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Dongsheng Biotech

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P9051 10x PCR Buffer with 15mM Mg2+
P9052 10x PCR Buffer without 15mM Mg2+
P9053 10xPCR Buffer with Mg2+ set
P9031 25mM MgCl2
P9071 dATP (100mM)
P9091 dCTP (100mM)
R2042 DEPC_treated
P9101 dGTP (100mM)
P9011 dNTP
P9013 dNTP
R2051 dNTP Mix(10mM each, RNase_free)
P9061 dNTP Set (100mM)
P9081 dTTP (100mM)
P1071 FS
P1072* FS
P1073 FS
P1074* FS
P3011 FS
P3032 FS
P3042 FS
P3031 FS
P1081 HS
P1082 HS
P1083 HS
P1084 HS
P2081 HS
P2082 HS
P2102 HS
M1201 Lambad DNA HindIII
P2041 Long
P2042 Long
P2072 Long
P1061 Long Taq DNA Polymerase
P1062* Long Taq DNA Polymerase
P1063 Long Taq DNA Polymerase
P1064* Long Taq DNA Polymerase
R2021 Oligo
P2052 PCR
P9041 PCR
p9061 PCR Sample Preparation Solution
p9062 PCR Sample Preparation Solution
P2021 Pfu Mix (2x)
P2022 Pfu Mix (2x)
P1021 Pfu Taq DNA Polymerase
P1022* Pfu Taq DNA Polymerase
P1023 Pfu Taq DNA Polymerase
P1024* Pfu Taq DNA Polymerase
P2031 Plus Mix (2x)
P2032 Plus Mix (2x)
N9011 Proteinase K (20mg ml)
N1141 Quick Tissue Culture Cells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
N1142 Quick Tissue Culture Cells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
R2031 Random
R2072 RNA
N9042 RNase A (100mg ml)
N9041 RNase A (10mg ml)
R2011 RNasin(RNase inhibitor)
R1011 RT_PCR Kit
R1012 RT_PCR Kit
P2091 SYBR
P2092 SYBR
P1012* Taq
P1013 Taq
P1011 Taq
P1014* Taq
P1015 Taq
P2011 Taq
P2012 Taq
P1031 Taq
P1032* Taq
P1033 Taq
P1034* Taq
P9021 Water, nuclease_free
P9022 Water, nuclease_free
P9023 Water, nuclease_free
R1041  M_MLV(reconbinant)
R1042  M_MLV(reconbinant)