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KLS-384-A-1 384_wellAdherent
KLS-384-A-2 384_wellAdherent
KLS-384-A-3 384_wellAdherent
KLS-384-A-4 384_wellAdherent
KLS-384-NA-1 384_wellNon_adherent
KLS-384-NA-2 384_wellNon_adherent
KLS-384-NA-3 384_wellNon_adherent
KLS-384-NA-4 384_wellNon_adherent
KC-P4-10 4_well, 35mm Petri dishes.
KC-P4-300 4_well, 35mm Petri dishes.
K1-2QC-2 96_Plate MeC
K1-2QC-4 96_Plate MeC
K1-2QCB-1 96_Plate MeC
K1-2QCB-2 96_Plate MeC
K1-2QCB-4 96_Plate MeC
K1-1QC-1 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-1QC-2 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-1QC-4 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-1QCB-1 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3 + Background
K1-1QCB-2 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3 + Background
K1-1QCB-4 96_Plate MeCCFC_GEMM 3 + Background
K1-2QC-1 96_Plate MeCHPP_SP 2 +
K2-7QC-2 96_Plate SECBackground Control + HPP_SP 2 + CFC_GEMM 3 + BFU_E 2 + GM_CFC 2 + Mk_CFC + T_CFC + B_CFC
K2-7QC-4 96_Plate SECBackground Control + HPP_SP 2 + CFC_GEMM 3 + BFU_E 2 + GM_CFC 2 + Mk_CFC + T_CFC + B_CFC
K2-B2QC-1 96_Plate SECBFU_E 2
K2-4QC-2 96_Plate SECCFC_GEMM 3 + BFU_E 2 + GM_CFC 2 + Mk_CFC
K2-4QC-4 96_Plate SECCFC_GEMM 3 + BFU_E 2 + GM_CFC 2 + Mk_CFC
K2-GMQC-1 96_Plate SECGM_CFC 2
K2-MkQC-1 96_Plate SECMk_CFC
KLMC-RS-1 96_well MSC _ CFU_FHuman & non_human primate
KLMC-RS-2 96_well MSC _ CFU_FHuman & non_human primate
KLMC-RS-3 96_well MSC _ CFU_FHuman & non_human primate
KLMC-RS-4 96_well MSC _ CFU_FHuman & non_human primate
K2-B1-1H 96_well SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B1-1HS 96_well SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B1-1C 96_well SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B2-1H 96_well SECBFU_E 2
K2-B2-1HS 96_well SECBFU_E 2
K2-B-1H 96_well SECB_CFC
K2-B-1HS 96_well SECB_CFC
K2-SC6-1H 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1P 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1HS 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1S 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1C 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1R 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC6-1M 96_well SECCFC_GEM 4
K2-SC4-1H 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 2
K2-SC4-1HS 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 2
K2-SC4-1C 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 2
K2-SC4-1R 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 2
K2-SC4-1M 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 2
K2-SC5-1H 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC5-1HS 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC5-1C 96_well SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC3-1H 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1P 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1HS 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1S 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1C 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1R 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC3-1M 96_well SECCFC_GEMM1
K2-SC4-1P 96_well SECCFC_GEMM2
K2-SC4-1S 96_well SECCFC_GEMM2
K2-GM1-1H 96_well SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM1-1HS 96_well SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM2-1H 96_well SECGM_CFC 2
K2-GM2-1HS 96_well SECGM_CFC 2
K2-SC2-1H 96_well SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-SC2-1HS 96_well SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-SC2-1C 96_well SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-Mk-1H 96_well SECMk_CFC
K2-Mk-1HS 96_well SECMk_CFC
K2-0-1H 96_well SECNo growth factors
K2-0-1HS 96_well SECNo growth factors
K2-0-1C 96_well SECNo growth factors
K2-T-1H 96_well SECT_CFC
K2-T-1HS 96_well SECT_CFC
KLS-SCSR-2A 96_well, Adherent
KLS-SCSR-4A 96_well, Adherent
K1-4P-4H 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4P 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4HS 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4S 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4C 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4R 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-4P-4M 96_well, MeC, 4_populationCFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC
K1-7P-7H 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7P 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7HS 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7S 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7C 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7R 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-7P-7M 96_well, MeC, 7_populationHPP_SP 2, CFC_GEMM 3, BFU_E 2, GM_CFC 2, Mk_CFC, T_CFC, B_CFC, Background
K1-B1-1H 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1P 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1HS 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1S 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1C 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1R 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B1-1M 96_well, MeCBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K1-B2-1H 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1P 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1HS 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1S 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1C 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1R 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B2-1M 96_well, MeCBFU_E 2
K1-B-1H 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1P 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1HS 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1S 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1C 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1R 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-B-1M 96_well, MeCB_CFC
K1-SC6-1H 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1P 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1HS 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1S 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1C 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1R 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC6-1M 96_well, MeCCFC_GEM 4
K1-SC3-1H 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC3-1P 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC3-1HS 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC3-1S 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC3-1C 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC3-1R 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 1
K1-SC4-1H 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1P 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1HS 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1S 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1C 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1R 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC4-1M 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 2
K1-SC5-1H 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1P 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1HS 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1S 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1C 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1R 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC5-1M 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM 3
K1-SC3-1M 96_well, MeCCFC_GEMM_1
K1-GM1-1H 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1P 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1HS 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1S 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1C 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1R 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM1-1M 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K1-GM2-1H 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1P 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1HS 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1S 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1C 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1R 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-GM2-1M 96_well, MeCGM_CFC 2
K1-SC11R-2H 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-4H 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-2P 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-4P 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-2C 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-4C 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-2R 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-4R 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-2M 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC11R-4M 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K1-SC12R-2H 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-4H 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-2P 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-4P 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-2C 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-4C 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-2R 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-4R 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-2M 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC12R-4M 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K1-SC2-1H 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1P 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1HS 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1S 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1C 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1R 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-SC2-1M 96_well, MeCHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K1-Mk-1H 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1P 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1HS 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1S 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1C 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1R 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-Mk-1M 96_well, MeCMk_CFC
K1-0-1H 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1P 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1HS 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1S 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1C 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1R 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-0-1M 96_well, MeCNo growth factors
K1-T-1H 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1P 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1HS 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1S 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1C 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1R 96_well, MeCT_CFC
K1-T-1M 96_well, MeCT_CFC
KLS-SCSR-2NA 96_well, Non_Adherent
KLS-SCSR-4NA 96_well, Non_Adherent
K2-B1-1P 96_well, SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B1-1S 96_well, SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B1-1R 96_well, SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B1-1M 96_well, SECBFU_E 1 (EPO alone)
K2-B2-1P 96_well, SECBFU_E 2
K2-B2-1S 96_well, SECBFU_E 2
K2-B2-1C 96_well, SECBFU_E 2
K2-B2-1R 96_well, SECBFU_E 2
K2-B2-1M 96_well, SECBFU_E 2
K2-B-1P 96_well, SECB_CFC
K2-B-1S 96_well, SECB_CFC
K2-B-1C 96_well, SECB_CFC
K2-B-1R 96_well, SECB_CFC
K2-B-1M 96_well, SECB_CFC
K2-SC5-1P 96_well, SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC5-1S 96_well, SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC5-1R 96_well, SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-SC5-1M 96_well, SECCFC_GEMM 3
K2-GM1-1P 96_well, SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM1-1S 96_well, SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM1-1C 96_well, SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM1-1R 96_well, SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM1-1M 96_well, SECGM_CFC 1 (GM_CSF alone)
K2-GM2-1P 96_well, SECGM_CFC 2
K2-GM2-1S 96_well, SECGM_CFC 2
K2-GM2-1C 96_well, SECGM_CFC 2
K2-GM2-1R 96_well, SECGM_CFC 2
K2-GM2-1M 96_well, SECGM_CFC 2
K2-SC11R-2H 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-4H 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-2P 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-4P 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-2C 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-4C 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-2R 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-4R 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-2M 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC11R-4M 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 1
K2-SC12R-2H 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-4H 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-2P 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-4P 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-2C 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-4C 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-2R 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-4R 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-2M 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC12R-4M 96_well, SECHPP_SP 1, HPP_SP 2
K2-SC2-1P 96_well, SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-SC2-1S 96_well, SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-SC2-1R 96_well, SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-SC2-1M 96_well, SECHPP_SP 2 “fully stimulated”
K2-Mk-1P 96_well, SECMk_CFC
K2-Mk-1S 96_well, SECMk_CFC
K2-Mk-1C 96_well, SECMk_CFC
K2-Mk-1R 96_well, SECMk_CFC
K2-Mk-1M 96_well, SECMk_CFC
K2-0-1P 96_well, SECNo growth factors
K2-0-1S 96_well, SECNo growth factors
K2-0-1R 96_well, SECNo growth factors
K2-0-1M 96_well, SECNo growth factors
K2-T-1P 96_well, SECT_CFC
K2-T-1S 96_well, SECT_CFC
K2-T-1C 96_well, SECT_CFC
K2-T-1R 96_well, SECT_CFC
K2-T-1M 96_well, SECT_CFC
KLS-96-A-1 96_wellAdherent
KLS-96-A-2 96_wellAdherent
KLS-96-A-3 96_wellAdherent
KLS-96-A-4 96_wellAdherent
KLC-96-A-1 96_wellAdherent
KLC-96-A-2 96_wellAdherent
KLC-96-A-4 96_wellAdherent
KLS-96-NA-1 96_wellNon_adherent
KLS-96-NA-2 96_wellNon_adherent
KLS-96-NA-3 96_wellNon_adherent
KLS-96-NA-4 96_wellNon_adherent
KLC-96-NA-1 96_wellNon_adherent
KLC-96-NA-2 96_wellNon_adherent
KLC-96-NA-4 96_wellNon_adherent
PS-96-1 ATP cellular functionality and viability
PS-96-1 ATP cellular functionality and viability
ATPStd ATP Standard
KC-B-50C CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Dog
KC-B-50E CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Horse
KC-B-50H CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Human
KC-B-50M CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Mouse
KC-B-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC NHP
KC-B-50P CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Pig
KC-B-50R CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Rat
KC-B-50O CAMEO-4 population: B-CFC Sheep
KC-BFU1-50C CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Dog
KC-BFU1-50E CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Horse
KC-BFU1-50H CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Human
KC-BFU1-50M CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Mouse
KC-BFU1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 NHP
KC-BFU1-50P CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Pig
KC-BFU1-50R CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Rat
KC-BFU1-50O CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 1 Sheep
KC-BFU2-50C CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Dog
KC-BFU2-50E CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Horse
KC-BFU2-50H CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Human
KC-BFU2-50M CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Mouse
KC-BFU2-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 NHP
KC-BFU2-50P CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Pig
KC-BFU2-50R CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Rat
KC-BFU2-50O CAMEO-4 population: BFU-E 2 Sheep
KC-GEM1-50C CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Dog
KC-GEM1-50E CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Horse
KC-GEM1-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Human
KC-GEM1-50M CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Mouse
KC-GEM1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 NHP
KC-GEM1-50P CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Pig
KC-GEM1-50R CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Rat
KC-GEM1-50O CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM1 Sheep
KC-GEM2-50C CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Dog
KC-GEM2-50E CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Horse
KC-GEM2-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Human
KC-GEM2-50M CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Mouse
KC-GEM2-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 NHP
KC-GEM2-50P CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Pig
KC-GEM2-50R CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Rat
KC-GEM2-50O CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM2 Sheep
KC-GEM3-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEM3 Human
KC-GEMM1-50C CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Dog
KC-GEMM1-50E CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Horse
KC-GEMM1-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Human
KC-GEMM1-50M CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Mouse
KC-GEMM1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 NHP
KC-GEMM1-50P CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Pig
KC-GEMM1-50R CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Rat
KC-GEMM1-50O CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM1 Sheep
KC-GEMM2-50C CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Dog
KC-GEMM2-50E CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Horse
KC-GEMM2-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Human
KC-GEMM2-50M CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Mouse
KC-GEMM2-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 NHP
KC-GEMM2-50P CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Pig
KC-GEMM2-50R CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Rat
KC-GEMM2-50O CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM2 Sheep
KC-GEMM3-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFC-GEMM3 Human
KC-E-50C CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Dog
KC-E-50E CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Horse
KC-E-50H CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Human
KC-E-50M CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Mouse
KC-E-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E NHP
KC-E-50P CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Pig
KC-E-50R CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Rat
KC-E-50O CAMEO-4 population: CFU-E Sheep
KC-G-50C CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Dog
KC-G-50E CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Horse
KC-G-50H CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Human
KC-G-50M CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Mouse
KC-G-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC NHP
KC-G-50P CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Pig
KC-G-50R CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Rat
KC-G-50O CAMEO-4 population: G-CFC Sheep
KC-GM1-50C CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Dog
KC-GM1-50E CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Horse
KC-GM1-50H CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Human
KC-GM1-50M CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Mouse
KC-GM1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 NHP
KC-GM1-50P CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Pig
KC-GM1-50R CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Rat
KC-GM1-50O CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 1 Sheep
KC-GM2-50H CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 2 Human
KC-GM3-50C CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Dog
KC-GM3-50E CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Horse
KC-GM3-50H CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Human
KC-GM3-50M CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Mouse
KC-GM3-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 NHP
KC-GM3-50P CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Pig
KC-GM3-50R CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Rat
KC-GM3-50O CAMEO-4 population: GM-CFC 3 Sheep
KC-HPP1-50C CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Dog
KC-HPP1-50E CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Horse
KC-HPP1-50H CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Human
KC-HPP1-50M CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Mouse
KC-HPP1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 NHP
KC-HPP1-50P CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Pig
KC-HPP1-50R CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Rat
KC-HPP1-50O CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP1 Sheep
KC-HPP2-50C CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Dog
KC-HPP2-50E CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Horse
KC-HPP2-50H CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Human
KC-HPP2-50M CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Mouse
KC-HPP2-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 NHP
KC-HPP2-50P CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Pig
KC-HPP2-50R CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Rat
KC-HPP2-50O CAMEO-4 population: HPP-SP2 Sheep
KC-M-50C CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Dog
KC-M-50E CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Horse
KC-M-50H CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Human
KC-M-50M CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Mouse
KC-M-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC NHP
KC-M-50P CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Pig
KC-M-50R CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Rat
KC-M-50O CAMEO-4 population: M-CFC Sheep
KC-Mk1-50C CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Dog
KC-Mk1-50E CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Horse
KC-Mk1-50H CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Human
KC-Mk1-50M CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Mouse
KC-Mk1-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 NHP
KC-Mk1-50P CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Pig
KC-Mk1-50R CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Rat
KC-Mk1-50O CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 1 Sheep
KC-Mk2-50C CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Dog
KC-Mk2-50E CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Horse
KC-Mk2-50H CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Human
KC-Mk2-50M CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Mouse
KC-Mk2-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 NHP
KC-Mk2-50P CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Pig
KC-Mk2-50R CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Rat
KC-Mk2-50O CAMEO-4 population: Mk-CFC 2 Sheep
KC-0-50C CAMEO-4 population: None Dog
KC-0-50E CAMEO-4 population: None Horse
KC-0-50H CAMEO-4 population: None Human
KC-0-50M CAMEO-4 population: None Mouse
KC-0-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: None NHP
KC-0-50P CAMEO-4 population: None Pig
KC-0-50R CAMEO-4 population: None Rat
KC-0-50O CAMEO-4 population: None Sheep
KC-T-50C CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Dog
KC-T-50E CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Horse
KC-T-50H CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Human
KC-T-50M CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Mouse
KC-T-50Pr CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC NHP
KC-T-50P CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Pig
KC-T-50R CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Rat
KC-T-50O CAMEO-4 population: T-CFC Sheep
KCO-B-1C CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Dog
KCO-B-1M CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Mouse
KCO-B-1P CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Pig
KCO-B-1R CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Rat
KCO-B-1O CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Sheep
KCO-B-1E CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Horse
KCO-B-1H CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC Human
KCO-B-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: B-CFC NHP
KCO-BFU1-1C CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Dog
KCO-BFU1-1M CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Mouse
KCO-BFU1-1P CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Pig
KCO-BFU1-1R CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Rat
KCO-BFU1-1O CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Sheep
KCO-BFU1-1E CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Horse
KCO-BFU1-1H CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 Human
KCO-BFU1-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 1 NHP
KCO-BFU2-1C CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Dog
KCO-BFU2-1M CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Mouse
KCO-BFU2-1P CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Pig
KCO-BFU2-1R CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Rat
KCO-BFU2-1O CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Sheep
KCO-BFU2-1E CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Horse
KCO-BFU2-1H CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 Human
KCO-BFU2-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: BFU-E 2 NHP
KCO-GEM1-1C CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Dog
KCO-GEM1-1M CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Mouse
KCO-GEM1-1P CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Pig
KCO-GEM1-1R CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Rat
KCO-GEM1-1O CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Sheep
KCO-GEM1-1E CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Horse
KCO-GEM1-1H CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 Human
KCO-GEM1-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM1 NHP
KCO-GEM2-1C CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Dog
KCO-GEM2-1M CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Mouse
KCO-GEM2-1P CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Pig
KCO-GEM2-1R CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Rat
KCO-GEM2-1O CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Sheep
KCO-GEM2-1E CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Horse
KCO-GEM2-1H CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 Human
KCO-GEM2-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEM2 NHP
KCO-GEMM1-1C CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Dog
KCO-GEMM1-1M CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Mouse
KCO-GEMM1-1P CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Pig
KCO-GEMM1-1R CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Rat
KCO-GEMM1-1O CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Sheep
KCO-GEMM1-1E CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Horse
KCO-GEMM1-1H CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 Human
KCO-GEMM1-1Pr CAMEO-96 population: CFC-GEMM1 NHP