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CYT-10F1-5PE4-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD10-FITC _ CD5-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone SN5c _ MCD5 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG1 _ IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-16F6-19PE5-3C4 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD16-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD3-PECy5; Clone 3G8 _ HD37_ UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG1 _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD16-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD45-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ HD37 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ Edu-2 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD45-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ Edu-2 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD8-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ Edu-2 _ B9.11 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-56PE-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD56-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ C5.9 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ 17D8 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD45-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ 17D8 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD19-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD45-PECy5; Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4-3C4 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD4-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD3-PECy5; Clone Edu-2 _ 17D8 _ UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD4-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD45-PECy5; Clone Edu-2 _ 17D8 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-45F5-8PE4-4C3-3AP3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD45-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD4-PECy5 _ CD3-APC; Clone EO1 _ 17D8 _ 13B8.2 _ SK7 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-56F-19PE5-3C4 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD56-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD3-PECy5; Clone C5.9 _ HD37 _ UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG2b _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-8F8-4PE9-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD8-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD19-PECy5; Clone UCH-T4 _ Edu-2 _ J4.119 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-8F8-4PE9-3C4 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD8-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD3-PECy5; Clone UCH-T4 _ Edu-2 _ UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-8F8-4PE9-45C3 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) CD8-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD45-PECy5; Clone UCH-T4 _ Edu-2 _ IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-FMC7F-23PE3-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) FMC7-FITC_CD23-PE_CD19PECy5; Clone FMC7_B-G6_J4.119 ; Isotype IgM _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-KF2-LPE-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) Kappa FITC_Lambda-PE_CD19-PECy5; Clone Polycl _ Polycl _ J4.119 ; Isotype Polycl _ Polycl _ IgG1
CYT-KF2-LPE-19C2-50 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) Kappa FITC_Lambda-PE_CD19-PECy5; Clone Polycl _ Polycl _ J4.119 ; Isotype Polycl _ Polycl _ IgG1
CYT-LF-KPE-19C2 Antibodies(triple colour combinations) Lambda FITC_Kappa-PE_CD19-PECy5; Clone Polycl _ Polycl _ J4.119 ; Isotype Polycl _ Polycl _ IgG1
CYT-bF1AP cyTCRâ_APC, Clon 8A3, Isotype IgG1
CYT-bF1AP CyTCRβ-APC clone: 8A3 isotype:IgG1
CYT-IC005AP Isotypic controls IgG1-APC Clone MCG1
CYT-IC005F Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC Clone MCG1
CYT-IC5F5PE Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG1-PE Clone MCG1 _ MCG1
CYT-IC5F5PE5C Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG1-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG1 _ MCG1 _ ZX3
CYT-IC5F6PE Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG2a-PE Clone MCG1 _ MCG2a
CYT-IC5F6PE5C Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG2a-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG1 _ MCG2a _ ZX3
CYT-IC5F7PE Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG2b-PE Clone MCG1 _ MCG2b
CYT-IC5F7PE5C Isotypic controls IgG1-FITC _ IgG2b-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG1 _ MCG2b _ ZX3
CYT-IC005PE Isotypic controls IgG1-PE Clone MCG1
CYT-IC005C Isotypic controls IgG1-PECy5 Clone ZX3
CYT-IC006F Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC Clone MCG2a
CYT-IC6F5PE Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG1-PE Clone MCG2a _ MCG1
CYT-IC6F5PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG1-PE _ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2a _ MCG1 _ ZX3
CYT-IC6F6PE Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG2a-PE Clone MCG2a _ MCG2a
CYT-IC6F6PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG2a-PE _ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2a _ MCG2a _ ZX3
CYT-IC6F7PE Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG2b-PE Clone MCG2a _ MCG2b
CYT-IC6F7PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2a-FITC _ IgG2b-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2a _ MCG2b _ ZX3
CYT-IC006PE Isotypic controls IgG2a-PE Clone MCG2a
CYT-IC007F Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC Clone MCG2b
CYT-IC7F5PE Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG1-PE Clone MCG2b _ MCG1
CYT-IC7F5PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG1-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2b _ MCG1 _ ZX3
CYT-IC7F6PE Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG2a-PE Clone MCG2b _ MCG2a
CYT-IC7F6PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG2a-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2b _ MCG2a _ ZX3
CYT-IC7F7PE Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG2b-PE Clone MCG2b _ MCG2b
CYT-IC7F7PE5C Isotypic controls IgG2b-FITC _ IgG2b-PE_ IgG1-PECy5 Clone MCG2b _ MCG2b _ ZX3
CYT-IC007PE Isotypic controls IgG2b-PE Clone MCG2b
CYT-INFINICYT-ADV1 Advanced module Infinicyt v1.6 (Calculated data and Compass)
CYT-INFINICYT-ADV1 Advanced module Infinicyt v1.7 (Calculated data, Compass and Maduration)
CYT-INFINICYT-ADV1 Advanced module of calculated data Infinicyt v 1.5
CYT-SG1F Anti mouse F(ab’) 2 anti IgG - FITC
CYT-bF1AP Antibody cyTCRβ-APC ; Clone 8A3 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-10AC750 Antibody CD10-APC-C750 ; Clone HI10a ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-10F1 Antibody CD10-FITC ; Clone SN5c ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-10PE8 Antibody CD10-PE ; Clone CB-CALLA ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-103F2 Antibody CD103-FITC ; Clone B-ly7 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-103PE Antibody CD103-PE ; Clone LF61 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-117F4 Antibody CD117-FITC ; Clone 104D2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-117PE2 Antibody CD117-PE ; Clone 104D2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-11cPE3 Antibody CD11c-PE ; Clone B-ly6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-13F2 Antibody CD13-FITC ; Clone 22A5 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-13PE3 Antibody CD13-PE ; Clone WM15 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138AC750 Antibody CD138-APC-C750 ; Clone BA-38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138F4 Antibody CD138-FITC ; Clone B-A38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138OC Antibody CD138-OC515 ; Clone B-A38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138PE4 Antibody CD138-PE ; Clone B-A38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138C4 Antibody CD138-PECY5 ; Clone B-A38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-138P4 Antibody CD138-Purified ; Clone B-A38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-14AP3 Antibody CD14-APC ; Clone 47-3D6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-14F4 Antibody CD14-FITC ; Clone 18D11 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-14PE3 Antibody CD14-PE ; Clone 47-3D6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-15F4 Antibody CD15-FITC ; Clone MCS-1 ; Isotype IgG3
CYT-16PE7+56PE Antibody CD16+56-PE ; Clone 3G8 + C5.9 ; Isotype IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-16F6 Antibody CD16-FITC ; Clone 3G8 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-16PE7 Antibody CD16-PE ; Clone 3G8 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-19F4 Antibody CD19-FITC ; Clone HD37 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-19PE5 Antibody CD19-PE ; Clone HD37 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C2 Antibody CD19-PECY5 ; Clone J4.119 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C7 Antibody CD19-PerCP-Cy5.5 ; Clone HIB19 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-1AF1 Antibody CD1a-FITC ; Clone NA1_34-HLK ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-2F5 Antibody CD2-FITC ; Clone B-E2 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20AP Antibody CD20-APC ; Clone B-ly1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-20F3 Antibody CD20-FITC ; Clone 2H7 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20PBZ Antibody CD20-Pacific Blue ; Clone 2H7 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20PE5 Antibody CD20-PE ; Clone B-ly1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-20C3 Antibody CD20-PerCP-Cy5.5 ; Clone 2H7 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-21AC750 Antibody CD21-APC-C750 ; Clone B-ly4 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-22AC750 Antibody CD22-APC-C750 ; Clone MEM-01 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-22F3 Antibody CD22-FITC ; Clone B-ly8 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-22PE5 Antibody CD22-PE ; Clone Mc64-12 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-23PE3 Antibody CD23-PE ; Clone B-G6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-24PE2 Antibody CD24-PE ; Clone ML5 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-25PE5 Antibody CD25-PE ; Clone MEM-181 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-3AP5 Antibody CD3-APC ; Clone 33-2A3 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3AP6 Antibody CD3-APC ; Clone GA60 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-3AC750 Antibody CD3-APC-C750 ; Clone UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-3F8 Antibody CD3-FITC ; Clone Cris-7 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3PBZ Antibody CD3-Pacific Blue ; Clone UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-3PE5 Antibody CD3-PE ; Clone 33-2A3 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3C4 Antibody CD3-PECY5 ; Clone UCHT1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-33AP3 Antibody CD33-APC ; Clone WM53 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-33F Antibody CD33-FITC ; Clone WM53 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-33PE3 Antibody CD33-PE ; Clone WM53 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-36F Antibody CD36-FITC ; Clone SMO ; Isotype IgM
CYT-38AC750 Antibody CD38-APC-C750 ; Clone LD38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-38F Antibody CD38-FITC ; Clone LD38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-38PE2 Antibody CD38-PE ; Clone T16 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-38P1 Antibody CD38-Purified ; Clone LD38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-4AP3 Antibody CD4-APC ; Clone HP2_6 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4F6 Antibody CD4-FITC ; Clone Edu-2 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4PBZ Antibody CD4-Pacific Blue ; Clone H2P_6 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4PE9 Antibody CD4-PE ; Clone Edu-2 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4C3 Antibody CD4-PECY5 ; Clone 13B8.2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-4C5 Antibody CD4-PerCP-Cy5.5 ; Clone SK3 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-40PE2 Antibody CD40-PE ; Clone HI40a ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-41F Antibody CD41-FITC ; Clone PM6_248 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-43F2 Antibody CD43-FITC ; Clone DFT1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-43PE2 Antibody CD43-PE ; Clone DFT1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-45AP2 Antibody CD45-APC ; Clone ML2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-45AC750 Antibody CD45-APC-C750 ; Clone GA90 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-45F5 Antibody CD45-FITC ; Clone EO1 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-45OC Antibody CD45-OC515 ; Clone GA90 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-45PBZ Antibody CD45-Pacific Blue ; Clone GA90 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-45PE4 Antibody CD45-PE ; Clone D3_9 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-45C3 Antibody CD45-PECY5 ; Clone IMMU19.2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-49dF Antibody CD49d-FITC ; Clone 44H6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-5F4 Antibody CD5-FITC ; Clone MCD5 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-5PE4 Antibody CD5-PE ; Clone MCD5 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-5C Antibody CD5-PerCP-Cy5.5 ; Clone UCHT2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-52PE Antibody CD52-PE ; Clone YTH34.5 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-55F6 Antibody CD55-FITC ; Clone 143-30 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-55PE3 Antibody CD55-PE ; Clone NaM16-4D3 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-56AP Antibody CD56-APC ; Clone C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-56AC750 Antibody CD56-APC-C750 ; Clone C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-56F Antibody CD56-FITC ; Clone C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-56PE Antibody CD56-PE ; Clone C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2b
CYT-59F6 Antibody CD59-FITC ; Clone MEM-43 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-59PE7 Antibody CD59-PE ; Clone NaM172-2B5 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-61PE2 Antibody CD61-PE ; Clone PM6_13 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-63F Antibody CD63-FITC ; Clone MEM-259 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-64PE2 Antibody CD64-PE ; Clone 22 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-65F Antibody CD65-FITC ; Clone 88H7 ; Isotype IgM
CYT-66bF Antibody CD66b-FITC ; Clone 80H3 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-7AP3 Antibody CD7-APC ; Clone CD7-6B7 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-7AP4 Antibody CD7-APC ; Clone HULY-M2 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-7F5 Antibody CD7-FITC ; Clone B-B7 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-7C4 Antibody CD7-PECY5 ; Clone CD7-6B7 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-79aF3 Antibody CD79a-FITC ; Clone SP18 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-79aF Antibody CD79a-FITC ; Clone ZL7.4 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-8AP Antibody CD8-APC ; Clone 17D8 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-8F8 Antibody CD8-FITC ; Clone UCH-T4 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-8PE4 Antibody CD8-PE ; Clone 17D8 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-8C2 Antibody CD8-PECY5 ; Clone B9.11 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-81AC750 Antibody CD81-APC-C750 ; Clone M38 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-CK18F Antibody Citokeratin 18 - FITC ; Clone Ks18.04 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-79aPE Antibody cyCD79a-PE ; Clone HM57 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-MPOF3 Antibody cytMPO-FITC ; Clone 2C7 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-MPOF2 Antibody cytMPO-FITC ; Clone 8E6 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-FMC7F Antibody FMC7-FITC ; Clone FMC7 ; Isotype IgM
CYT-HLAIB27F Antibody HLA B27-FITC ; Clone HLA ABC m3 ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-HLAIB7PE Antibody HLA B7-PE ; Clone BB7.1 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-DRF Antibody HLADR-FITC ; Clone 423L ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-DRPE Antibody HLADR-PE ; Clone 423L ; Isotype IgG2a
CYT-KAPPAP Antibody Kappa-APC ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-KAPPF2 Antibody Kappa-FITC ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-KAPPPE Antibody Kappa-PE ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-LAMBAP Antibody Lambda-APC ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-LAC750 Antibody Lambda-APC-C750 ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-LAMBF Antibody Lambda-FITC ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-LAMBPE Antibody Lambda-PE ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-TdTF Antibody TdT-FITC ; Clone Polyclonal
CYT-ZAP70PE3 Antibody ZAP70-PE ; Clone 1E7.2 ; Isotype IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD16+CD56 PE ; Clone Cris-7_ 3G8+C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-3F8-16PE7 Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD16-PE ; Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5 Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD19-PE ; Clone Cris-7_ HD37 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9 Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE ; Clone Cris-7 _ Edu-2 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a
CYT-3F8-56PE Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD56-PE ; Clone Cris-7 _ C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2b
CYT-3F8-8PE4 Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE ; Clone Cris-7 _ 17D8 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-DRPE Antibody(double color combinations) CD3-FITC _ HLADR-PE ; Clone Cris-7 _ 423L ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2a
CYT-4F6-45PE4 Antibody(double color combinations) CD4-FITC _ CD45-PE ; Clone Edu-2 _ D3_9 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4 Antibody(double color combinations) CD4-FITC _ CD8-PE ; Clone Edu-2 _ 17D8 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-45F5-14PE3 Antibody(double color combinations) CD45-FITC _ CD14PE ; Clone EO1 _ 47-3D6 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-5F4-19PE5 Antibody(double color combinations) CD5-FITC _ CD19-PE ; Clone MCD5 _ HD37 ; Isotype IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-8F8-16PE7 Antibody(double color combinations) CD8-FITC _ CD16-PE ; Clone UCH-T4 _ 3G8 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-8F8-56PE Antibody(double color combinations) CD8-FITC _ CD56-PE ; Clone UCH-T4 _ C5.9 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG2b
CYT-COMB1012 Antibody(double color combinations) HLA-B27 FITC _ HLA-B7 PE ; Clone HLA ABC m3 _ BB7.1 ; Isotype IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-KF2-19PE5 Antibody(double color combinations) KAPPA FITC _ CD19-PE ; Clone Polyclonal _ HD37 ; Isotype Polyclonal _ IgG1
CYT-KF2-LPE Antibody(double color combinations) KAPPA FITC _ LAMBDA-PE ; Clone Polyclonal ; Isotype Polyclonal
CYT-KF2-LPE-100 Antibody(double color combinations) KAPPA FITC _ LAMBDA-PE ; Clone Polyclonal ; Isotype Polyclonal
CYT-LF-19PE5 Antibody(double color combinations) LAMBDA-FITC _ CD19-PE ; Clone Polyclonal _ HD37 ; Isotype Polyclonal _ IgG1
CYT-LF-KPE Antibody(double color combinations) LAMBDA-FITC _ KAPPA-PE ; Clone Polyclonal ; Isotype Polyclonal
CYT-LF-KPE-100 Antibody(double color combinations) LAMBDA-FITC _ KAPPA-PE ; Clone Polyclonal ; Isotype Polyclonal
CYT-INFINICYT-P Basic module Infinicyt v 1.5
CYT-INFINICYT-P Basic module Infinicyt v 1.6
CYT-INFINICYT-P Basic module Infinicyt v 1.7
CYT-10AC750 CD10-APC-C750 clone: HI10a isotype:IgG1
CYT-10F1-5PE4-19C2 CD10-FITC CD5-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: SN5c MCD5 J3.119 isotype: IgG1 IgG2b IgG1
CYT-10F1 CD10-FITC clone: SN5c isotype:IgG1
CYT-10F1 CD10-FITC Single Ab, Clone SN5c, Isotype IgG1
CYT-10F1-5PE4-19C2 CD10-FITC _ CD5-PE _ CD19-PECy5, CloneSN5c _ MCD5 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG1 _ IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-10PE8 CD10-PE clone: CB-CALLA isotype:IgG2b
CYT-10PE8 CD10-PE Single Ab, Clone CB-CALLA, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-10PE8 CD10-PE, Clone CB-CALLA, IsotypeIgG2b
CYT-103F2 CD103-FITC clone: B-ly7 isotype:IgG1
CYT-103F2 CD103-FITC Single Ab, Clone B-ly7, Isotype IgG1
CYT-103PE CD103-PE clone: LF61 isotype:IgG1
CYT-103PE CD103-PE Single Ab, Clone LF61, Isotype IgG1
CYT-103F2 CD103_FITC
CYT-103F2 CD103_FITC, Clon B_ly7, Isotype IgG1
CYT-103PE CD103_PE
CYT-103PE CD103_PE, Clon LF61, Isotype IgG1
CYT-10F1-5PE4-19C2 CD10_FITC _ CD5_PE _ CD19_PECy5
CYT-10F1-5PE4-19C2 CD10_FITC _ CD5_PE _ CD19_PECy5, Clon SN5c _ MCD5 _ J4.119
CYT-10F1 CD10_FITC, Clon SN5c, Isotype IgG1
CYT-10PE9 CD10_PE, Clon FR4D11_F3, Isotype IgG1
CYT-117AP2 CD117-APC clone: 104D2 isotype:IgG1
CYT-117F4 CD117-FITC clone: 104D2 isotype:IgG1
CYT-117F4 CD117-FITC Single Ab, Clone 104D2, Isotype IgG1
CYT-117PE2 CD117-PE clone: 104D2 isotype:IgG1
CYT-117PE2 CD117-PE Single Ab, Clone 104D2, Isotype IgG1
CYT-117F4 CD117_FITC
CYT-117F4 CD117_FITC, Clon 104D2, Isotype IgG1
CYT-117PE2 CD117_PE
CYT-117PE2 CD117_PE, Clon 104D2, Isotype IgG1
CYT-119F CD119-FITC clone: BB1E2 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-11cPE3 CD11c-PE clone: B-ly6 isotype:IgG1
CYT-11cPE3 CD11c-PE Single Ab, Clone B-ly6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-11cPE3 CD11c_PE
CYT-11cPE3 CD11c_PE, Clon B_ly6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-127C CD127-PerCP-Cy5.5 clone: A019D5 isotype:IgG1
CYT-13F2 CD13-FITC clone: 22A5 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-13F2 CD13-FITC Single Ab, Clone 22A5, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-13PE3 CD13-PE clone: WM15 isotype:IgG1
CYT-13PE3 CD13-PE Single Ab, Clone WM15, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138AC750 CD138-APC-C750 clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138F4 CD138-FITC clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138F4 CD138-FITC Single Ab, Clone B-A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138OC CD138-OC515 clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138OC CD138-OC515 Single Ab, Clone B-A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138OC CD138-OC515, Clone B-A38, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-138PE4 CD138-PE clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138PE4 CD138-PE Single Ab, Clone B-A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138C4 CD138-PECy5 clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138C4 CD138-PECY5 Single Ab, Clone B-A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138P4 CD138-Purified clone: B-A38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-138P4 CD138-Purified Single Ab, Clone B-A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138F4 CD138_FITC
CYT-138F4 CD138_FITC, Clon B_A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138PE4 CD138_PE
CYT-138PE4 CD138_PE, Clon B_A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138C4 CD138_PECY5
CYT-138C4 CD138_PECY5, Clon B_A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-138P4 CD138_Purified
CYT-138P4 CD138_Purified, Clon B_A38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-13F2 CD13_FITC, Clon 22A5, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-13PE3 CD13_PE, Clon WM15, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14AP3 CD14-APC clone: 47-3D6 isotype:IgG1
CYT-14AP3 CD14-APC Single Ab, Clone 47-3D6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14F4 CD14-FITC clone: 18D11 isotype:IgG1
CYT-14F4 CD14-FITC Single Ab, Clone 18D11, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14PE3 CD14-PE clone: 47-3D6 isotype:IgG1
CYT-14PE3 CD14-PE Single Ab, Clone 47-3D6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14AP3 CD14_APC, Clon 47_3D6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14F4 CD14_FITC, Clon 18D11, Isotype IgG1
CYT-14PE3 CD14_PE, Clon 47_3D6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-15F4 CD15-FITC clone: MCS-1 isotype:IgG3
CYT-15F4 CD15-FITC Single Ab, Clone MCS-1, Isotype IgG3
CYT-15F4 CD15_FITC, Clon MCS_1, Isotype IgG3
CYT-15P3 CD15_Purified
CYT-15P3 CD15_Purified, Clon MCS_1, Isotype IgG3
CYT-16PE7+56PE CD16+56-PE clone: 3G8 + C5.9 isotype:IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-16PE7+56PE CD16+56-PE Single Ab, Clone 3G8 + C5.9, Isotype IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-16PE7+56PE CD16+56-PE, Clone 3G8 + C5.9, IsotypeIgG1+IgG2b
CYT-16PE6+56PE CD16+56_PE
CYT-16PE6+56PE CD16+56_PE, Clon LD16 + C5.9, Isotype IgG2a+IgG2b
CYT-16F6-19PE5-3C4 CD16-FITC CD19-PE CD3-PECy5 clone: 3G8 HD37 UCHT1 isotype: IgG1 IgG1 IgG1
CYT-16F6 CD16-FITC clone: 3G8 isotype:IgG1
CYT-16F6 CD16-FITC Single Ab, Clone 3G8, Isotype IgG1
CYT-16F6-19PE5-3C4 CD16-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD3-PECy5, Clone 3G8 _ HD37_ UCHT1, IsotypeIgG1 _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-16F6-19PE5-3C4 CD16-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD3-PECy5, Clone3G8 _ HD37_ UCHT1, IsotopeIgG1 _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-16F6 CD16-FITC, Clone 3G8, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-16PE7 CD16-PE clone: 3G8 isotype:IgG1
CYT-16PE7 CD16-PE Single Ab, Clone 3G8, Isotype IgG1
CYT-16PE7 CD16-PE, Clone 3G8, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-16F4-19PE5-3C4 CD16_FITC _ CD19_PE _ CD3_PECy5
CYT-16F4-19PE5-3C4 CD16_FITC _ CD19_PE _ CD3_PECy5, Clon LD16 _ HD37_ UCHT1
CYT-16F4 CD16_FITC, Clon LD16, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-16PE6 CD16_PE, Clon LD16, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-19AC750 CD19-APC-C750 clone: A3-B1 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-19F4 CD19-FITC clone: HD37 isotype:IgG1
CYT-19F4 CD19-FITC Single Ab, Clone HD37, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19PE5 CD19-PE clone: HD37 isotype:IgG1
CYT-19PE5 CD19-PE Single Ab, Clone HD37, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C2 CD19-PECy5 clone: J3.119 isotype:IgG1
CYT-19C2 CD19-PECY5 Single Ab, Clone J4.119, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C7 CD19-PerCP-Cy5.5 clone: HIB19 isotype:IgG1
CYT-19C7 CD19-PerCP-Cy5.5 Single Ab, Clone HIB19, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C7 CD19-PerCP-Cy5.5, Clone HIB19, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-19F4 CD19_FITC, Clon HD37, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19PE5 CD19_PE, Clon HD37, Isotype IgG1
CYT-19C2 CD19_PECY5, Clon J4.119, Isotype IgG1
CYT-1AF1 CD1A-FITC clone: NA1 34-HLK isotype:IgG2a
CYT-1AF1 CD1a-FITC Single Ab, Clone NA1_34-HLK, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-1AF1 CD1A_FITC, Clon NA1_34_HLK, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-2AC750 CD2-APC-C750 clone: LT2 isotype:IgG2b
CYT-2F5 CD2-FITC clone: B-E2 isotype:IgG2b
CYT-2F5 CD2-FITC Single Ab, Clone B-E2, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-LST9 CD20+CD4-PB _ CD45-OC515 _ CD8+Lambda-FITC _ CD56+Kappa-PE _ CD5-PerCP-Cy5.5 _ CD3-APC
CYT-LST11 CD20+CD4-PB _ CD45-OC515 _ CD8+Lambda-FITC _ CD56+Kappa-PE _ CD5-PerCP-Cyanine5.5 _ CD19-PECyanine7 _ CD3–APC _ CD38-APC-C750
CYT-LST11L CD20+CD4-PB _ CD45-OC515 _ CD8+Lambda-FITC _ CD56+Kappa-PE _ CD5-PerCP-Cyanine5.5 _ CD19-PECyanine7 _ CD3–APC _ CD38-APC-C750 (Lyophilized format)
CYT-20AP CD20-APC clone: B-ly1 isotype:IgG1
CYT-20AP CD20-APC Single Ab, Clone B-ly1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-20F3 CD20-FITC clone: 2H7 isotype:IgG2b
CYT-20F3 CD20-FITC Single Ab, Clone 2H7, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20PBZ CD20-PacBTM clone: 2H7 isotype:IgG2b
CYT-SST10L CD20-PB _ CD45-OC515 _ CD8+Lambda-FITC _ CD56+Kappa-PE _ CD4-PerCP-Cyanine5.5 _ CD19-PECyanine7 _ CD3–APC _ CD38-APC-C750 (Lyophilized format)
CYT-20PE5 CD20-PE clone: B-ly1 isotype:IgG1
CYT-20PE5 CD20-PE Single Ab, Clone B-ly1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-20C3 CD20-PerCP-Cy5.5 clone: 2H7 isotype:IgG2b
CYT-20C3 CD20-PerCP-Cy5.5 Single Ab, Clone 2H7, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20C3 CD20-PerCP-Cy5.5, Clone 2H7, IsotypeIgG2b
CYT-20AP CD20_APC, Clon B_ly1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-20F3 CD20_FITC, Clon 2H7, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-20PE5 CD20_PE, Clon B_ly1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-21AC750 CD21-APC-C750 clone: B-ly4 isotype:IgG1
CYT-22AC750 CD22-APC-C750 clone: MEM-01 isotype:IgG1
CYT-22F3 CD22-FITC clone: B-ly8 isotype:IgG1
CYT-22F3 CD22-FITC Single Ab, Clone B-ly8, Isotype IgG1
CYT-22PE5 CD22-PE clone: Mc64-12 isotype:IgG1
CYT-22PE5 CD22-PE Single Ab, Clone Mc64-12, Isotype IgG1
CYT-22F3 CD22_FITC, Clon B_ly8, Isotype IgG1
CYT-22PE5 CD22_PE, Clon Mc64_12, Isotype IgG1
CYT-23PE3 CD23-PE clone: B-G6 isotype:IgG1
CYT-23PE3 CD23-PE Single Ab, Clone B-G6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-23PE3 CD23_PE, Clon B_G6, Isotype IgG1
CYT-24PE2 CD24-PE clone: ML5 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-24PE2 CD24-PE Single Ab, Clone ML5, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-24PE2 CD24_PE, Clon ML5, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-25F6 CD25-FITC clone: MEM-181 isotype:IgG1
CYT-25PE5 CD25-PE clone: MEM-181 isotype:IgG1
CYT-25PE5 CD25-PE Single Ab, Clone MEM-181, Isotype IgG1
CYT-25PE5 CD25-PE, Clone MEM-181, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-27AP CD27-APC clone: O323 isotype:IgG1
CYT-2F5 CD2_FITC, Clon B_E2, Isotype IgG2b
CYT-3AP5 CD3-APC clone: 33-2A3 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-3AP5 CD3-APC Single Ab, Clone 33-2A3, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3AP6 CD3-APC Single Ab, Clone GA60, Isotype IgG1
CYT-3AC750 CD3-APC-C750 clone: UCHT1 isotype:IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-19C2 CD3-FITC CD16+56-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 3G8 + C5.9 J3.119 isotype: IgG2a IgG1+IgG2b IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-45C3 CD3-FITC CD16+56-PE CD45-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 3G8 + C5.9 IMMU19.2 isotype: IgG2a IgG1+IgG2b IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE CD3-FITC CD16+CD56 PE clone: Cris-7 3G8+C5.9 isotype: IgG2a IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-3F8-16PE7-19C2 CD3-FITC CD16-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 3G8 J3.119 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7 CD3-FITC CD16-PE clone: Cris-7 3G8 isotype: IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5-45C3 CD3-FITC CD19-PE CD45-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 HD37 IMMU19.2 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5 CD3-FITC CD19-PE clone: Cris-7 HD37 isotype: IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-19C2 CD3-FITC CD4-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 Edu-2 J3.119 isotype: IgG2a IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C3 CD3-FITC CD4-PE CD45-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 Edu-2 IMMU19.2 isotype: IgG2a IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C2 CD3-FITC CD4-PE CD8-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 Edu-2 B9.11 isotype: IgG2a IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9 CD3-FITC CD4-PE clone: Cris-7 Edu-2 isotype: IgG2a IgG2a
CYT-3F8-56PE-19C2 CD3-FITC CD56-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 C5.9 J3.119 isotype: IgG2a IgG2b IgG1
CYT-3F8-56PE CD3-FITC CD56-PE clone: Cris-7 C5.9 isotype: IgG2a IgG2b
CYT-3F8-8PE4-19C2 CD3-FITC CD8-PE CD19-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 17D8 J3.119 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4-45C3 CD3-FITC CD8-PE CD45-PECy5 clone: Cris-7 17D8 IMMU19.2 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4 CD3-FITC CD8-PE clone: Cris-7 17D8 isotype: IgG2a IgG1
CYT-3F8-DRPE CD3-FITC HLADR-PE clone: Cris-7 423L isotype: IgG2a IgG2a
CYT-3F8 CD3-FITC clone: Cris-7 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-3F8 CD3-FITC Single Ab, Clone Cris-7, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE CD3-FITC _ CD16+CD56 PE, Clone Cris-7_ 3G8+C5.9, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b
CYT-3F8-16PE7-19C2 CD3-FITC _ CD16-PE _ CD19-PECy5, Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 _ J4.119, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7-19C2 CD3-FITC _ CD16-PE _ CD19-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ 3G8 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7 CD3-FITC _ CD16-PE, Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5-45C3 CD3-FITC _ CD19-PE _ CD45-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ HD37 _ IMMU19.2, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-19PE5 CD3-FITC _ CD19-PE, Clone Cris-7_ HD37, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-19C2 CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD19-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ Edu-2 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C3 CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD45-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ Edu-2 _ IMMU19.2, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C2 CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE _ CD8-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ Edu-2 _ B9.11, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-4PE9 CD3-FITC _ CD4-PE, Clone Cris-7 _ Edu-2, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG2a
CYT-3F8-56PE-19C2 CD3-FITC _ CD56-PE _ CD19-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ C5.9 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-56PE CD3-FITC _ CD56-PE, Clone Cris-7 _ C5.9, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG2b
CYT-3F8-8PE4-19C2 CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD19-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ 17D8 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4-45C3 CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE _ CD45-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ 17D8 _ IMMU19.2, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1 _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-8PE4 CD3-FITC _ CD8-PE, Clone Cris-7 _ 17D8, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-DRPE CD3-FITC _ HLADR-PE, Clone Cris-7 _ 423L, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG2a
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-19C2 CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD19-PECy5, Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ J4.119, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-19C2 CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD19-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ J4.119, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-45C3 CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD45-PECy5, Clone Cris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ IMMU19.2, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3F8-16PE7+56PE-45C3 CD3-FITC_CD16+56-PE_CD45-PECy5, CloneCris-7 _ 3G8 + C5.9 _ IMMU19.2, IsotopeIgG2a _ IgG1+IgG2b _ IgG1
CYT-3PBZ CD3-PacBTM clone: UCHT1 isotype:IgG1
CYT-3PE5 CD3-PE clone: 33-2A3 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-3PE5 CD3-PE Single Ab, Clone 33-2A3, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3C4 CD3-PECy5 clone: UCHT1 isotype:IgG1
CYT-3C4 CD3-PECY5 Single Ab, Clone UCHT1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-31F2 CD31-FITC clone: WM59 isotype:IgG1
CYT-33AP3 CD33-APC clone: WM53 isotype:IgG1
CYT-33AP3 CD33-APC Single Ab, Clone WM53, Isotype IgG1
CYT-33AP3 CD33-APC, Clone WM53, IsotypeIgG1
CYT-33F CD33-FITC clone: WM53 isotype:IgG1
CYT-33F CD33-FITC Single Ab, Clone WM53, Isotype IgG1
CYT-33PE3 CD33-PE clone: WM53 isotype:IgG1
CYT-33PE3 CD33-PE Single Ab, Clone WM53, Isotype IgG1
CYT-33F CD33_FITC, Clon WM53, Isotype IgG1
CYT-33PE3 CD33_PE, Clon WM53, Isotype IgG1
CYT-36F CD36-FITC clone: SMf isotype:IgM
CYT-36F CD36-FITC Single Ab, Clone SMO, Isotype IgM
CYT-36F CD36_FITC, Clon SMO, Isotype IgM
CYT-38AC750 CD38-APC-C750 clone: LD38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-38F CD38-FITC clone: LD38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-38F CD38-FITC Single Ab, Clone LD38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-38PE2 CD38-PE clone: T16 isotype:IgG1
CYT-38PE2 CD38-PE Single Ab, Clone T16, Isotype IgG1
CYT-38C4 CD38-PECy7 clone: HIT2 isotype:IgG1
CYT-38P1 CD38-Purified clone: LD38 isotype:IgG1
CYT-38P1 CD38-Purified Single Ab, Clone LD38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-38F CD38_FITC, Clon LD38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-38PE2 CD38_PE, Clon T16, Isotype IgG1
CYT-38P1 CD38_Purified
CYT-38P1 CD38_Purified, Clon LD38, Isotype IgG1
CYT-3AP5 CD3_APC, Clon 33_2A3, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE CD3_FITC _ CD16+CD56 PE
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE CD3_FITC _ CD16+CD56 PE, Clon Cris_7_ LD16 + C5.9
CYT-3F8-16PE6 CD3_FITC _ CD16_PE
CYT-3F8-16PE6-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD16_PE _ CD19_PECy5
CYT-3F8-16PE6-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD16_PE _ CD19_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ LD16 _ J4.119
CYT-3F8-16PE6 CD3_FITC _ CD16_PE, Clon Cris_7 _ LD16
CYT-3F8-19PE5 CD3_FITC _ CD19_PE
CYT-3F8-19PE5-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD19_PE _ CD45_PECy5
CYT-3F8-19PE5-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD19_PE _ CD45_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ HD37 _ IMMU19.2
CYT-3F8-19PE5 CD3_FITC _ CD19_PE, Clon Cris_7_ HD37
CYT-3F8-4PE9-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD19_PECy5
CYT-3F8-4PE9-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD19_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ Edu_2 _ J4.119
CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD45_PECy5
CYT-3F8-4PE9-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD45_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ Edu_2 _ IMMU19.2
CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C2 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD8_PECy5
CYT-3F8-4PE9-8C2 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE _ CD8_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ Edu_2 _ B9.11
CYT-3F8-4PE9 CD3_FITC _ CD4_PE, Clon Cris_7 _ Edu_2
CYT-3F8-56PE-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD56_PE _ CD19_PECy5
CYT-3F8-56PE-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD56_PE _ CD19_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ C5.9 _ J4.119
CYT-3F8-56PE CD3_FITC _ CD56_PE, Clon Cris_7 _ C5.9
CYT-3F8-8PE4-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD8_PE _ CD19_PECy5
CYT-3F8-8PE4-19C2 CD3_FITC _ CD8_PE _ CD19_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ 17D8 _ J4.119
CYT-3F8-8PE4-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD8_PE _ CD45_PECy5
CYT-3F8-8PE4-45C3 CD3_FITC _ CD8_PE _ CD45_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ 17D8 _ IMMU19.2
CYT-3F8-8PE4 CD3_FITC _ CD8_PE, Clon Cris_7 _ 17D8
CYT-3F8-DRPE CD3_FITC _ HLADR_PE, Clon Cris_7 _ 423L
CYT-3F8 CD3_FITC, Clon Cris_7, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE-19C2 CD3_FITC_CD16+56_PE_CD19_PECy5
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE-19C2 CD3_FITC_CD16+56_PE_CD19_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ LD16 + C5.9 _ J4.119
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE-45C3 CD3_FITC_CD16+56_PE_CD45_PECy5
CYT-3F8-16PE6+56PE-45C3 CD3_FITC_CD16+56_PE_CD45_PECy5, Clon Cris_7 _ LD16 + C5.9 _ IMMU19.2
CYT-3PE5 CD3_PE, Clon 33_2A3, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-3C4 CD3_PECY5, Clon UCHT1, Isotype IgG1
CYT-4AP3 CD4-APC clone: HP2 6 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-4AP3 CD4-APC Single Ab, Clone HP2_6, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4F6-45PE4 CD4-FITC CD45-PE clone: Edu-2 D3 9 isotype: IgG2a IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4-3C4 CD4-FITC CD8-PE CD3-PECy5 clone: Edu-2 17D8 UCHT1 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4-45C3 CD4-FITC CD8-PE CD45-PECy5 clone: Edu-2 17D8 IMMU19.2 isotype: IgG2a IgG1 IgG1
CYT-4F6-8PE4 CD4-FITC CD8-PE clone: Edu-2 17D8 isotype: IgG2a IgG1
CYT-4F6 CD4-FITC clone: Edu-2 isotype:IgG2a
CYT-4F6 CD4-FITC Single Ab, Clone Edu-2, Isotype IgG2a
CYT-4F6-45PE4 CD4-FITC _ CD45-PE, Clone Edu-2 _ D3_9, IsotypeIgG2a _ IgG1