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KN0712Ra of type Ⅰ collagen,CTX-Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0160Rb Rabbit C-Reactive Protein,CRP ELISA Kit
KN0169Rb Rabbit Collagen Type Ⅰ,Col Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0168Rb Rabbit Collagen Type Ⅱ,Col Ⅱ ELISA Kit
KN0167Rb Rabbit Collagenase I ELISA Kit
KN0166Rb Rabbit Collagenase Type II ELISA Kit
KN0165Rb Rabbit Complement 3,C3 ELISA Kit
KN0164Rb Rabbit Complement 4,C4 ELISA Kit
KN0163Rb Rabbit Complement fragment 3a,C3a ELISA Kit
KN0162Rb Rabbit Corticosterone,CORT ELISA Kit
KN0161Rb Rabbit Cortisol ELISA Kit
KN0159Rb Rabbit Crosslaps,Cr ELISA Kit
KN0158Rb Rabbit cyclic adenosine monophosphate,cAMP ELISA Kit
KN0157Rb Rabbit Cystatin C,Cys-C ELISA Kit
KN0156Rb Rabbit D-Dimer,D2D ELISA Kit
KN0155Rb Rabbit Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit
KN0154Rb Rabbit deoxypyridinoline,DPD ELISA Kit
KN0153Rb Rabbit differentiation 40 ligand,sCD40L ELISA Kit
KN0152Rb Rabbit Dihydro testosterone,DHT ELISA Kit
KN0146Rb Rabbit E-Selectin ELISA kit
KN0151Rb rabbit Endostatin,ES ELISA Kit
KN0150Rb Rabbit Endothelial nitric oxide synthase 3,eNOS-3 ELISA Kit
KN0149Rb Rabbit Endothelial nitric oxide synthase,eNOS ELISA Kit
KN0148Rb Rabbit Endothelin 1,ET-1 ELISA Kit
KN0147Rb Rabbit Epidermal growth factor,EGF ELISA Kit
KN0145Rb Rabbit Estradiol,E2 ELISA Kit
KN0144Rb Rabbit Fibrinogen Degradation Product,FDP ELISA Kit
KN0143Rb Rabbit Fibrinogen,Fbg ELISA Kit
KN0142Rb Rabbit follicle-stimulating hormone,FSH ELISA Kit
KN0224Rb Rabbit Ghrelin per Obestatin ratioELISA Kit
KN0141Rb Rabbit glial fibrillary acidic protein,GFAP ELISA Kit
KN0140Rb Rabbit Glucose dependent insulin releasing polypeptide,GIP ELISA Kit
KN0139Rb Rabbit Glutathione peroxidase,GSH-Px ELISA Kit
KN0138Rb Rabbit Glycated hemoglobin A1c,GHbA1c ELISA Kit
KN0137Rb Rabbit Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor,G-CSF ELISA Kit
KN0136Rb Rabbit Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide,GHRP ELISA Kit
KN0135Rb Rabbit Haptoglobin,Hpt per HP ELISA KIT
KN0134Rb Rabbit Heat Shock Protein 20,HSP-20 ELISA Kit
KN0133Rb Rabbit Heat Shock Protein 40,HSP-40 ELISA Kit
KN0132Rb Rabbit Heat Shock Protein 70,HSP-70 ELISA Kit
KN0131Rb Rabbit Heat Shock Protein 90,HSP-90 ELISA Kit
KN0130Rb Rabbit hepatocyte growth factor,HGF ELISA Kit
KN0129Rb Rabbit High mobility group protein B1,HMGB-1 ELISA Kit
KN0128Rb Rabbit high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein,hs-CRP ELISA Kit
KN0127Rb Rabbit Histamine,HIS ELISA Kit
KN0126Rb Rabbit Hyaluronic acid,HA ELISA Kit
KN0125Rb Rabbit Immunoglobulin A,IgA ELISA Kit
KN0124Rb Rabbit Immunoglobulin E,IgE ELISA Kit
KN0123Rb Rabbit Immunoglobulin G,IgG ELISA Kit
KN0122Rb Rabbit Immunoglobulin M,IgM ELISA Kit
KN0121Rb Rabbit inducible nitric oxide synthase,iNOS ELISA KIT
KN0120Rb Rabbit Insulin,INS ELISA Kit
KN0119Rb Rabbit Insulin-like growth factor 1,IGF-1 ELISA Kit
KN0118Rb Rabbit Insulin-like growth factor 2,IGF-2 ELISA Kit
KN0117Rb Rabbit intercellular adhesion molecule 1,ICAM-1 per CD54 ELISA Kit
KN0116Rb Rabbit intercellular adhesion molecule 2,ICAM-2 ELISA Kit
KN0115Rb Rabbit intercellular adhesion molecule 3,ICAM-3 ELISA Kit
KN0114Rb Rabbit Interferon α,IFN-α ELISA Kit
KN0113Rb Rabbit Interferon γ ,IFN-γ ELISA Kit
KN0112Rb Rabbit Interleukin 1 beta ELISA Kit
KN0111Rb Rabbit Interleukin 10,IL-10 ELISA Kit
KN0110Rb Rabbit Interleukin 17,IL-17 ELISA Kit
KN0109Rb Rabbit Interleukin 2,IL-2 ELISA Kit
KN0108Rb Rabbit Interleukin 3,IL-3 ELISA Kit
KN0107Rb Rabbit Interleukin 4,IL-4 ELISA Kit
KN0106Rb Rabbit Interleukin 6,IL-6 ELISA Kit
KN0105Rb Rabbit Interleukin 8,IL-8 ELISA Kit
KN0104Rb Rabbit Interleukin 9,IL-9 ELISA Kit
KN0103Rb Rabbit intestinal fatty acid binding protein,iFABP ELISA Kit
KN0102Rb Rabbit Lactoferrin,LTF per LF ELISA kit
KN0101Rb Rabbit Laminin,LN ELISA Kit
KN0100Rb Rabbit Leptin,LEP ELISA Kit
KN0099Rb Rabbit Leptospira IgG,Lep IgG ELISA Kit
KN0098Rb Rabbit leukemia inhibitory factor receptor,LIFR ELISA Kit
KN0097Rb Rabbit Leukotriene B4,LT-B4 ELISA Kit
KN0096Rb Rabbit lipoprotein α,Lp-α ELSIA Kit
KN0095Rb Rabbit lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2,Lp-PL-A2 ELISA Kit
KN0094Rb Rabbit luteotropic hormone,LH ELISA Kit
KN0093Rb Rabbit lymphocyte function associated antigen 3,LFA-3 ELISA Kit
KN0092Rb Rabbit Lysozyme,LZM ELISA Kit
KN0091Rb Rabbit macrophage inflammatory protein 5,MIP-5 ELISA Kit
KN0090Rb Rabbit Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1α,MIP-1α ELISA kit
KN0089Rb Rabbit major histocompatibility complex Ⅲ,MHCⅢ per RLAⅢ ELISA Kit
KN0088Rb Rabbit major histocompatibility complexⅠ,MHCⅠ per RLAⅠ ELISA Kit
KN0087Rb Rabbit major histocompatibility complexⅡ,MHCⅡ per RLAⅡ ELISA Kit
KN0086Rb Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 1,MMP-1 ELISA kit
KN0085Rb Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 2 per Gelatinase A,MMP-2 ELISA Kit
KN0084Rb Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 4,MMP-4 ELISA Kit
KN0083Rb Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 5,MMP-5 ELISA Kit
KN0082Rb Rabbit matrix metalloproteinase 9,MMP-9 ELISA Kit
KN0081Rb Rabbit Matrix metalloproteinase,MMP-3 ELISA kit
KN0080Rb Rabbit myelin basic protein,MBP ELISA Kit
KN0071Rb Rabbit N-terminal procollagen Ⅲ propeptide,PⅢNP ELISA Kit
KN0079Rb Rabbit Nerve growth factor,NGF ELISA Kit
KN0078Rb Rabbit Neuron-specific enolase,NSE ELISA Kit
KN0222Rb Rabbit neuronal mitochondrial ATPase Elisa kit
KN0223Rb Rabbit neuronal mitochondrial ATPase800 Elisa kit
KN0077Rb Rabbit neurotrophin 3,NT-3 ELISA Kit
KN0076Rb Rabbit neurotrophin 4,NT-4 ELISA Kit
KN0075Rb Rabbit neutrophil elastase,NE ELISA Kit
KN0074Rb Rabbit nitric oxide synthase,NOS ELISA Kit
KN0073Rb Rabbit nitric oxide,NO ELISA Kit
KN0072Rb Rabbit Noradrenaline,NA ELISA Kit
KN0070Rb Rabbit nuclear factor-κB p65,NF-κB p65 ELISA Kit
KN0069Rb Rabbit Oncostatin-M,OSM ELISA Kit
KN0068Rb Rabbit Osteopontin,OPN ELISA Kit
KN0067Rb Rabbit Osteoprotegerin,OPG ELISA KIT
KN0066Rb Rabbit oxidized lowdensity lipoprotein antibody,OLAb ELISA Kit
KN0065Rb Rabbit oxidized lowdensity lipoprotein,OxLDL ELISA Kit
KN0064Rb Rabbit p53 per tumor protein,p53 per TP53 ELISA Kit
KN0063Rb Rabbit Peroxisome Proliferator-activated receptor γ,PPAR-γ ELISA Kit
KN0062Rb Rabbit PICP ELISA Kit
KN0061Rb Rabbit pigment epithelium-derived factor,PEDF ELISA Kit
KN0060Rb Rabbit plasmin-antiplasmin complex,PAP ELISA Kit
KN0059Rb Rabbit plasminogen activator inhibitor 1,PAI-1 ELISA Kit
KN0058Rb Rabbit plasminogen activator inhibitor,PAI ELISA Kit
KN0057Rb Rabbit Plasminogen,Plg ELISA Kit
KN0056Rb Rabbit platelet activating factor,PAF ELISA Kit
KN0055Rb Rabbit Platelet Factor 4,PF-4 ELISA Kit
KN0054Rb Rabbit platelet-derived growth factor,PDGF ELISA Kit
KN0053Rb Rabbit procollagen Ⅲ N-terminal peptide,PⅢNT ELISA Kit
KN0052Rb Rabbit Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit
KN0051Rb Rabbit prolactin,PRL ELISA Kit
KN0050Rb Rabbit Prostaglandin E1,PGE1 ELISA Kit
KN0049Rb Rabbit Prostaglandin E2,PGE2 ELISA Kit
KN0048Rb Rabbit Prostaglandin F2α,PGF2α ELISA Kit
KN0047Rb Rabbit protein 1 per monocyte chemotactic and activating factor,MCP1 per MCAF ELISA kit
KN0046Rb Rabbit prothrombin fragment 1+2,F1+2 ELISA Kit
KN0045Rb Rabbit pyridinium crosslink per PyriLinks,PY ELISA Kit
KN0044Rb Rabbit receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand,RANKL ELISA Kit
KN0043Rb Rabbit Regenerating Islet Derived Protein 1 Alpha(REG1a)ELISA Kit
KN0042Rb Rabbit Renin ELISA Kit
KN0041Rb Rabbit Retinol binding protein 4,RBP-4 ELISA Kit
KN0040Rb Rabbit Serum amyloid A,SAA ELISA Kit
KN0039Rb Rabbit soluble adhesion molecules,Sam ELISA Kit
KN0037Rb Rabbit soluble E-selectin,sE-selectin ELISA Kit
KN0038Rb Rabbit soluble endothelial protein C receptor,sEPCR ELISA Kit
KN0036Rb Rabbit soluble Factor-related Apoptosis,sFAS per Apo-1 ELISA Kit
KN0035Rb Rabbit Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1,sICAM-1 ELISA Kit
KN0034Rb Rabbit soluble interleukin-1 receptor Ⅰ,IL-1sR Ⅰ ELISA kit
KN0031Rb Rabbit soluble P-selectin,sP-selectin ELISA Kit
KN0033Rb Rabbit Soluble protein-100,S-100 ELISA Kit
KN0032Rb Rabbit Soluble protein-100B,S-100B ELISA Kit
KN0030Rb Rabbit soluble Vascuolar cell adhesion molecule 1,sVCAM-1 ELISA Kit
KN0029Rb Rabbit Substance P,SP ELISA Kit
KN0028Rb Rabbit Superoxide Dismutase 1,SOD-1 ELISA Kit
KN0027Rb Rabbit Superoxide Dismutase(SOD) ELISA Kit
KN0026Rb Rabbit telomerase,TE ELISA Kit
KN0025Rb Rabbit Testoterone,T ELISA Kit
KN0024Rb Rabbit Thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor,TAFI ELISA Kit
KN0023Rb Rabbit thrombin receptor,TR ELISA Kit
KN0022Rb Rabbit thrombomodulin,TM ELISA Kit
KN0021Rb Rabbit Thromboxane B2,TX-B2 ELISA Kit
KN0020Rb Rabbit Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,TSH ELISA Kit
KN0019Rb Rabbit thyroxine,T4 ELISA Kit
KN0018Rb Rabbit Tissue factor pathway inhibitor,TFPI ELISA Kit
KN0017Rb Rabbit Tissue factor,TF ELISA Kit
KN0016Rb Rabbit tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase 1,TIMP-1 ELISA Kit
KN0015Rb Rabbit Tissue Polypeptide Antigen,TPA ELISA Kit
KN0014Rb Rabbit Tissue-type Plasiminogen Actilyse,t-PA ELISA Kit
KN0013Rb Rabbit Transforming Growth factor β1,TGF-β1 ELISA Kit
KN0012Rb Rabbit transforming growth factorβ2,TGFβ2 ELISA Kit
KN0011Rb Rabbit Troponin Ⅰ,Tn-Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0010Rb Rabbit Tumor necrosis factor α,TNFα ELISA Kit
KN0009Rb Rabbit tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand 3,TRAIL-R3 ELISA Kit
KN0008Rb Rabbit urokinase plasminogen activator,uPA ELISA kit
KN0007Rb Rabbit Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator Receptor,PLAUR per uPAR ELISA kit
KN0006Rb Rabbit Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF ELISA Kit
KN0005Rb Rabbit Vascuolar cell adhesion molecule 1,VCAM-1 ELISA kit
KN0004Rb Rabbit Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide,VIP ELISA Kit
KN0003Rb Rabbit von Willebrand Factor,VWF ELISA Kit
KN0002Rb Rabbit α2-Antiplasmin,α2-AP ELISA Kit
KN0001Rb Rabbit β-Thromboglobulin,β-TG ELISA Kit
KN0981Ra Rat ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif 18(ADAMTS18)ELISA Kit
KN0980Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motif 12(ADAMTS12)ELISA Kit
KN0979Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motif 4(ADAMTS4)ELISA Kit
KN0978Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motif 8(ADAMTS8)ELISA Kit
KN0977Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 1(ADAMTS1)ELISA Kit
KN0976Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 5(ADAMTS5)ELISA Kit
KN0975Ra Rat adisintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 9(ADAMTS9)ELISA Kit
KN0974Ra Rat Alpha-Fetoprotein Lens Culinaris Agglutinin 3 (AFPL3) ELISA Kit
KN0973Ra Rat apoptosis inducing factor ELISA Kit
KN0972Ra Rat group Astreptococcus( GAS)ELISA Kit
KN0971Ra Rat lipid peroxlde,LPO Elisa Kit
KN0970Ra Rat Metanephrine ,MN ELISA Kit
KN0969Ra Rat Super Oxidase Dimutase ELISA Kit(Sensitivity 22 pg per ml)
KN0968Ra Rat UDP-glucuronosyltransferase elisa kit
KN0967Ra Rat Zinc-Alpha-2-Glycoprotein(ZAG)ELISA Kit
KN0966Ra Rat 1,25- hydroxy vitamin D3 (1,25-(OH)2D3) ELISA Kit
KN0965Ra Rat 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25-(OH)2 VD) ELISA Kit
KN0964Ra Rat 1,3-βD glucosidase,1,3-βD-Glu ELISA Kit
KN0963Ra Rat 15-lipoxygenase,15-LO per LOX ELISA Kit
KN0962Ra Rat 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids,17-OHCS ELISA Kit
KN0961Ra Rat 17-Hydroxyprogesterone,17-OHP ELISA Kit
KN0960Ra Rat 17-ketosteroids,17-KS ELISA Kit
KN0959Ra Rat 25-Dihydroxy vitamin D2(HVD2)ELISA Kit
KN0958Ra Rat 25-Dihydroxy vitamin D3,HVD3 ELISA Kit
KN0957Ra Rat 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 (HVD3) ELISA Kit
KN0956Ra Rat 26S proteasome,26S PSM ELISA Kit
KN0955Ra Rat 3-Nitrotyrosine (3-NT) ELISA Kit
KN0953Ra Rat 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid,5-HIAA Elisa Kit
KN0952Ra Rat 5-Hydroxytryptamine,5HT ELISA Kit
KN0951Ra Rat 5-Nucleotidase,5-NT ELISA Kit
KN0954Ra Rat 50% complement hemolysis,CH50 ELISA Kit
KN0950Ra Rat 6-keto-PGF1a ELISA Kit
KN0949Ra Rat 6-keto-prostaglandin F1a,6-K-PGF1a ELISA Kit
KN0948Ra Rat 6-keto-prostaglandin,6-K-PG ELISA Kit
KN0947Ra Rat 8-Hydroxy-desoxyguanosine,8-OHdG ELISA Kit
KN0946Ra Rat 8-iso prostaglandin,8-iso-PG ELISA Kit
KN0945Ra Rat 8-iso-PGF2α ELISA Kit
KN0944Ra Rat 8-isoprostane ELISA Kit
KN0943Ra Rat 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase,OGG ELISA kit
KN0942Ra Rat A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 8,ADAM8 ELISA Kit
KN0941Ra Rat A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 9,ADAM9 ELISA Kit
KN0937Ra Rat Acetyl-Coa Carboxylase(ACC)ELISA Kit
KN0940Ra Rat acetylcholine receptor antibody,AChRab ELISA Kit
KN0939Ra Rat acetylcholine,ACH ELISA Kit
KN0938Ra Rat Acetylcholinesterase,AChE ELISA Kit
KN0936Ra Rat acidic fibroblast growth factor 1,aFGF-1 ELISA Kit
KN0935Ra Rat Activated coagulation factor X(FXa)ELISA Kit
KN0934Ra Rat Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule,ALCAM ELISA Kit
KN0933Ra Rat activated protein C,APC ELISA Kit
KN0932Ra Rat Activin A,ACV-A ELISA Kit
KN0931Ra Rat adenosine monophosphate (AMP) ELISA Kit
KN0930Ra Rat adenovirus(ADV) elisa kit
KN0929Ra Rat adiponectin,ADP ELISA Kit
KN0928Ra Rat Adipose Triglyceride Lipase(ATGL)ELISA Kit
KN0927Ra rat adrencocorticotropic hormone,ACTH ELISA Kit
KN0926Ra Rat adrenergic alpha-1A receptor,ADRA1A ELISA Kit
KN0925Ra Rat adrenomedullin,ADM ELISA Kit
KN0924Ra Rat advanced glycation end products,AGEs ELISA Kit
KN0923Ra Rat Advanced Oxidation Protein Products(AOPP) ELISA Kit
KN0922Ra Rat Agmatine Ureohydrolase per Agmatinase (AGMAT) ELISA Kit
KN0921Ra Rat Alanine aminotransferase,ALT ELISA KIT
KN0920Ra Rat alcohol dehydrogenase,ADH ELISA Kit
KN0919Ra Rat aldehyde dehydrogenase,ALDH ELISA Kit
KN0918Ra rat aldosterone,ALD ELISA Kit
KN0917Ra Rat alkaline phosphatase,ALP ELISA Kit
KN0916Ra Rat Alpha-Fetoprotein Lens Culinaris Agglutinin 3 (AFPL3) ELISA Kit
KN0915Ra Rat Alpha-fetoprotein,AFP ELISA Kit
KN0914Ra Rat alpha-granular membrane protein,GMP-140 ELISA Kit
KN0913Ra Rat alpha-L-fucosidase,AFU ELISA Kit
KN0912Ra Rat Alternative macrophage activation-associated CC chemokine 1,AMAC-1 ELISA Kit
KN0911Ra Rat Amylase(AMS)ELISA Kit
KN0910Ra Rat Amylin ELISA Kit
KN0909Ra Rat amyloid beta peptide 1-40,Aβ1-40 Elisa Kit
KN0908Ra Rat amyloid beta peptide 1-42,Aβ1-42 ELISA Kit
KN0907Ra Rat androgen ElISA Kit
KN0906Ra Rat androgen receptor(AR) ELISA Kit
KN0905Ra Rat Androstenedione,ASD ELISA Kit
KN0904Ra Rat Angiogenin,ANG ELISA Kit
KN0903Ra Rat Angiopoietin 1,ANG-1 ELISA Kit
KN0902Ra Rat Angiopoietin 4,ANG-4 ELISA Kit
KN0901Ra Rat angiopoietin receptor Tie1,ANG-R-Tie1 ELISA kit
KN0900Ra Rat Angiopoietin-2,Ang-2 ELIS kit
KN0897Ra Rat Angiotensin converting enzyme,ACE ELISA Kit
KN0896Ra Rat Angiotensin II Receptor 2 (AGTR2) ELISA Kit
KN0895Ra Rat Angiotensin II Receptor Type 1(ATⅡR1)ELISA Kit
KN0894Ra Rat angiotensin II(ANG-II)ELISA Kit
KN0899Ra Rat Angiotensin Ⅰ Converting Enzyme,ACEⅠ ELISA Kit
KN0898Ra Rat Angiotensin Ⅱ converting enzyme,ACEⅡ ELISA Kit
KN0893Ra Rat Angiotensin-II recept
KN0892Ra Rat angiotension 1-7(ANG 1-7) ELISA Kit
KN0891Ra Rat angiotension Ⅰ,Ang-Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0890Ra Rat angiotension Ⅱ,ANG-Ⅱ ELISA Kit
KN0889Ra Rat annexin Ⅴ,ANX-Ⅴ ELISA Kit
KN0888Ra Rat anti-Activin A receptor antibody,ACV-RAb ELISA Kit
KN0887Ra Rat anti-alpha-Fodrin IgG per IgA,α-Fodrin IgG per IgA ELISA Kit
KN0886Ra Rat anti-cardiolipin antibody IgA,ACA-IgA ELISA Kit
KN0885Ra Rat anti-cardiolipin antibody IgG,ACA-IgG ELISA Kit
KN0884Ra rat anti-cardiolipin antibody IgM,ACA-IgM ELISA Kit
KN0883Ra Rat anti-centrol and centrosome antibody,ACA ELISA Kit
KN0882Ra Rat anti-double stranded DNA,dsDNA ELISA KIT
KN0881Ra Rat anti-Endomysial Antibody IgA,EMA IgA ELISA Kit
KN0880Ra Rat anti-endothelial cell antibody,AECA ELISA Kit
KN0879Ra Rat Anti-glucoprotein 210,GP210 ELISA Kit
KN0878Ra Rat anti-gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antibody,GNRHR-Ab ELISA Kit
KN0877Ra Rat anti-IgE receptor antibody ELISA Kit
KN0876Ra Rat anti-IVIgG antibody ELISA Kit
KN0875Ra Rat anti-Monocyte antibody,AMA ELISA Kit
KN0874Ra Rat anti-myelin associated glycoprotein antibody,MAG Ab ELISA Kit
KN0873Ra Rat Anti-myocardial antibody,AMA ELISA Kit
KN0872Ra Rat anti-red cell antibody ELISA Kit
KN0871Ra Rat Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody,ASMA ELISA Kit
KN0870Ra Rat anti-sperm antibody,AsAb ELISA Kit
KN0868Ra Rat anti-thrombin receptor,ATR ELISA Kit
KN0869Ra Rat Anti-Thrombin Ⅲ,AT-Ⅲ ELISA Kit
KN0867Ra Rat Anti-thyroid-globulin antibody,ATGA per TGAB ELISA KIT
KN0866Ra Rat anti-Thyroid-Peroxidase antibody,TPO-Ab ELISA Kit
KN0865Ra Rat anti-Triglyceride(anti-TG)ELISA Kit
KN0864Ra Rat Anti-trypsin,AT ELISA Kit
KN0863Ra Rat apelin (AP) ELISA Kit
KN0862Ra Rat apelin 12,AP12 ELISA Kit
KN0861Ra Rat Apelin Receptor (APLNR) ELISA kit
KN0860Ra Rat Apolipoprotein E,Apo-E ELISA Kit
KN0859Ra Rat Apolipoprotein H,Apo-H ELISA Kit
KN0858Ra Rat apoprotein A (apo-A) ELISA Kit
KN0857Ra Rat apoprotein A1,apo-A1 ELISA Kit
KN0856Ra Rat apoprotein B (apo-B) ELISA Kit
KN0855Ra Rat apoprotein B100,apo-B100 ELISA Kit
KN0854Ra Rat apoptosis inducing factor,AIF ELISA Kit
KN0853Ra Rat Aquaporin 0,AQP-0 ELISA Kit
KN0852Ra Rat Aquaporin 1,AQP-1 ELISA Kit
KN0851Ra Rat Aquaporin 2,AQP-2 ELISA Kit
KN0850Ra Rat Aquaporin 3,AQP-3 ELISA Kit
KN0849Ra Rat Aquaporin 4,AQP-4 ELISA Kit
KN0848Ra Rat Aquaporin 5,AQP-5 ELISA Kit
KN0847Ra Rat Arachidonate-15-Lipoxygenase (ALOX15) ELISA Kit
KN0846Ra Rat Aromatase(ARO)ELISA Kit
KN0845Ra Rat Aspartate aminotransferase,AST Elisa Kit
KN0844Ra Rat associated protein A,SP-A ELISA Kit
KN0843Ra Rat associated protein B,SP-B ELISA Kit
KN0842Ra Rat associated protein C,SP-C ELISA Kit
KN0841Ra Rat asymmetrical dimethylarginine (ADMA) ELISA Kit
KN0840Ra Rat Azidothymidine,AZT ELISA Kit
KN0835Ra Rat B-cell activating factor (BAFF) ELISA Kit
KN0834Ra Rat B-cell leukemia per lymphoma 2,Bcl-2 ELISA Kit
KN0804Ra Rat B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) ELISA Kit
KN0839Ra Rat basic fibroblast growth factor 4,bFGF-4 ELISA Kit
KN0838Ra Rat basic fibroblast growth factor 6,bFGF-6 ELISA Kit
KN0837Ra Rat basic fibroblast growth factor 9,bFGF-9 ELISA Kit
KN0836Ra Rat basic fibroblast growth factor,bFGF ELISA Kit
KN0833Ra Rat Bcl-2 associated X protein,Bax ELISA Kit
KN0832Ra Rat Beclin1( BECN1)ELISA Kit
KN0831Ra Rat beta cellulin,BTC ELISA Kit
KN0830Ra Rat Beta-Crosslaps ELISA kit
KN0829Ra Rat Beta-Endorphin receptor,β-EPR ELISA Kit
KN0828Ra Rat Beta-Endorphin,β-EP ELISA Kit
KN0827Ra Rat Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid,β-OHB ELISA Kit
KN0826Ra Rat beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme 2,BACE2 ELISA Kit
KN0825Ra Rat BH3 interacting domain death agonist,Bid ELISA Kit
KN0824Ra Rat Big Endothelin,Big ET ELISA Kit
KN0823Ra Rat Biopyrrin(BPn)ELISA Kit
KN0822Ra Rat Bladder tumor antigen,BTA ELISA Kit
KN0821Ra Rat blood glucose ELISA Kit
KN0820Ra Rat Blood Sugar ELISA Kit
KN0819Ra Rat Blood urea nitrogen(BUN)ELISA Kit
KN0818Ra Rat bone alkaline phosphatase,BALP ELISA Kit
KN0817Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein 2,BMP-2 ELISA Kit
KN0816Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein 4,BMP-4 ELISA Kit
KN0815Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein 6,BMP-6 ELISA Kit
KN0814Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein 7,BMP-7 ELISA Kit
KN0813Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein receptor 1A,BMPR-1A ELISA Kit
KN0812Ra Rat Bone morphogenetic protein receptor Ⅱ,BMPR-Ⅱ ELISA Kit
KN0811Ra Rat bone morphogenetic proteins,BMPs ELISA Kit
KN0810Ra Rat Bone-specific Alkphase B,ALP-B ELISA Kit
KN0809Ra Rat bradykinin,BK ELISA Kit
KN0808Ra Rat Brain derived neurotrophic facor,BDNF ELISA Kit
KN0807Ra Rat brain natriuretic peptide,BNP ELISA Kit
KN0806Ra Rat brain-gut peptides,BGP per Gehrelin Elisa kit
KN0805Ra Rat Bromodeoxyuridine,BrdU ELISA Kit
KN0773Ra Rat c-fos ELISA Kit
KN0761Ra Rat c-jun ELISA Kit
KN0760Ra Rat c-Jun N-terminal kinases,JNK ELISA Kit
KN0723Ra Rat C-Peptide ELISA Kit
KN0722Ra Rat C-Peptide of Insulin (C-P of Ins) ELISA Kit
KN0721Ra Rat C-Reactive Protein,CRP ELISA Kit
KN0711Ra Rat C-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen ELISA kit
KN0710Ra Rat C-type natriuretic peptide,CNP ELISA Kit
KN0803Ra Rat calcineurin,CaN ELISA Kit
KN0802Ra Rat calcitonin gene related peptide,CGRP ELISA Kit
KN0800Ra Rat Calcitonin,CT ELISA Kit
KN0799Ra Rat calcium per calmodulin-dependent protein kinase-Ⅱ,CAMK 2 ELISA Kit
KN0798Ra Rat Calf Intestine Alkaline Phosphatase,CIAP ELISA Kit
KN0797Ra Rat calmodulin,CAM ELISA Kit
KN0795Ra Rat Calreticulin,CRT Elisa Kit
KN0794Ra Rat Calretinin,CR ELISA Kit
KN0793Ra Rat Carbohydrate Antigen 15-3(CA15-3)ELISA Kit
KN0792Ra Rat carbohydrate-deficient transferrin,CDT ELISA Kit
KN0791Ra Rat carbonic anhydrase 2,CA-2 ELISA Kit
KN0790Ra Rat carbonic anhydrase,CA ELISA Kit
KN0789Ra Rat carboxyhemoglobin( HBCO)ELISA Kit
KN0788Ra Rat Carboxyterminal propeptide of type Ⅰ procollagen,PⅠCP ELISA Kit
KN0787Ra Rat cardiac isoform of Tropnin T,cTnT ELISA Kit
KN0786Ra Rat cardiac troponin Ⅰ,cTn-Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0785Ra Rat cardiotrophln 1,CT-1 ELISA kit
KN0784Ra Rat carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase,CACT ELISA Kit
KN0783Ra Rat cartilage glycoprotein39( YKL-40)ELISA Kit
KN0782Ra Rat cartilage oligomeric matrix protein( COMP)ELISA Kit
KN0781Ra Rat Caspase 3,Casp-3 ELISA Kit
KN0780Ra Rat Caspase ELISA Kit
KN0779Ra Rat Caspase-9,Casp-9 ELISA Kit
KN0778Ra Rat Catalase(CAT) ELISA Kit
KN0777Ra Rat catecholamine,CA ELISA Kit
KN0776Ra Rat Cathepsin K,cath-K ELISA Kit
KN0775Ra Rat Caveolin-1,Cav-1 ELISA KIT
KN0774Ra Rat Cerebral Dopamine Neurotrophic Factor (CDNF)ELISA Kit
KN0772Ra Rat chemerin ELISA Kit
KN0333Ra Rat chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 1(CCL1)ELISA Kit
KN0335Ra Rat chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 16(CCL16)ELISA Kit
KN0361Ra Rat chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 17(CCL17)ELISA Kit
KN0334Ra Rat chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2(CCL2)ELISA Kit
KN0271Ra Rat chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 22(CCL22)ELISA Kit
KN0771Ra Rat Chitinase-3-like Protein 1 (CHI3L1) ELISA Kit
KN0770Ra Rat Cholecystokinin,CCK ELISA Kit
KN0769Ra Rat cholest erolester transfer protein,CETP ELISA Kit
KN0768Ra Rat cholesterol 7-alpha-hydroxylase (CYP7a1) ELISA Kit
KN0767Ra Rat cholesterol,CH ELISA Kit
KN0766Ra Rat Choline acetyltransferase( CHAT)ELISA Kit
KN0765Ra Rat Chorionic Gonadotrophin β,β-CG ELISA Kit
KN0764Ra Rat Chorionic Gonadotrophin,CG ELISA Kit
KN0763Ra Rat Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor,CNTF ELISA Kit
KN0762Ra Rat Citrate synthase,CS ELISA Kit
KN0759Ra Rat Clara cell protein,CC16 ELISA Kit
KN0758Ra Rat Cluster of differentiation 3,CD3 ELISA Kit
KN0757Ra Rat Cluster of differentiation 30,CD30 ELISA Kit
KN0756Ra Rat cluster of differentiation 8,CD8 ELISA Kit
KN0755Ra Rat cluster Of differentiation,CD44 ELISA Kit
KN0754Ra Rat Clusterin,CLU ELISA Kit
KN0753Ra Rat coagulation factor Ⅱ,FⅡ ELISA Kit
KN0752Ra Rat coagulation factor Ⅲ,FⅢ ELISA Kit
KN0751Ra Rat coagulation factor Ⅷ related antigen,FⅧ-Ag ELISA Kit
KN0750Ra Rat coagulation factor Ⅹ,FⅩ ELISA Kit
KN0749Ra Rat coagulation factor ⅩⅢ,FⅩⅢ ELISA Kit
KN0748Ra Rat coagulation factor Ⅻ,FⅫ ELISA Kit
KN0747Ra Rat Coenzyme Q10 Elisa Kit
KN0746Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅰ,Col Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0745Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅱ(ColⅡ) ELISA Kit
KN0744Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅱ,Col Ⅱ ELISA Kit
KN0743Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅲ(Col Ⅲ) ELISA Kit      
KN0742Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅲ,Col Ⅲ ELISA KIT
KN0741Ra Rat Collagen Type Ⅳ,Col Ⅳ ELISA KIT
KN0740Ra Rat Collagenase I ELISA Kit
KN0739Ra Rat Collagenase Type II ELISA Kit
KN0738Ra Rat Complement 3,C3 ELISA Kit
KN0737Ra Rat Complement 3a (C3a) ELISA Kit
KN0736Ra Rat Complement 4,C4 ELISA Kit
KN0735Ra Rat Complement 5a (C5a) ELISA Kit
KN0734Ra Rat complement factor H,CFH ELISA Kit
KN0733Ra Rat Complement fragment 3a,C3a ELISA Kit
KN0732Ra Rat Complement fragment 4a,C4a ELISA Kit
KN0731Ra Rat Complement fragment 5a,C5a ELISA kit
KN0730Ra Rat complex edprostate specific antigen,cPSA ELISA Kit
KN0729Ra Rat connective tissue growth factor,CTGF ELISA Kit
KN0728Ra Rat corona virus (RCV) ELISA Kit
KN0727Ra Rat corticotropin releasing hormone,CRH ELISA Kit
KN0726Ra Rat Corticotropin-releasing factor(CRF)ELISA Kit
KN0725Ra Rat Cortisol ELISA Kit
KN0724Ra Rat Cortisol,CS ELISA Kit
KN0720Ra Rat Creatine Kinase (CK) ELISA Kit
KN0719Ra Rat Creatine Kinase BB isoenzyme (CK-BB) ELISA Kit
KN0718Ra Rat Creatine Kinase MB isoenzyme,CK-MB ELISA Kit
KN0717Ra Rat Creatinine,Cr ELISA Kit
KN0716Ra Rat cross linked N-telopeptide of type Ⅰ collagen,NTX ELISA Kit
KN0713Ra Rat cross-linked C-telopeptides of Type Ⅰ collagen,CⅠCP ELISA Kit
KN0714Ra Rat Cross-linked Carboxy-terminal telopeptide of type Ⅰ collagen,ⅠCTP ELISA Kit
KN0715Ra Rat Crosslaps,Cr ELISA Kit
KN0709Ra Rat CuZnSOD ELISA Kit
KN0708Ra Rat CXC-chemokine ligand 16,CXCL16 ELISA Kit
KN0707Ra Rat CXC-chemokine receptor 3,CXCR3 ELISA Kit
KN0706Ra Rat CXC-chemokine receptor 4(CXCR4)ELISA Kit
KN0705Ra Rat cyclic adenosine monophosphate,cAMP ELISA Kit
KN0704Ra Rat Cyclic guanosine monophosphate,cGMP ELISA Kit
KN0703Ra Rat Cyclin-D1 ELISA Kit
KN0702Ra Rat Cyclin-D2 ELISA Kit
KN0701Ra Rat Cyclin-D3 ELISA Kit
KN0700Ra Rat cyclooxygenase-2,COX-2 ELISA KIT
KN0699Ra Rat Cyclosporine A,CsA ELISA Kit
KN0698Ra Rat Cystatin C ELISA Kit
KN0697Ra Rat Cystatin C,Cys-C ELISA Kit
KN0696Ra Rat cysteinyl aspartate specific proteinases 3(CASPASE-3)ELISA Kit
KN0695Ra Rat Cytochrome C,Cytc ELISA KIT
KN0694Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 1A2
KN0693Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 1B1
KN0692Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 2C19 ELISA Kit
KN0691Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 2C9 ELISA Kit
KN0690Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 2D6(CYP2D6) ELISA Kit
KN0689Ra Rat cytochrome P450 2E1 ELISA Kit
KN0688Ra Rat cytochrome P450 2E1,CYP2E1 ELISA Kit
KN0687Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 3A4 ELISA Kit
KN0686Ra Rat Cytochrome P450 3A5 ELISA Kit
KN0685Ra Rat cytochrome P450,CYP450 ELISA Kit
KN0684Ra Rat Cytochrome-C,Cyt-C ELISA Kit
KN0683Ra Rat Cytokeratin 18-M30(CK 18-M30)ELISA Kit
KN0682Ra Rat Cytosolic Phospholipase A2,cPLA2 ELISA Kit
KN0669Ra Rat D-Lactate Dehydrogenase,D-LDH ELISA Kit
KN0681Ra Rat DC specific intercellular adhesion molecule 3-grabbing nonintegrin,DC-SIGN per CD209 ELISA Kit
KN0680Ra Rat defensin-5 EKISA KIT
KN0679Ra Rat Dehydroepiandrosterone S7,DHEA-S7 ELISA Kit
KN0678Ra Rat Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit
KN0677Ra Rat Dehydroepiandrosterone,DHEA ELISA Kit
KN0676Ra Rat deoxypyridinoline,DPD ELISA Kit
KN0674Ra Rat deoxyribonuclease Ⅰ,DNase-Ⅰ ELISA Kit
KN0673Ra Rat Desmin,Des ELISA Kit
KN0672Ra Rat diamine oxidase,DAO ELISA Kit
KN0671Ra Rat Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit
KN0670Ra Rat dipeptidyl peptldase Ⅳ,DPPⅣ ELISA Kit
KN0668Ra Rat DNA methyltransferase 1(DNAM1)ELISA Kit
KN0667Ra Rat DNA methyltransferase3α(DNAM3α)ELISA Kit
KN0666Ra Rat Dopamine D1 receptor,D1R ELISA Kit
KN0665Ra Rat dopamine D2 receptor,D2R ELISA Kit
KN0664Ra Rat dopamine transporter,DAT ELISA Kit
KN0663Ra Rat dopamine,DA ELISA Kit
KN0662Ra Rat E-Cadherin (E-cad) ELISA Kit
KN0638Ra Rat E-Selectin ELISA kit
KN0661Ra Rat Elastase 1, Pancreatic(ELA1)ELISA Kit
KN0660Ra Rat encephalomyelitis virus (EV)ELISA Kit
KN0659Ra Rat Endocrine gland vascular endothelial growth factor,EG-VEGF ELISA Kit
KN0658Ra Rat Endometrium Antibody,EMAb ELISA Kit