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AG133 1,3-Butadiene (BSA) conjugate
MD-1000 100bp DNA Marker
G-9000 10mM dNTP mixture
G-9000 10mM dNTP mixture
MD-2000 1kb DNA Marker
MD-3000 1kb plus 100bp DNA Marker
AG164 3-Hydroxy-Kyurenine (BSA) conjugate
AG118 3-Indolacetic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG013 4,5-Dihydroxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
AG092 5,6-Dihydroxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
AG098 5,7-Dihydroxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
AG173 5-Hydroxy-Indole Acetic Acid conjugate
AG014 5-Hydroxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
AG016 5-Hydroxytryptophan (BSA) conjugate
AG017 5-Hydroxytryptophol (BSA) conjugate
AG019 5-Methoxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
AG018 5-Methoxytryptophan (BSA) conjugate
B2012 50X TAE
B-2012 50X TAE
B2013 5X TBE
B-2013 5X TBE
AG003 6-HydroxyDopamine (BSA) conjugate
AG015 6-Hydroxytryptamine (BSA) conjugate
R026L Aat II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R026S Aat II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R026M Aat II Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG120 Abscissic acid (BSA) conjugate
R023S Acc I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R023M Acc I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R023L Acc I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R059S Acc III Conc. (U_ul) 10
R059L Acc III Conc. (U_ul) 10
R059M Acc III Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG060 Acetyl Salicylic Acid (BSA) conjugate
AG049 Acetylcholine (BSA) conjugate
AG051 Acrolein (BSA) conjugate
AG005 Adrenaline (BSA) conjugate
AP147-A Affinity purified polyclonal anti-conjugated kynurenine antibodies (250
R042S Afl II Conc. (U_ul) 4
R042M Afl II Conc. (U_ul) 4
R042L Afl II Conc. (U_ul) 4
B2000 Agarose LE
AG124 Agmatine (BSA) conjugate
AG058 Alpha-Tocopherol (vitamine E) (BSA) conjugate
AG108 Amino-Levulinic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG150 Anthranilic acid (BSA) conjugate
R020S Apa I Conc. (U_ul) 8
R020M Apa I Conc. (U_ul) 8
R020L Apa I Conc. (U_ul) 8
R041S ApaL I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R041M ApaL I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R041L ApaL I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG131 Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) (BSA) conjugate
R034M Ava I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R034L Ava I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R034S Ava I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R040L Ava ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R040M Ava ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R040S Ava ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG059 Azelaic acid (BSA) conjugate
R056L Bal I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R056M Bal I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R056S Bal I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R003L BamH l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R003S BamH l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R003M BamH l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R048L Bcl I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R048M Bcl I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R048S Bcl I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG023 Beta-Alanine (BSA) conjugate
R043L Bgl l Conc. (U_ul) 5
R043S Bgl l Conc. (U_ul) 5
R043M Bgl l Conc. (U_ul) 5
R010L Bgl ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R010S Bgl ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R010M Bgl ll Conc. (U_ul) 10
MP-2000 Broad Range Pre_stained Marker
MP-3000 Broad Range Un_stained Marker
R030L BstX l Conc. (U_ul) 4
R030S BstX l Conc. (U_ul) 4
R030M BstX l Conc. (U_ul) 4
AG095 Capric acid (BSA) conjugate
AG093 Caproic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG094 Caprylic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG055 Carnosine (BSA) conjugate
R-1000 cDNA Synthesis Products Prime MMLV RTase
R-2000 cDNA Synthesis Products Prime RT Master Mix(2X conc.)
R-3000 cDNA Synthesis Products Prime RT_PCR Master Mix(2X conc.)
R012L Cla I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R012M Cla I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R012S Cla I Conc. (U_ul) 4
AG091 D-Alanine (BSA) conjugate
AG166 D-Amphetamine (BSA) conjugate
AG024 D-Aspartate (BSA) conjugate
AG089 D-Biotin (vitamin H) (BSA) conjugate
AG096 D-Cysteine (BSA) conjugate
AG030 D-Glutamate (BSA) conjugate
AG097 D-Methionine (BSA) conjugate
AG090 D-Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) (BSA) conjugate
AG041 D-Serine (BSA) conjugate
AG102 D-Tryptophan (BSA) conjugate
AG113 D-Tyrosin (BSA) conjugate
R044L Dde l Conc. (U_ul) 5
R044M Dde l Conc. (U_ul) 5
R044S Dde l Conc. (U_ul) 5
AG056 Diaminopentane (BSA) conjugate
K-2000 DNA Purification Products Genomic DNA Isolation kit from Blood
K-3000 DNA Purification Products Genomic DNA Isolation kit from Tissue
K-1000 DNA Purification Products Plasmid DNA Isolation kit (Miniprep.)
AG001 Dopamine (BSA) conjugate
R054L Dpn I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R054M Dpn I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R054S Dpn I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R002L EcoR l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R002S EcoR l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R002M EcoR l Conc. (U_ul) 20
R018M EcoR V Conc. (U_ul) 20
R018L EcoR V Conc. (U_ul) 20
R018S EcoR V Conc. (U_ul) 20
B2005 Ethdium Bromide Solution
B-2005 Ethdium Bromide Solution
G-4000 ExPrime Taq DNA Polymerase (with dNTP mixture)
G-4000-1 ExPrime Taq DNA Polymerase (without dNTP mixture)
G-5000 ExPrime Taq Master Mix (2X conc.)
G-5000 ExPrime Taq Master Mix (2X conc.) ;PCR Premix
G-6000 ExPrime Taq Master Mix (2X conc., 8_strip type(10ul))
AG099 Folic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG126 Formiate (BSA) conjugate
AG027 GABA (BSA) conjugate
AG119 Gibberellic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG047 Glutathione (BSA) conjugate
AG028 Glycine (BSA) conjugate
AG167 Glyoxal (BSA) conjugate
R022L Hae lll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R022M Hae lll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R022S Hae lll Conc. (U_ul) 10
R052L Hga I Conc. (U_ul) 2
R052S Hga I Conc. (U_ul) 2
R052M Hga I Conc. (U_ul) 2
R045M Hha I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R045L Hha I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R045S Hha I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R037L Hinc II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R037M Hinc II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R037S Hinc II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R008L Hind III Conc. (U_ul) 20
R008M Hind III Conc. (U_ul) 20
R008S Hind III Conc. (U_ul) 20
R046M Hinf I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R046L Hinf I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R046S Hinf I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R061M HinP1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R061S HinP1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R061L HinP1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG032 Histamine (BSA) conjugate
AG034 Histidine (BSA) conjugate
AG036 Homocysteic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG035 Homocysteine (BSA) conjugate
AG125 Homovanilic acid (HVA) (BSA) conjugate
R031L Hpa I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R031S Hpa I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R031M Hpa I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R049L Hpa II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R049M Hpa II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R049S Hpa II Conc. (U_ul) 10
R053L Hph I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R053M Hph I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R053S Hph I Conc. (U_ul) 5
G-7000 HS Prime Taq DNA Polymerase (hot_start version, with dNTP mixture)
G-7200 HS Prime Taq Master Mix (2X conc., 8_strip type_10ul)
G-7100 HS Prime Taq Master Mix (2X conc., hot_start version)
G-7100 HS Prime Taq Master Mix (2X conc., hot_start version) ;PCR Premix
AG161 Ibuprofen (BSA) conjugate
AG144 Kainic acid (BSA) conjugate
R014S Kpn I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R014M Kpn I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R014L Kpn I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG062 Kynurenic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG147 Kynurenine (BSA) conjugate
AG022 L-Arginine (BSA) conjugate
AG025 L-Aspartate (BSA) conjugate
AG064 L-Citrulline (BSA) conjugate
AG026 L-Cysteine (BSA) conjugate
AG004 L-DOPA (BSA) conjugate
AG029 L-Glutamate (BSA) conjugate
AG031 L-Glutamine (BSA) conjugate
AG045 L-Isoleucine (BSA) conjugate
AG044 L-Leucine (BSA) conjugate
AG040 L-Serine (BSA) conjugate
AG082 L-Threonine (BSA) conjugate
AG046 L-Valine (BSA) conjugate
MD-1000 Ladders 100bp DNA Marker
MD-2000 Ladders 1kb DNA Marker
MD-3000 Ladders 1kb plus 100bp DNA Marker
MP-2000 Ladders Broad Range Pre_stained Marker
MP-3000 Ladders Broad Range Un_stained Marker
MP-1000 Ladders Mid Range Pre_stained Marker
MP-5000 Ladders Western Marker
MP-4000 Ladders Wide Range Un_stained Marker
AG050 Malondialdehyde (BSA) conjugate
R050M Mbo I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R050L Mbo I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R050S Mbo I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R060L Mbo II Conc. (U_ul) 5
R060M Mbo II Conc. (U_ul) 5
R060S Mbo II Conc. (U_ul) 5
AG123 Melatonin (BSA) conjugate
AG037 Methionine (BSA) conjugate
MP-1000 Mid Range Pre_stained Marker
R032M Mlu I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R032S Mlu I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R032L Mlu I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R055L Mnl I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R055M Mnl I Conc. (U_ul) 5
R055S Mnl I Conc. (U_ul) 5
AIM010 Monoclonal anti-anti 5-hydroxytryptamine antibody
AM006 Monoclonal anti-conjugated 5-hydroxytryptophan antibody
AM002 Monoclonal anti-conjugated acetylcholine antibody
AM010 Monoclonal anti-conjugated D-serine antibody
AM001 Monoclonal anti-conjugated dopamine antibody
AM005 Monoclonal anti-conjugated histamine antibody
AM011 Monoclonal anti-conjugated kynurenic acid antibody
AM009 Monoclonal anti-conjugated kynurenine antibody
AM004 Monoclonal anti-conjugated L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) antibody
AM003 Monoclonal anti-conjugated L-glutamate antibody
AM007 Monoclonal anti-conjugated NO-cystein antibody
AM008 Monoclonal anti-conjugated quinolinic acid antibody
R062L Mse I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R062M Mse I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R062S Mse I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R057L Msp I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R057M Msp I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R057S Msp I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R058L MspA1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R058M MspA1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R058S MspA1 I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG106 Myristic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG043 N-Acetyl-Cystein (BSA) conjugate
R035S Nae I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R035M Nae I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R035L Nae I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R024S Nar I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R024M Nar I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R024L Nar I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R004S Nco I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R004M Nco I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R004L Nco I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R006S Nde I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R006M Nde I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R006L Nde I Conc. (U_ul) 20
R016S Nhe I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R016M Nhe I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R016L Nhe I Conc. (U_ul) 10
AG121 Nicotinamide (vitamin PP) (BSA) conjugate
AG081 NO-Acetyl Salicylic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG153 NO-Citrulline (BSA) conjugate
AG122 NO-Cysteine (BSA) conjugate
AG078 NO-Dopamine (BSA) conjugate
AG074 NO-Glutamine (BSA) conjugate
AG073 NO-Glutathione (BSA) conjugate
AG070 NO-Histidine (BSA) conjugate
AG080 NO-L-Asparagine (BSA) conjugate
AG079 NO-L-DOPA (BSA) conjugate
AG069 NO-Lysine (BSA) conjugate
AG076 NO-Methionine (BSA) conjugate
AG071 NO-Tryptophan (BSA) conjugate
AG077 NO-Tyramine (BSA) conjugate
AG065 NO2-Tyrosin (BSA) conjugate
AG006 Noradrenaline (BSA) conjugate
AG157 Norephedrine (BSA) conjugate
R001S Not I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R001M Not I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R001L Not I Conc. (U_ul) 10
R029S Nru I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R029M Nru I Conc. (U_ul) 4
R029L Nru I Conc. (U_ul) 4
AG007 Octopamine (BSA) conjugate
AG053 Ornithine (BSA) conjugate
AG012 Phenyl acetic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG039 Phenylalanine (BSA) conjugate
AG103 Phenylethylamine (BSA) conjugate
AG159 phytanic acid (BSA) conjugate
AG149 Picolinic acid (BSA) conjugate
AP158 Polyclonal anti-Alkalescens dispar antibodies
AIP021 Polyclonal anti-anti dopamine antibodies
AIP022 Polyclonal anti-anti L-DOPA antibodies
AIP023 Polyclonal anti-anti L-Glutamate antibodies
AP087 Polyclonal anti-Citrobacter koseri antibodies
AP133 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 1,3 butadiene antibodies
AP164 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 3-Hydroxy-Kyurenine antibodies
AP118 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 3-indolacetic acid antibodies
AP013 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 4,5-dihydroxytryptamine antibodies
AP092 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine antibodies
AP098 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine antibodies
AP173 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated 5-Hydroxy-Indole Acetic Acid antibodies
AP174 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated 5-HydroxyIndole antibodies
AP014 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5-hydroxytryptamine antibodies
AP016 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5-hydroxytryptophan antibodies
AP017 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5-hydroxytryptophol antibodies
AP019 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5-methoxytryptamine antibodies
AP018 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 5-methoxytryptophan antibodies
AP003 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 6-hydroxydopamine antibodies
AP015 Polyclonal anti-conjugated 6-hydroxytryptamine antibodies
AP120 Polyclonal anti-conjugated abscissic acid antibodies
AP060 Polyclonal anti-conjugated acetyl salicylic acid antibodies
AP049 Polyclonal anti-conjugated acetylcholine antibodies
AP051 Polyclonal anti-conjugated acrolein antibodies
AP005 Polyclonal anti-conjugated adrenaline antibodies
AP124 Polyclonal anti-conjugated agmatine antibodies
AP058 Polyclonal anti-conjugated alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) antibodies
AP108 Polyclonal anti-conjugated amino-levulinic acid antibodies
AP150 Polyclonal anti-conjugated anthranilic acid antibodies
AP131 Polyclonal anti-conjugated ascorbic acid (vitamin C) antibodies
AP059 Polyclonal anti-conjugated azelaic acid antibodies
AP134 Polyclonal anti-conjugated benzo(a)pyrene (BAP) antibodies
AP023 Polyclonal anti-conjugated beta-alanine antibodies
AP095 Polyclonal anti-conjugated capric acid antibodies
AP093 Polyclonal anti-conjugated caproic acid antibodies
AP094 Polyclonal anti-conjugated caprylic acid antibodies
AP055 Polyclonal anti-conjugated carnosine antibodies
AP091 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-alanine antibodies
AP166 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-Amphetamine antibodies
AP024 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-aspartate antibodies
AP129 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-aspartate antibodies
AP089 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-biotin ( vitamin H) antibodies
AP096 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-cystein antibodies
AP030 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-glutamate antibodies
AP097 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-methionine antibodies
AP090 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-pantothenic acid ( vitamin B5) antibodies
AP041 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-serine antibodies
AP102 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-tryptophan antibodies
AP113 Polyclonal anti-conjugated D-tyrosin antibodies
AP056 Polyclonal anti-conjugated diaminopentane antibodies
AP170 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated Diclofenac antibodies
AP171 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated Diclofenac antibodies
AP107 Polyclonal anti-conjugated dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA) antibodies
AP001 Polyclonal anti-conjugated dopamine antibodies
AP002 Polyclonal anti-conjugated dopamine antibodies
AP099 Polyclonal anti-conjugated folic acid antibodies
AP126 Polyclonal anti-conjugated formiate antibodies
AP027 Polyclonal anti-conjugated gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) antibodies
AP128 Polyclonal anti-conjugated gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) antibodies
AP119 Polyclonal anti-conjugated gibberellic acid antibodies
AP047 Polyclonal anti-conjugated glutathione antibodies
AP048 Polyclonal anti-conjugated glutathione antibodies
AP028 Polyclonal anti-conjugated glycine antibodies
AP167 Polyclonal anti-conjugated Glyoxal antibodies
AP032 Polyclonal anti-conjugated histamine antibodies
AP033 Polyclonal anti-conjugated histamine antibodies
AP034 Polyclonal anti-conjugated histidine antibodies
AP036 Polyclonal anti-conjugated homocysteic acid antibodies
AP035 Polyclonal anti-conjugated homocystein antibodies
AP125 Polyclonal anti-conjugated homovanilic acid (HVA) antibodies
AP161 Polyclonal anti-conjugated ibuprofen antibodies
AP175 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated Indole antibodies
AP144 Polyclonal anti-conjugated kainic acid antibodies
AP062 Polyclonal anti-conjugated kynurenic acid antibodies
AP147 Polyclonal anti-conjugated kynurenine antibodies
AP022 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-arginine antibodies
AP025 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-aspartate antibodies
AP064 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-citrulline antibodies
AP026 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-cystein antibodies
AP004 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) antibodies
AP029 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-glutamate antibodies
AP031 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-glutamine antibodies
AP045 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-isoleucine antibodies
AP044 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-leucine antibodies
AP040 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-serine antibodies
AP082 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-threonine antibodies
AP046 Polyclonal anti-conjugated L-valine antibodies
AP169 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated Lauric acid antibodies
AP050 Polyclonal anti-conjugated malondialdehyde antibodies
AP123 Polyclonal anti-conjugated melatonin antibodies
AP143 Polyclonal anti-conjugated melatonin antibodies
AP037 Polyclonal anti-conjugated methionine antibodies
AP038 Polyclonal anti-conjugated methionine antibodies
AP106 Polyclonal anti-conjugated myristic acid antibodies
AP043 Polyclonal anti-conjugated N-acetyl-cysteine antibodies
AP172 Polyclonal Anti-conjugated Naproxen antibodies
AP121 Polyclonal anti-conjugated nicotinamide (vitamin PP) antibodies
AP061 Polyclonal anti-conjugated nitrendipine antibodies
AP081 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-acetyl salicylic acid antibodies
AP153 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-citrulline antibodies
AP156 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-citrulline antibodies
AP122 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-cystein antibodies
AP078 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-dopamine antibodies
AP074 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-glutamine antibodies
AP073 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-glutathione antibodies
AP070 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-histidine antibodies
AP080 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-L-asparagine antibodies
AP079 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-L-DOPA antibodies
AP069 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-lysine antibodies
AP076 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-methionine antibodies
AP071 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-tryptophan antibodies
AP072 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-tryptophan antibodies
AP077 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO-tyramine antibodies
AP067 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO2-serotonin antibodies
AP068 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO2-serotonin antibodies
AP065 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO2-tyrosin antibodies
AP066 Polyclonal anti-conjugated NO2-tyrosin antibodies
AP006 Polyclonal anti-conjugated noradrenaline antibodies
AP157 Polyclonal anti-conjugated norephedrine antibodies
AP007 Polyclonal anti-conjugated octopamine antibodies
AP053 Polyclonal anti-conjugated ornithine antibodies
AP012 Polyclonal anti-conjugated phenyl acetic acid antibodies
AP127 Polyclonal anti-conjugated phenyl acetic acid antibodies
AP039 Polyclonal anti-conjugated phenylalanine antibodies
AP103 Polyclonal anti-conjugated phenylethylamine antibodies
AP159 Polyclonal anti-conjugated phytanic acid antibodies
AP149 Polyclonal anti-conjugated picolinic acid antibodies
AP109 Polyclonal anti-conjugated pyridoxal antibodies
AP116 Polyclonal anti-conjugated pyridoxine ( vitamin B6) antibodies
AP148 Polyclonal anti-conjugated quinaldinic acid antibodies
AP063 Polyclonal anti-conjugated quinolinic acid antibodies
AP057 Polyclonal anti-conjugated retinoic acid antibodies
AP101 Polyclonal anti-conjugated riboflavine (vitamin B2) antibodies
AP115 Polyclonal anti-conjugated rotenone antibodies
AP168 Polyclonal anti-conjugated Salicylic acid antibodies
AP165 Polyclonal anti-conjugated Sarcosine antibodies
AP054 Polyclonal anti-conjugated spermine antibodies
AP132 Polyclonal anti-conjugated succinate antibodies
AP042 Polyclonal anti-conjugated taurine antibodies
AP088 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tetrodotoxine antibodies
AP100 Polyclonal anti-conjugated thiamine (vitamin B1) antibodies
AP114 Polyclonal anti-conjugated thioctic acid antibodies
AP083 Polyclonal anti-conjugated Trans-hydroxyproline antibodies
AP020 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tryptamine antibodies
AP021 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tryptophan antibodies
AP008 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tyramine antibodies
AP009 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tyramine antibodies
AP010 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tyrosin antibodies
AP011 Polyclonal anti-conjugated tyrosin antibodies
AP162 Polyclonal anti-conjugated uric acid antibodies
AP130 Polyclonal anti-conjugated valeric acid antibodies
AP146 Polyclonal anti-conjugated valproic acid antibodies
AP152 Polyclonal anti-Enterobacter cloacae antibodies
AP155 Polyclonal anti-Escherichia coli O26 B6 antibodies
AP154 Polyclonal anti-Escherichia coli O26 B6 H11 antibodies
AP151 Polyclonal anti-Hafnia alvei antibodies
AP145 Polyclonal anti-Klebsiella pneumoniae antibodies
AP085 Polyclonal anti-Morganella morganii antibodies
AP139 Polyclonal anti-Pantoea agglomerans (Erwinia herbicola) antibodies
AP084 Polyclonal anti-Proteus mirabilis antibodies
AP086 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibodies
AP110 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibodies
AP105 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas aureofasciens antibodies
AP111 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas blatchfordae antibodies
AP138 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas fluorescens antibodies
AP104 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas marginalis antibodies
AP142 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas putida antibodies
AP141 Polyclonal anti-Pseudomonas stutzeri antibodies
AP160 Polyclonal anti-Staphylococcus aureus antibodies
AP112 Polyclonal anti-Stenotrophomonas maltophilia antibodies
AP140 Polyclonal anti-Stenotrophomonas maltophilia antibodies
R0142T PowerChekTM 19 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR Kit II CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, NED, CY5
R0142T PowerChekTM 19 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR Kit II CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5
P0408 PowerChekTM Ruminant Detection Kit 50
R0133T PowerChekTM 12 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, NED
R0133T PowerChekTM 12 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, ROX
R0133 PowerChekTM 12 Pathogen Multiplex Real_time PCR strip kit 96
R0132T PowerChekTM 13 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE_IVD Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, NED, CY5
R0132T PowerChekTM 13 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE_IVD Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5
R0132 PowerChekTM 13 Pathogen Multiplex Real_time PCR strip kit 96
R0141T PowerChekTM 19 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR Kit I CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, NED, CY5
R0141T PowerChekTM 19 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR Kit I CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5
R0138 PowerChekTM 9 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, NED, CY5
R0138 PowerChekTM 9 Pathogen Multiplex Real-time PCR kit CE Fluorephore: FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5
R0138 PowerChekTM 9 Pathogen Multiplex Real_time PCR strip kit 96
R0201 PowerChekTM Adenovirus Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0201 PowerChekTM Adenovirus Real_time PCR Kit 50
P0409 PowerChekTM All animal Detection Kit 50
R0409 PowerChekTM All Animal Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0202 PowerChekTM Astrovirus Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0202 PowerChekTM Astrovirus Real_time PCR Kit 50
R3000 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H5N1 Real-time RT-PCR Kit CE Fluorephore: FAM
RF3000 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H5N1 Real_time RT_PCR Kit 100
R3100 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H7N7 Real-time RT-PCR Kit CE Fluorephore: VIC
RF3100 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H7N7 Real_time RT_PCR Kit 100
R3200 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H9N2 Real-time RT-PCR Kit CE Fluorephore: FAM
RF3200 PowerChekTM Avian Influenza H9N2 Real_time RT_PCR Kit 100
P0104 PowerChekTM Bacillus cereus Detection Kit 50
R0104 PowerChekTM Bacillus cereus Real-time PCR Kit CE_IVD Fluorephore: FAM
R0104E PowerChekTM Bacillus cereus Real-time PCR Kit with EPC CE Fluorephore: FAM, HEX(VIC)
R0104 PowerChekTM Bacillus cereus Real_time PCR Kit 50
R0104S PowerChekTM Bacillus cereus Real_time PCR strip Kit 24 (8 strip X 3)
R0200 PowerChekTM Bacilus anthracis Real-time PCR Kit (PA & capA) CE_IVD Fluorephore: FAM, VIC
P0403 PowerChekTM Bovine species Detection Kit 50
R0403 PowerChekTM Bovine species Real_time PCR Kit 50
R0904 PowerChekTM BPeMV Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0904 PowerChekTM BPeMV Real_time PCR Kit 50
R0802 PowerChekTM Brucella & Yersinia Duplex Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM, VIC
R0802 PowerChekTM Brucella & Yersinia Duplex Real_time PCR Kit 50
R0801 PowerChekTM Brucella Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0801 PowerChekTM Brucella Real_time PCR Kit 50
P0601 PowerChekTM Buck wheat Detection Kit 50
R0601 PowerChekTM Buck wheat Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: VIC
R0601 PowerChekTM Buck wheat Real_time PCR Kit 50
R0807 PowerChekTM BVDV Real-time PCR Kit Fluorephore: FAM
R0807 PowerChekTM BVDV Real_time PCR Kit 50
P0101 PowerChekTM Campylobacter jejuni Detection Kit 50