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(SA031) Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugated Affinity Purified anti-Swine IgG (H&L) [Goat] Secondary_Antibodies
(SA031) Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugated Affinity Purified anti_Swine IgG (H&L) [Goat]
(Y058195) β-Tubulin antibody
(Y058487) 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1 Antibody
(Y058487) 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1 antibody
(Y058487) 2_hydroxyacyl_CoA lyase 1
(Y102022) Aflatoxin B(M8022628)
(Y102022) Aflatoxin B(M8022628) Antibody
(Y102023) Aflatoxin B(M8022629)
(Y102023) Aflatoxin B(M8022629) Antibody
(Y058482) alpha 2 Catenin
(Y058483) alpha 2 Catenin
(Y058482) alpha 2 Catenin Antibody
(Y058483) alpha 2 Catenin Antibody
(Y058482) alpha 2 Catenin antibody
(Y058483) alpha 2 Catenin antibody
(Y051519) Anti-ADAM-33 (A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase-33); Cytoplasmic domain Antibody
(Y051519) Anti-ADAM-33 A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase-33; Cytoplasmic domain antibody
(Y051444) Anti-Calpain-5 (H-TRA-3); Carboxyterminal end of Domain IV. Antibody
(Y051444) Anti-Calpain-5 H-TRA-3; Carboxyterminal end of Domain IV. antibody
(Y051484) Anti-Calpastatin; Aminoterminal end (Domain-L) Testis Isoform Antibody
(Y051484) Anti-Calpastatin; Aminoterminal end Domain-L Testis Isoform antibody
(Y051595) Anti-DPP-10 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-10, DPP-Y, DPL2); Stalk region Antibody
(Y051595) Anti-DPP-10 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-10 DPP-Y DPL2; Stalk region antibody
(Y052011) Anti-Fibronectin Biotin Conjugated Antibody
(Y052011) Anti-Fibronectin Biotin Conjugated antibody
(Y051323) Anti-Gelatinase-A (MMP-2) Hinge region Antibody
(Y051323) Anti-Gelatinase-A MMP-2 Hinge region antibody
(Y053267) Anti-Human IgD (δ chain) FITC Conjugate Antibody
(Y053267) Anti-Human IgD δ chain FITC Conjugate antibody
(Y053542) Anti-Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads-FITC Conjugate Antibody
(Y053544) Anti-Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads-HRP Conjugate Antibody
(Y053542) Anti-Human IgG H+Lmouse ads-FITC Conjugate antibody
(Y053544) Anti-Human IgG H+Lmouse ads-HRP Conjugate antibody
(Y053029) Anti-human VEGFR-2 per KDR Cl. 4 Biotin antibody
(Y053029) Anti-human VEGFR-2_KDR (Cl. 4) Biotin Antibody
(Y072073) Anti-Mouse Factor VII Antibody
(Y072074) Anti-Mouse Factor VIII Antibody
(Y053079) Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin (BIOT) Conjugate Antibody
(Y053079) Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin BIOT Conjugate antibody
(Y053080) Anti-Mouse Ig R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) Conjugate Antibody
(Y053080) Anti-Mouse Ig R-phycoerythrin R-PE Conjugate antibody
(Y053074) Anti-Mouse Ig Rhodamine (TRITC) Conjugate Antibody
(Y053074) Anti-Mouse Ig Rhodamine TRITC Conjugate antibody
(Y053076) Anti-Mouse Ig- HRPConjugate Antibody
(Y053076) Anti-Mouse Ig- HRPConjugate antibody
(Y053146) Anti-Mouse IgA (β chain) Biotin Conjugate Antibody
(Y053144) Anti-Mouse IgA (β chain) HRP Conjugate Antibody
(Y053146) Anti-Mouse IgA β chain Biotin Conjugate antibody
(Y053144) Anti-Mouse IgA β chain HRP Conjugate antibody
(Y053219) Anti-Mouse IgG2b (γ2b chain) R-PE Conjugate Antibody
(Y053219) Anti-Mouse IgG2b γ2b chain R-PE Conjugate antibody
(Y090042) Anti-mouse Ly-6A_E (Sca-1) Monoclonal Antibody
(Y053008) Anti-mouse LYVE-1(Biotinylated) Antibody
(Y053008) Anti-mouse LYVE-1Biotinylated antibody
(Y072078) Anti-Mouse Protein C Antibody
(G154) Anti-Peripherin (Chicken ) Antibody
(G154) Anti-Peripherin Chicken antibody
(Y053583) Anti-Rat IgG (H+L)Human ads-UNLB Antibody
(Y053583) Anti-Rat IgG H+LHuman ads-UNLB antibody
(Y051323) Anti_Gelatinase_A (MMP_2) Hinge region
(Y053267) Anti_Human IgD (δ chain) FITC Conjugate
(Y053542) Anti_Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads_FITC Conjugate
(Y053544) Anti_Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads_HRP Conjugate
(Y053029) Anti_human VEGFR_2_KDR (Cl. 4) Biotin
(Y072073) Anti_Mouse Factor VII
(Y072074) Anti_Mouse Factor VIII
(Y053079) Anti_Mouse Ig Biotin (BIOT) Conjugate
(Y053074) Anti_Mouse Ig Rhodamine (TRITC) Conjugate
(Y053080) Anti_Mouse Ig R_phycoerythrin (R_PE) Conjugate
(Y053146) Anti_Mouse IgA (β chain) Biotin Conjugate
(Y053144) Anti_Mouse IgA (β chain) HRP Conjugate
(Y053219) Anti_Mouse IgG2b (γ2b chain) R_PE Conjugate
(Y053076) Anti_Mouse Ig_ HRPConjugate
(Y053008) Anti_mouse LYVE_1(Biotinylated)
(Y090042) Anti_mouse Ly_6A_E (Sca_1) Monoclonal
(Y072078) Anti_Mouse Protein C
(G154) Anti_Peripherin (Chicken )
(Y053583) Anti_Rat IgG (H+L)Human ads_UNLB
(Y072065) Biotin Labeled Anti mouse factor X
(Y072065) Biotin Labeled Anti mouse factor X Antibody
(Y072061) Biotin Labeled Anti-mouse factor IX Antibody
(Y072061) Biotin Labeled Anti_mouse factor IX
(Y058488) Cannabinoid receptor 2
(Y058488) Cannabinoid receptor 2 Antibody
(Y058488) Cannabinoid receptor 2 antibody
(Y058503) Heme oxygenase 1
(Y058503) Heme oxygenase 1 Antibody
(Y058503) Heme oxygenase 1 antibody
(Y072086) Inhibitory mouse monoclonal to human PAI-1 Antibody
(Y072086) Inhibitory mouse monoclonal to human PAI_1
(Y100362) Interferon-γ | Interferon gamma Antibody
(Y100362) Interferon_γ | Interferon gamma
(Y077058) Monoclonal anti-human CD49d (VLA-4) Antibody
(Y077058) Monoclonal anti_human CD49d (VLA_4)
(Y030054) Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 (TARDBP)
(Y030054) Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 (TARDBP) Antibody
(Y030054) Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 TARDBP antibody
(Y072085) Mouse monoclonal to human PAI-1 Antibody
(Y072085) Mouse monoclonal to human PAI_1
(Y058132) p21
(Y058132) p21 Antibody
(Y058132) p21 antibody
(Y058127) selectin E
(Y058127) selectin E Antibody
(Y058127) selectin E antibody
(Y072070) Sheep Anti Rabbit Fibrinogen IgG fraction
(Y072070) Sheep Anti Rabbit Fibrinogen IgG fraction Antibody
(Y058459) SR-B1 Antibody
(Y058459) SR-B1 antibody
(Y058459) SR_B1
(Y058192) TNNI2
(Y058192) TNNI2 Antibody
(Y058192) TNNI2 antibody
(Y051520) to ADAMTS-1 (A Disintigrin And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin-1 motif, METH-1); Carboxyterminal end Antibody
(Y051520) to ADAMTS-1 A Disintigrin And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin-1 motif METH-1; Carboxyterminal end antibody
(Y051548) to BACE-1 (Memapsin-2, Beta Secretase-1, β-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein-cleaving Enzyme-1, ASP-2); Stalk region Antibody
(Y051548) to BACE-1 Memapsin-2 Beta Secretase-1 β-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein-cleaving Enzyme-1 ASP-2; Stalk region antibody
(Y051466) to Calpain-11; Domain-II (catalytic domain), large subunit Antibody
(Y051466) to Calpain-11; Domain-II catalytic domain large subunit antibody
(Y051589) to DPP-8 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-8); Aminterminal end Antibody
(Y051589) to DPP-8 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-8; Aminterminal end antibody
(Y051592) to DPP-9 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-9); Aminterminal end Antibody
(Y051592) to DPP-9 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-9; Aminterminal end antibody
(Y051597) to FAPβ (Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit, Seprase, Integral Membrane Serine Protease) Stalk Region
(Y051597) to FAPβ (Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit, Seprase, Integral Membrane Serine Protease) Stalk Region Antibody
(Y051597) to FAPβ Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit Seprase Integral Membrane Serine Protease Stalk Region antibody
(Y051431) to M-Calpain (E.C., Calpain-II, protein kinase-C activating factor); Domain-III, large subunit Antibody
(Y051431) to M-Calpain E.C. Calpain-II protein kinase-C activating factor; Domain-III large subunit antibody
(Y051612) to Matriptase-1 (MTSP-1, ST14, SNC19, TADG-15, Epithin) Catalytic domain Antibody
(Y051612) to Matriptase-1 MTSP-1 ST14 SNC19 TADG-15 Epithin Catalytic domain antibody
(Y051612) to Matriptase_1 (MTSP_1, ST14, SNC19, TADG_15, Epithin) Catalytic domain
(Y051635) to PC4 (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme-4, PC4, PCSK4, Neuroendocrine Convertase-3); Homo-B domain Antibody
(Y051635) to PC4 paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme-4 PC4 PCSK4 Neuroendocrine Convertase-3; Homo-B domain antibody
(Y051647) to PKA--RIIA (Protein Kinase-A Regulatory Subunit IIa) Antibody
(Y051647) to PKA--RIIA Protein Kinase-A Regulatory Subunit IIa antibody
(Y051647) to PKA__RIIA (Protein Kinase_A Regulatory Subunit IIa)
(Y051743) to Viral Interleukin-6 (vIL-6) of HHV-8 _ KSHV Antibody
(Y051743) to Viral Interleukin-6 vIL-6 of HHV-8 per KSHV antibody
(Y051743) to Viral Interleukin_6 (vIL_6) of HHV_8 _ KSHV
(Y104049) β-1 Antitrypsin, Mab Antibody
(Y058195) β-Tubulin Antibody
(Y104049) β_1 Antitrypsin, Mab
(Y011218) β-Catenin Phospho-Ser33 antibody
(Y011116) β-Catenin Phospho-Thr41 per Ser45 antibody
(Y011285) β-Synuclein Phospho-Tyr133 antibody
(Y011286) β-Synuclein Phospho-Tyr136 antibody
(Y058194) β-Tubulin antibody
(Y053978) -Mouse CD45.2_Ly-5.2-APC-CYâ„¢5.5 Conjugate Antibody
(i007842) 01_02_01-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(i007843) 01_02_02-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(i007844) 01_02_04-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(i007845) 01_02_05-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(i007846) 01_02_06-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(i007847) 01_02_07-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(013384A) 01_03_2001
(029169A) 01_03_2001
(013385A) 01_03_2002
(029170A) 01_03_2002
(013386A) 01_03_2003
(029171A) 01_03_2003
(013387A) 01_03_2004
(029172A) 01_03_2004
(013388A) 01_03_2005
(029173A) 01_03_2005
(013389A) 01_03_2006
(029174A) 01_03_2006
(013390A) 01_03_2007
(029175A) 01_03_2007
(013391A) 01_03_2008
(029176A) 01_03_2008
(013392A) 01_03_2009
(029177A) 01_03_2009
(013393A) 01_03_2010
(029178A) 01_03_2010
(013394A) 01_03_2011
(029179A) 01_03_2011
(022291A) 01_06_2009
(029381A) 01_09_2001
(029382A) 01_09_2002
(029383A) 01_09_2003
(029384A) 01_09_2004
(029385A) 01_09_2005
(029386A) 01_09_2006
(029387A) 01_09_2007
(029388A) 01_09_2008
(029389A) 01_09_2009
(029390A) 01_09_2010
(029391A) 01_09_2011
(029392A) 01_09_2012
(029393A) 01_09_2014
(i005872) 01_12_01-set siRNA_Lentivectors
(006464A) 01_12_2001
(029008A) 01_12_2001
(014560A) 02_06_2009
(035291A) 0610007C21Rik
(048037A) 0610007L01Rik
(039857A) 0610007P08Rik
(031288A) 0610007P14Rik
(039726A) 0610007P22Rik
(046589A) 0610009B22Rik
(033979A) 0610009D07Rik
(037096A) 0610009O20Rik
(032073A) 0610010B08Rik
(047454A) 0610010F05Rik
(036189A) 0610010K14Rik
(049150A) 0610010O12Rik
(034617A) 0610011F06Rik
(047031A) 0610011L14Rik
(029632A) 0610012H03Rik
(034789A) 0610030E20Rik
(036473A) 0610031J06Rik
(045416A) 0610037L13Rik
(047780A) 0610037P05Rik
(036296A) 0610040J01Rik
(044954A) 0910001L09Rik
(G126) 10,000 Taq Polymerase
(031205A) 100043387
(G016) 100bp DNA Marker
(G016) 100bp DNA Marker
(G193) 100bp Plus DNA Ladder
(Y080088) 11-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase(Type 1) Antibody
(032020A) 1100001G20Rik
(045080A) 1110001A16Rik
(049098A) 1110001J03Rik
(034440A) 1110002B05Rik
(045432A) 1110002N22Rik
(048245A) 1110003E01Rik
(044789A) 1110004E09Rik
(044796A) 1110004F10Rik
(033136A) 1110005A03Rik
(034406A) 1110007C09Rik
(049567A) 1110008F13Rik
(034216A) 1110008J03Rik
(049737A) 1110008L16Rik
(033863A) 1110008P14Rik
(045120A) 1110012D08Rik
(046562A) 1110012J17Rik
(034010A) 1110012L19Rik
(034709A) 1110014N23Rik
(034532A) 1110017D15Rik
(031745A) 1110017F19Rik
(031282A) 1110018G07Rik
(030013A) 1110018J18Rik
(047440A) 1110020G09Rik
(045901A) 1110021J02Rik
(045982A) 1110021L09Rik
(048553A) 1110028C15Rik
(032231A) 1110031I02Rik
(034778A) 1110032A03Rik
(034045A) 1110032A04Rik
(030448A) 1110032F04Rik
(038200A) 1110034A24Rik
(046701A) 1110034B05Rik
(049282A) 1110034G24Rik
(045231A) 1110037F02Rik
(046371A) 1110038D17Rik
(034155A) 1110038F14Rik
(045888A) 1110049F12Rik
(042596A) 1110051M20Rik
(044344A) 1110054O05Rik
(046149A) 1110057K04Rik
(035004A) 1110058L19Rik
(031610A) 1110059E24Rik
(034645A) 1110059G10Rik
(034867A) 1110059M19Rik
(030645A) 1110065P20Rik
(035946A) 1110067D22Rik
(034625A) 1190002H23Rik
(029953A) 1190002N15Rik
(034803A) 1190003J15Rik
(032582A) 1190003K10Rik
(047986A) 1190005F20Rik
(049618A) 1190005I06Rik
(033926A) 1190007F08Rik
(030552A) 1190007I07Rik
(Y080088) 11_Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase(Type 1)
(033034A) 1200009I06Rik
(049141A) 1200011I18Rik
(030790A) 1200011M11Rik
(034030A) 1200014J11Rik
(048822A) 1200016B10Rik
(033993A) 1300001I01Rik
(040349A) 1300002K09Rik
(035693A) 1300010F03Rik
(034663A) 1300014I06Rik
(031961A) 1300017J02Rik
(037812A) 1300018I17Rik
(042635A) 1300018J18Rik
(Y021188) 14-3-3 ζ (Ab-58) Antibody
(Y011181) 14-3-3 ζ (Phospho-Ser58) Antibody
(Y021188) 14-3-3 ζ Ab-58 antibody
(Y011181) 14-3-3 ζ Phospho-Ser58 antibody
(Y212631) 14-3-3 sigma _ Stratifin Antibody
(Y213814) 14-3-3 tau _ YWHAQ Antibody
(Y030099) 14-3-3-eta antibody
(Y103767) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 (BSA_ Azide Free) Antibody
(Y103766) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 Antibody
(Y103768) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 Antibody
(Y103766) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1
(Y103768) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1
(Y103767) 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1 (BSA_ Azide Free)
(000347A) 14_03_2003
(Y212631) 14_3_3 sigma _ Stratifin
(Y213814) 14_3_3 tau _ YWHAQ
(000346A) 14_3_3β
(045598A) 1500001M20Rik
(048592A) 1500002O20Rik
(044239A) 1500003O03Rik
(048050A) 1500009L16Rik
(045379A) 1500010J02Rik
(049198A) 1500011H22Rik
(046824A) 1500012F01Rik
(036450A) 1500015O10Rik
(044998A) 1500032L24Rik
(036335A) 1520402A15Rik
(045786A) 1600002H07Rik
(044440A) 1600002K03Rik
(030638A) 1600012F09Rik
(044366A) 1600012H06Rik
(047084A) 1600014C10Rik
(033140A) 1600014C23Rik
(032599A) 1600014K23Rik
(031218A) 1600015I10Rik
(048086A) 1600016N20Rik
(044590A) 1600021P15Rik
(039935A) 1600027N09Rik
(040073A) 1600029D21Rik
(034815A) 1700001C02Rik
(031328A) 1700001C19Rik
(040410A) 1700001F09Rik
(030382A) 1700001J03Rik
(046743A) 1700001K19Rik
(034780A) 1700001L19Rik
(042855A) 1700001O22Rik
(044962A) 1700001P01Rik
(040299A) 1700003E16Rik
(029694A) 1700003F12Rik
(034401A) 1700003M02Rik
(030437A) 1700006A11Rik
(031875A) 1700006E09Rik
(040372A) 1700007B14Rik
(037633A) 1700007E06Rik
(032678A) 1700007G11Rik
(031821A) 1700007I08Rik
(034963A) 1700007K09Rik
(040483A) 1700007K13Rik
(030486A) 1700008A04Rik
(031689A) 1700008F21Rik
(029732A) 1700008I05Rik
(044985A) 1700008O03Rik
(032431A) 1700008P02Rik
(032815A) 1700008P20Rik
(032591A) 1700009N14Rik
(047277A) 1700009P17Rik
(031196A) 1700010B08Rik
(030223A) 1700010D01Rik
(030291A) 1700010I14Rik
(034584A) 1700010M22Rik
(032276A) 1700011A15Rik
(030327A) 1700011E24Rik
(040720A) 1700011F03Rik
(040542A) 1700011F14Rik
(033829A) 1700011H14Rik
(031695A) 1700011I03Rik
(032123A) 1700011L22Rik
(038680A) 1700011M02Rik
(040016A) 1700012A03Rik
(040718A) 1700012A16Rik
(032005A) 1700012B07Rik
(040013A) 1700012B09Rik
(032295A) 1700012L04Rik
(040797A) 1700012P22Rik
(032288A) 1700013D24Rik
(034971A) 1700013F07Rik
(030869A) 1700013G24Rik
(044148A) 1700013H16Rik
(039707A) 1700014N06Rik
(040158A) 1700015E13Rik
(032060A) 1700015F17Rik
(031969A) 1700015G11Rik
(034067A) 1700016C15Rik
(031255A) 1700016D06Rik
(031978A) 1700016H13Rik
(035021A) 1700016K19Rik
(040464A) 1700016M24Rik
(049701A) 1700017B05Rik
(031613A) 1700017D01Rik
(029639A) 1700017N19Rik
(039669A) 1700018A14Rik
(031674A) 1700018B08Rik
(032637A) 1700018C11Rik
(032436A) 1700018F24Rik
(031352A) 1700018L24Rik
(030466A) 1700019A02Rik
(032433A) 1700019B03Rik
(048871A) 1700019D03Rik
(036314A) 1700019E19Rik
(031170A) 1700019G17Rik
(030002A) 1700019L03Rik
(032388A) 1700019M22Rik
(034458A) 1700019N12Rik
(030745A) 1700019N19Rik
(040409A) 1700019O17Rik
(032194A) 1700020A23Rik
(031183A) 1700020C07Rik
(031015A) 1700020D05Rik
(032686A) 1700020L24Rik
(047652A) 1700020O03Rik
(047486A) 1700021C14Rik
(048115A) 1700021F05Rik
(032151A) 1700021F07Rik
(049738A) 1700021K19Rik
(034125A) 1700022I11Rik
(032430A) 1700022P22Rik
(030504A) 1700023A16Rik
(031871A) 1700023E05Rik
(040394A) 1700024G13Rik
(030453A) 1700024P04Rik
(041346A) 1700024P16Rik
(045910A) 1700025E21Rik
(032446A) 1700025F22Rik
(039816A) 1700025G04Rik
(031573A) 1700025K23Rik
(030068A) 1700026D08Rik
(029741A) 1700026J04Rik
(040595A) 1700026L06Rik
(042828A) 1700027A23Rik
(032691A) 1700027D21Rik
(039673A) 1700028K03Rik
(031839A) 1700028P14Rik
(039758A) 1700029F09Rik
(031298A) 1700029F12Rik
(033021A) 1700029G01Rik
(031173A) 1700029H14Rik
(032818A) 1700029I15Rik
(039780A) 1700029J07Rik
(032638A) 1700029J11Rik
(032837A) 1700029P11Rik
(045744A) 1700030F18Rik
(047376A) 1700030J22Rik
(048719A) 1700030K09Rik
(031826A) 1700031F05Rik
(031295A) 1700034E13Rik
(049541A) 1700034F02Rik
(031665A) 1700034H14Rik
(040447A) 1700034I23Rik
(031791A) 1700034J05Rik
(032234A) 1700034O15Rik
(047191A) 1700037C18Rik
(048292A) 1700037H04Rik
(029660A) 1700039E15Rik
(048372A) 1700040I03Rik
(029991A) 1700040L02Rik
(039711A) 1700042B14Rik
(031023A) 1700042G07Rik
(042804A) 1700047I17Rik2
(040269A) 1700049G17Rik
(049610A) 1700052N19Rik
(046929A) 1700054N08Rik
(029777A) 1700054O13Rik
(038589A) 1700055N04Rik
(029946A) 1700056E22Rik
(031379A) 1700057G04Rik
(040841A) 1700057K13Rik
(047513A) 1700061G19Rik
(039839A) 1700061J05Rik
(032519A) 1700065D16Rik
(030019A) 1700065I17Rik
(031572A) 1700066B19Rik
(037664A) 1700066M21Rik
(034061A) 1700067K01Rik
(032688A) 1700067P10Rik
(032326A) 1700071K01Rik
(031850A) 1700072E05Rik
(032774A) 1700074P13Rik
(031643A) 1700080E11Rik
(040689A) 1700080O16Rik
(047839A) 1700081L11Rik
(030117A) 1700084C01Rik
(039192A) 1700088E04Rik
(032502A) 1700090G07Rik
(031172A) 1700092M07Rik
(031463A) 1700093K21Rik
(030171A) 1700094D03Rik
(030695A) 1700101E01Rik
(030038A) 1700102P08Rik
(039746A) 1700106J16Rik
(046829A) 1700106N22Rik
(039793A) 1700108M19Rik
(039803A) 1700109H08Rik
(031404A) 1700110M21Rik
(034571A) 1700112E06Rik
(032555A) 1700113H08Rik
(031482A) 1700113I22Rik
(032382A) 1700123I01Rik
(030278A) 1700123K08Rik
(044602A) 1700123O20Rik
(029655A) 1700125D06Rik
(044530A) 1700125H20Rik

Kits Elisa; taq POLYMERASE

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