL3 Ab
A024009 Rabbit Anti-ARMCX1 Ab
A024013 Rabbit Anti-ARMCX2 Ab
A024016 Rabbit Anti-ARMCX3 Ab
A020303 Rabbit Anti-ASAH2 Ab
A020304 Rabbit Anti-ASAM per ACAM Ab
A023380 Rabbit Anti-ASAP3 Ab
A020223 Rabbit Anti-ASB10 Ab
A023384 Rabbit Anti-ASB2 Ab
A025291 Rabbit Anti-ASBT per SLC10A2 Ab
A026162 Rabbit Anti-Astrocyte Ab
A023702 Rabbit Anti-ATEXPA10 Ab
A026210 Rabbit Anti-ATTY Ab
A023916 Rabbit Anti-B MyB Ab
A024010 Rabbit Anti-BARD1 Ab
A023760 Rabbit Anti-BASC4 Ab
A020476 Rabbit Anti-BCAR1 Ab
A024024 Rabbit Anti-BCSC1 Ab
A025013 Rabbit Anti-beta 2 Microglobulin Ab
A020209 Rabbit Anti-beta Adducin Ab
A023584 Rabbit Anti-beta endorphin Ab
A020217 Rabbit Anti-Beta galactosidase Ab
A025014 Rabbit Anti-Beta-2-MG(B2E5) Ab
A020005 Rabbit Anti-beta-Actin (Loading Control) Ab
A020057 Rabbit Anti-beta-Amyloid Ab
A024175 Rabbit Anti-Beta-HCG per HCG beta Ab
A024681 Rabbit Anti-Beta-lactoglobulin Ab
A023692 Rabbit Anti-BMX Ab
A024386 Rabbit Anti-BNP Ab
A024387 Rabbit Anti-BNP Ab
A023922 Rabbit Anti-BORIS per CT27 Ab
A024020 Rabbit Anti-BRCAA1 per RBBP1L1 Ab
A020517 Rabbit Anti-Brk per PTK6 Ab
A020200 Rabbit Anti-BRLF1 Ab
A024810 Rabbit Anti-BST1 per CD157 Ab
A020258 Rabbit Anti-C CBL Ab
A020065 Rabbit Anti-c-Abl per Abl1 Ab
A023987 Rabbit Anti-c-Maf Ab
A023988 Rabbit Anti-c-Myb Ab
A025865 Rabbit Anti-C-REL Ab
A020095 Rabbit Anti-C3a Receptor per C3aR Ab
A023717 Rabbit Anti-CA III per Carbonic anhydrase 3 Ab
A020306 Rabbit Anti-CA12 Ab
A025067 Rabbit Anti-CA15-3 per Muc1 per CD227 Ab
A020281 Rabbit Anti-CADM 4 Ab
A020278 Rabbit Anti-CADM3 per IGSF4B Ab
A023675 Rabbit Anti-Calreticulin Ab
A020100 Rabbit Anti-Calsequestrin Ab
A020479 Rabbit Anti-CAMK1D Ab
A020506 Rabbit Anti-CAMKK2 Ab
A020279 Rabbit Anti-CAMTA1 Ab
A020221 Rabbit Anti-Capsid protein VP1 Ab
A020457 Rabbit Anti-CARD11 Ab
A020305 Rabbit Anti-CARPX per CA10 Ab
A023761 Rabbit Anti-CASC5 Ab
A020122 Rabbit Anti-CATSPER Ab
A024910 Rabbit Anti-CCL9 per CCL10 per MIP-1 gamma per SCYA10 Ab
A025119 Rabbit Anti-CD10 per MME per Neprilysin Ab
A025966 Rabbit Anti-CD109 Ab
A024807 Rabbit Anti-CD11b per Integrin αM per Integrin Alpha M Ab
A026129 Rabbit Anti-CD15 per Fut4 per SSEA-1 Ab
A020308 Rabbit Anti-CD200 per MOX1 Ab
A025334 Rabbit Anti-CD200R per Orexin receptor Ab
A025278 Rabbit Anti-CD303 per BDCA-2 Ab
A024188 Rabbit Anti-CD36L1 per SRB1 per HDL-R Ab
A025777 Rabbit Anti-CD63 per MLA1 Ab
A025778 Rabbit Anti-CD64 per IGFR1 per FCGR1A Ab
A025779 Rabbit Anti-CD66a per CEACAM1 Ab
A020309 Rabbit Anti-CD66c per CEACAM6 Ab
A024896 Rabbit Anti-CD71 per Transferrin receptor Ab
A026281 Rabbit Anti-CD93 per C1qrp Ab
A026282 Rabbit Anti-CD94 per KLRD1 Ab
A026283 Rabbit Anti-CD97 Ab
A026284 Rabbit Anti-CD99 per E2 antigen Ab
A020186 Rabbit Anti-CDC37 Ab
A020280 Rabbit Anti-CDC4 per FBW7 per SEL10 Ab
A023925 Rabbit Anti-CDCA7L Ab
A023554 Rabbit Anti-CDCP1 per CD318 Ab
A025104 Rabbit Anti-CDH2 per N-cadherin Ab
A025350 Rabbit Anti-CDKN1B per P27kip1 Ab
A025340 Rabbit Anti-CDKN2A per p16-INK4a Ab
A025344 Rabbit Anti-CDKN2A per p19ARF Ab
A023766 Rabbit Anti-Centaurin gamma 1 Ab
A024038 Rabbit Anti-cGMP Ab
A025090 Rabbit Anti-CHRNA2(neuronal) Ab
A025088 Rabbit Anti-CHRNA4 Ab
A025089 Rabbit Anti-CHRNA7 Ab
A025091 Rabbit Anti-CHRNB2 Ab
A026386 Rabbit Anti-CIDEB Ab
A020458 Rabbit Anti-CIKS per Nuclear Factor Kappa B Activator 1 Ab
A020493 Rabbit Anti-CIN85 per CD2BP3 Ab
A023838 Rabbit Anti-CIP2A Ab
A020215 Rabbit Anti-CK12 per Cytokeratin 12 Ab
A020077 Rabbit Anti-Clathrin heavy chain per Clathrin HC Ab
A023507 Rabbit Anti-CNDP1 Ab
A024005 Rabbit Anti-Cobra poison Protein Ab
A024862 Rabbit Anti-Cocaine(C2F1) Ab
A023579 Rabbit Anti-COL20A1 Ab
A025213 Rabbit Anti-Connexin 43 Ab
A025780 Rabbit Anti-Contactin 3 Ab
A025099 Rabbit Anti-Contactin 6 per NB3 per CNTN6 Ab
A025100 Rabbit Anti-Contactin-1 Ab
A024372 Rabbit Anti-COX10 Ab
A024276 Rabbit Anti-COX7A2 Ab
A020310 Rabbit Anti-CPA1 per Carboxypeptidase A Ab
A020311 Rabbit Anti-CPA2 per Carboxypeptidase A2 Ab
A020312 Rabbit Anti-CPB1 per Carboxypeptidase B1 Ab
A020313 Rabbit Anti-CPEB1 Ab
A020266 Rabbit Anti-CPI17 alpha Ab
A020198 Rabbit Anti-CPN10 Ab
A025757 Rabbit Anti-CPSA(C2F9) Ab
A020315 Rabbit Anti-CRABP2 Ab
A026033 Rabbit Anti-CRIM1 Ab
A020518 Rabbit Anti-CrkRS per CRK7 Ab
A020222 Rabbit Anti-CRLF2 Ab
A026395 Rabbit Anti-CRLF2 Ab
A023964 Rabbit Anti-CSF3 per G-CSF Ab
A020316 Rabbit Anti-CST7 per Cystatin F Ab
A023591 Rabbit Anti-CTHRC1 Ab
A020396 Rabbit Anti-CtIP per RBBP8 Ab
A023957 Rabbit Anti-CXCL11 Ab
A023958 Rabbit Anti-CXCL13 per BCA1 Ab
A023959 Rabbit Anti-CXCL13 per BCA1 Ab
A025949 Rabbit Anti-CXCL14 Ab
A023960 Rabbit Anti-CXCL15 per Lungkine Ab
A025952 Rabbit Anti-CXCL16 Ab
A024095 Rabbit Anti-CXCL4 per PF4 Ab
A024096 Rabbit Anti-CXCL5 Ab
A023955 Rabbit Anti-CXCL7 per NAP-2 per PPBP Ab
A023956 Rabbit Anti-CXCL9 per MIG Ab
A023934 Rabbit Anti-CXCR3 per CD183 Ab
A023933 Rabbit Anti-CXCR3 per CD183 per IP10 Ab
A023935 Rabbit Anti-CXCR5 Ab
A020045 Rabbit Anti-Cyp2-j3 Ab
A020314 Rabbit Anti-Cystatin E per M Ab
A024373 Rabbit Anti-Cytochrome B per MT-CYB Ab
A024374 Rabbit Anti-Cytochrome b5 per CYB5A Ab
A020090 Rabbit Anti-Cytosine deaminase Ab
A020283 Rabbit Anti-DAB2 Ab
A020282 Rabbit Anti-DAB2IP Ab
A020284 Rabbit Anti-DACH1 Ab
A020273 Rabbit Anti-DAG1 per Alpha Dystroglycan Ab
A020288 Rabbit Anti-DAL1 per EPB41L3 Ab
A023796 Rabbit Anti-DAT1 per LIM domain only 3 Ab
A024818 Rabbit Anti-DAXX Ab
A023771 Rabbit Anti-DCUN1D2 Ab
A020480 Rabbit Anti-DDX43 per CT13 Ab
A024648 Rabbit Anti-Delta Opioid Receptor Ab
A023697 Rabbit Anti-DeltaD per DLD Ab
A023379 Rabbit Anti-Deltex 1 Ab
A023381 Rabbit Anti-Dengue virus envelope glycoprotein E Ab
A023383 Rabbit Anti-Desmin per DES Ab
A020119 Rabbit Anti-Desmocollin 2 Ab
A023700 Rabbit Anti-DHH Ab
A023390 Rabbit Anti-Digoxin Ab
A023392 Rabbit Anti-DIO2 Ab
A023396 Rabbit Anti-Dio3 Ab
A020419 Rabbit Anti-DIRAS1 Ab
A023393 Rabbit Anti-DISC1 (CT) Ab
A023395 Rabbit Anti-DISC1(NT) Ab
A023399 Rabbit Anti-DKK1 Ab
A023400 Rabbit Anti-DKK3 Ab
A023397 Rabbit Anti-DLK1 Ab
A020203 Rabbit Anti-DLK1 per Delta per DLL1 (C-terminus) Ab
A020318 Rabbit Anti-DLL4 per Delta 4 Ab
A023404 Rabbit Anti-DLP1 per DNM1L Ab
A023398 Rabbit Anti-DLX4 Ab
A023403 Rabbit Anti-DMBT1 per GP340 Ab
A023401 Rabbit Anti-Dmt1 Ab
A023405 Rabbit Anti-DNA PK per PRKDC Ab
A020287 Rabbit Anti-DNAJB4 per HSP40 homolog Ab
A026272 Rabbit Anti-DNAJC10 Ab
A023419 Rabbit Anti-DNAPK per PRKDC Ab
A023410 Rabbit Anti-Dnmt1 Ab
A023417 Rabbit Anti-Dnmt3 Beta Ab
A023416 Rabbit Anti-Dnmt3a Ab
A023420 Rabbit Anti-DNPK1 Ab
A023421 Rabbit Anti-DOG-1 per TMEM16A Ab
A023422 Rabbit Anti-DOK1 Ab
A023424 Rabbit Anti-DOK2 Ab
A020488 Rabbit Anti-DOK3 Ab
A023447 Rabbit Anti-DP-I Ab
A023448 Rabbit Anti-DP-II Ab
A023430 Rabbit Anti-DP1 per TFDP1 Ab
A020421 Rabbit Anti-DPOLA per DNA polymerase alpha Ab
A020319 Rabbit Anti-DPP2 Ab
A023431 Rabbit Anti-DPPA2 per PESCRG1 Ab
A020503 Rabbit Anti-DPPL1 Ab
A023434 Rabbit Anti-DR3 per APO3 per TWEAK Ab
A023438 Rabbit Anti-DRAK2 Ab
A020271 Rabbit Anti-Drebrin Ab
A020286 Rabbit Anti-DRG1 Ab
A024670 Rabbit Anti-DRK1 per Kv2.1 Ab
A023442 Rabbit Anti-DRP3 per Dystrobrevin alpha Ab
A023458 Rabbit Anti-DRP3 per Dystrobrevin alpha Ab
A023443 Rabbit Anti-DTNB Ab
A023459 Rabbit Anti-DTNB Ab
A023440 Rabbit Anti-DTNBP1 Ab
A023457 Rabbit Anti-DTNBP1 Ab
A023382 Rabbit Anti-duck hepatitis A virus polyprotein Ab
A023445 Rabbit Anti-duck hepatitis A virus polyprotein Ab
A023446 Rabbit Anti-Duck plague virus Ab
A023462 Rabbit Anti-Duck plague virus Ab
A023652 Rabbit Anti-DUSP1 per MKP1 Ab
A023444 Rabbit Anti-dUTPase Ab
A023460 Rabbit Anti-dUTPase Ab
A023449 Rabbit Anti-DVL1 per Dishevelled Ab
A023452 Rabbit Anti-Dynamin 2 Ab
A023468 Rabbit Anti-Dynamin 2 Ab
A023472 Rabbit Anti-Dysferlin Ab
A020366 Rabbit Anti-E cadherin per CD324 Ab
A025106 Rabbit Anti-E cadherin per CD324 Ab
A025775 Rabbit Anti-E-Selectin per CD62E Ab
A023599 Rabbit Anti-E. coli LPS Ab
A023594 Rabbit Anti-E.coli DH-5 Alpha Ab
A023598 Rabbit Anti-E.coli O139 Ab
A023595 Rabbit Anti-E.coli O157:H7 Ab
A023593 Rabbit Anti-E.coli O6 Ab
A023597 Rabbit Anti-E.coli per EPEC Ab
A024032 Rabbit Anti-E1 glycoprotein Ab
A023486 Rabbit Anti-E2 tag Ab
A023484 Rabbit Anti-E2EPF Ab
A023474 Rabbit Anti-E2F1 Ab
A023479 Rabbit Anti-E2F2 Ab