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Smart Serology

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RD001 1 Kb Ladder DNA Marker
RD002 100 bp Ladder DNA Marker
RT002 10X Reaction Buffer with 20mM Mg2+
RT022 10X Reaction Buffer without MgCl2
10042-H02H 2B4 _ SLAMF _ CD244 Protein
10042-H08H 2B4 _ SLAMF _ CD244 Protein (His Tag)
10042-RP01 2B4 _ SLAMF4 _ CD244 Antibody
10042-RP02 2B4 _ SLAMF4 _ CD244 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
RT007S 2X BlueMix DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) (Ready To Use) (Blue Dye) 10 rxn
RT007 2X BlueMix DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) (Ready To Use) (Blue Dye) 100 Reactions
1501 2x Hybridization buffer-2x hybridization buffer with optimized salt and formamide
1502 2x printing buffer-2x phosphate printing buffer pH 8.3
RT006S 2X RBC Taq DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) 10 rxn (3mM MgCl2)
RT006 2X RBC Taq DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) 100 Reactions (3mM MgCl2)
RT0071S 2X RedMix DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) (Ready To Use) (Red Dye) 10 rxn
RT0071 2X RedMix DNA Polymerase (Master Mix) (Ready To Use) (Red Dye) 100 Reactions
10041-H03H 4_1BB _ CD137 _ TNFRSF9 Protein
10041-H08H 4_1BB _ CD137 _ TNFRSF9 Protein (His Tag)
50067-RP01 4_1BBL _ TNFSF9 Antibody
50067-RP02 4_1BBL _ TNFSF9 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50067-R014 4_1BBL _ TNFSF9 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
RBP96B-10 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (10 Plates Kit)
RBP96B-10U 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (10 Plates Kit) 12-Tube Strip Format (with cap)
RBP96B-2 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (2 Plates- Evaluation Kit)
RBP96B-2U 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (2 Plates- Evaluation Kit) 12-Tube Strip Format (with cap)
RBP96B-30U 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (30 Plates Kit) 12-Tube Strip Format (with cap)
RBP96B-4 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (4 Plates Kit)
RBP96B-4U 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (4 Plates Kit) 12-Tube Strip Format (with cap)
YDF96B-10 96-well PCR Clean up Kit (10 Plates Kit)
YDF96B-2 96-well PCR Clean up Kit (2 Plates- Evaluation Kit)
YDF96B-4 96-well PCR Clean up Kit (4 Plates Kit)
YPD96B-10 96-well Plasmid Kit (10 Plates Kit)
YPD96B-2 96-well Plasmid Kit (2 Plates- Evaluation Kit)
YPD96B-4 96-well Plasmid Kit (4 Plates Kit)
YVN96B-10 96-well Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (10 Plates Kit)
YVN96B-2 96-well Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (2 Plates- Evaluation Kit)
YVN96B-4 96-well Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (4 Plates Kit)
10952-H08B A2M _ CPAMD5 _ Alpha_2_macroglobulin Protein (His Tag)
11117-MM03 AACS _ ACSF1 Antibody
11117-H07B AACS _ ACSF1 Protein
11097-RP01 ABHD4 Antibody
11097-RP02 ABHD4 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11097-H07B ABHD4 Protein
11199-H09B ABL1 _ JTK7 _ p150 Protein (GST Tag)
11112-RP01 ACBD6 Antibody
11112-RP02 ACBD6 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11112-H07B ACBD6 Protein
10108-H02H ACE2 _ ACEH Protein
11080-H09B ACK1 _ TNK2 Protein (GST Tag)
10957-H09E ACP1 _ LMW_PTP Protein (GST Tag)
10550-H08H ACP5 _ TRAP Protein (His Tag)
11243-H08H ACPL2 Protein (His Tag)
10959-H08H ACPP _ PSAP Protein (His Tag)
10583-MM01 ACVR1B _ ALK4 Antibody
10257-H02H ACVR2 _ ACTRII _ ACVR2A Protein
10257-H08H ACVR2 _ ACTRII _ ACVR2A Protein (His Tag)
10229-H02H ACVR2B _ ActivinR_IIB Protein
10229-H08H ACVR2B _ ActivinR_IIB Protein (His Tag)
50173-R105 ACVR2B _ ACTRIIB Antibody
50173-RP01 ACVR2B _ ACTRIIB Antibody
50173-RP02 ACVR2B _ ACTRIIB Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10549-MM01 ACY1 _ Aminoacylase_1 Antibody
10549-RP01 ACY1 _ Aminoacylase_1 Antibody
10549-RP02 ACY1 _ Aminoacylase_1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10549-H08B ACY1 _ Aminoacylase_1 Protein (His Tag)
10896-H08H ADAM12 Protein (His Tag)
10896-R001 ADAM12 _ MLTN Antibody
10896-RP01 ADAM12 _ MLTN Antibody
10896-RP02 ADAM12 _ MLTN Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10896-MM10 ADAM12 _ MLTN Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
10517-RP02 ADAM15 _ MDC15 Antibody
10517-RP01 ADAM15 _ MDC15 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10517-R007 ADAM15 _ MDC15 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10517-H08H ADAM15 _ MDC15 Protein (His Tag)
P30114 adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide 1 (pituitary) receptor type 1 stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
50636-RP01 ADIPOQ _ ACDC _ Adiponectin Antibody
50636-RP02 ADIPOQ _ ACDC _ Adiponectin Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11755-H20B ADRBK1 _ BARK1 Protein (GST Tag)
P30101 Adrenergic-beta 3 receptor stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
10013-RP02 aFGF _ FGF1 Antibody
10013-RP03 aFGF _ FGF1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10013-MM01 aFGF _ FGF1 Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
10013-HNAE aFGF _ FGF1 Protein (Native)
50489-RP01 AGER _ RAGE Antibody
50489-RP02 AGER _ RAGE Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11629-H02H AGER _ RAGE Protein
11079-H07B AGO2 _ EIF2C2 Protein (His Tag)
10070-H02H AgRP Protein
10070-H08H AgRP _ AGRP Protein (His Tag)
10994-H08H AGT _ SerpinA8 Protein (His Tag)
11654-H09B AIM2 Protein (GST Tag)
10623-H07E AIMP1 _ EMAP2 _ SCYE1 Protein
12406-H20B AK4 _ AK3L1 Protein (GST Tag)
10763-H08B AKT1 _ PKB _ PKBα Protein (His Tag)
10765-H09B AKT3 Protein (GST Tag)
50005-RP01 ALCAM _ CD166 Antibody
50005-RP02 ALCAM _ CD166 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10045-H03H ALCAM _ CD166 Protein
10045-H08H ALCAM _ CD166 Protein (His Tag)
11388-RP01 ALDH1 _ ALDH1A1 _ ALDC Antibody
11388-RP02 ALDH1 _ ALDH1A1 _ ALDC Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11388-H07E ALDH1 _ ALDH1A1 _ ALDC Protein (His Tag)
11636-H07E ALDH1A3 _ RALDH3 Protein (His Tag)
11614-RP01 ALDH7A1 _ ATQ1 Antibody
11614-RP02 ALDH7A1 _ ATQ1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11614-H07E ALDH7A1 _ ATQ1 Protein (His Tag)
10583-H03H ALK4 _ ACVR1B Protein (Fc Tag)
10583-H08H ALK4 _ ACVR1B Protein (His Tag)
10066-H02H ALK_1 _ ACVRL1 Protein
10066-H08H ALK_1 _ ACVRL1 Protein (His Tag)
10227-H03H ALK_2 _ ACVR1 Protein
50078-RP01 ALK_3 _ BMPR_1A _ CD292 Antibody
50078-RP02 ALK_3 _ BMPR_1A _ CD292 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11623-H08B ALOX5AP _ FLAP Protein (His Tag)
10440-H08H ALPL _ TNAP Protein (His Tag)
2000-A15 AminoAllyl Add-On Module AA15
2000-A30 AminoAllyl Add-On Module AA30
10691-H08H ANG2 _ Angiopoietin_2 Protein (His Tag)
10691-H02H Angiopoietin_2 Protein
11094-H09B ANGPTL5 Protein (GST Tag)
11942-H20E ANP32A _ PHAP1 Protein (GST Tag)
50001-R101 ANPEP _ APN _ CD13 Antibody
50001-RP01 ANPEP _ APN _ CD13 Antibody
50001-RP02 ANPEP _ APN _ CD13 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10051-RP01 ANPEP _ CD13 Antibody
10051-RP02 ANPEP _ CD13 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10051-H08H ANPEP _ CD13 Protein (His Tag)
10686-H02H ApoAI Protein
11221-RP01 APOH _ B2G1 Antibody
11221-MM06 APOH _ B2G1 Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
11221-H08H APOH _ B2G1 Protein (His Tag)
10703-H02H APP _ Protease nexin_II _ Beta_APP40 Protein
10703-H20E1 APP _ Protease nexin_II _ Beta_APP40 Protein (GST Tag)
10703-H20E2 APP _ Protease nexin_II _ Beta_APP42 Protein
11558-H08H Arginase_1 _ ARG1 Protein (His Tag)
P30103 Arginine Vasopressin Receptor 1A stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
10449-H08H ARSA _ Arylsulfatase A Protein (His Tag)
10449-RP01 ARSA _ Arylsulfatase_A Antibody
50018-RP01 ARSA _ Arylsulfatase_A Antibody
10449-RP02 ARSA _ Arylsulfatase_A Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50018-RP02 ARSA _ Arylsulfatase_A Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50006-RP01 ASAH2 Antibody
50006-RP02 ASAH2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50006-R002 ASAH2 _ HNAC1 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10794-H08H ASAM Protein (His Tag)
10794-MM05 ASAM _ ACAM Antibody
10794-RP01 ASAM _ ACAM Antibody
10794-RP02 ASAM _ ACAM Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50083-RP01 ASGPR1 _ ASGR1 _ CLEC4H1 Antibody
10523-H09B ATL1 _ SPG3A _ Atlastin_1 Protein (GST Tag)
BQ 077T AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES-Cardiolipin Total Ab
BQ 069G AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES-Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) IgG
10279-RP01 AXL _ UFO Antibody
50126-RP01 AXL _ UFO Antibody
10279-RP02 AXL _ UFO Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50126-RP02 AXL _ UFO Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10279-H08H AXL _ UFO Protein (His Tag)
10660-RP01 AZU1 _ Azurocidin 1 _ HBP Antibody
10660-RP02 AZU1 _ Azurocidin 1 _ HBP Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10660-H08H AZU1 _ Azurocidin 1 _ HBP Protein (His Tag)
11976-H08H B2M _ Beta_2_microglobulin Protein (His Tag)
11220-R001 B4GALT1 _ GGTB2 Antibody
11220-RP01 B4GALT1 _ GGTB2 Antibody
11220-RP02 B4GALT1 _ GGTB2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11220-H07H B4GALT1 _ GGTB2 Protein
50190-RP01 B7H2 _ ICOSL _ CD275 Antibody
50190-RP02 B7H2 _ ICOSL _ CD275 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10698-H03H B7_1 _ CD80 Protein
10698-HCCH B7_1 _ CD80 Protein
10698-H08H B7_1 _ CD80 Protein (His Tag)
10084-RP01 B7_H1 _ CD274 _ PD_L1 Antibody
50010-RP01 B7_H1 _ CD274 _ PD_L1 Antibody
50010-RP02 B7_H1 _ CD274 _ PD_L1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10084-R001 B7_H1 _ CD274 _ PD_L1 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10084-H08H B7_H1 _ CD274 _ PD_L1 Protein (His Tag)
10064-RP03 BACE1 _ ASP2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10064-MM01 BACE1 _ ASP2 Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
10064-R001 BACE1 _ ASP2 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10064-H02H BACE1 _ ASP2 Protein
10064-HCCH BACE1 _ ASP2 Protein
10064-H08H BACE1 _ ASP2 Protein (His Tag)
8004-A30 Bacterial H-TR cDNA synthesis kit
10056-H01H BAFF _ TNFSF13B Protein
10056-HNCH BAFF _ TNFSF13B Protein
10890-MM04 BAMBI _ NMA Antibody
10890-MM06 BAMBI _ NMA Antibody
10890-RP01 BAMBI _ NMA Antibody
10890-RP02 BAMBI _ NMA Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10890-H08H BAMBI _ NMA Protein (His Tag)
SMART-SPT9M Basic Antigen Panel EDIM, MHV, MPUL, MPV, MVM, PVM, REO_3, Sendai, TMEV
SIMIAN-SPT5S Basic Antigen Panel B_Virus, Measles, SIV, SRV, STLV
SMART-SPT8R Basic Antigen Panel (Rat) KRV, MPUL, PVM, RCV_SDAV, REO_3, RPV, Sendai, TMEV,
10238-H02H BCAM Protein
50418-RP01 BCHE _ CHE1 Antibody
50418-RP02 BCHE _ CHE1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
12010-H08H BCHE _ CHE1 Protein (His Tag)
10059-H08E BCL_W _ BCL2L2 Protein (His Tag)
10014-RP01 bFGF _ FGF2 Antibody
10014-RP02 bFGF _ FGF2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10014-R101 bFGF _ FGF2 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10014-HNAE bFGF _ FGF2 Protein (Native)
10468-HNCE BID Protein
10569-H08H BIGH3 _ BIG_H3 _ TGFBI Protein (His Tag)
10782-H09B BLK _ B Lymphocyte Kinase Protein (GST Tag)
11333-H07E BLMH _ BLM hydrolase Protein (His Tag)
12706-H07H BLNK Protein (His Tag)
1503 Blocking buffer-Blocking buffer
10551-RP01 BMPR2 _ BMPR_II _ PPH1 Antibody
10551-RP02 BMPR2 _ BMPR_II _ PPH1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10446-H03H BMPRIA _ ALK_3 _ CD292 Protein
10446-H08H BMPRIA _ ALK_3 _ CD292 Protein (His Tag)
10551-H03H BMPR_II Protein
10551-H08H BMPR_II Protein (His Tag)
10426-H01H BMP_2 Protein
10426-HNAE BMP_2 _ BMP2A Protein (Native)
10214-H01H BMP_5 Protein
11460-HNCE BNIPL Protein
P30109 Bradikinin Receptor 1 stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
P30110 Bradikinin Receptor 2 stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
10060-RP01 BST_1 _ BST1 _ CD157 Antibody
10060-RP02 BST_1 _ BST1 _ CD157 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10060-MM05 BST_1 _ BST1 _ CD157 Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
SEK10060 BST_1 _ CD157 _ BST1 ELISA kit , Human ELISA kit
12192-H08E BTC _ Betacellulin Protein (His Tag)
10578-H07B BTK Protein (His Tag)
5199-A30 C&E Bacterial Micro kit
5299-A15 C&E Bacterial Nano kit
11680-V07E C. Perfringens NA _ Neuraminidase Protein (Active)
10941-H08B C1QB _ C1qB Protein (His Tag)
10220-H08H C1s Protein (His Tag)
10154-R002 C2 _ Complement Component 2 Antibody
10154-H02H C2 _ Complement Component 2 Protein
10154-H08H C2 _ Complement Component 2 Protein (His Tag)
10604-HNAE C5a Protein (Native)
10604-RP01 C5a _ Complement Component C5a Antibody
10604-RP02 C5a _ Complement Component C5a Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10687-H03H CA10 Protein
10687-H08H CA10 _ Carbonic anhydrase X Protein (His Tag)
10687-MM04 CA10 _ CARPX Antibody
10687-HCCH CA10 _ CARPX Protein
10617-H08H CA12 Protein (His Tag)
50014-RP01 Ca12 _ Car12 Antibody
50014-RP02 Ca12 _ Car12 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10617-RP01 CA12 _ CAXII Antibody
10617-RP02 CA12 _ CAXII Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10461-H08E CA13 _ CAXIII _ Carbonic anhydrase 13 Protein (His Tag)
10458-H08H CA14 Protein (His Tag)
10458-R004 CA14 _ Car14 Antibody
10458-RP01 CA14 _ Car14 Antibody
10458-RP02 CA14 _ Car14 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10478-H08E CA2 _ CAII _ Carbonic anhydrase 2 Protein (His Tag)
10503-H08E CA3 _ Car3 _ CAIII Protein (His Tag)
10472-H08H CA4 _ Car4 _ CAIV Protein (His Tag)
10500-H08E CA5A _ CA_VA Protein (His Tag)
12285-H08E CA5B _ CA_VB Protein (His Tag)
12147-H08E CA7 _ CAVII Protein (His Tag)
10469-H08E CA8 _ CARP _ CALS Protein (His Tag)
10107-H02H CA9 _ CAIX Protein
10230-H08H CAD4 _ RCAD Protein (His Tag)
10204-RP01 Cadherin_1 _ CDH1 _ CD324 Antibody
10204-RP02 Cadherin_1 _ CDH1 _ CD324 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10204-H08H Cadherin_1 _ CDH1 _ CD324 Protein (His Tag)
10204-MM12 Cadherin_1 _ CDH1 _ CD324 _ E_cadherin Antibody
10204-MM07 Cadherin_1 _ CDH1 _ CD324 _ E_cadherin Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
SEK10204 Cadherin_1 _ E_cadherin _ CDH1 _ CD324 ELISA Kit , Human ELISA Kit
11039-H08H Cadherin_2 _ CD325 _ CDH2 _ NCAD Protein (His Tag)
10230-RP01 Cadherin_4 _ CDH4 _ R_CAD Antibody
10230-RP02 Cadherin_4 _ CDH4 _ R_CAD Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10144-H08H Cadherin_8 Protein (His Tag)
11168-H08H CADM1 _ IGSF4A Protein (His Tag)
11168-RP01 CADM1 _ IGSF4A _ NECL2 Antibody
11214-R003 CADM3 _ NECL1 Antibody
11214-RP01 CADM3 _ NECL1 _ IGSF4B Antibody
50476-RP01 CADM3 _ NECL1 _ IGSF4B Antibody
11214-RP02 CADM3 _ NECL1 _ IGSF4B Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50476-RP02 CADM3 _ NECL1 _ IGSF4B Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11214-H08H CADM3 _ NECL1 _ IGSF4B Protein (His Tag)
10107-RP01 CAIX _ CA9 Antibody
10107-RP02 CAIX _ CA9 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10107-R003 CAIX _ CA9 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10107-H08H CAIX _ CA9 Protein (His Tag)
P30136 Calcitonin receptor stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
11783-H20E CALML5 _ CLSP Protein (GST Tag)
11932-HNCE CAMK1 _ CaMKI_alpha Protein
10728-H09B CAMK1D _ CKLiK Protein (With GST Tag)
10648-H09B CAMK2A _ CAMKA Protein (GST Tag)
11738-H20B CAMK2B _ CaMKII_beta Protein (GST Tag)
10664-H09B CAMK4 _ CaMKIV Protein (GST Tag)
12243-H20B CAMKV Protein (GST Tag)
BQ 010T CANCER MARKERS-Beta-2 Microglobulin
BQ 001-RTCC CANCER MARKERS-Fecal Occult Blood (FOB), Card
BQ 002-RTCC CANCER MARKERS-Fecal Occult Blood (FOB), Strip
BQ 003-RTCC CANCER MARKERS-Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Card (Serum)
BQ 004-RTCC CANCER MARKERS-Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Card (Whole Blood)
BQ 005-RTCC CANCER MARKERS-Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Strip (Serum)
70008-D08H Canine c_MET _ HGFR Protein (His Tag)
CG70001-M Canine KIM1_TIM1 full length cDNA gene clone _ ORF gene clone
70001-D07H Canine KIM_1 _ TIM1 _ HAVCR1 Protein
70001-R202 Canine KIM_1 _ TIMD_1 _ HAVCR1 Antibody
70001-RP01 Canine KIM_1 _ TIMD_1 _ HAVCR1 Antibody
70001-RP02 Canine KIM_1 _ TIMD_1 _ HAVCR1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
CG70003-M Canine TNFa full length cDNA gene clone _ ORF gene clone
70003-DNAE Canine TNFa _ TNFSF1A Protein (Native)
CG70004-M Canine VEGFA full length cDNA gene clone _ ORF gene clone
P30107 Cannabinoid 1 Receptor stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
P30108 Cannabinoid 2 Receptor stable expressing HEK293 Cell Line
50013-RP01 Car14 _ Ca14 Antibody
50013-RP02 Car14 _ Ca14 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
SMART-R30 CARB, Cilia_Associated Respiratory Bacillus
SMART-M30 CARB, Cilia_Associated Respiratory Bacillus
11228-RP01 Carboxypeptidase M _ CPM Antibody
11228-RP02 Carboxypeptidase M _ CPM Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50448-RP01 Carboxypeptidase_A1 _ CPA1 Antibody
50448-RP02 Carboxypeptidase_A1 _ CPA1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10504-H08H Carboxypeptidase_A1 _ CPA1 Protein (His Tag)
BQ 120C CARDIAC MARKERS-C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Ultra Sensitive
BQ 006-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-C-Reactive Protein, Card (Serum)
BQ 007-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-C-Reactive Protein, Card (Whole Blood)
BQ 012-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Cardiac Myoglobin, Card (Serum)
BQ 013-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Cardiac Myoglobin, Card (Whole Blood)
BQ 015-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Cardiac Panel (Tnl_Myo_CK-MB) (Serum)
BQ 016-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Cardiac Panel (Tnl_Myo_CK-MB) (Whole Blood)
BQ 017-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Troponin I, Card (Serum)
BQ 018-RTCD CARDIAC MARKERS-Troponin I, Card (Whole Blood)
BQ 002-EACD CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-Enzymatic Homocysteine (liquid stable) Kit
BQ 130-EACL CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-HDL_LDL Cholesterol Calibrator (1 mL vial)
BQ 002-EACN CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-Homocysteine 4 Level Control Set (4 x 3 mL)
BQ 002-EACL CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-Homocysteine 5 Point Calibrator Set (5 x 3mL)
BQ 130-EACN CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES-Multi-Analyte Lipid Control Set (3 x 3mL vial)
MCR001 Cartridge Rack
11913-H20B CASK _ LIN2 Protein (GST Tag)
11856-H07E CASP14 _ Caspase_14 Protein (His Tag)
P30802 Caspase-3 Activation Assay Cell Line
P30803 Caspase-9 Activation Assay Cell Line
10093-H08H Cathepsin V _ Cathepsin L2 Protein (His Tag)
10482-H08H Cathepsin_A _ CTSA Protein (His Tag)
10483-H08H Cathepsin_B _ CTSB Protein (His Tag)
50127-RP01 Cathepsin_D _ CTSD Antibody
50127-RP02 Cathepsin_D _ CTSD Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10486-RP01 Cathepsin_L1 _ CTSL1 Antibody
10486-RP02 Cathepsin_L1 _ CTSL1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10057-H01H CCL1 Protein
10476-H07E CCL14 _ NCC2 Protein (His Tag)
10898-H08E CCL15 _ MIP_5 _ NCC3 Protein (His Tag)
10233-H08B CCL17 _ TARC _ SCYA17 Protein (His Tag)
10233-HNAB CCL17 _ TARC _ SCYA17 Protein (Native)
10477-HNAB CCL21 _ SCYA21 Protein (Native)
10900-H14H CCL5 Protein (Mucin_stalk Tag)
11926-H07E CCL7 _ MCP3 Protein (His Tag)
10989-H21E CCL8 _ MCP_2 Protein (SUMO Tag)
11013-MM02 CCNA1 _ Cyclin_A1 Antibody
11013-H07B CCNA1 _ Cyclin_A1 Protein (His Tag)
10902-RP01 CCNE1 _ Cyclin_E1 Antibody
10902-RP02 CCNE1 _ Cyclin_E1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10902-H07B CCNE1 _ Cyclin_E1 Protein (His Tag)
10805-H01H CD10 _ MME _ Neprilysin Protein
10805-HNCH CD10 _ MME _ Neprilysin Protein
10332-H08H CD102 _ ICAM2 Protein (His Tag)
10113-H02H CD106 _ VCAM1 Protein
10113-H07H CD106 _ VCAM1 Protein (His Tag)
10113-H08H CD106 _ VCAM1 Protein (His Tag)
10005-MM01 CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Antibody
10005-R005 CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Antibody
10005-R017 CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Antibody
10005-RP03 CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Antibody
10005-RP04 CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10005-H02H CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Protein
10005-HCCH CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Protein
10005-H08H CD112 _ Nectin_2 _ PVRL2 Protein (His Tag)
10218-MM01 CD114 _ G_CSFR _ GCSFR Antibody
10218-H02H CD114 _ G_CSFR _ GCSFR Protein
50023-R002 CD14 Antibody
50023-RP01 CD14 Antibody
50023-RP02 CD14 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10073-H01H CD14 Protein
10514-H08H CD140b _ PDGFRB Protein (His Tag)
10115-MM04 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody
10115-MM05 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody
10115-RP01 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody
10115-R005 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10115-RP02 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10115-R012 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10115-R044 CD146 _ MCAM Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10115-H02H CD146 _ MCAM Protein
10115-H08H CD146 _ MCAM Protein (His Tag)
SEK10115 CD146 _ MCAM _ MUC18 ELISA Kit , Human ELISA kit
10186-MM05 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody
10186-RP01 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody
50332-R041 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody
50332-RP01 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody
10186-R125F CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody ( FITC )
10186-RP02 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50332-RP02 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10186-R125 CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10186-H02H CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Protein
10186-HCCH CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Protein
10186-H08H CD147 _ EMMPRIN _ Basigin Protein (His Tag)
10837-H08H CD150 Protein (His Tag)
10109-MM11 CD155 _ PVR Antibody
50259-RP01 CD155 _ PVR Antibody
50259-RP02 CD155 _ PVR Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10109-H08H CD155 _ PVR Protein (His Tag)
10109-R114 CD155 _ PVR _ NECL5 Antibody
10109-RP01 CD155 _ PVR _ NECL5 Antibody
10109-RP02 CD155 _ PVR _ NECL5 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50259-R001 CD155 _ PVR _ NECL5 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10060-H08H CD157 Protein (His Tag)
50319-RP02 CD157 _ BST1 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
12191-H08H CD160 Protein (His Tag)
12260-H08H CD164 _ Endolyn Protein (His Tag)
10389-H27H1-B CD16a _ FCGR3A (176 Phe_Val) Protein (AVI Tag) , Biotinylated
10389-MM02 CD16a _ FCGR3A Antibody
10389-MM03 CD16a _ FCGR3A Antibody
10389-RP01 CD16a _ FCGR3A Antibody
10389-RP02 CD16a _ FCGR3A Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10389-H27H CD16a _ FCGR3A Protein (AVI Tag)
10389-H27H-B CD16a _ FCGR3A Protein (AVI Tag) , Biotinylated
10389-H08H CD16a _ FCGR3A Protein (His Tag)
10389-H27H1 CD16a _ FCGR3A Protein, with AVI Tag ( 176 Phe_Val )
10389-H08H1 CD16a _ FCGR3A Protein, with His Tag ( 176 Phe_Val )
11046-H08H CD16b _ FCGR3B Protein (His Tag)
11046-MM04 CD16b _ FCGR3B Antibody
11046-MM09 CD16b _ FCGR3B Antibody
11046-RP01 CD16b _ FCGR3B Antibody
11046-RP02 CD16b _ FCGR3B Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11046-MM01 CD16b _ FCGR3B Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
11046-HNAE CD16b _ FCGR3B Protein (Native)
50036-R012 CD16_2 _ FCGR4 Antibody
50036-RP01 CD16_2 _ FCGR4 Antibody
50036-RP02 CD16_2 _ FCGR4 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10140-H03H CD171 _ NCAML1 _ L1CAM Protein
10140-H08H CD171 _ NCAML1 _ L1CAM Protein (His Tag)
10140-RP01 CD171 _ N_CAML1 _ L1CAM Antibody
10140-RP02 CD171 _ N_CAML1 _ L1CAM Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11370-H08H CD180 _ RP105 _ LY64 Protein (His Tag)
11880-H08H CD19 _ Leu_12 Protein (His Tag)
11009-H08H CD1D _ R3G1 Protein (His Tag)
10982-H08H CD2 Protein (His Tag)
50537-RP01 CD2 _ LY37 Antibody
50537-RP02 CD2 _ LY37 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10982-MM06 CD2 _ SRBC Antibody
50074-RP01 CD200 _ Mox2 _ OX_2 Antibody
50074-RP02 CD200 _ Mox2 _ OX_2 Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10886-RP01 CD200 _ OX_2 Antibody
10886-MM03 CD200 _ OX_2 Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
10886-R005 CD200 _ OX_2 Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
SEK10886 CD200 _ OX_2 ELISA kit , Human ELISA kit
10886-H03H CD200 _ OX_2 Protein
10886-H08H CD200 _ OX_2 Protein (His Tag)
11218-H03H CD200R1 Protein
11218-H08H CD200R1 _ CD200R Protein (His Tag)
11218-RP01 CD200R1 _ CD200R _ OX2R Antibody
11218-RP02 CD200R1 _ CD200R _ OX2R Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
50209-RP01 CD200R1 _ OX2R Antibody
50209-RP02 CD200R1 _ OX2R Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
11620-R111 CD200R1L _ CD200R2 _ CD200RLa Antibody
11620-H08H CD200R1L _ CD200R2 _ CD200RLa Protein (His Tag)
50639-R004 CD200R4 _ CD200 Receptor 4 Antibody
50639-RP01 CD200R4 _ CD200RLa Antibody
50639-RP02 CD200R4 _ CD200RLa Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10527-MM02 CD208 _ LAMP3 _ DC_LAMP Antibody
10527-RP01 CD208 _ LAMP3 _ DC_LAMP Antibody
10527-RP02 CD208 _ LAMP3 _ DC_LAMP Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10527-R002 CD208 _ LAMP3 _ DC_LAMP Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10527-H08H CD208 _ LAMP3 _ DC_LAMP Protein (His Tag)
10200-H01H CD209 Protein
10811-H08H CD21 _ CR2 _ C3DR Protein (His Tag)
10164-RP01 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody
10164-RP02 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody (Antigen Affinity Purified)
10164-MM04 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody (Mouse Monoclonal Antibody)
10164-R011 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody)
10164-MM02 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody (α subunit)
10164-MM03 CD221 _ IGF1R Antibody (β subunit)