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SL-0008 AR Luciferase Reporter MDA-MB-453 Stable Cell Line
EA-0001 Cell Lysis Buffer for ELISA
HP-XXXX High Sensitive miRNA Probes
IDEL-F001 IDELISA™ Forensic Acepromazine_Tricyclics ELISA Kit
IDEL-F002 IDELISA™ Forensic Acetophenazine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F003 IDELISA™ Forensic Albuterol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F004 IDELISA™ Forensic Alfentanil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F005 IDELISA™ Forensic Alprazolam ELISA Kit
IDEL-F006 IDELISA™ Forensic Alverine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F007 IDELISA™ Forensic Amphetamine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F008 IDELISA™ Forensic Atropine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F009 IDELISA™ Forensic Azaperone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F010 IDELISA™ Forensic Barbiturates ELISA Kit
IDEL-F011 IDELISA™ Forensic Benperidol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F012 IDELISA™ Forensic Benzetimide ELISA Kit
IDEL-F013 IDELISA™ Forensic Benzodiazepines ELISA Kit
IDEL-F014 IDELISA™ Forensic Benzylpiperazine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F015 IDELISA™ Forensic Beta Blockers ELISA Kit
IDEL-F016 IDELISA™ Forensic Beta_Dexamethasone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F017 IDELISA™ Forensic Bromperidol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F018 IDELISA™ Forensic Bufexamac ELISA Kit
IDEL-F019 IDELISA™ Forensic Bumetanide ELISA Kit
IDEL-F020 IDELISA™ Forensic Bupivacaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F021 IDELISA™ Forensic Buprenorphine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F022 IDELISA™ Forensic Buspirone_Gepirone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F023 IDELISA™ Forensic Butorphanol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F024 IDELISA™ Forensic Caprofen ELISA Kit
IDEL-F025 IDELISA™ Forensic Celecoxib_Deracoxib ELISA Kit
IDEL-F026 IDELISA™ Forensic Clozaphine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F027 IDELISA™ Forensic Cocaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F028 IDELISA™ Forensic Cromolyn ELISA Kit
IDEL-F029 IDELISA™ Forensic Cyproheptadine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F030 IDELISA™ Forensic Dermorphin ELISA Kit
IDEL-F031 IDELISA™ Forensic Detomidine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F032 IDELISA™ Forensic Dextroramide ELISA Kit
IDEL-F033 IDELISA™ Forensic Dezocine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F034 IDELISA™ Forensic Droperidol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F035 IDELISA™ Forensic Eltenac_Diclofenac ELISA Kit
IDEL-F036 IDELISA™ Forensic Enprofylline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F037 IDELISA™ Forensic Ergonovine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F038 IDELISA™ Forensic Etamiphylline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F039 IDELISA™ Forensic Ethacrynic Acid ELISA Kit
IDEL-F040 IDELISA™ Forensic Etidocaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F041 IDELISA™ Forensic Etodolac ELISA Kit
IDEL-F042 IDELISA™ Forensic Etomidate_Metomidate ELISA Kit
IDEL-F043 IDELISA™ Forensic Etorphine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F044 IDELISA™ Forensic Fenfluramine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F045 IDELISA™ Forensic Fenoterol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F046 IDELISA™ Forensic Fenspiride ELISA Kit
IDEL-F047 IDELISA™ Forensic Fentanyl ELISA Kit
IDEL-F048 IDELISA™ Forensic Fentiazac ELISA Kit
IDEL-F049 IDELISA™ Forensic Fluanisone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F050 IDELISA™ Forensic Flunitrazepam ELISA Kit
IDEL-F051 IDELISA™ Forensic Flunixin ELISA Kit
IDEL-F052 IDELISA™ Forensic Fluoxetine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F053 IDELISA™ Forensic Fluvoxamine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F054 IDELISA™ Forensic Furosemide ELISA Kit
IDEL-F055 IDELISA™ Forensic Guanabenz ELISA Kit
IDEL-F056 IDELISA™ Forensic Hydroxyzine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F057 IDELISA™ Forensic Indomethacin ELISA Kit
IDEL-F058 IDELISA™ Forensic Ipratropium ELISA Kit
IDEL-F059 IDELISA™ Forensic Isoxsuprine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F060 IDELISA™ Forensic Ketamine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F061 IDELISA™ Forensic Ketoprofen ELISA Kit
IDEL-F062 IDELISA™ Forensic Ketorolac ELISA Kit
IDEL-F063 IDELISA™ Forensic Levallorphan ELISA Kit
IDEL-F064 IDELISA™ Forensic Lidocaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F065 IDELISA™ Forensic Loratadine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F066 IDELISA™ Forensic Maprotiline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F067 IDELISA™ Forensic Meperidine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F068 IDELISA™ Forensic Mephentermine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F069 IDELISA™ Forensic Mepivacaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F070 IDELISA™ Forensic Meprylcaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F071 IDELISA™ Forensic Methadone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F072 IDELISA™ Forensic Methamphetamine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F073 IDELISA™ Forensic Methaqualone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F074 IDELISA™ Forensic Methotrexate ELISA Kit
IDEL-F075 IDELISA™ Forensic Methylphenidate ELISA Kit
IDEL-F076 IDELISA™ Forensic Methylprednisolone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F077 IDELISA™ Forensic Milenperone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F078 IDELISA™ Forensic Moperone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F079 IDELISA™ Forensic Nabumetone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F080 IDELISA™ Forensic Nandrolone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F081 IDELISA™ Forensic Nedocromil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F082 IDELISA™ Forensic Nifedepine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F083 IDELISA™ Forensic Olanzapine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F084 IDELISA™ Forensic Opiates ELISA Kit
IDEL-F085 IDELISA™ Forensic Oxybutynin ELISA Kit
IDEL-F086 IDELISA™ Forensic Paroxetine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F087 IDELISA™ Forensic Pentazocine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F088 IDELISA™ Forensic Pentoxifylline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F089 IDELISA™ Forensic Phencyclidine (PCP) ELISA Kit
IDEL-F090 IDELISA™ Forensic Phentermine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F091 IDELISA™ Forensic Phenytoin ELISA Kit
IDEL-F092 IDELISA™ Forensic Prilocaine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F093 IDELISA™ Forensic Procaterol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F094 IDELISA™ Forensic Propentofylline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F095 IDELISA™ Forensic Propiomazine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F096 IDELISA™ Forensic Propoxyphene ELISA Kit
IDEL-F097 IDELISA™ Forensic Remifentanil_Carfentanil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F098 IDELISA™ Forensic Risperidone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F099 IDELISA™ Forensic Romifidine_Clonidone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F100 IDELISA™ Forensic Salmeterol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F101 IDELISA™ Forensic Sertraline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F102 IDELISA™ Forensic Sildenafil_Vardenafil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F103 IDELISA™ Forensic Spiperone ELISA Kit
IDEL-F104 IDELISA™ Forensic Sufentanil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F105 IDELISA™ Forensic Sumatriptan ELISA Kit
IDEL-F106 IDELISA™ Forensic Terfenadine_Azacyclonol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F107 IDELISA™ Forensic Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ELISA Kit
IDEL-F108 IDELISA™ Forensic Theophylline ELISA Kit
IDEL-F109 IDELISA™ Forensic Thiethlyperazine ELISA Kit
IDEL-F110 IDELISA™ Forensic Tramadol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F111 IDELISA™ Forensic Trifluperidol ELISA Kit
IDEL-F112 IDELISA™ Forensic Trihexyphenidyl ELISA Kit
IDEL-F113 IDELISA™ Forensic Verpamil ELISA Kit
IDEL-F114 IDELISA™ Forensic Zolpidem ELISA Kit
TE-0019 IRF3_IRF7 ELISA Kit (Chemiluminescence)
DA-0001 SH2 Domain-Based RTK Profiling Kit
TE-0016 Smad2_3 and 1_5_8 ELISA kit (Chemiluminescence)
TE-0015 Smad2_3 and 1_5_8 ELISA Kit (Colorimetric)