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CYT-1 CYT_1 Cytokines Human brain_derived neurotropic factor (BDNF)
CYT-10 CYT_10 Cytokines Human vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF_165)
CYT-101 CYT_101 Bovine fibroblast growth factor 21 NEW
CYT-11 CYT_11 Cytokines Human thrombopoietin (hTPO)
CYT-12 CYT_12 Cytokines Human glial derived neorotropic factor (hGDNF)
CYT-13 CYT_13 Cytokines Human resistin
CYT-14 CYT_14 Cytokines Human interferon alpha 2A
CYT-15 CYT_15 Cytokines Human interferon alpha 2B
CYT-16 CYT_16 Cytokines Human Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (TSLP)
CYT-2 CYT_2 Cytokines Human cilliary neurothropic factor (CNTF)
CYT-3 CYT_3 Cytokines Human stem cell factor (SCF)
CYT-4 CYT_4 Cytokines Human granulocyte macrophage–colony stimul. factor (GM_CSF)
CYT-5 CYT_5 Cytokines Human Stromal Derived Factor 1 alpha (SDF1a)
CYT-51 CYT_51 Mouse interleukin 3
CYT-52 CYT_52 Mouse interleukin 4
CYT-53 CYT_53 Mouse Macrophage Colony Stimulation Factor (mM_CSF)
CYT-54 CYT_54 Mouse stem cell factor (mSCF)
CYT-55 CYT_55 Mouse soluble CD40 Ligand (mSCD40L)
CYT-56 CYT_56 Mouse interleukin 22 NEW
CYT-57 CYT_57 Mouse interleukin 1 alpha NEW
CYT-58 CYT_58 Mouse interleukin 1 receptor antagonist NEW
CYT-59 CYT_59 Mouse interleukin 22 _ pegylated NEW
CYT-6 CYT_6 Cytokines Human interleukin 3
CYT-7 CYT_7 Cytokines Human interleukin 7
CYT-8 CYT_8 Cytokines Human interleukin 10
CYT-81 CYT_81 Rat stem cell factor rSCF) NEW
CYT-82 CYT_82 Rat cilliary neurothropic factor (CNTF) NEW
CYT-9 CYT_9 Cytokines Human Macrophage Colony Stimulation Factor (hM_CSF)
ECD-1 ECD_1 Soluble receptors Human growth hormone soluble receptor (hGH binding protein)
ECD-11 ECD_11 Soluble receptors Bovine prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-12 ECD_12 Soluble receptors Human prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-13 ECD_13 Soluble receptors Ovine prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-14 ECD_14 Soluble receptors Rabbit prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-15 ECD_15 Soluble receptors Rat prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-16 ECD_16 Soluble receptors Rainbow trout prolactin soluble receptor
ECD-2 ECD_2 Soluble receptorsOvine growth hormone soluble receptor (oGH binding protein)
ECD-3 ECD_3 Soluble receptors Rabbit growth hormone soluble receptor (rbGH binding protein)
GHP-1 GHP_1 Chicken growth hormone
GHP-10 GHP_10 Fish (denis) IGF_I
GHP-11 GHP_11 Human pituitary growth hormone 20K
GHP-12 GHP_12 Human placental growth hormone 20K
GHP-13 GHP_13 Human placental growth hormone 22K
GHP-14 GHP_14 Human prolactin
GHP-15 GHP_15 Ovine prolactin
GHP-16 GHP_16 Ovine prolactin antagonist R129G
GHP-17 GHP_17 Rabbit prolactin
GHP-18 GHP_18 Ovine placental lactogen
GHP-19 GHP_19 Caprine placental lactogen
GHP-2 GHP_2 Chicken growth hormone mutein (G119R)
GHP-20 GHP_20 Bovine placental lactogen
GHP-21 GHP_21 Mouse IGF_I (in preparation) _
GHP-22 GHP_22 Rat IGF_I (in preparation)
GHP-23 GHP_23 Ovine placental growth hormone
GHP-24 GHP_24 Human pituitary growth hormone 22K
GHP-25 GHP_25 Mouse prolactin
GHP-26 GHP_26 Rat prolactin
GHP-27 GHP_27 Bovine growth hormone
GHP-28 GHP_28 Human placental lactogen
GHP-29 GHP_29 Zebrafish growth hormone
GHP-3 GHP_3 Ovine growth hormone
GHP-30 GHP_30 Zebrafish growth hormone mutant G119R
GHP-31 GHP_31 Human IGF_I
GHP-4 GHP_4 Ovine growth hormone antagonist (G119R)
GHP-5 GHP_5 Rabbit growth hormone
GHP-6 GHP_6 Rat growth hormone
GHP-7 GHP_7 Fish (carp) growth hormone
GHP-8 GHP_8 Fish (denis) growth hormone
GHP-9 GHP_9 Fish (mai mai) growth hormone
LAN-1 LAN_1 Human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A)
LAN-2 LAN_2 Human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A_I42A)
LAN-3 LAN_3 Mouse leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A)
LAN-4 LAN_4 Ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A)
LAN-5 LAN_5 Ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A_I42A)
LAN-6 LAN_6 Rat leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A)
LBD-1 LBD_1 Chicken leptin binding domain
LBD-2 LBD_2 Human leptin binding domain
LEP-1 LEP_1 Leptin related products Bovine leptin
LEP-10 LEP_10 Leptin related products Pufferfish leptin (monomer and dimer) _ NEW
LEP-11 LEP_11 Leptin related products Rabbit leptin
LEP-12 LEP_12 Leptin related products Rat leptin
LEP-13 LEP_13 Leptin related products Salamander leptin
LEP-2 LEP_2 Leptin related products Chicken leptin
LEP-3 LEP_3 Leptin related products Dog leptin
LEP-4 LEP_4 Leptin related products Horse leptin
LEP-5 LEP_5 Leptin related products Human leptin
LEP-6 LEP_6 Leptin related products Mouse leptin
LEP-7 LEP_7 Leptin related products Ovine leptin
LEP-8 LEP_8 Leptin related products MTS_tagged ovine leptin
LEP-9 LEP_9 Leptin related products Porcine leptin
OTH-1 OTH_1 Bacterial outer membrane protein A
PEGLEP-1 PEGLEP_1 Pegylated mouse leptin _ NEW
PEGLEP-2 PEGLEP_2 Pegylated rat leptin _ NEW
PELAN-1 PELAN_1 Pegylated mouse leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PELAN-2 PELAN_2 Pegylated rat leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PELAN-3 PELAN_3 Pegylated ovine leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PELAN-4 PELAN_4 Pegylated human leptin antagonist (mutant L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PESLAN-1 PESLAN_1 Pegylated mouse super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PESLAN-2 PESLAN_2 Pegylated human super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
PESLAN-3 PESLAN_3 Pegylated ovine super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
SLAN-1 SLAN_1 Mouse super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
SLAN-2 SLAN_2 Human super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW
SLAN-3 SLAN_3 Ovine super leptin antagonist (mutant D23_L39A_D40A_F41A) NEW