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About this Supplier: RT-PCR, antibodies, siRNA, cell immortalization, adenoviral and lentiviral expression systems.

SA031 Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugated Affinity Purified anti-Swine IgG (H&L) [Goat] Secondary_Antibodies
SA031 Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugated Affinity Purified anti_Swine IgG (H&L) [Goat]
Y058195 β-Tubulin antibody
Y058487 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1 Antibody
Y058487 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1 antibody
Y058487 2_hydroxyacyl_CoA lyase 1
Y102022 Aflatoxin B(M8022628)
Y102022 Aflatoxin B(M8022628) Antibody
Y102023 Aflatoxin B(M8022629)
Y102023 Aflatoxin B(M8022629) Antibody
Y058482 alpha 2 Catenin
Y058483 alpha 2 Catenin
Y058482 alpha 2 Catenin Antibody
Y058483 alpha 2 Catenin Antibody
Y058482 alpha 2 Catenin antibody
Y058483 alpha 2 Catenin antibody
Y051519 Anti-ADAM-33 (A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase-33); Cytoplasmic domain Antibody
Y051519 Anti-ADAM-33 A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase-33; Cytoplasmic domain antibody
Y051444 Anti-Calpain-5 (H-TRA-3); Carboxyterminal end of Domain IV. Antibody
Y051444 Anti-Calpain-5 H-TRA-3; Carboxyterminal end of Domain IV. antibody
Y051484 Anti-Calpastatin; Aminoterminal end (Domain-L) Testis Isoform Antibody
Y051484 Anti-Calpastatin; Aminoterminal end Domain-L Testis Isoform antibody
Y051595 Anti-DPP-10 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-10, DPP-Y, DPL2); Stalk region Antibody
Y051595 Anti-DPP-10 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-10 DPP-Y DPL2; Stalk region antibody
Y052011 Anti-Fibronectin Biotin Conjugated Antibody
Y052011 Anti-Fibronectin Biotin Conjugated antibody
Y051323 Anti-Gelatinase-A (MMP-2) Hinge region Antibody
Y051323 Anti-Gelatinase-A MMP-2 Hinge region antibody
Y053267 Anti-Human IgD (δ chain) FITC Conjugate Antibody
Y053267 Anti-Human IgD δ chain FITC Conjugate antibody
Y053542 Anti-Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads-FITC Conjugate Antibody
Y053544 Anti-Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads-HRP Conjugate Antibody
Y053542 Anti-Human IgG H+Lmouse ads-FITC Conjugate antibody
Y053544 Anti-Human IgG H+Lmouse ads-HRP Conjugate antibody
Y053029 Anti-human VEGFR-2 per KDR Cl. 4 Biotin antibody
Y053029 Anti-human VEGFR-2_KDR (Cl. 4) Biotin Antibody
Y072073 Anti-Mouse Factor VII Antibody
Y072074 Anti-Mouse Factor VIII Antibody
Y053079 Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin (BIOT) Conjugate Antibody
Y053079 Anti-Mouse Ig Biotin BIOT Conjugate antibody
Y053080 Anti-Mouse Ig R-phycoerythrin (R-PE) Conjugate Antibody
Y053080 Anti-Mouse Ig R-phycoerythrin R-PE Conjugate antibody
Y053074 Anti-Mouse Ig Rhodamine (TRITC) Conjugate Antibody
Y053074 Anti-Mouse Ig Rhodamine TRITC Conjugate antibody
Y053076 Anti-Mouse Ig- HRPConjugate Antibody
Y053076 Anti-Mouse Ig- HRPConjugate antibody
Y053146 Anti-Mouse IgA (β chain) Biotin Conjugate Antibody
Y053144 Anti-Mouse IgA (β chain) HRP Conjugate Antibody
Y053146 Anti-Mouse IgA β chain Biotin Conjugate antibody
Y053144 Anti-Mouse IgA β chain HRP Conjugate antibody
Y053219 Anti-Mouse IgG2b (γ2b chain) R-PE Conjugate Antibody
Y053219 Anti-Mouse IgG2b γ2b chain R-PE Conjugate antibody
Y090042 Anti-mouse Ly-6A_E (Sca-1) Monoclonal Antibody
Y053008 Anti-mouse LYVE-1(Biotinylated) Antibody
Y053008 Anti-mouse LYVE-1Biotinylated antibody
Y072078 Anti-Mouse Protein C Antibody
G154 Anti-Peripherin (Chicken ) Antibody
G154 Anti-Peripherin Chicken antibody
Y053583 Anti-Rat IgG (H+L)Human ads-UNLB Antibody
Y053583 Anti-Rat IgG H+LHuman ads-UNLB antibody
Y051323 Anti_Gelatinase_A (MMP_2) Hinge region
Y053267 Anti_Human IgD (δ chain) FITC Conjugate
Y053542 Anti_Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads_FITC Conjugate
Y053544 Anti_Human IgG (H+L)mouse ads_HRP Conjugate
Y053029 Anti_human VEGFR_2_KDR (Cl. 4) Biotin
Y072073 Anti_Mouse Factor VII
Y072074 Anti_Mouse Factor VIII
Y053079 Anti_Mouse Ig Biotin (BIOT) Conjugate
Y053074 Anti_Mouse Ig Rhodamine (TRITC) Conjugate
Y053080 Anti_Mouse Ig R_phycoerythrin (R_PE) Conjugate
Y053146 Anti_Mouse IgA (β chain) Biotin Conjugate
Y053144 Anti_Mouse IgA (β chain) HRP Conjugate
Y053219 Anti_Mouse IgG2b (γ2b chain) R_PE Conjugate
Y053076 Anti_Mouse Ig_ HRPConjugate
Y053008 Anti_mouse LYVE_1(Biotinylated)
Y090042 Anti_mouse Ly_6A_E (Sca_1) Monoclonal
Y072078 Anti_Mouse Protein C
G154 Anti_Peripherin (Chicken )
Y053583 Anti_Rat IgG (H+L)Human ads_UNLB
Y072065 Biotin Labeled Anti mouse factor X
Y072065 Biotin Labeled Anti mouse factor X Antibody
Y072061 Biotin Labeled Anti-mouse factor IX Antibody
Y072061 Biotin Labeled Anti_mouse factor IX
Y058488 Cannabinoid receptor 2
Y058488 Cannabinoid receptor 2 Antibody
Y058488 Cannabinoid receptor 2 antibody
Y058503 Heme oxygenase 1
Y058503 Heme oxygenase 1 Antibody
Y058503 Heme oxygenase 1 antibody
Y072086 Inhibitory mouse monoclonal to human PAI-1 Antibody
Y072086 Inhibitory mouse monoclonal to human PAI_1
Y100362 Interferon-γ | Interferon gamma Antibody
Y100362 Interferon_γ | Interferon gamma
Y077058 Monoclonal anti-human CD49d (VLA-4) Antibody
Y077058 Monoclonal anti_human CD49d (VLA_4)
Y030054 Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 (TARDBP)
Y030054 Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 (TARDBP) Antibody
Y030054 Mouse Monoclonal to Tar DNA Binding 43 TARDBP antibody
Y072085 Mouse monoclonal to human PAI-1 Antibody
Y072085 Mouse monoclonal to human PAI_1
Y058132 p21
Y058132 p21 Antibody
Y058132 p21 antibody
Y058127 selectin E
Y058127 selectin E Antibody
Y058127 selectin E antibody
Y072070 Sheep Anti Rabbit Fibrinogen IgG fraction
Y072070 Sheep Anti Rabbit Fibrinogen IgG fraction Antibody
Y058459 SR-B1 Antibody
Y058459 SR-B1 antibody
Y058459 SR_B1
Y058192 TNNI2
Y058192 TNNI2 Antibody
Y058192 TNNI2 antibody
Y051520 to ADAMTS-1 (A Disintigrin And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin-1 motif, METH-1); Carboxyterminal end Antibody
Y051520 to ADAMTS-1 A Disintigrin And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin-1 motif METH-1; Carboxyterminal end antibody
Y051548 to BACE-1 (Memapsin-2, Beta Secretase-1, β-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein-cleaving Enzyme-1, ASP-2); Stalk region Antibody
Y051548 to BACE-1 Memapsin-2 Beta Secretase-1 β-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein-cleaving Enzyme-1 ASP-2; Stalk region antibody
Y051466 to Calpain-11; Domain-II (catalytic domain), large subunit Antibody
Y051466 to Calpain-11; Domain-II catalytic domain large subunit antibody
Y051589 to DPP-8 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-8); Aminterminal end Antibody
Y051589 to DPP-8 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-8; Aminterminal end antibody
Y051592 to DPP-9 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-9); Aminterminal end Antibody
Y051592 to DPP-9 Dipeptidyl Peptidase-9; Aminterminal end antibody
Y051597 to FAPβ (Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit, Seprase, Integral Membrane Serine Protease) Stalk Region
Y051597 to FAPβ (Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit, Seprase, Integral Membrane Serine Protease) Stalk Region Antibody
Y051597 to FAPβ Fibroblast Activation Protein alpha subunit Seprase Integral Membrane Serine Protease Stalk Region antibody
Y051431 to M-Calpain (E.C., Calpain-II, protein kinase-C activating factor); Domain-III, large subunit Antibody
Y051431 to M-Calpain E.C. Calpain-II protein kinase-C activating factor; Domain-III large subunit antibody
Y051612 to Matriptase-1 (MTSP-1, ST14, SNC19, TADG-15, Epithin) Catalytic domain Antibody
Y051612 to Matriptase-1 MTSP-1 ST14 SNC19 TADG-15 Epithin Catalytic domain antibody
Y051612 to Matriptase_1 (MTSP_1, ST14, SNC19, TADG_15, Epithin) Catalytic domain
Y051635 to PC4 (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme-4, PC4, PCSK4, Neuroendocrine Convertase-3); Homo-B domain Antibody
Y051635 to PC4 paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme-4 PC4 PCSK4 Neuroendocrine Convertase-3; Homo-B domain antibody
Y051647 to PKA--RIIA (Protein Kinase-A Regulatory Subunit IIa) Antibody
Y051647 to PKA--RIIA Protein Kinase-A Regulatory Subunit IIa antibody
Y051647 to PKA__RIIA (Protein Kinase_A Regulatory Subunit IIa)
Y051743 to Viral Interleukin-6 (vIL-6) of HHV-8 _ KSHV Antibody
Y051743 to Viral Interleukin-6 vIL-6 of HHV-8 per KSHV antibody
Y051743 to Viral Interleukin_6 (vIL_6) of HHV_8 _ KSHV
Y104049 β-1 Antitrypsin, Mab Antibody
Y058195 β-Tubulin Antibody
Y104049 β_1 Antitrypsin, Mab
Y011218 β-Catenin Phospho-Ser33 antibody
Y011116 β-Catenin Phospho-Thr41 per Ser45 antibody
Y011285 β-Synuclein Phospho-Tyr133 antibody
Y011286 β-Synuclein Phospho-Tyr136 antibody
Y058194 β-Tubulin antibody
Y053978 -Mouse CD45.2_Ly-5.2-APC-CYâ„¢5.5 Conjugate Antibody
i007842 01_02_01-set siRNA_Lentivectors
i007843 01_02_02-set siRNA_Lentivectors
i007844 01_02_04-set siRNA_Lentivectors
i007845 01_02_05-set siRNA_Lentivectors
i007846 01_02_06-set siRNA_Lentivectors
i007847 01_02_07-set siRNA_Lentivectors
013384A 01_03_2001
029169A 01_03_2001
013385A 01_03_2002
029170A 01_03_2002
013386A 01_03_2003
029171A 01_03_2003
013387A 01_03_2004
029172A 01_03_2004
013388A 01_03_2005
029173A 01_03_2005
013389A 01_03_2006
029174A 01_03_2006
013390A 01_03_2007
029175A 01_03_2007
013391A 01_03_2008
029176A 01_03_2008
013392A 01_03_2009
029177A 01_03_2009
013393A 01_03_2010
029178A 01_03_2010
013394A 01_03_2011
029179A 01_03_2011
022291A 01_06_2009
029381A 01_09_2001
029382A 01_09_2002
029383A 01_09_2003
029384A 01_09_2004
029385A 01_09_2005
029386A 01_09_2006
029387A 01_09_2007
029388A 01_09_2008
029389A 01_09_2009
029390A 01_09_2010
029391A 01_09_2011
029392A 01_09_2012
029393A 01_09_2014
i005872 01_12_01-set siRNA_Lentivectors
006464A 01_12_2001
029008A 01_12_2001
014560A 02_06_2009
035291A 0610007C21Rik
048037A 0610007L01Rik
039857A 0610007P08Rik
031288A 0610007P14Rik
039726A 0610007P22Rik
046589A 0610009B22Rik
033979A 0610009D07Rik
037096A 0610009O20Rik
032073A 0610010B08Rik
047454A 0610010F05Rik
036189A 0610010K14Rik
049150A 0610010O12Rik
034617A 0610011F06Rik
047031A 0610011L14Rik
029632A 0610012H03Rik
034789A 0610030E20Rik
036473A 0610031J06Rik
045416A 0610037L13Rik
047780A 0610037P05Rik
036296A 0610040J01Rik
044954A 0910001L09Rik
G126 10,000 Taq Polymerase
031205A 100043387
G016 100bp DNA Marker
G016 100bp DNA Marker
G193 100bp Plus DNA Ladder
Y080088 11-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase(Type 1) Antibody
032020A 1100001G20Rik
045080A 1110001A16Rik
049098A 1110001J03Rik
034440A 1110002B05Rik
045432A 1110002N22Rik
048245A 1110003E01Rik
044789A 1110004E09Rik
044796A 1110004F10Rik
033136A 1110005A03Rik
034406A 1110007C09Rik
049567A 1110008F13Rik
034216A 1110008J03Rik
049737A 1110008L16Rik
033863A 1110008P14Rik
045120A 1110012D08Rik
046562A 1110012J17Rik
034010A 1110012L19Rik
034709A 1110014N23Rik
034532A 1110017D15Rik
031745A 1110017F19Rik
031282A 1110018G07Rik
030013A 1110018J18Rik
047440A 1110020G09Rik
045901A 1110021J02Rik
045982A 1110021L09Rik
048553A 1110028C15Rik
032231A 1110031I02Rik
034778A 1110032A03Rik
034045A 1110032A04Rik
030448A 1110032F04Rik
038200A 1110034A24Rik
046701A 1110034B05Rik
049282A 1110034G24Rik
045231A 1110037F02Rik
046371A 1110038D17Rik
034155A 1110038F14Rik
045888A 1110049F12Rik
042596A 1110051M20Rik
044344A 1110054O05Rik
046149A 1110057K04Rik
035004A 1110058L19Rik
031610A 1110059E24Rik
034645A 1110059G10Rik
034867A 1110059M19Rik
030645A 1110065P20Rik
035946A 1110067D22Rik
034625A 1190002H23Rik
029953A 1190002N15Rik
034803A 1190003J15Rik
032582A 1190003K10Rik
047986A 1190005F20Rik
049618A 1190005I06Rik
033926A 1190007F08Rik
030552A 1190007I07Rik
Y080088 11_Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase(Type 1)
033034A 1200009I06Rik
049141A 1200011I18Rik
030790A 1200011M11Rik
034030A 1200014J11Rik
048822A 1200016B10Rik
033993A 1300001I01Rik
040349A 1300002K09Rik
035693A 1300010F03Rik
034663A 1300014I06Rik
031961A 1300017J02Rik
037812A 1300018I17Rik
042635A 1300018J18Rik
Y021188 14-3-3 ζ (Ab-58) Antibody
Y011181 14-3-3 ζ (Phospho-Ser58) Antibody
Y021188 14-3-3 ζ Ab-58 antibody
Y011181 14-3-3 ζ Phospho-Ser58 antibody
Y212631 14-3-3 sigma _ Stratifin Antibody
Y213814 14-3-3 tau _ YWHAQ Antibody
Y030099 14-3-3-eta antibody
Y103767 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 (BSA_ Azide Free) Antibody
Y103766 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 Antibody
Y103768 14.3.3 Sigma Ab-1 Antibody
Y103766 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1
Y103768 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1
Y103767 14.3.3 Sigma Ab_1 (BSA_ Azide Free)
000347A 14_03_2003
Y212631 14_3_3 sigma _ Stratifin
Y213814 14_3_3 tau _ YWHAQ
000346A 14_3_3β
045598A 1500001M20Rik
048592A 1500002O20Rik
044239A 1500003O03Rik
048050A 1500009L16Rik
045379A 1500010J02Rik
049198A 1500011H22Rik
046824A 1500012F01Rik
036450A 1500015O10Rik
044998A 1500032L24Rik
036335A 1520402A15Rik
045786A 1600002H07Rik
044440A 1600002K03Rik
030638A 1600012F09Rik
044366A 1600012H06Rik
047084A 1600014C10Rik
033140A 1600014C23Rik
032599A 1600014K23Rik
031218A 1600015I10Rik
048086A 1600016N20Rik
044590A 1600021P15Rik
039935A 1600027N09Rik
040073A 1600029D21Rik
034815A 1700001C02Rik
031328A 1700001C19Rik
040410A 1700001F09Rik
030382A 1700001J03Rik
046743A 1700001K19Rik
034780A 1700001L19Rik
042855A 1700001O22Rik
044962A 1700001P01Rik
040299A 1700003E16Rik
029694A 1700003F12Rik
034401A 1700003M02Rik
030437A 1700006A11Rik
031875A 1700006E09Rik
040372A 1700007B14Rik
037633A 1700007E06Rik
032678A 1700007G11Rik
031821A 1700007I08Rik
034963A 1700007K09Rik
040483A 1700007K13Rik
030486A 1700008A04Rik
031689A 1700008F21Rik
029732A 1700008I05Rik
044985A 1700008O03Rik
032431A 1700008P02Rik
032815A 1700008P20Rik
032591A 1700009N14Rik
047277A 1700009P17Rik
031196A 1700010B08Rik
030223A 1700010D01Rik
030291A 1700010I14Rik
034584A 1700010M22Rik
032276A 1700011A15Rik
030327A 1700011E24Rik
040720A 1700011F03Rik
040542A 1700011F14Rik
033829A 1700011H14Rik
031695A 1700011I03Rik
032123A 1700011L22Rik
038680A 1700011M02Rik
040016A 1700012A03Rik
040718A 1700012A16Rik
032005A 1700012B07Rik
040013A 1700012B09Rik
032295A 1700012L04Rik
040797A 1700012P22Rik
032288A 1700013D24Rik
034971A 1700013F07Rik
030869A 1700013G24Rik
044148A 1700013H16Rik
039707A 1700014N06Rik
040158A 1700015E13Rik
032060A 1700015F17Rik
031969A 1700015G11Rik
034067A 1700016C15Rik
031255A 1700016D06Rik
031978A 1700016H13Rik
035021A 1700016K19Rik
040464A 1700016M24Rik
049701A 1700017B05Rik
031613A 1700017D01Rik
029639A 1700017N19Rik
039669A 1700018A14Rik
031674A 1700018B08Rik
032637A 1700018C11Rik
032436A 1700018F24Rik
031352A 1700018L24Rik
030466A 1700019A02Rik
032433A 1700019B03Rik
048871A 1700019D03Rik
036314A 1700019E19Rik
031170A 1700019G17Rik
030002A 1700019L03Rik
032388A 1700019M22Rik
034458A 1700019N12Rik
030745A 1700019N19Rik
040409A 1700019O17Rik
032194A 1700020A23Rik
031183A 1700020C07Rik
031015A 1700020D05Rik
032686A 1700020L24Rik
047652A 1700020O03Rik
047486A 1700021C14Rik
048115A 1700021F05Rik
032151A 1700021F07Rik
049738A 1700021K19Rik
034125A 1700022I11Rik
032430A 1700022P22Rik
030504A 1700023A16Rik
031871A 1700023E05Rik
040394A 1700024G13Rik
030453A 1700024P04Rik
041346A 1700024P16Rik
045910A 1700025E21Rik
032446A 1700025F22Rik
039816A 1700025G04Rik
031573A 1700025K23Rik
030068A 1700026D08Rik
029741A 1700026J04Rik
040595A 1700026L06Rik
042828A 1700027A23Rik
032691A 1700027D21Rik
039673A 1700028K03Rik
031839A 1700028P14Rik
039758A 1700029F09Rik
031298A 1700029F12Rik
033021A 1700029G01Rik
031173A 1700029H14Rik
032818A 1700029I15Rik
039780A 1700029J07Rik
032638A 1700029J11Rik
032837A 1700029P11Rik
045744A 1700030F18Rik
047376A 1700030J22Rik
048719A 1700030K09Rik
031826A 1700031F05Rik
031295A 1700034E13Rik
049541A 1700034F02Rik
031665A 1700034H14Rik
040447A 1700034I23Rik
031791A 1700034J05Rik
032234A 1700034O15Rik
047191A 1700037C18Rik
048292A 1700037H04Rik
029660A 1700039E15Rik
048372A 1700040I03Rik
029991A 1700040L02Rik
039711A 1700042B14Rik
031023A 1700042G07Rik
042804A 1700047I17Rik2
040269A 1700049G17Rik
049610A 1700052N19Rik
046929A 1700054N08Rik
029777A 1700054O13Rik
038589A 1700055N04Rik
029946A 1700056E22Rik
031379A 1700057G04Rik
040841A 1700057K13Rik
047513A 1700061G19Rik
039839A 1700061J05Rik
032519A 1700065D16Rik
030019A 1700065I17Rik
031572A 1700066B19Rik
037664A 1700066M21Rik
034061A 1700067K01Rik
032688A 1700067P10Rik
032326A 1700071K01Rik
031850A 1700072E05Rik
032774A 1700074P13Rik
031643A 1700080E11Rik
040689A 1700080O16Rik
047839A 1700081L11Rik
030117A 1700084C01Rik
039192A 1700088E04Rik
032502A 1700090G07Rik
031172A 1700092M07Rik
031463A 1700093K21Rik
030171A 1700094D03Rik
030695A 1700101E01Rik
030038A 1700102P08Rik
039746A 1700106J16Rik
046829A 1700106N22Rik
039793A 1700108M19Rik
039803A 1700109H08Rik
031404A 1700110M21Rik
034571A 1700112E06Rik
032555A 1700113H08Rik
031482A 1700113I22Rik
032382A 1700123I01Rik
030278A 1700123K08Rik
044602A 1700123O20Rik
029655A 1700125D06Rik
044530A 1700125H20Rik